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Get the Picture: Mental Imaging

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE What the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can a... read more »

Special Delivery

I remember when my great grandmother (my mothers fathers mother who passed away about six years ago) called up our home one evening asking my mother to refresh her memory by telling her when our birthdays were (me, my mother and one of my aunts). When I heard my mother giving her grandmother the exact [] read more »


Well, here we go again, two weeks after the candle burning ritual and invocations that had caused me an abnormal headache which completely stopped the next day has begun again. It all started yesterday, subsided, and then returned more intense during the night as I was asleep. When Id turn over in bed or get [] read more »

Lust Spell

There have been numerous attempts over the years to unnaturally make me desire and become attracted to certain guys that if I werent asexual still wouldnt have given the time of day as they had totally repulsed me. It has been over for a while now so far but about three years ago, give or [] read more »


Aside from the many negative of energies returning back to the sender black magic can also bounce off away from its target and unto inanimate objects. Often when my adversaries would try to cross me or another family member up who were fortunately protected and spiritually resistant to the harsh effects of the demonic activity [] read more »

“What chama call it?!”

My late grandmother (My mothers mother) loved herself some beer preferably Miller High Life before she graduated on to Budweiser. She drank beer all the way up until the time that she passed away and here is an excerpt from my book that was written back in 1998 and then published in 2001 in a [] read more »


It has indeed been a while since Ive consumed any straight up dairy products such as milk, cheese and butter although there may have once in a while been a product that Ive eaten that may have included a small ingredient or two that I had carefully examined and that didnt hurt to indulge within. [] read more »


Witchcraft causes abnormal headaches. As of right now as I speak I am in the midst of adversaries who are burning candles on me I have a headache from the malevolent procedure but that is just about it and nothing more. They are not getting the reactions from me or the results that they want [] read more »

No Alteration Through My Gratification

As I continue to consistently by the operation of natural spiritual energy (intangible stimulation) chronicle the pages of my life and experiences I often come upon the repercussion of the ill nature of individuals, and ill minded adversaries who are absolutely done in (completely finished) yet through their injudicious desperate pattern that is constantly brought [] read more »

A Spell On Valentine That I Had To Decline

About five or six years ago when this one guy in particular was continuously trying to work numerous type of spells on me he would here and there send certain people up to me on the street to say trivial things at me or they would come up to me so that I could get [] read more »

Young Ones

Every childs doodling is not an unorganized maze of scribble scrabble and every baby talk speech pattern is not a confusing utterance of mumble jumble. Messages from the spirit realm can actually be communicated through the unpremeditated actions of a toddler through the modes of automatic writing and verbal language just as within adults, one [] read more »

Orisha Oshun

Aroma of cinnamon spice in the air, a fresh sunflower elegantly styled into my hair, the sweet taste of honey inside my mouth, I feel like a woman who came from down south. Gazed into a mirror so mysteriously filled with glee, I turned around and who do I coincidentally see? Oh my gosh, it [] read more »

Harmonic Tunes

Music is so beautiful as it has therapeutic benefits to the mind and soul as well as to the senses. Nothing sends waves of enchanted stimulation more other than song, and do not talk about gorgeous instrumental versions of song such as Stanley Clarkes Hideaway. Music serves as a resource for overall well-being as life [] read more »

“Higher Consciousness”

Oh how I rode on the elevated plane that soared on up above through out to an all new height. Open and clear I am forever in a state of wisdom consistently prepared, and aware. Through mystical color and form distinguish the picture in between, the depiction that is entirely unforeseen. A creation of possible [] read more »

My Yoruba Deity/Ochosi

When I was a child I consistently won every fight that anyone ever started with me because I was never the one that would initiate a problem or confrontation.  I was always one to take up for myself no matter what the cause if it was absolutely necessary. As one born under the zodiacal sign [] read more »

Pure Rinse

Freshly peeled firm bananas are so tasty and produce a high volume of nutritious potassium. On some days I can eat an entire bunch of them as they come five in a bag, Dole is my favorite brand. Id love a pure and natural cool banana drink the only negative thing about that idea is [] read more »


I promote and am extremely fond of particular fruits and vegetables, and not only do many of them taste real good they are so very nutritious for us to regularly consume. They are all excellent for the digestive tract/system and aide in natural healing, cleansing and proper bowel elimination. My grandmother use to plant and [] read more »


