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Advice on a Sunday Night

Why, hello there. Fancy meeting you here. Here in Ireland, its Sunday night which means that the majority of us are doing two things: Sobbing over a takeaway while watching trash TV Freaking out over the coming week For a long time, that was exactly what I would have been doing (give or take a Continue reading Advice on a Sunday Night read more »

Alibi Art Weekend Lisbon | 6-8 Abril

Alibi Art Walks Visitas orientadas às instituições culturais (gratuitas) Marcações: [email protected]  Mais informações: read more »

Weekend Follow Up #4 - Influenza is not to be m...

This is a follow up of all the blog posts I have created for the past week in case you missed one. I would like to do this weekly. I write on a variety of subjects. As I have two places I currently write at. Obviously, one place is on this blogRusty2rusty's Chatter. Second place is my blog calledFood With A Plan. *************** This past week I have not been feeling good. I started out with wheezing whenever I laid down. It was hard to get any sleep because of this. The past two days the other symp... read more »

Weekend Follow Up #2

This is a follow up of all the blog posts I have created for the past week in case you missed one. I would like to do this weekly. I write on a variety of subjects. As I have three places I currently write at. Obviously, one place is on this blog Rusty2rusty's Chatter. Second place is my blog called Food With A Plan. The third place I write at is Niume. Here are the blog posts from 2/5/2017 through 2/11/2017 Roast Beets And Baby Greens- Sharing a recipe for a salad with roasted beets and baby green... read more »

Weekend Follow Up #1

This is a follow up of all the blog posts I have created for the past week in case you missed one. I would like to do this weekly. I write on a variety of subjects. As I have three places I currently write at. Obviously, one place is on this blog Rusty2rusty's Chatter. Second place is my blog called Food With A Plan. The third place I write at is Niume. Here are my posts from 1/29/2017 through 2/4/2017 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Three Ingredient Cherry Goodness Sharing a recipe of with three ingredients... read more »


17 a 19 de fevereiro   Das 10h às 19h   Gratuito   Centro Congressos do Estoril   O Cascais Sports Weekend desafia o público em geral, praticantes e profissionais a participar em várias atividades de experimentação, exibições, workshops e discussões ligadas ao desporto e à atividade física, bem como, promover o desenvolvimento sustentado da prática da atividade física e desportiva envolvendo estruturas associativas e outras entidades desportivas.     ATIVIDADES 18 e 19 de feverei... read more »

O duminică cosmică

Copyright © 2016. Sanchoss. Toate drepturile rezervate. read more »

Weekend Article Recap 8/30/2016

Just in case you missed one, here is a recap of this past week’s articles I wrote on my personal blog. Plus, a few I wrote on a website called BlogBourne. Photo is from Pixabay, a free use photo website. 1. Buried In The Wrong Grave This post explains the ordeal of finding my Uncle buried in the wrong grave. My family had to contact the funeral home and graveyard to get him moved in the proper place. After being moved, his metal place marker is missing. © belongs to sandy KS aka rusty2rusty 2. ... read more »

Cum să te odihnești în weekend fără să cheltui ...

Cum să-ți petreci sfîrșitul de săptămînă ca să nu cheltui nici un bănuț? Cu siguranță, această întrebare i-a frămîntat pe mulți dintre noi și nu o singură dată. Probabil că, doar rudele lui #jesuisplaha nu au avut vreodată astfel de gînduri. Personal, mi-am setat ca obiectiv să depistez cîteva metode de a petrece zilele de [] read more »

Ten Things I Do During the Weekend

Here in Dubai, the first day of the working week is Sunday. Fridays and Saturdays are our weekends. However, for shift workers such as myself, it can be different. Most people get two days off though, and I will talk about how to utilise these to their full potential. Youve two days, and it is [] read more »

UCI Cinemas in Bicocca Offers O.V Films!

