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Recent blog posts on Thanksgiving

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Greetings everyone! ♥I'm grateful for so many things,For all the joys that life brings.But I'm grateful too for lessons learnedThrough those by whom I've been burned.The good in life can't be appreciatedWithout having the bad well illustrated.So when my blessings I do count,I do include in this vast amountAll those who have done me wrongsTo cherish more those with whom my Love belongs."For all those in our lives who've taught us the hardest lessons well,We must be grateful for and forgiving of for peace ... read more »

Thanksgiving Fun!

Place HoldersLast Saturday, I had a little craft day with my friend's granddaughter, Chloe. I will show you at the end of this post what we made. We had a lot of fun but my friends, Anna and Lynne both contracted me to make them these place holders for their Thanksgiving dinner. The total was 26 for both of their families and I just finished them this morning! It is a box with a card which I will post the video instructions below. I showed them this birthday box in a card and they were thrilled that I wo... read more »


As I have shared in previous posts, I love Thanksgiving day! I love the time of year, I love the meaning of Thanksgiving, the reminder that it gives us of how we should stop, take some time to reflect on what we do have, instead of the constant dwelling on what we don’t have! As with every holiday, there is always some way that the commercial world would like to “cash in on” the occasion to help stimulate the economy. This can be a good thing, but on the other had, it can be a real distraction to the tr... read more »

Thanksgiving that Peace is Possible in Turbulen...

I had intended to spend time today writing a blog about all I’m thankful for, wondering how to do that without sounding trite, which is odd, considering it’s those trite blessings we take most for granted—clean running water, electricity, cars, health, and family. Then I re-discovered this most profound statement, written in the 89th year of [] read more »

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and visit with friends and family. Just a quick post to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and to share this cute favor for the 15 people coming to our house for Thanksgiving. I sawthis cute pumpkin favoron Pinterest and wanted to make it for Thanksgiving place settings. Changed the decoration on the front a bit but the basic construction is the same. It was really fun and easy to make. Below are some close up pictures of it and also picture of my Thanksgiving table... read more »


Here is a quick post for a card that was needed this week. I made this Thanksgiving turkey for a Thank you card. My husband wanted a Thank you card for the nurse that helps him with his therapy. I saw this on Pinterest and used Stampin up punches, the large oval punch for his head and feathers, and then tab punch for legs, circle punch for body, hands and beak are the 5-point flower punch and also the scallop punch his lower body. The sentiment is also an old Stampin up stamp collection. Love the googly ... read more »

The Giving Thanks Giveaway Hop with the Hopping...

Its the month of giving thanks so what better time to partner up with some great bloggers for the Giving Thanks Hop and give away Read the rest The post The Giving Thanks Giveaway Hop with the Hopping Bloggers appeared first on Style Island. read more »

Giving Thanks Giveaway Hop from Hopping Blogger...

Its the month of giving thanks so what better time to partner up with some great bloggers for the Giving Thanks Hop and give away Read the rest The post Giving Thanks Giveaway Hop from Hopping Bloggers + Beyonce Rise Perfume appeared first on Style Island. read more »

The Holiday Season by Tara Randel

For those of you still weathering the high temperatures of summer, here’s a treat. Something to you excited about the upcoming holidays. This holiday season, warm your heart with 15 connected sweet, clean, wholesome holiday romances set in Christmas Town Continue reading read more »

The Road Leads Ever Onward

All roads lead to Rome. ancient saying The Road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone, And I must follow, if I can, Pursuing it with eager Continue reading read more »

A Holiday Win by Julie Arduini

Julie Arduini shares her holiday victory. Continue reading read more »

Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Turkey Day! I took this picture a couple of years ago near my sister's house and loved it. People have these inflatables for every holiday. Love seeing them! This turkey is huge! For JeremiahMy daughter's boyfriend and my boss have birthdays coming up so I made the same card for them because they both love music. I saw this card on pinterest and thought this would be perfect. I have been told that vinyl records are making a come back. So happy Birthday to Jeremiah and Steve! For SteveHappy Th... read more »