I absolutely love water as it helps to purify us along with soap as well as nourish and sooth the body from the inside and out. I prefer to take showers; however, a bath or a firm and heavy sprinkling are both very therapeutic and rejuvenating to the overall well-being and to the senses. I [] read more »


Years ago, in the mid of 2000 when I use to live in my old home, there was a apartment building that had remained abandoned for over a decade and that was situated behind all of the houses located on my block. Behind everyones garage that was gated and enclosed was an alleyway that separated [] read more »

A Hearty Generation Of Quality

Through out my familys generations and while I was growing up we were all well-bred and fell fed. We werent filthy rich people but we always had and seldom went without. I have family members that had and that still have their own businesses. My mothers grandparents on her mothers side of the family made [] read more »

Well-being Well-served

Not only does eating our best-loved meals bring to us satisfaction and contentment but the delight in preparing a favorite dish also creates a gratification. My best-loved foods consist of starch and bread is one of them aside from rice and potatoes. Ive made my own cornbread and biscuits before and it is fascinating and [] read more »


We all need the proper fuel to aide within us the energy to perform our usual activities. A lot of the ordinary things within lifestyle are cut down to a routine that fits into compliance to add further structure and, of course, we do need direct organization in regard to the many aspects that pertain [] read more »


When one takes care of them self they feel better within them self and one of they best ways to maintain that sense of wellness is to continue to eat good and healthy. I stay away from foods that make the body feel run down and tired. What we eat can literally take a toll [] read more »

My Expertise

I came upon an old comment that I completely forgot about in regard to a post that I wrote a long time ago, in the year of 2007 in fact, and it had got me to thinking for a minute or two. The post in particular was written about a guy who thank goodness and [] read more »

A Spiritual Deliberation

It is said that Voodoo is a satanic religion and that the religion revolves around the spiritual realm of demons where ceremonies and rituals of possessions and animal sacrifices take place among the worshippers, followers and/or practitioners. It is also said that the voodoo religion is a mockery of the old biblical testament in regard [] read more »

Orisha Orunmila

Four or five years ago I had a session with a Babalawo and during the reading, which had a specific title that I will not reveal, he acknowledged to me, of course, what I had known previously that first and foremost an ancestor altar had to be set up in my home and had to [] read more »

Ominous Dictation?

As usual there are the certain types of degenerates that keep tabs on me spiritually and also physically they cannot help it as they are sick, demented and demonic. They do not have a life as their intentions are to stop me within any of my natural and positive endeavors, particularly right now it is [] read more »

My Life Written Journals

I am by nature inspired to write and not only as a hobby but also as a profession. I write about whatever spirit inclines me to as well as what may interest me or what I may have experienced. I never lacked in confidence I always believed in myself and within my abilities I knew [] read more »

Warrior In The Midst (A Caulbearer’s Power)

I remember in the early part of the year 2000 when I had gotten one of my occasional spiritual readings from a Yoruba priestess that I would consult with once in a while and how she had stated to me that I had envious, jealous people in my neighborhood but that I had a Strong [] read more »

Amusing Spirit

Spirits do, of course, have humor and in my case there is no exception. The spiritual connection that I have around me is very loyal and caring and protective, I love their strong and fierce energy as we are in combination as well as communication with one another. We are one in the same of [] read more »


I have never ever messed with an Ouija board and I never had any desire to. My mother told me a long time ago that when she was a child growing up during the early sixties her father had bought her an Ouija Board as a gift for her for Christmas. She said that her [] read more »

Devious Contemplation

I often get spiritual messages upon waking up in the morning insights and pieces of puzzles that are going on around me and behind the scenes. Today was no different it came to me very clearly that there are a gathering of people in particular who can literally see that I am going somewhere within [] read more »

My Yoruba Deity/Ogun

For many years back Orisha Ogun has been around me along with Orisha Oshun. His black and green beads rest upon my altar along with Oshuns honey colored beads and Orisha Elegbas black and red beads. I can attest to the fact that Ogun is indeed a fierce warrior and a solid protector as I [] read more »

“A Pill For Your Thoughts”

I take my magical pills so to say. Been taking them for years and I do not plan to stop. I do not have to pay for them as they cannot be bought or sold out from any store. I do not even need a prescription for them. They are free and pure and they [] read more »

Stay True

It is true, the more you know the farther you can advance because knowledge is power and the mind is a very important and powerful tool if one is equip. How one uses their knowledge is also a huge responsibility. Are they using their information as a hobby or a skill? To maneuver or deceive? [] read more »

Long Distance Calls From Voices Not So Far Away...

