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Howdy folks!♥VERY, VERY few people actually keep their word. Hence, the same goes for being able to absolutely trust as well. If a person can't or doesn't keep their word, they cannot be completely trusted either. Elementary!Trust has two phases. First, one has to trust another with something and then second, watch and listen carefully as to how another treats what they were trusted with. It's in how the other person regards what they were trusted with that tells the tale of whether or not they are a tru... read more »


Howdy folks!♥ "Sticks and stones may break our bones,But like new, they'll mend and heal.Words can break our hearts and spirits,Leaving wounds beyond repeal."~ Artsieladie Quote♥"Words" Full Size PNG:"Sticks and stones may break our bones,But like new, they'll mend and heal.Words can break our hearts and spirits,Leaving wounds beyond repeal."Remember,... read more »


Greetings and welcome!♥When we're attracted to someone, it takes a lot of courage to tell them how we feel about them, if we don't know how they feel about us. It's the unknown we fear the most. But if we never get up the courage to tell them, we can't ever know if they are the one. So often two people lose/waste years that they could have been sharing their life with because of fear of how they would be received by the one they're attracted to.There is no guarantee with most everything in life. Every ne... read more »


Howdy folks!♥Talk is cheap, most that we hear;Only actions make words sincere.~ Artsieladie Quote ♥"Sincerity Clarity" Full Size PNG: is no better way to learn how much people truly careThan when you find yourself in need of help or in deep despair.Many people 'seem' to be sincere and honest as they appear,But when you really need... read more »

Musings on “Words”

Musings on "Words" Today, I want to welcome a guest blogger/writer/poet, Donovan Baldwin. He has graciously decided to b we a guest blogger on... read more »

A Face in the Darkness

Legs blocked the walkway of the bottom bleacher. The vacant dark corner across the gymnasium beckoned Allie to come hither and hide in the shadows it provided. No one knew her; she had remained as faceless now as she had on the first day at this school. Coming to this dance was a mistake. Who Read More read more »

My Built-in, Underutilized Filter

Do you ever feel as if your mouth runs amuck, leaving your brain scrambling to catch up? And when conflict arises, or you feel squeezed, does your brain ever lag so far behind, the party is over before she even realizes theres been an invite? Life Continue reading read more »

On The Nature of Daylight.

Пишу сюди, і навіть не можу повністю усвідомити, що з останнього запису пройшло стільки часу, стільки змін відбулося в моєму житті, у вашому житті, в світі... Буває, потрібно взяти деякий тайм-аут, відпочити від того, чим ти займався дуже довго. Коли ти відходиш від чогось подібного, життя починає набирати зовсім інший відтінок. А головне, мені здається, що сам ти дуже змінюєшся, відкриваються нові горизонти, у голові знаходяться нові думки, такі не схожі на ті, що панували завжди. І я цьому безмежно... read more »

WW On A Tuesday – Voices

bethere2day - WW On A Tuesday - Post an image and link up, this weeks post is - Voices WW On A Tuesday Voices read more »

the candle breaks, tears. (sunday photo fiction).

Wear your best Victorian dress. Latch the white pearls your great Grandmother wrapped [in an old, white cloth] for you since your Mother has become too old to wear it. Hold your thick, brown hair with the wood crafted pin your beloved Father handed—he would have loved the view of his daughter’s beauty. If the Continue reading "the candle breaks, tears. (sunday photofiction)." read more »

some perfect disappearance;

You became dry when you returned. Your eyes searched the white walls for the drawings of our significance, but your found remorse instead. You would smoke when you could not eat, drink vodka when you could not think, and sing hollow songs when you could not breathe. In the slowest manner of time, you set Continue reading "some perfect disappearance;" read more »

the voyage without returns; (flash fiction for ...

In our modern city where the people could not travel any longer, we grew together. As our 18th birthday gift, the President handed our Teleportation Bottle—we could only use it once. Whisper the country, not names, and we would be there without returns. I saw two figures in the night as I approached your house. Continue reading "the voyage without returns; (flash fiction for aspiringwriters)." read more »

the wanderer lost her wonders;

I met a woman who loved stardust, but in the clouds—evaporating and pure smokes. She touched my lips, but never kissed it. She looked at me without seeing me. She locked her fingers on to mine, but it was lifeless. She smiled at me, but it was empty. In the lifetime I knew her, her [] read more »

the morning curtains;

You ran your tongue over the space between my breasts. I held on to your hair as you licked the lush peaks of my body. My knees buckled and I rounded my legs around your hips. Your arousal dipped into my slick wet lips below. My teeth trembled as I repressed a gratifying shout. All [] read more »

somewhere we could still meet;

We drove to the most conscious-deprived town with our windows down and two lit-up cigarettes. We spoke silence as we let the speakers sang the song that could have been the words we had been looking for. There were occasional glances, but nothing more than a fierce stare. I was hoping for some locked fingers, [] read more »

Remembering Barbara Gatewood

Remembering Barbara Gatewood (Remarks given at her funeral by her husband) My mother said she had never heard of a husband giving remarks at his wifes funeral. Well, Barbara and I were science fiction fans, commonly called nerds, and we Continue reading read more »

the last time we happened;

We had not yet converse into one of our routines. The last time happened years ago; you might, as well, have forgotten about it. The hums of the tall dark trees or the floating fish on the surface of the red sea. The white tears of the rain or the broken voices of the waterfalls. [] read more »

it was a young experience.

