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Imaginary Garden With Real ToadsI like womenwho write like menand men who writelike womensomewhere in the middlethey meetin a smoky androgynous hazewhere they size(and feel)each other upcomingat long lastto their definingmomentwith no compulsionfor going under the knife read more »

Have Something To Say? Say It With Blasting News

I have started to write for Blasting News and just thought I would share that with you.  Anyone can write an article, just make sure it is of good quality and you can make up The post Have Something To Say? Say It With Blasting News appeared first on Concierge Librarian. read more »

How We Spend Our “Spare” Time by Vicki Hinze

Hannah Alexander is unable to post today. Shes without Internet service, so Im filling in for her. Were expecting a hurricane by Friday, so Im a wee bit busy, but I thought Id share the following video I created answering Continue reading read more »

Books for Life by Julie Arduini

Theres so much about the writing process I never considered as a little girl pretending I was going to be the contemporary Laura Ingalls Wilder. Even when I took a college course about her life last year I realized back then she had to deal with agents, contracts, sales and marketing. Its the same for [] read more »

Support group

On the first day, they asked me whatmy condition was . That seemed odd to me considering there was variety in those attendees. There were all sorts of people: doctors, lawyers, engineers, painters, dancers, teachers, actors. They were very different, but still they said, that in that place, there was something they all shared. Maybe I wasn’t observing things quite well. “We all have something here”-the moderator explained. “That something cannot be seen at first sight. It is not, necessarily, a lack o... read more »

I Just Want To Write!

I am working through the idea that there is a book out there. My book The Interrupted Process is on the market. This is a snippet from it. Interrupted Process: Getting From Here To There Interrupted Process-what is it? The word “interruption” speaks to a break in the flow of something. While someone is talking, Continue reading I Just Want To Write! read more »

Publishing, Snobbery, and Me

*This post started as a comment on Paul E Cooley's essay Snobbery and Reality, and then it kind of ran away with itself. Please, read the original essay.* I've been a literary snob for as long as I've been reading and it got worse when I started "seriously" writing. The dream was to write an important piece of literature that would allow me to live off royalties long enough for me to write my next American Classic. Oh, and I was supposed to do all of this by 25. Growing up a book nerd there was somet... read more »

5 Things Running Taught Me About Writing

1. Just Do ItA side from the clichéNike slogan, in order for me to be a better runner, I have to run. That means lacing up my shoes, getting on a treadmill, or going outside, and just running. Some days I run faster and longer. Some days I can barely make a mile. But all that matters is that I am out there doing it.The only way for me to be a better writer is to write. It doesn't always mean that every piece needs to be a masterpiece. It just means that I need to get in there and do it! Form habits, so I... read more »

Love Your Rejection Letters

Girl Holding Letter, Caspar NetscherI've been shopping for literary agents for my children's book called Drake and His Dragonsand I've gotten a few rejection letters. Call me crazy, but I like rejection letters. I get excited when I get rejection letters! I know that sounds masochistic, but here's the thing--rejection letters are a byproduct of me trying. I would much rather get rejection letters than not get any letters period.I like knowing that I am trying, even if I am not getting the answer I am loo... read more »

We Are Looking for Interns!!! #Internship #Blog...

Hey guys! Its been awhile hasnt it? Im getting ready for the Culture Shock Fashion Show and I feel like Im neglecting the blog! I wanted to open the door for some writers/bloggers here on the site! If youre interested shoot over an email to [email protected] so I can give you the 411 on the(...) read more »

Writing process blog tour

Thanks to Penny Boxall for inviting me to take part in this writing blog tour! What am I writing on?  At the moment I am obsessed with anything to do with identity, history and visual art: Matisses colourful cutouts, butterflies, lost keys, misplaced library books, childrens innocent remarks, train journeys when one looks out [] read more »

Writing blog tour

Thanks to Penny Boxall for inviting me to take part in this writing blog tour! What am I writing on?  At the moment I am obsessed with anything to do with identity, history and visual art: Matisses colourful cutouts, butterflies, lost keys, misplaced library books, childrens innocent remarks, train journeys when one looks out of [] read more »

No Excuses. Just Write.

