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In Thanksgiving message, Trump hails military g...

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA (Reuters) U.S. President Donald Trump gave a bullish Thanksgiving address to troops overseas on Thursday, hailing progress in Afghanistan and against ISIS, and telling them they were fighting for “something real,” including a stock market at record highs and his promised “big, beautiful fat tax cuts.” U.S. President Donald Trump speaks The post In Thanksgiving message, Trump hails military gains and big, beautiful, fat tax cuts appeared first on World News Expert. read more »


We have great leaders who inspired crowds not only in their life time, but their writings continue to stir generations to come , as their wisdom help everyone to live with a soldier's spirit.Abraham Lincoln is a leader of this rare blend. He has a special place in my heart. The reason is that he showed to the world how a man could lift from a heap of failures. (to read my earlier article on Lincoln, click here )One could learn a lot from this guiding light. More than after a century and half, Lincoln aga... read more »

3 things for US about Greek crisis

Friends, There are 3 things for US about Greek crisis we are not being told. First, we are told, sometimes, that Greece spent a lot of money on welfare. But, then we are led to believe that is okay. The Continue reading read more »


I've played your game, You've played mine. I've failed on your game, You haven't quite finished mine. I've been left now here alone, Feeling despair, Waiting for you to come back for me, Once more, Eager, to finally play my game. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nosotros He jugado tu juego, Has jugado el mío. He perdido en tu juego, Tu no has terminado completamente el mío. Me he quedado aquí sola ahora, Sintiend... read more »

Is Russia preparing for WW3?

Friends, You may know that I pray for Ukraine almost daily. And I have been known to live in Odessa, Ukraine. So, I read a lot of news about the war in Ukraine. What American news calls a crisis. However, Continue reading read more »

Tubal Reversal Ohio: Highly Recommended Tubal R...

Many tubal reversal Ohio patients have found it more affordable to have tubal reversal surgery with Dr. Monteith than to have tubal reversal in Ohio with a doctor who is less skilled and costs more. read more »

Kisi-Kisi Ujian Sekolah Tingkat SMP Kota Bogor ...

Bismillah, al hamdulillah, Asyhadu an la ilaha illallah waasyhadu anna muhammadan rosululloh, washolatu wassalamu ala Rosulillah wa ala alihi waashabihi wamawwalah, wabadu. Tinggal satu pekan lagi seluruh siswa SMP di kota Bogor akan menghdapi masa ujian sekolah, karena Insya Allah mulai hari Senin tanggal 30 Maret tahun 2015 nanti masa ujian sekolah akan segera mereka [] read more »

Edsa Woolworth Press Conference

Star Cinema opens 2015 with Edsa Woolworth. The film was produced by the The Filipino Channel (TFC) in line with its 20th anniversary. Playing the title role of Edsa Woolworth is Pokwang, reuniting with her director... The post Edsa Woolworth Press Conference appeared first on The Lifestyle Avenue. read more »

How do Russians feel about the Sanctions and Putin

Ive been asked how most Russians feel about what is going on since the sanctions have been put in place. This is a difficult question since it is still playing out. I decided to do some research and found an article that gives a fairly accurate picture of how the public is reacting to [] read more »

Russia invades Ukraine

Friends, Everyone has expected this. CNBC News Article. Russian armored vehicles attempted to invade Ukraine. Ukraine repulsed the invasion. For now. I pray for peace, but I see war closer and closer. Keep praying. WayneFiled under: Blogging, News, Politics Tagged: Continue reading read more »

US jobs go to foreigners in the US

Friends, Not only did Bill Clintons NAFTA send our jobs to China, now Obamas jobs programs has left US without jobs HERE in the US. 17 Million fewer Americans have jobs in the US today. But, 5.7 million more immigrants Continue reading read more »

Randuri de citit in weekend (#21)

Pentru ca e weekend si vremea un pic trista afara, am gasit un moment tocmai bun pentru o lista noua cu idei proaspete culese din locuri alese de pe internet, desigur. 1. Sa visam la o vacanta romantica la Paris pentru la iarna, acum in mijloc de vara LINK 2. Departe peste mari si [] read more »

Why do the Elite think they can fix Islam?

Friends, I posted the following over at CNN. I disagreed with Pres Bushs premise, America can fix the ME. Bad premise. But, his methodology worked much better than the methodology of the current regime. Under Bush the terrorists killed several Continue reading read more »

Laugh and the whole world laughs with you

Friends, Why is it that outside of America, when you laugh other people just laugh with you. Why do so many people want to be happy. Why dont we want to be happy in the US? Any ideas? WayneFiled under: Continue reading read more »

Blogger Opp: Don’t Buy It, Rent It Event

Don’t Buy It, Rent It Event Organized by: Mom Powered Media Grand Prize: $500 Visa Gift Card + Five $100 Visa Gift Card Winners Event dates: The post Blogger Opp: Dont Buy It, Rent It Event appeared first on Shh!! Mommas Writing!. read more »

Feinstein denies US our freedoms

This is scary. Our Founding Fathers warned US that the elite could force the masses into submission. They could control US just as the elite has always controlled anyone they could . Now the traitor feinstein promises to steal freedom Continue reading read more »

America land of the free?

Friends, When did the elite 1% progressives change America land of the free into America land of perpetual war? Why are they spying on the citizens, even after they used that threat for a campaign slogan? Why are they overthrowing Continue reading read more »

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! This is definitely a time to celebrate and I'm so happy that I'm doing that in New York this year again. Last year I was so fortunate that I got to walk in the actual parade in Manhattan, however this year we will be doing other fun things. Whiles Europe and Ireland is well into their celebrating of St. Patrick's Day we are just getting started here in the U.S, so now we will start our day with mimosas in our apartment. Follow my NY day on instagram and see all the f... read more »

Why don’t we reduce pollution?

Can anyone tell me why? BBC article. All of our politicians say it is a problem, BBC reported they had a quick and easy fix. But, everyone says it is someone elses problem. I drive a much smaller car than Continue reading read more »

美國可以讓任何地方都能上網 ?

據CNN 報導,美國透過美國空軍空降傳播中心(Air Force's airborne broadcasting center)的the Commando Solo計劃來達到這個目的,至於詳細的運作方式不得可知,但是,據相關人士說,其實,有很多方式可以達成,不只有靠衛星而已.... 圖片引用自CNN 同篇報導文章新聞剪自CNN 的U.S. has secret tools to force internet on dictators read more »

Nobody by wonder girls dance craze!

It's another weekend and i just wanted to share a video that has been circulating facebook and it was shared by my brother jay and can't help but laugh, it's so funny. This song is so popular that even the Cebu Phil Inmates did their own version, Oh well, I won't let you have a hard time searching for all of the videos. Here are the videos:Of course let's start with the original, the Korean girls that started it all. oh and this is the US version. Oh yes this is the fan, check out the guy in the left a... read more »

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