I’m so excited for this weekend! I’ll be watching the new Captain America film because I want to know why it’s called Civil War (no spoilers, please; rather, is the reason behind the title even included in the film?) I’ve never been this anxious for just watching a film, but trust me, this is really [] read more »


Madrid, Madrid, Madrid.... va que me lío. Como sabéis hace una semana estuvimos pasando un fin de semana express, y digo express porque fuímos el sábado por la mañana y volvimos el domingo por la tarde de la gran Capital. De pequeña he ido bastantes veces, pero con mi maridin era la segunda vez que íbamos. Y fué toda una sorpresa.. Me regaló unas entradas para ir a ver el rey león, y aprovechamos para pasar el fin de semana y hacer una visita a mi compi blogger Arantxa de ponte unos tacones. Gracias a... read more »

Istanbul must do

Istanbul eller Konstantinopel som det het en gang i tiden, er en av de flotteste og mest spennende byene jeg har besøkt på lenge. Det er her hvor øst møter vest og Europa og Asia blir forent til ett land. For meg så virker det nesten som at Tyrkia, Europa og Asia har tatt alt av kulturer og tradisjoner og samlet de sammen i Istanbul. Så mye inntrykk som man får i den byen skal man lete lenge etter. /Istanbul or Constantinople as it once was called, is one of the most spectacular cities I have been to ... read more »

Fuji X-Pro1 60mm F2.4 Real World Update

I used the X-Pro 1 with 60mm at couple of 1940's events over the last couple of weekends, Kelham Island Sheffield and East Park Hull. Probably the most challenging The post Fuji X-Pro1 60mm F2.4 Real World Update appeared first on An owd togs blog. read more »

Fuji X-Pro1 and 60mm F2.4 Real World Update

I used the X-Pro 1 with 60mm at couple of 1940's events over the last couple of weekends, Kelham Island Sheffield and East Park Hull. Probably the most challenging The post Fuji X-Pro1 and 60mm F2.4 Real World Update appeared first on An owd togs blog. read more »

Fuji X-Pro1 and 60mm F2.4 Macro

Today I added the Fuji XF 60mm f2.4 macro lens to the Fuji X-Pro1 XF 18mm f2 XF 27mm f2.8 in my kit bag. My understanding is the XF 60mm f2.4 is a tad on the slow side when it comes to focusing, especially if compared to the rather more expensive XF 56mm f1.2 read more »

7 Reasons to See Pixar's 'Inside Out'!

Minions comes out in just a few days! Im not sure who among I, the 22-year-old, and my little sister, the 10-year-old, is the more excited one. An accurate representation of how were responding to the approach of the Minions movie releaseStill, before you rush to the cinemas to see Minions, there is another movie that is already out in the cinemas that you should definitely consider watching. Pixars Inside Out! I had high hopes for this movie, because its a Pixar movie and I love all things Disney, b... read more »

Day of Museum.

Мій улюблений музей. На минулих вихідних відвідала його знову. Так цікаво кожного разу знаходити там щось нове. Ніби вже раніше це бачила, але завжди відкриваєш для себе щось по-особливому цікаве. Я можу годинами розглядати лише рами для картин, що вже говорити про самі полотна... Вони там живуть своїм життям і мають власну енергетику. Деталі одягу, ці стіни, які пам'ятають мільйони подій. Образи, жести, рухи. Це все вибудовує свою власну панораму, яка потім розгортається у твоїй душі. А яка лекція про... read more »

Fun at McDonald’s Happy Meal Book Programme Wee...

School holiday is coming up, do you have plans on where to go? How about checking out the Happy Meal Book Programme? McDonald’s has launched the Happy Meal Book Programme in an effort to encourage family togetherness and celebrate the joy of reading in Malaysia. The programme which is supported by the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development was officially launched by the Honourable Minister Dato’ Sri Rohani Abdul Karim. During the weekends, McDonald’s will be playing host to a series of ... read more »

My Weekend Explained In One Song  Nuff Said. Enjoy. read more »

Santai Santai Weekend Lepas

Assalamualaikum Hari ni kita up sket citer jalan jalan yer...Weekend lepas memang kitorang tak balik kampung...Last time balik kampung bulan 3 lepas...Time cuti sekolah seminggu tu...Awal cuti sekolah kitorang kat N9 dan habiskan cuti sekolah kat Rawang...Adil dan saksama...Hihihihi...Kiranya baru jer la kan...Tak sampai sebulan pun lagi...Sejak Qistina dah sekolah memang tak boleh nak balik kampung suka suka...Dah tu hari persekolahan pun tak sama dengan N9 dan Selangor kan...Jadi kalau nak balik kamp... read more »

Ostatni dzień przedświątecznych porządków

Nie było mnie kilka dni. .. dopadł nas przedświąteczny czas porządków wiosennych. Wymiana okien i malowanie mieszkania - bo jedno z drugim się wiąże. W sobotę moje dzieci pojechały do dziadków na wieś. ... Przez chwilę czułam się jak wyrodna matka - ale to było dla ich dobra. Wietrzenie, aromaty z farby, kurz.. - samo zło dla alergika. Tym bardziej, że moich dzieci zawsze wszędzie jest pełno. Sobota pochłonęła nas z mężem do chyba 1 w nocy. . W niedziele tez nie było lżej mimo że "dzień święty" musieli... read more »


