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Dapatkan Diskon Membuat Domain atau Hosting

Halo teman-teman pembaca yang saya hormati,banyak dari kita semua yang belum pernah memiliki domain dan hosting sendiri baik itu untuk keperluan bisnis maupun personal.Apakah anda sedang mencari : -Layanan cPanel hosting standar industri denganCloudLinux, SpamExperts, kaya fitur, ratusan template dan aplikasi website gratis hanya dengan 1 klik! - Akses tercepat - Layanan hosting yang murah, cepat, dan berkualitas - Server yang handal - Support 24/7 - Bandwidth unlimited dan domain gratis selamanya ... read more »

Do you like the website ?

Hey guys, just a quick question If yes please let me know what you like and if no then do the same with an explanation. Thanks M.B. read more »

Important WordPress Plugins For Your Ecommerce ...

Ecommerce is a new competitive market nowadays. If you understand your audience correctly, your product may reach to your potential customers easily, and you can sustain in this market for [] [Click on the link to continue reading!] read more »

The Importance of SEO Strategies to a Startup

So, you’re new to the business world with your ground breaking, new business idea and you‘re keen as mustard to get started working with all the people who have said [] [Click on the link to continue reading!] read more »

19 Places To Submit Your Writing Links To Gain ...

I write on this blog and my food blog. These are two places I write at. I also write at a place called Niume. I don't write there every day. I do visit to comment on friends post every day. On websites like Niume that don't rank in with Google, it is hard to get people to view your content besides the members of the website. I am compiling a list of places a writer can submit their writing links to gain more exposure to their content. Some are search engines. Others are websites you must join in order to... read more »

SEO / Suchmaschinenoptimierung für Immobilienma...

Ihre SEO Agentur für optimierte Immobilien Seiten die Google gern weiterempfiehlt. read more »

Blogger Adventure -Things you encounter as a Bl...

Wow! You Get Free Stuff Being a blogger I have learnt, pretty early in the day that, you need The post Blogger Adventure -Things you encounter as a Blogger appeared first on BUZZINGTALES . read more »


JOM TRAVEL DENGAN PAKEJ MURAH DARI TOURISTGUIDE.COM.MY | Assalamualaikum semua.. Sape sini suka travel ?? aku pasti ramai yang akan cakap suka kan.. iye la, sape yang tak suka bila dapat travel tambah-tambah lagi dapat pergi ke luar negara. Tapi bila melibatkan kos yang mahal, ramai yang terpaksa menyimpan je angan-angan untuk pergi ke tempat percutian idaman tu. Tak kurang jugak, ada yang sanggup membuat tabung travel, berjimat cermat setiap bulan semata-mata untuk menyimpan demi memenuhi impian untuk t... read more »

If I Were A Pumpkin Poem

Here's a Halloween poem I wrote : If I were a pumpkin... I would taste creamy I would be full of guts and seeds I would like to jiggle when I wiggle I'd want orange as my color If I were a pumpkin... I would sit for a spell I would wish upon the stars at night I would love the midnight air I would listen to the wind blow I would sing a song at the moon -The End. Have you wrote a Halloween poem? If so, please share your link in the comments below where you have shared it. That way I can re... read more »

A New Pay To Write Website - Niume

I recently started writing on a website called Niume. Where you get paid to write. You earn from the views you receive. The more views you get, the faster you can earn. You also can earn by referring new members to join. If you wish to join Niume, would you please join under me. The link to join is : Niume has several different spheres to list your posts under spheres is the same thing as categories on other websites. 20 Spheres to Choose From : 1. Animals 2. A... read more »


JADI AHLI TONTON VIP DAPAT BAUCAR CJ WOW SHOP | Assalamualaikum semua.. Uiks, buat apa tu? Bestnya la kan dapat cuti panjang. Aku rasa ini la cuti Raya Haji aku yang paling panjang sejak bekerja ni. Mana taknya, sambung terus sampai cuti Hari Malaysia. Haaa.. pueh hati kaw golek-golek kat rumah. hehe Tonton VIP Bila cuti ni takdo kojo lain. Mengadap TV yo la. Tapi kan boring pulak bila asyik tengok drama yang dah pernah ditayangkan sebelum ni. Takdo cerita baru ke ? Tapi nasib baik la aku dah ada a... read more »


