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Improve Your eCommerce Experience and You’re Bo...

Even just a few decades ago, online shopping sites like Amazon were outliers; most people still relied on brick-and-mortar stores and in-person interactions for many of the goods and services [] read more »

SimpleMVC makes great apps.

Infrastructure is hard. When youre developing a new app, it is often daunting to decide how youre going to structure the app. The MVC design pattern is a well tested, and time-honored, architecture for applications of all types. In the last few years the pattern has gained recognition through Microsofts ASP.NET. this is not the Continue reading read more »

Important WordPress Plugins For Your Ecommerce ...

Ecommerce is a new competitive market nowadays. If you understand your audience correctly, your product may reach to your potential customers easily, and you can sustain in this market for [] [Click on the link to continue reading!] read more »

Know These 7 Ultimate Digital Business Start-Up...

Are you about to launch your startup but you’re being intimidated by the fierce competition? If so, there’s no need to worry anymore. As long as you are eager to [] The post Know These 7... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

New Job, New Techs, New Attitude

For years I’ve resisted ASP.Net MVC and WebAPI. I am (slowly) coming around to the popular opinion that they are a good technologies, but only when applied to the appropriate tasks. I’m also working with Single Page Applications using Knockout JS. I’m having a bit more trouble moving to the dark side on that one. Continue reading read more »

Web & Mobile Development

So in school right now Im about halfway through an Intro to C++ course, and I have to say its been pretty cool. Im a Java guy more than anything else, so I had my reservations about C++, but they are pretty similar which makes learning the syntax much easier. We havent had the chance [] The post Web Mobile Development appeared first on Paid-In-Null. read more »

Young Serial Entrepreneur: Connor Hood (Part 5)

Here is part five of Connor Hoods interview on Entrepreneurship Talk! While Connor interviewed for a few companies prior to graduation, he knew that the entrepreneurial route was right for him. Heres what happened to Connor and SiteSlinger after he graduated from Babson College in May 2011. Q: What ended up happening to your company [] read more »

Young Serial Entrepreneur: Connor Hood (Part 1)

Im very excited to feature Connor Hood on Entrepreneurship Talk once again! He is a serial entrepreneur you should watch out for! He started out his entrepreneurship journey selling Pokemon cards on his Moms eBay account when he was 9 and now he is the co-founder at Written. I had a long interview with him [] read more »

WordPress Calendar Plugin

Because of someones perseverance, I am currently trying to create my own wordpress calendar plugin. Im not really a pro or anything but I know my ways with PHP and Ive had an experience in creating a plugin for WordPress in Continue reading read more »

Responsive and Crossbrowser Website Layouts

Businesses have had plenty of time to create and maintain websites over the last 10 to 15 years. In that time, the technology that drives the websites and the content has changed significantly. What was acceptable for a website in Continue reading read more »

Bootstrap 3

Recently, Bootstrap 3 was released. This is a good news because apparently Bootstrap just got better now that its more responsive than ever. Their update competes with another css framework thats currently widely used, Foundation. This means we can expect more responsive layouts as now the layouts Continue reading read more »

Cloud Camp Cebu

What: Cloud Camp Cebu When: July 4, 2012 Where: Marriott Hotel Cebu Sign up at [email protected] or [email protected] REGISTRATION IS FREE read more »

HTML5 for Web Designers

When the book first landed on my doorstep, I was a bit let down by its meagre length of around 85 pages. I have to be honest, however, and admit I had not done my research before its arrival. From the book’s inception, the publishers stated that they intended to produce something to fill the [...] read more »

How to Create Google+ Plus Page Right Now

Since the official launch of Google Plus Page to the Public, more and more companies are getting into the social network and many of them now are creating their brand in Google plus page and spread the word as a company or product. This is similar to Facebook Fan page wherein  users are able to [...] read more »

How to Fix Facebook Spam Virus or Hacked Account

If you have been to FB recently and you might wonder some of your friends are posting in their FB wall post about a warning of recent spam images and videos Here is a sample TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS HERE ON FACEBOOK: I have accidentally clicked on a SPAM about (Name here) from (location). [...] read more »

How to Share Your Google Circles to the Public

I have been active to Google+ Plus this past week, I think the community their is much wider than Facebook (for strangers and not mutual friends that is), though it is not yet that many active users than Facebook I believe it will have a shot in Social Networking. Since the public release of Google [...] read more »

Useful font from Russian studio

Russian media agency created web/desktop font containing logos of services and other web2.0-related icons Demo available on their site. It can really be useful in production unless there are strict rules for not doing so read more »

PHP Architect Magazine – February 2007

As I write this, I’m sitting at the 2007 Vancouver PHP Conference. In fact, I’m sitting in the “Lightning Talks” session. Going to conferences is one of my favourite parts of my job. Yes, that’s right—going to conferences is part of my job. I love being exposed to new ideas and new concepts, and attendees [...] read more »

PHP Architect Magazine – Januari 2007

You may recognize this issue as the “January 2007” issue of phparchitect, which it is, but we also refer to specific issues (mostly internally), by their volume and issue numbers. This issue, for example is “Volume 6, Issue 1.” Most magazines adopt this convention, and it helps us keep track of exactly which issue someone [...] read more »

This site is the reason I have not posted anything in my blog. Please welcome my newest project that was done by Al Amin Mithani, Alexey Kruchinin and me. Lots of new techniques, tricks and issues were found during development and I really hope I can share my experience here in my blog. is [...] read more »

Pro HTML5 Programming: Powerful APIs for Richer...