Do you have to be in the mood to write or do you write daily? n Julia Cameron’s book The Right to Write, Cameron writes about the importance of writing. She says people get too caught up in creating a mood to write that they don’t write. Cameron suggests that writing should be comfortable like [] read more »

Five signs you’re an obsessive writer:

he geeky writer is seated behind the typewriter typing incessantly, those around the writer carry on as if the writer is invisible. Why doesn’t the writer join them? Why doesn’t the writer get up and dance, chat or just smile at someone? Perhaps because most writers become obsessed with their work, living and dreaming about [] read more »

Do You Employ Redundancy? #5

One more venture into the land of unwarranted words, repetitions and sinful syntax. If you’re a guilty party, you’re sentence is a series of serious sessions studying Fowler’s Modern English Usage! Advance planning: Planning, by its very nature nature, is done in advance, otherwise it’s not planning, is it? Keep ‘advance’ for your language studies. Filled to capacity: If you fill something, you do so to capacity. No need for both words to describe this. Join together: You know, you can’t ‘join apar... read more »

Recording Writers’ Ideas on the Hoof.

ideas (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee) We all do it, or, at least intend to: record those random ideas that come at unexpected moments. I have Moleskine notebooks, each with its dedicated pen, in all rooms of the home so I can jot down those elusive thoughts before they escape. And, when I’m on a walk, I take a voice recorder with me to speak those ideas: a retirement present from my brother. Today, whilst out with my wife, for a pleasant walk in the local countryside, I was struck by one of those thought... read more »

Guest Posting on Writers Village - Killing Char...

John Yeoman's Logo - I love it!Just a quickie to let you know I'm guesting on that great site, Writers' Village. A piece about killing off your characters. Have a gander and join in the chat. We all need to do our players to death sometimes. How's it go for you?Click this link to read the piece. Related articlesAccepting Guest Blog Posts? Follow These 6 Steps to Get Great Content read more »

Writers’ Earnings

English: J. K. Rowling, after receiving an honorary degree from The University of Aberdeen (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I was recently tempted to make a comment on a discussion forum relating to the earnings of writers and it prompted me to write this post. There’s a great deal of inflated expectation from new writers, or those who wish to become professional writers. Many members of the public have grossly exaggerated ideas of author’s earnings, largely driven by headlines concerning such popular figu... read more »

Do You Employ Redundancy? #2

Another foray into the fascinating world of unnecessary words, repetitions and other heinous crimes of grammar. If guilty, kindly write out the following a hundred times each! Absolutely certain: You’re certain, are you? Well, if you are, you’re unlikely to be partially so. Certainty is absolute, so the adjective is superfluous: Cut it out. Basic fundamentals: If it’s basic, it’s fundamental. Tautology is bad for you; don’t do it. Close proximity:Now, you know better than this. If something is in... read more »

Delusional Writers

ShareTweet The post Delusional Writers appeared first on Darkness Beckons.. read more »

Making Memes, For Writers

What is a meme? There’s a great explanation on the inimical Wikipedia here. But, in short, for our purposes, it’s a message conveyed via the medium of a picture with words added. So, what’s it got to do with writers? Essentially, of course, your book cover constitutes a type of meme. But it’s in the area of promotion that these devices really come into their own. It’s long been the case that visual messages create greater interest and more responses than the written word alone. In the visually biased... read more »

Short Fiction: The Dilemma of Length.

English: Atmosphere of Mars taken from low orbit The Galle "smiley" crater can be seen to the left (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Are you plotter or pantster? I’m the latter, whether writing long or short fiction. This morning, with no thought in mind, other than that I wanted to write a science fiction short story, I sat at the keyboard and turned out 1,000 words, set on Mars, before breakfast. It was a little slower than normal, as I needed to search for international names for my characters (I make this e... read more »

The Writer’s Priorities. Part 2

Portrait of Samuel Johnson commissioned for Henry Thrale's Streatham Park gallery (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Timing, they say, is all. An odd coincidence occurred today. I was due to write this post, as a follow-up to last week’s effort. But, I’d also determined I would enter at least 4 writing contest during the month, and I’d only managed 2 entries by yesterday. In preparing for the other two, I went online and discovered at the top of my emails an alert to the Writers’ Village blog I follow for its ex... read more »

The Writer’s Priorities. Part 1

We’re creative souls, we who write stories, not generally the disciplined and single-minded types for whom regulation and habit overtake our free spirits to the exclusion of all else. No, those for whom self-discipline and ultra-focus are paramount are, generally speaking, business-minded; people for whom money is the primary concern. That’s not to say that these qualities are undesirable, simply that they’re not the most important elements of our make-up. As artists (sorry if that term makes you uncom... read more »

2013 – The Year of my Me Time

I'm a writer. We all know that. I've been writing and blogging since 2008. A few years ago I came across Kait Nolan's - Round of Words in 80 Days and discovered a vast network of fellow writers who are darned adept at cheering each other on while we all try to meet our writing goals. read more »

Monadnock Writers’ Group Meeting Minute and #RO...