Thanksgiving Wishes by Tara Randel

Here is wishing you and your family a special day of thanksgiving. As you enjoy the company of loved ones, never forget all the blessings God has graced you with over the years. I know I plan to think about Continue reading read more »

Not A Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving…

The only Thanksgiving element I absolutely cannot do without is family. For me, Thanksgiving is synonymous with loud, boisterous, prank-pulling, bowl-dropping, too-many-in-too-small-a-space, story-telling, story-denying, over-hugging, over-cologned, and occasionally under-showered, family. As one of nine children, I remember Thanksgiving as the one day of the year we hosted both sets of grandparents (we’ll call them the [] read more »

What Comes Out of Sickness by Camy Tang

I have just come out of possibly the worst 10 days of my life. I had some pretty bad menstrual cramping for a couple days, but one of the generic acetaminophen tablets I took for the pain ended up giving Continue reading read more »


GREAT OFFERS World Yacht Thanksgiving Dinner Cruises - Save 35% on Tickets! Thanksgiving Special Product! If you're looking to do some sightseeing but don't want to miss out on a venerable American tradition, why not experience the best part of the holiday while sailing along the Hudson River. ____ World Yacht Thanksgiving Dinner Cruises - Save 35% on Tickets! ********** Hornblower Thanksgiving Day Dinner Cruise - Save 10% on Tickets Thanksgiving Special Product! This cruise includes a classic Amer... read more »

Happy Thanksgiving Day 2015!

Dear Valued Customers, It is Thanksgiving in Canada and we would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You for all of your loyalty and support over the past years. Xpress Software would like to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving! Please be advised that our office will be closed on Monday October [] read more »

New designs for Fall decorating!

New Designs for Autumn available September 30th & October 1st! The Pilgrim, Turkey and Pumpkin! The perfect addition to your WoodCrafts Blocks collection for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving decorating! Solid maple with a Whitewashed finish. Made in the U.S.A. Don't forget to add the WoodCrafts Turkeys! Order yours today at read more »

Thanksgiving Decor......Turkeys!

Today and tomorrow ONLY (9/23 & 9/24)you can get our unique WoodCrafts Turkey available in 6 Fall colors! It's perfect for Fall decorating and will be a Thanksgiving go-to for years to come! The WoodCrafts Turkeys will be so adorable on your Thanksgiving table. I know I will be ordering a couple!! They come apart and are flat! Easy to store! Our classic 5" Measuring Basket has never before been offered in this beautiful array of colors and it's the perfect complement to decorating with the Turkey! Mix ... read more »

Recipe: County Fair Apple Pie

Before I get to todays dessert recipe, I have exciting news to share. The Princess Games was released today!  King Winkle and Queen Periwinkle have a problem. They need a princess, and they need her fast. With the upcoming peace-keeping marriage between Prince Linus of Branninia and the princess of the fair Kingdom of Hoggenbottom, its a bit risky to admit they dont have a princess. Instead, they decide to host The Princess Games. Soon enough, the fairest maidens of the land are gathered in front of ... read more »

Vocna pita

Kora: 300g brasna 1 kascica praska za pecivo 225g putera malo hladne vode 1/2 kascice soli 3 kasike secera1 kesica pudinga od vanile500ml mleka3 kasike secera borovnice jagode banane Priprema: Koru umesiti od brasna,secera,praska za pecivo,soli,putera i ako je potrebno dodati malo hladne vode. Testo zamotati u foliju i ostaviti u frizider oko pola sata. Za to vreme napraviti puding od vanile. Zagrejati 400ml mleka,a prasak za puding pomesati sa secerom i ... read more »

Giving Thanks to the Heavenly Father

2 Corinthians 9:11-12 11 You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God. 12 This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God's people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God. Simple Life in the FarmI woke up when the roosters crowed in unison at our farm. I looked at the clock, and it's 3am. I was about to go back to sleep when I heard people talking in the out... read more »