HTML5 is here, and with it, web applications take on a power, ease, scalability, and responsiveness like never before. In this book, developers will learn how to use the latest cutting-edge HTML5 web technology?available in the most recent versions of modern browsers?to build web applications with unparalleled functionality, speed, and [...] read more »

InDesign CS5 For Dummies

As the industry standard in professional layout and design, InDesign delivers powerful publishing solutions for magazine, newspaper, and other publishing fields. This introductory book is an easy-to-understand reference for anyone migrating from another software application or those with little-to-no desktop publishing experience. You’ll explore InDesign basics and examine the enhancements [...] read more »

JQuery: Novice to Ninja

jQuery: Novice to Ninja will show you how to unleash the amazing power of jQuery. In this easy-to-follow guide, you’ll master all the major tricks and techniques that jQuery offers—within hours. jQuery has quickly become the JavaScript library of choice, and it’s easy to see why. This JavaScript framework dramatically improves how you add interactivity and [...] read more »

oDesk uses Zend Framework

Its nice to know that oDesk uses Zend Framework, yet they should have hidden error messages. Thats what I got by visiting this url (note that we can get some info on their server paths and their workaround in general) : An error occurred Page not found Exception information: Message: Action 7e7da99a3b47d5ca8a does not exist and was not trapped [...] read more »

Symfony reloaded or same old frameworks speed h...

Symfony 2.0 is going to be an all-other-frameworks killer. And Fabien Potencier tries to convince us by introducing version 2.0 and launching Symfony Reloaded site. The speed comparison section tells us that new Symfony is faster than any other popular PHP framework. According to the speed tests Zend Framework 1.10 is slower 3.5 times and 5.5 [...] read more »

Compile your PHP code

Facebook shared their PHP to C++ code translator called HipHop that opens up a possibility to compile your code using gcc. Facebook reports that it can fasten up your code up to 50%. Moreover, its free! However, HipHop has its drawbacks (some of the are good features, not drawbacks): No Windows support (great!) No eval() and create_function() support [...] read more »

The Essential Guide to Dreamweaver CS3 with CSS...

With over 3 million users worldwide, Adobes Dreamweaver is the most popular web development software in the world, and it just took another step forward with CS3, the new version released in 2007. Having come a long way from its humble beginnings as a simple web design tool, CS3 allows you to rapidly put together [...] read more »

CodeIgniter 1.7

Improve your PHP coding productivity with the free compact open-source MVC CodeIgniter framework! Clear, structured tutorial on working with CodeIgniter for rapid PHP application development Careful explanation of the basic concepts of CodeIgniter and its MVC architecture Use CodeIgniter with databases, HTML forms, files, images, sessions, and email Full of ideas and examples with instructions making it ideal for [...] read more »

Dreamweaver CS4 For Dummies

Whether you?re a seasoned pro or a Web design newbie, Dreamweaver CS4 For Dummies shows you the quickest, easiest way to get up to speed on Dreamweaver. You?ll be able to create professional, great-looking, user-friendly websites in no time at all. Take advantage of the new, more customizable interface, improved integration with Flash and Photoshop, [...] read more »

Mastering phpMyAdmin 3.1 for Effective MySQL Ma...

Increase your MySQL productivity and control by discovering the real power of phpMyAdmin 3.1 Covers version 3.1, the latest version of phpMyAdmin Administer your MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin Manage users and privileges with MySQL Server Administration tools Get to grips with the hidden features and capabilities of phpMyAdmin In Detail MySQL has gained wide popularity because of its open-source nature, performance, [...] read more »

Learning jQuery: Better Interaction Design and ...

jQuery is a powerful JavaScript library that can enhance your websites regardless of your background. In this book, creators of the popular jQuery learning resource,, share their knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm about jQuery to help you get the most from the library and to make your web applications shine. For designers, jQuery leverages existing CSS [...] read more »

PHP and Web 2.0 Application Int...

Build powerful interactive AJAX applications with and PHP Get started quickly with library with as little as one line of code Explore Prototype library features, tutorials, code, and examples Learn In-place Editing, Auto Completion, Sliders, Drag-and-Drop, Effects, and Multimedia A book with less jargon, and more code explanation for building real-world examples Tadalist clone, Digg and [...] read more »

Did you hide your SVN?

If you use SVN on your development or production server, try and add /.svn/entries to your website root, so the URL would look like this (note the absence of the trailing slash). Those who aware of the possible outcomes of letting svn resources be accessible from the Internet can skip this post. Others using SVN, [...] read more »

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