SHOPPING ONLINE MUDAH DAN MURAH DI EZBUY.MY | Assalamualaikum semua.. Dah lama rasanya tak shopping online. Kalau dulu tiap hari posmen datang hantar barang kat office sampai dah jadi kawan dah dengan abam posmen tu. Mana taknya, dah jadi habit suka shopping online sampaikan kabel charger tepon pun beli online. Punya la pemalas nak pi kedai. Bukan apa, malas nak pikir pasal nak kena drive, tempuh jem, nak cari parking lagi. Kalau shopping online ni kan mudah, sambil sambil buat kerja, sambil shopping. ha... read more »

PM Wie wichtig ist SEO?

Mit Premium Content bei Google auf Seite 1 Jeder Website-Betreiber kennt das mulmige Gefühl, wenn das Ranking nicht fluppt. Von Null auf Seite 1 - versprechen viele. "Das geht auch anders!" read more »

Have You Tried Co-Promote To Boost Your Engagem...

Running a blog I am always on the lookout for other websites that can help me enhance or promote my blogs. One website I have found has helped me grow my Twitter followers. Recently the website has expanded to allow more social media. What is the website? It is called Co-Promote. With Co-Promote, you can use the free version. Or use the paid version. There are several plans to choose from to fit your budget. Several things you can do on Co-promote 1. Reach new people - Co-promote matches your pos... read more »


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALTHEA DAN CONTEST INSTAGRAM #ALTHEATURNS1 | Sebenarnya birthday Althea Korea dah lepas la uols pada tanggal 20 Julai lepas tapi baru hari ni aku berkesempatan nak buat entri. Ampun Althea, kelewatan ni bukan disengajakan tapi demi mendapatkan gambar yang berkualiti. Maklum la Althea ni dari Korea so harus la nak bagi yang terbaek kan. Mana tau depa nak amik aku jadi model, dapat merasa pi Korea. hahahahaha... *berangan je la.... Produk kecantikan dari Althea Korea Apa itu Althea Korea... read more »

Games are Expensive! Check Out Some of The Ways...

My Top Earners and Highest Recommended Programs For You: DealSpotr: Been here about a month, have made over $60 amazon vouchers. So simple. I get a lot of junkmail, do very little time searching out new deals you get points for sharing deals, coupons, etc, or for spotting other users deals that they post. Continue reading Games are Expensive! Check Out Some of The Ways To Earn Free Money, Giftcards, and Games. PS: I Hate Surveys These are all Legit, None of the Pre-qualify BS. read more » startet die günstige Erstellung ...

Im März 2016 hat Ulrich Becker die Vermarktung seiner Website neu initialisiert und innovativ umgesetzt. In Kürze erscheint sein erstes Werbevideo zu dieser Website. read more »

Branchenpräsenz produziert günstig Videos für U...

Videos werden immer gerne angesehen und freuen sich wachsender Beliebtheit. Die am meisten erstellten Videos bei Unternehmen sind die Erklär-Videos, Werbespots, Produkt-Videos, e-Commerce u. a. read more »

10 Free and Easy Design Tools for Creating Awes...

Hello my friends! Welcome back to my website! I am happy to have you here again. I am not boring you again talking about the HUGE importance of images when it comes to a shareable blog post, so that, I am listing you today my 10 favorite Free and Easy Design Tools you can use for creating The post 10 Free and Easy Design Tools for Creating Awesome Content appeared first on Sparkling Shoes Girl. read more »

25 Things To Know when Starting a WordPress Blog

Hello my friends! For today I have a 25 things List of stuff you should now (IN MY OPINION) in order to start a serious WordPress blog. These are things that I learned and now I consider to be very important when starting your blogging journey. Initially, WordPress was mostly associated with blogs as its main The post 25 Things To Know when Starting a WordPress Blog appeared first on Sparkling Shoes Girl. read more »

Die neue Webdesignagentur aus Köln

Zum kleinen Preis individuelle Websites erstellen lassen read more »

Websitebutler erstellt schnell und kostengünsti...