I have always been in extreme sincere connection and within deep communication with my good and true relatives over on the other side. Whenever I talk they hear me and listen. Whenever I call they hear me and answer. Whenever they talk to me I hear them and listen. Whenever they call out to me [] read more »

Tips For Healthy Hydration With Hint

Hydration is a huge topic in the hot summer months and it's really no wonder, since the scorching temperatures can make thirst really apparent and the effects of dehydration even more extreme.Now that the weather is cooling off, people think less about hydration and reminders to drink regularly are no longer posted all over the subway and the internet. But it's still important to hydrate! Especially with back to school and schedules picking up, it can be easy to forget to drink as much as you need to. B... read more »

Leadership Check-Up

Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE Episode 55: Check-up Henry: [Speaking into the PA] Attention! Attention please. May I have the attention of each and every personnel, please? This is your commanding officer, Colonel Blake…It is required that, uh…everyone be given a routine medical check-up. This is according to a new arm... read more »

Yoga: Tibetan Rites: 5 Stretches And Exercises ...

As we have come to learn, deep breathing is a very powerful tool which one can practice to revitalize and nourish, or heal, the human system naturally and without prescription drugs. Along with deep breathing, stretching is another extensively useful tool which can be utilized to achieve massive improvements in sharpness and vigor, all by opening, activating, and spinning the seven chakras. I will go through five examples of simple physical activities which can be practiced in order to reach spiritual go... read more »

The Trials And Truths Of A Caulbearer

I get a lot of people contacting me claiming that they were born with a caul/veil. Of course, everyone is not being honest and there are ways of telling. A true caulbearer knows another caulbearer. We as caulbearers all have our own different ranges of spiritual abilities, yet the truth will always eventually come out to the forefront. [] read more »

Happy Birthday Taurus!

As a child growing up I had always had an interest in astrology. I use to love reading about the zodiac signs and their origins. I had quite a few books that were located within my home on the subject. I would purchase the astrology books that were of good quality and of much elaborate [] read more »

Truth In Any Aspect Sets One Free

There are those who will fight one for their own sanity. Those who will attempt to steal away a persons identity through a technique of manipulation and through a taunting of perpetual lies. The mind is a very powerful thing. It is a place of consciousness, a place of faculty. The truth is an even [...] read more »

Revelling In The Pure Ecstasy Of Positivity

It is not healthy to be around certain types of people. Environment is very important. When one is happy and at peace they are surrounded by strong positive energy. Negativity is like a poisonous thick gas that floats upon the air to make everyone sick and nauseous. I have always been a loner but never [...] read more »

First Thought/Second Guess?

How many times have we dismissed our first thought just to find out that we were right all along? Sometimes we as a people are incorrect at a thought or idea that we may gather from an encounter with someone or with a situation that we were made aware of only to find out that [...] read more »

Jealousy And Envy: Knowledge, Creativity, And G...

Ive always been far ahead of my time. There are people who have constantly come after me unjustly. They then in return paid for their shenanigans severely. Whether they had suffered quickly or at a more distant time. All of my young life I have been the object of many peoples envy and jealousy. Jealousy [...] read more »

The Advantages Of Blogging

I love to write. I am a natural born writer. I have been writing ever since I was a child. I had the opportunity to get a book published by a mainstream publishing company when I was about ten or eleven years of age. Since then, I actually have gotten two books self published. I [...] read more »

Red Lobster Versus Home Cooking

Years ago, I use to pay frequent visits to Red Lobster. I loved to sit in the dim lit atmosphere of the restaurant, whether I sat at a table amongst a crowd, or singly up at the bar catching a view outside the large picture window at Times Square located in Manhattan, New York. I [...] read more »

The Right Career Path

No matter what. And if it is possible. One should endeavor to be satisfied within them self and within their life. It is very important to never give up on the most passionate desire. Many people know what they are and/or what they want to become at a very early age. I definitely knew what [...] read more »

Up In Age People And Their Hygiene

Some years ago I took a trip down to Barnwell, South Carolina. I visited a family of distant relatives. Upon arriving, I noticed a very heavy set woman who was about in her sixties at the time. When I met and greeted the woman she was sitting on a chair with her thick size legs [...] read more »

I Write What I Want To Write

I believe in the power of freedom. And I believe in the privilege of liberation. I also believe in the importance of self expression. I am one who has never suffered from fear. The fear to be truly who I am. Authenticity is a very powerful thing. Especially in a world that is dominated by [...] read more »

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