It was a quiet dining room. We were miles apart, seating on the chairs in the two ends of the round table. There was an ignored electric fusion over our heads, but we kept slicing the broccoli as if it could repress the rage of the night. “You didn’t have to show up tonight at [] read more »

the last travel; wander, wander. (flash fiction...

I still wonder how you can convince me to travel with a wanderer like you; are you not exhausted yet? Perhaps not. “The Golden Gate Bridge will be my last stop for now,” a snicker from your lips; what a weak voice you have now. “I’ll buy us tickets, then.” “No. Paint the bridge on [] read more »

this morning, the sun burned the sky.

My chest rose and fell as I gasped for air. I ran from the metro’s stairs down to the train’s cab—almost bending the turnstile pole. I would be late again for work if I did not storm through the place. The cab was already filled with people—we looked like sardines, but blessed enough to still [] read more »

a white dress for your dark soul. (friday ficti...

“I’ll take this one, Miranda.” “How did you know my name?” “Try to remove the tag from your dirty clothes.” I didn’t like her tone. I folded the white dress and covered it with a brown paper—the one with dark prayers. “Enjoy the dress, miss.” Midnight rose and the candles burned. I kissed my dead [] read more »

the black tattoo. (flash fiction for aspiring w...

I sat on the velvet skin chair before the empty space of the Victorian-styled event. I rolled up my right sleeve to check my initiation tattoo—an intricate black ink forming dragon scales and its tail. I would be different the next day. Last week, when my mother shot me in my head for my dead [] read more »

her ashes felt rough on my fingers;

In the thick, dark green leaves of the forest, I traveled to search her. The dead leaves crackled as my boots pushed their withering veins under the land. The mists of the earth’s breaths grew colder and blurrier—I had to rub my eyes every once in a while. I tried to see the moon’s beauty, [] read more »

do not expect any reward with your passion; (th...

This semester has been nothing, but a fun-filled rollercoaster with rust rails and bumps along the ride. I won’t say I didn’t lock my seatbelt, but I might have forgotten it has one. I have endured short hours of sleeps, which, honestly, just takes a small amount of time to practice, and high pressures on [] read more »

4 Top Short Link Sites That Pay You

Ad: Visit Clever Cash Blog In todays post im going to show you the top short link sites out there, that are currently paying you [...] The post 4 Top Short Link Sites That Pay You appeared first on Clever Cash Blog. read more »

some voices kill;

The words I had heard when I visited the door of your hotel sent me into my indigo nightmares. “I’m doing it for a cause; soon, he’ll die and we can live in peace.” I did not know my stage 4 cancer was a sling rounded on the cliff’s rock. I could feel your hands [] read more »

when the tree calls my cuts.

Some nights, I wondered how the leaves felt when they kissed the clouds, the known barriers of the sky. Were they ever grateful they could see us from above, when we died each day just to soar with them? Our hands bled from our chafed fingernails—could I have, at least, a few drops of the [] read more »

how could I not see you?

“If the sunset shows its eye to us, will you kiss its pupils?” “I never want to embrace dusk. If it will give me its dawn, then why won’t I have it?” “What will you do when I keep nighttime in my head?” For a while, you turned reluctant. The chains kissed the rusts and [] read more »

Medieval English Revisited

After Stevie kindly referenced me in her post last week, about the ways that the same words can mean very different things to people using English as it was originally intended or US English, I thought Id return the favour Continue reading read more »

i let the smokes fill my empty lungs. (sunday p...

I placed my suitcase on the empty plastic chair beside me—I paid for it just so nobody would seat. I tried to remember what I might have forgotten in his house—so far, none. I brought my rage with me. I pulled out a stick and lit its end. I took all the white fogs and [] read more »

you make me lose hope.

The rain drops your sorrow tunes; they sing the lyrics of your woe. Who am I to whine about the truth of how we fell apart? The land sips your bleeding tears, to mock me and make me the suspect of our crime. I resort to the trees, but they flap their wings high. I [] read more »

let me know the date of your burial. (flash fic...

It only opens every midnight, but nobody knows about it. You are very fortunate if you pass by the secret house with its blinking neon sign. Beside the circular door, the Guide sits with tickets between his burned fingers. Do not scream once you see his face—he only has one, black eye and nothing else. [] read more »

I thought you lips spoke the rivers;

I listened to the sound of the river’s ripples. The rush of crystal’s excitement filled my hollow hearing. I sat on the slippery land beside the blue fluids—could I catch your name when it flowed with the water? Behind my bruised back, the dark forest lingered to smother me with its branches and hymns. Every [] read more »

i could hear the silence between our spaces.