Mit der All-Inclusive Lösung von Websitebutler kann sich jeder Gewerbetreibende und jedes Unternehmen ab 29,99 Euro eine individuelle Website in hoher Qualität erstellen lassen. read more »

Enjoy The Benefits Online Bingo Has To Offer

Gone are the days, when you have to find a bingo hall or someplace to attend a bingo game. Now there is a way to play bingo right on your own computer. You can visit some of the best new bingo sites to play now. They are also mobile friendly too!   If you like [] read more »

Welche Art von Fotos brauche ich für meine Home...

Zusammenarbeit zweier Augsburger Jungunternehmer bringt Speiselokale - aus dem Großraum Augsburg - ins World Wide Web read more »

Buying and Selling With A Twist at LAMIDO

The online world has indeed made things possible for everything and for everyone. It even made buying and selling easier and much convenient. It has made the world smaller. Communications are much faster and in real time. There’s so much to look forward to with today’s technology.Two of today’s known buy and sell website and few of the most accessed websites locally, OLX.PH ( before) and AYOSDITO.PH have made an impact in the local scene when it comes to what else, buy and sell. But just rece... read more »

Shopping the world this year for Hari Raya Aidi...

People were not meant to stand in lineRamadhan is dawning and Hari Raya Aidilfitri is just over a month away. For those celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Ramadhan is an ideal time to make preparations to welcome the festivities. While some of us are excited to shop on weekends and to hunt for the best deals from store to store, some may think that it is a hassle to battle the crowds, and the hustle and bustle of the city to prepare for Hari Raya. For those who don’t have the time and want to shop from th... read more »

Site Launch

I am extremely happy to announce that my new website is now live! It's been a year or so in the making which I spent learning to code,design and develop to create this but it has certainly been rewarding. I now have a space on the internet to call my own that includes both my modelling and journalism portfolios and also a brand new blog! I look forward to sharing my forays into the industry as well as content within the realms of music, fashion and lifestyle! Do come and join me over at read more »

Get Website Traffic Free

Get Website Traffic Free How to get website traffic for free. This is on the mind of not only every internet marketer, but also every business owner with a website. After all, what good is a site if no one ever sees it? When we speak of traffic generation, the topic covers many different aspects [] read more »


As you may have noticed I have a new domain :) ( and I'm currently working on a new website design which should be easier to navigate and hopefully a little more aesthetically pleasing! I didn't realise it would be quite as time consuming as it's proving to be but as I'm quite particular about pretty much everything I should have really known better! I'm hoping to showcase to you all very soon but hopefully in the meantime you're still happy with what I've got :) Has ... read more »

What Should You Go For Cheap Pricing Or Quality...

Clients and service providers always debate that what is best clients say the service provider that gives the cheapest pricing is the one all go for. but with our observations with experience in handling clients by providing services like PPC, SEO, SMO and Website Development. We always get this question on what is the best [] read more »

Beating the January Blues by Julie Arduini

Last week Maureen shared a great post about reading and hibernation. Living in northeast Ohio weve had 7 snow (cold) days, thundersnow, rolling snow, and two visits from something called the polar vortex. Its been a long January and like Maureen, Ive taken advantage of a lot of home time with reading. January typically is [] read more »

A Banking Comedy

So today at around 09:45am I went to login to my bank (CIBC) and the first thing I noticed was this: Now, I know for a fact that I was not doing any online banking this morning at 04:12AM, and was definitely in bed, sleeping. My first reaction was that my CIBC account with their website was breached, so I asked their twitter team as to whether this was working or not. (As of 13:40, this still hasn't been answered)I quickly determined through repetitive logins and logouts that this login time information... read more »

Book corner: Stir me up by Sabrina Elkins [Book...

Hi guys!!! Look what Ive got here! Its a new book for yall! *** Stir Me Up by Sabrina Elkins Release Date: 10/01/13 Harlequin Teen Summary from Goodreads: Cami Broussard has her future all figured out. Shell finish her senior year of high school, then go to work full-time as an apprentice chef in her fathers [] read more »

Is Direct Traffic Related To Site’s Search Perf...