Co daje najwięcej radości dzieciom?- ZABAWAA z kim?- Oczywiście z dziadkami Tak też było w sobotę - popołudniu przyjechał dziadek i zabrał nas do siebie (2 km dalej) gdyż padał deszcz i spacer w takaw pogodę raczej nie byłby wskazany. Nie wyposażylismy się jeszcze w nowe kalosze (ach te dzieci rosną) ani w plaszczyki przeciwdeszczowe. . Nie mówiąc nic o parasolkach bo mamy tylko 1 awaryjna gdy juz trzeba wyjść a deszcz pada. . A więc gdy już dojechaliśmy na miejsce i moje smyki wpadły w babcine obję... read more »

Chicago dining tips

Da vi var i Chicago var faktisk et av målene våre å spise på en skikkelig bra restaurant. Det skulle være mat i ypperste klasse, og noe som var annerledes enn de andre restaurant opplevelsene,og det skulle være en forehåndsbestemt meny fra kokken. Det skulle være noe Michelin over det /When we went to Chicago one of your main goals was actually to eat in a fabulous restaurant. The food had to be great, it had to be different and it had to give us a food boost we would not forget. The menu also had to ... read more »

Chicago must see sights

Chicago som alle andre byer har mye å by på når det gjelder ting å se og gjøre. Som regel har man noe begrenset med tid når man er på ferie, og man må ofte velge seg ut de man aller helst vil gjøre. Her kommer noe tips på hva man abslutt burde vie litt tid til hvis man noen gang er i Chicago. /Chicago, as every other big city in the world, has a lot to offer when it comes to things to do and sights to see. Most of the time you don't really have time to see it all and you have to chose what matter the ... read more »

My beautiful mist.

Мені одній здається, що січень завжди тягнеться так довго... а лютий, березень і т. д. проходять значно швидше. А потім ти оглядаєшся і вже літо. Я завжди починаючи з лютого чекаю на весну. Це моя улюблена пора року. Я неодноразово про це тут розповідала. Але весна так швидко завжди минає, і в той час, коли хочеться щоб вона тривала вічно, зазвичай закінчується травень. І настає спекотне літо. А покищо я радію зимі зі снігом і більш-менш прийнятній погоді. От тільки б по-частіше з'являлося сонце, його ... read more »

Dolomiti Superski, 1.200 km di piste aspettano ...

Ufficialmente riconosciute nel 2009 dall'Unesco come Patrimonio Mondiale Naturale dell'Umanità, le Dolomiti richiamano ogni anno migliaia di visitatori attirati dalla sublime bellezza e dall'unicità paesaggistica delle sue imponenti scogliere di roccia nuda, torri, guglie e vallate, che custodiscono i segni di una storia millenaria.Ad accogliervi, per farvi godere appieno delle meraviglie di questo paesaggio da sogno, c'è Dolomiti Superski che, con i suoi 1.200 km di piste, rappresenta il comprensorio Sc... read more »

Sunny day

Sometimes we manage to pack a lot of fun into one day, and we has just such a Saturday a couple of weeks ago. Sadly, Zakir wasn't able to join in the fun because he had a conference to attend, but the boys and I made the most of it.Bilal and I started the morning of with a couple of highly competitive games of Jenga. Later, I took the boys out and we had a picnic in the park. The weather was perfect for some outdoor fun. In the afternoon, Hefty received a long overdue bath, with special spa treatment. ... read more »

A Fall weekend outdoors

Sometimes it feels like we don't slow down enough to take in the beauty of our surroundings. So last Saturday we made the extra effort to head outdoors to enjoy the beautiful color changing foliage of our Alabama Fall.On the recommendation of a friend we headed to Horse Pens 40, which is a nature park no more than a 45 minute drive from our home. I can't believe we'd never checked out this hidden gem ever before! The park is home to some amazing natural rock formations, as well as a great variety of flor... read more »

Better Brunching: Easy Spinach Quiche Recipe

Brunch is a great social occasion and one of the best meals of the weekend!But it can be pricey. And eating out requires you to get dressed and go out in public. That's generally a good thing, but let's be honest - after a Saturday night of hard partying, the last thing you want to face is the crowded NYC subway or slow LA traffic. You just want food.For Sundays when you'd like to save some money, get your food without leaving your house, or just show off your inner domestic goddess, here's a quick and ... read more »