On the loneliest grass field, we stood before the three-feet monster holding its last eye. As we gathered our blooming smiles, it blinked to capture our new memory. The skies dipped its head to cover its light clouds; the sun did some little pirouettes to send its glow to us. In a demon-filled promised land, [] read more »

it still happens: the gaps, the gasps and the s...

We are in a constant ride where you tell me what we can have when I can only see the reflections we have left behind. Beneath some lonesome sunsets, I latch on the fiction I have built for two; I stand beside you to wait if you will link your light fingers with mine for [] read more »

weave your dreams with my letters.

Before you go to sleep, you write your cold nightmares and paradise between the unhurried lines of your journal. The blue ink of your fountain pen slides and kisses the excited cream papers; a brewed ecstasy in a quiet evening. Tonight, when you excuse yourself to see the city lights from your balcony, I slip [] read more »

Simple Kind of Man

By Steele Stephens I really don’t need much I’m a simple kinda man Just a girl I can love A little money in my hands I really don’t want much I’m an easy kinda guy Friends piled in the back A pretty girl by my side I’m really not much yet Just a simple kinda man Since I got myself a girl I'll get some money in my hands I really don't have that much yet I’m a broke-ass kinda dude But I’m workin’ every day Puttin’ miles on my shoes read more »

pulverized bones.

When my mother told me I would get bitten by a snake, I did not believe her. I had lived thousand miles away from her when my father started to treat me as his walls. Little did the drunkard know, walls break apart too. With the sweet memories of my father, how could I trust [] read more »

tonight, i wished the moon disappeared.

You had witnessed how the flood drowned my calls to a lost soul; you stepped in to swing your arms around my body. Your lips taught me the reason to swim; the rivers of your thoughts became the healer of my naïve soul. Every night after my salvation, your fingers would speak onto my burned [] read more »

don’t leave your cigarettes. (poetry).

ten cigarettes in a paper box. no other scent, but yours; the flavor to breathe in. 11 oclock strikes, my fingers shake. your lips fit around the end of the first stick. second stick. third stick. fourth stick. fifth stick. my breath breaks, my words falter. your eyes kiss the color of dusk; your features, [] read more »

an acquaintance. (flash fiction for aspiring wr...

“When the water dies, the pavement swells. It is the excuse of our flourishing faults. Our ignorance lives and the moss covers the cold stones. The sunrise sleeps and the dusk wins. In the matter of choice, we only have the option to surrender—we do.” I stand before the landscape of your painting. You have [] read more »

three years ago. (sunday photo fiction).

“This is the land of peace.” Your sweet tone healed the cracks of my bones. After suffering from a thousand whiplash of metal belts, you should know this exhale as my first relief. Your father wanted us to work without food and sleep; you put a stop to it when you decided to take us [] read more »

this is my beginning.

Whenever I hold my pen, your mouth will always appear in my head; a warning of the restrictions I must remember. The fragile paper trembles as it waits for the words the ink will place upon its skin. I cannot take off its edge, knowing the thoughts are repressed; a compacted string of lies. As [] read more »

the red is his blood. (flash fiction for aspiri...

As I made a left turn, I noticed the bright shade of red upon the skin of the bench; the stand has the plain color of white to tame the luster of the tones. I asked my helper to paint it that way. I remembered red was your favorite color and white was mine. I [] read more »

we can live alone, you know. (sunday photo fict...

I could not count the times I rolled my eyes whenever I heard a dying person tell his family, ‘I’m happy it’s you who I’ll remember until my last breath.” How many times did they put you down? How often did they leave you? Why did you come back to their embraces after your every [] read more »

the final fall. (poetry).

the leaves knelt, not near, but close; enough for the sweeper to sweep without distraction. the closed windows broke splintered glasses made the winds blew. the frames of photographs dressed in white, clothed with tuxedo vibrated; almost slipping from the tears of the table. two silver rings; one covered with rusts. the way we wanted [] read more »

another night for another wake.

You killed yourself with drugs. It was a peaceful death, at least to you. It had been around 300 nights since the last time I touched you. I wish you could talk to me. Each midnight, I would wait for the 3 am hour—my favorite; my only time to feel you. I laid on my [] read more »

when it all became just beyond enough.

Beneath the makeshift hut, we sat around the rectangular table. I faced the Master of our session while you sulked at the far end. Several mouths—including mine—spilled fireworks upon the selections. Around four pairs of lips were missing; they were broken, pissed and exhausted. You were one of them. It took one open door for [] read more »

wait for me.

I felt uncomfortable with drizzle—if it would rain, it needed no introductions. It was a quiet battle, waiting for its turn to kill. The kiss of the cloudburst gestured thunderstorms upon the calm waves of the sea; it never meant to put me in peace. You caught me at the wrong time. I did not [] read more »

where did i go?

Someone spilled his drink on my carpet. The lady on the couch just flicked her unfinished cigarette towards my television. My speakers sounded broken with the electronic track playing at maximum volume. My ears are filled with foreign laughter and loud whispers. There are 50 bodies dancing in my living room—grinding their figures against somebody [] read more »

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