Direct Traffic Direct Traffic is the medium of traffic where user types your websites URL Direct to the Address bar of the browser and visits your site. what does it mean ?. This means that your site has been previously visited by this person and he like your site he is revisiting it Or it [] read more »

My Free Online Shopping from Lazada Philippines

I felt so blessed once again when I got the chance to shop online for FREE! Yes I say its free because Ive been given a voucher code to shop from the Lazada.phs awesome items for sale. Check out what Ive chosen from their wide array of gorgeous stuffs on sale. Since I received 2 [] read more »

Weebly ... Free Website, Blog, and, Even, Creat...

I love Weebly. It's the best for creating a free website or blog. read more »

Author? Books On Amazon? Did You Know…?

In common with many writers, I have books listed on Amazon. Also, in common with other authors, I attract readers by presenting links to my books on various social networks. There is, however, a real problem with this as far as Amazon is concerned. Any link will lead readers only to one specific amazon site - .com,, .de, etc. This means potential readers have to either do a search on the appropriate amazon site for their country, or – holds up hands in horror! – pay extra postage for the books t... read more »

My Website's New Look!

DO NOT forget to visit my NEWLY renovated Website! Tell me what you think! read more »

Playing with my Weebly Website/Blog!!!!!!

I'm Redesigning/Restructuring my Weebly Website Sorry for the mess! Want your own site, go to read more »

Looking for, or need a free website?

Want to publish a website? Need a free one? I use, and love, Weebly read more »

A Guide before Playing Casino Games Online

Playing casino games online offers a great gaming experience. However, you should choose only reputed casinos based on the player reviews and thorough analysis of the software providers and other information. You need to check the website of the online casino for more details. Be sure to check what these requirements are before signing up. [] read more »

Enjoy Playing Casino Games at the Comfort of yo...

Have you noticed that playing games online becomes more familiar nowadays? Not only kids used to play games but adults are also used to have their past time by playing games. Some might play to make their mind get relaxed. There is plenty of games avail at present. As a result with all advances, online [] read more »

Do You Love Words?

Regular visitors will know I love words. As a reader and a writer, I'm fascinated by these small packets of information that allow us to communicate, imagine and to explore our world. Here is a website I came across recently that I think will interest those with similar interests. I've copied the most recent of the weekly newsletters, with, of course, the permission of the site owner,Michael Quinion. Have a read, and if you're intrigued like me, you can easily sign up for the newsletter by going to this ... read more »

Start Your Day with Bubblews

If you have that passion in writing you are welcome to join us at the BUBBLEWS. What is a BUBBLEWS? A community of people who have that skills in writing anything and share in the AD revenue growth. It's a 50/50 revenue split up, all you need to do is to POST, LIKE/DISLIKE, COMMENT, SHARE using the main SOCIAL MEDIA like Twitter, Facebook,and Google+. Just write your word. Speak Freely. In my experience, I use Bubblews as one of my traffic sources for my blog site. And believe it or not I've graph... read more »

The Internet Loves You. (hug)

The Internet never fails to present weird and wonderful things to me. This ones been around for a while but I never knew it existed. The nicest place on the Internet. I was most intrigued as to what made this website so nice so I took a look- it was the most unusual experience. At Continue reading read more »

Unstoppable e-Shopper? Let yourself off the Hukk.

My daily hours of online procrastination tend to be split between Hello Giggles, Daily Mail (the shame) and the most dangerous of them all; online shopping. Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Pinterest, Fancy… my addiction is anything with the power to convince me I absolutely cannot live without that quirky gadget, genius yet pointless kitchen accessory or must-have piece Continue reading read more »

May Ninth

Well my sites were down most of the day today and on and off for the past week. So I contacted customer service, and found out that the server my sites are on are damaged and being moved to a new one today. This is why if you visited today it was down. Also why Continue reading read more »

Awesome Website: LegendFire

Hello Y'all!You may remember my Post on The Fantasy Forum a while back. In the same style, here is another great community for both Writers and Fans of Speculative Fiction. LegendFire is a great communtity! I've only been a member of this site for a short time, but I am loving the reception and the interaction from not only the other members, but also its very active administrators! Please check the site out and sign up. It's 100% free. And 100% Bearded Scribe Approved! I hope to see you all arou... read more »

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