I just recently started liking beer so when I found out Oktoberfest in Tempe coincided with fall break, I knew I'd be going. I met up with a big group of friends there for a really really fun night. Like a fair, but the focus was beer! (so, way better than a regular fair). There was even a band playing German music in leiderhosen and the female equivalent to leiderhosen that someone told me the word for but I can't remember, which was pretty cool. Can we all agree that the front-facing camera may have b... read more »

Stockhom weekend

Jente tur til Stockholm en helg er ikke å forakte i det hele tatt og det er absolutt noe jeg kommer til å gjøre igjen. Vi var 3 jenter som reiste i forbindelse med en konsert vi skulle på, Pharrell Williams, og da ble det jo en weekend tur på oss. Det hele startet i OSL loungen på Gardermoen..... /Girls trip to Stockholm for a weekend is a brilliant idea. We were three girls who were going to Sweden for a concert, Pharrell Williams, so we made a weekend of fun out of it. It all started at the airport ... read more »

Visit to Auburn

Yesterday we drove down to Auburn to visit Safa. We were supposed to make a weekend of it, but didn't make hotel reservations in time. Since it was family weekend, all the hotels in the Auburn/ Opelika area were booked up, with no rooms available. Instead, we left Birmingham early, and were in Auburn before 10.We spent a little time at Safa's apartment, before she took us out for a walking tour of the city. True to my mommy self, I helped clean up the kitchen a bit, before we headed out.This weekend wa... read more »

Weekend Wind-Down Party #37

Hello friends, HAPPY FRI-YAY the day before my 53RD BIRTHDAY~HAPPY HAPPY DAY! What are my plans, not much, sleep in late, eat out great and thank the Lord for another day he has kept me! I am not going to hold you long, so lets get this party started with Congratulations to last weeks Featured Continue reading The post Weekend Wind-Down Party #37 appeared first on Fashion and Fun after Fifty. read more »

What's been going on?

After the hustle and bustle of the weekend (shuttling Hamza back and forth from karate, volunteering at the Old Firehouse Shelter on Saturday evening, then Sunday School with Bilal, following by attending a national college fair with Hamza on Sunday afternoon), it felt like work on Monday morning would be a reprieve. It just happened to be my Monday to work late (it only comes once a month), so I didn't get home until late (for me, at least. I know, for most, 6pm isn't late). Fortunately it wasn't a craz... read more »

A visit from cousins

What a fun and wild weekend it's been, with five teenagers (and Bilal) in the house. The cousins visited from St. Louis over Labor Day weekend. They drove/ flew in on Saturday, and were here until yesterday afternoon. The trip was short, but everyone managed to pack in as much fun as possible. The last time we were all together was in July 2013. It's not often that we all manage to get together, but because of the proximity in ages, it's always a blast. Tariq's sons are 19, 17 and 13, compared to our 18,... read more »

Adventure Park

Some weekends you just have to go out and do something differently, even if your siblings won't cooperate! While big brother and sister were acting lazy and grumpy, Zakir and I took Bilal (and Atlas) for an outing at the Adventure Park, about a twenty minute drive from home.We learned that pets aren't allowed in the play area, so Zakir kept him outside the fence, as they watched Bilal play.First he tried out the spider web climbing frame and slide. It took a bit of getting used to. But once he figured o... read more »

»Beautiful city

Честно планировала написать пост, когда была дома. Но теперь пишу с России. Те, кто следит за мной на инстаграме знают, что я уехала в Челябинск на учебу. Тяжело было прощаться с мамой, хоть и я уехала не так далеко, но нет не чего лучше, чем родители рядом. Любовь и поддержка мамы это лучше лекарство для всех детей. Но так же больше всего будет не хватать моей подруги, конечно мы будем переписывать в вк и скайпе, но это все не то. Ну а теперь покажу пару фотографий, cделанные с поездке в соседний город.... read more »

Outsmarted again...