Monadnock Writers' Group in Peterborough, NH meets every third Saturday of the month from September to June. A speaker presentation is at all but two of these meetings sharing their writing experiences. read more »

Missed Meeting – ROW80 Check in

Round of Words in 80 days Check in, where we state our writing progress for the past few days. read more »

Deliberate Persistence – My ROW80 Goals

I am entering my third year of Round of Words in 80 Days Challenge. It is hard to believe that Ive been blogging for this long, when it seems as though I started keeping a blog only yesterday. This challenge has helped me write Witch Book, Road Salt, and Along Came Neil. That is a total [] read more »

Marching your Manuscript Onward

critique session. One chapter, mind you, can change the whole course of your story. read more »

Meeting Happenings

What a day we had yesterday at the Bow, NH RWA meeting. It was our first meeting of the year. The meetings run from September to June, if your interested. Yesterday there was a deep discussion over the changes taking place between the National levels and the chapter levels. But, not to worry, it is [] read more »

The Curse of The Creative Side

So anyone with even the smallest tiniest creative bone in their thumb knows that when an idea takes you it's pretty dang awesome. But for all of us whose creativeness is something we absolutely thrive on, well, it can sometimes be a hinderance. That's what today's post is gonna be all about. (Hooray for being back on the wagon for posting! Although book reviews don't start up again until Aug 16th, but that's coming up fast :D )Like recently, I was exhausted after a day with my two kids and ready to crash... read more »


I can’t take anymore.” “I’m at my wit’s end.” “I’m ready to snap.” I’m stretched to the limit.” Likely, we’ve all heard, said, thought, and/or felt like those statements. Trials are common to us all. Conflict, adversities, doubt, unfulfilled goals happen in life. We have challenges that can thwart our best-laid plans. Or [] read more »

Tone and Style

I once read a review of my books where the reviewer stated that my books were light reads. I took that as a complement, even though I suspect the reviewer did not mean it that way. Honestly, I write lighter stories for a reason. I feel that is where my voice is the strongest. But [] read more »

What it takes to be a 21st-century Writer

Do you belong in this day and age as a writer? Do you feel comfortable being an author of the 21st-century? Over the past five years the face of publishing has changed drastically. Gone are the days where writers wait years to find a publisher who will like their work and see to it that [] read more »

Getting back into the Swing of things for #ROW80

For the past few weeks I have had a little bit of trouble thinking of how Along Came Neil was going to progress. I just couldnt figure out how to get them from point A in the story to point B. Then there was that missing twist element. I always have to have a twist [] read more »

Review: If We Could Speak Like Wolves

Published by Smith/Doorstop by Poetry Business this year, Kim Moores newly launched poetry pamphlet draws the reader in with hypnotic power and builds a seamless transition between truth and fable. Watch out for the curious balance between enchantment and danger Continue reading read more »

Awesome Website: LegendFire

Hello Y'all!You may remember my Post on The Fantasy Forum a while back. In the same style, here is another great community for both Writers and Fans of Speculative Fiction. LegendFire is a great communtity! I've only been a member of this site for a short time, but I am loving the reception and the interaction from not only the other members, but also its very active administrators! Please check the site out and sign up. It's 100% free. And 100% Bearded Scribe Approved! I hope to see you all arou... read more »

Peppering independent bookshops with arts leaflets

Ive been helping to put together and distribute poetry contest leaflets for Magma a nation-wide contest opening this month (16 October). Having dished out a considerable batch to the bookshops in London last month, I am most delighted to Continue reading read more »

Thoughts after Michael Marks Poetry Pamphlets A...

After the Michael Marks Poetry Pamphlets awards and poetry reading event, I am now in possession of three award-winning pamphlets by James McGonigal, Olive Broderick and Sophie Robinson. These very slim and yet thoughtfully made volumes are absolute gems. For Continue reading read more »

Naipaul and his tenaciousness

Despite his age, Sir Vidia Naipaul is still a vivacious, resilient and doubtlessly thought-provoking character.  I like the way the London Evening Standard editor, Geordie Grieg, introduced him at the seminar, hosted by Intelligence and held at the beautiful setting Continue reading read more »

Lost in a Daydream – I Mean Writing

So Im in class today (Russian History. Usually very interesting but it was supposed to be 80 and sunny today and its SO NOT that I just wasnt into it), and I decide, Who needs to take notes when you have Wikipedia? Must write story And so I did. And its pretty [...] read more »

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