... by an eight year old! Honestly, he's been doing this since he was three. It doesn't matter if it's Sequence, Uno Attack, or pretty much any other board game. This child is either very good at playing, or just plain lucky! read more »

Is Orange the New Black | Thankful Thursday

Hello friends, lately Ive been hearing a lot about this new cable show Orange is the New Black” but have never watched it, have any of you seen it? I really dont like shows about criminal activities especially with women in prison, so I doubt if Ill ever watch it.   Anywho, I only Continue reading The post Is Orange the New Black | Thankful Thursday appeared first on Fashion and Fun after Fifty. read more »

Urmeaza Festivalul Medieval de la Sighisoara

O regula ceva mai veche spune ca in ultimul weekend din luna iulie are loc Festivalul Medieval de la Sighisoara, prilej de bucurie si de plimbare prin strazile cetatii. Asa ca daca nu ai inca planuri pentru zilele urmatoare, un drum la Sighisoara s-ar putea dovedi tare frumos Festivalul are loc intre 25 si [] read more »


Düsseldorf weekend, shopping, dining, sightseeing. This German city with all its sits, architecture, the river Rhine, locals and touristminglingtogether in a city that had a lot more to offer than what I thought. Düsseldorf is not a huge airport, big enough but nothing like London Heathrow or Chicago O'Hare. Easy to find you way in other words. Our aircraft did not park at a gate, like many other aircraft so we were transported by bus into the terminal arrivals. After collecting our bag we just had ... read more »

Düsseldorf bars and restaurants

Düsseldorf has a lot to offer and bars and restaurants is definitely one of them. As you can see from the picture above even dogs have their own little "bar" outside some restaurants. But again I have heard that Germany in general are very dog friendly. Anyway I was amazed about the great nightlife there and the atmosphere. There are so many bars and restaurants in Düsseldorf and you might say there is one for every occasion. The river Rhine runs through the city and down by the water front you hav... read more »

Simple Summer

A simple summer outfit perfect for running around on the weekend. It's so hot here that it's difficult to layer without burning up. But a lightweight scarf can add a little something without making you sweat! Hope you all are having a relaxing Sunday! Love, Lindsey Shorts: Free People Top: forever21 Scarf: Target Earrings: forever21 Belt: old Rings purse: hm Bracelets: Urban Outfitters/ hm Watch Sandals: American Eagle  read more »

O zi de weekend in Leiden

Leiden este unul dintre cele mai frumoase orasele olandeze, dichisit, cochet si plin de culoare in asteptarea turistilor sau a olandezilor iesiti la plimbare. Iar cerul.albastru, cat se poate de albastru, te imbie la vise si ganduri frumoase. read more »

A Blast From The Past And Present

Its FRIDAY! YAY! Except the fact that weekends go by faster than sharing popcorn at the movies but they are still awesome. And so is popcorn. YAY my mom got me a Starbucks souvenir. Some seriously awesome coffee and a little coffee measurer. I get so excited over the littlest of things. They are the most precious to me. Things that I can use and enjoy. I havent ate oatmeal in a while it seemed, so I cooked some up with rasps and strawberries with Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips! I love this flavor ... read more »

A test of skill

It's been a while, but Bilal and I are back to playing one of our favorite games. Jenga, of course! We start off with the blocks stacked three to a row, and then as we play, the tower becomes higher and higher, and even higher. Then it starts to look rather precarious, as we continue to take turns, drawing and stacking more blocks. Until, eventually the inevitable happens: So much fun! read more »

Over the Weekend • SUNFLOWERS

On Saturday Dad, Bec, and I took a short ride up to Sweetfields Farm in Masaryktown, FL for their sunflower maze. The sunflowers were SO tall and so beautiful. It was the first day that it's really felt like summer: hot and HUMID. So humid, ohmygosh. The sun was going in and out so some of my photos are a little funky, but man it was a fun day. ^ Baby chicken ^ ^ Baby turkeys!!! Who knew such an ugly bird started out so cute? ^ ^ Extreme treehouse ^ ^ Not sorry, Bec ^ ^ Rosie the cow, smiling j... read more »

Busy Memorial Day Weekend

It was one of those weekends where we weren't quite sure what we wanted to do with the kids. We had the dog's space reserved at the kennel, in case we decided to go out of town, but it just wasn't coming together, so we cancelled his reservation, and settled on a couple of day trips instead.On Saturday we took the kids to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. We haven't been in several years; as far as I recall, the last time we went Bilal was still in a stroller. So he obviously didn't remember anythin... read more »

Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend is the start of summer. Can you imagine anything more fun than creeping slowly through traffic to over-crowded vacation destination this weekend? This weekend marks the official opening of our pool The post Memorial Day appeared first on Mom Tattles. read more »

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