[#Video] My First Vlog – Thanksgiving #NitaPOP

Most of you have seen this but I never posted it on the blog so here goes my first vlog ever from my Thanksgiving 2014. Look out for my next few soon! So much has been going on and I have tried to keep up but le sigh Just watch and tell me what you(...) read more »

Mad for Holiday Plaid #OOTD

Hello friends, and Happy Friday eve.  It feels like this week dragged by, I guess with the Thanksgiving holiday it spoiled me for not having to work 5 days which was a great mini-vacation.  Oh well, I am getting back into the swing of things because December is going to be a very busy month.   Continue reading The post Mad for Holiday Plaid #OOTD appeared first on read more »

Turkeys Left Uncooked

I’m so thankful that we were exempt from the Thanksgiving Snow Storm power outage of 2014. With the exception of a few power flickers, ours remained on the whole entire time. The only thing we lost was the internet and our phone. The cable was also out for a few hours on Thanksgiving Day, but [] read more »

It’s Black and Blue Saturday Everyone!!

So how many of you went shopping yesterday?  Go ahead, admit it.  I wont judge.  (Mentally judges anyway) YOU MUST BE OUT YO DAMN MIND!! When the doors open at WalMart and it makes the events in Ferguson, MO look Continue reading The post Its Black and Blue Saturday Everyone!! appeared first on Opticynicism. read more »

Feed the City; An Annual Thanksgiving Outreach ...

By Jessica Thomas Lewis So grateful for this opportunity.By 11:30am, we had packed more than 800 meals for shut-ins, the indigent and homeless.These were hot meals; turkey, stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and a roll. Packed by volunteers in hopes of touching the lives of those who wouldn't otherwise have a Thanksgiving meal. All told, we fed 1,400 people through Feed the City, an annual Thanksgiving outreach.Organized by Flow Automotive and St. Paul UMC, this initiative ... read more »

A Year Has Gone

A year seems like along time but looking back to this time last year, it seems to have passed in a flash. This time last year, I was living in Prague and I was worried about my weight gain having quit smoking months earlier. I remember buying the indoor bike and with good intentions, startingRead more A Year HasGone read more »

What Are You Thankful For Today?

I am thankful for: My health My familys safety My son who makes me proud My new car! My new bed! My new Job!! People in my life who care about me My working computer My refrigerator full of food My ability to pay my bills every month Dont EVER let anyone tell you that Continue reading read more »


How many people are thankful in the city of Ferguson today? Much of the town is in ruins due to the base wickedness of a few. Yes, I say it’s wickedness because the fires and the looting had absolutely nothing to do with the decision not to indict officer Daren Wilson; it had to do [...] read more »

Happy Thanksgiving....

This is more to me then just a thankful Thursday post, it's thanksgiving so I want to not just list stuff but also wish you all a wonderful, blessed, and great thanksgiving! I am thankful for... A family that is helpful, supportive, and loving. I am such a blessed girl that the Lord choose to place me in the arms of parents who live for the one true king, Jesus Christ. For memories that have been made, and memories that are yet to be made. The ability to create, and that I have hands to do so. My ... read more »

HOLIDAY FOR DRUMSTICKS (1949) starring Daffy Duck

Theres really no better way to spend Thanksgiving than with a story about generosity and friendship Daffy Duck style!? With warm wishes to all heres a spoiler-stuffed Thanksgiving treat Thanksgiving day nears and an old hillbilly couple Maw and... Read More read more »

Best Thanksgiving Desserts of 2014

Potluck style Thanksgiving dinners are the best for a number of reasons.It's fair division of labor, so everyone has some fun cooking, but no one's completely exhausted by dinner time.It's fair division of costs, since everyone ends up buying some ingredients, but no one is saddled with the cost of creating an entire multi-course Thanksgiving dinner for X number of people.It's a fair division of effort, so everyone has time to sleep in and take it easy on Thanksgiving morning, and no one is forced to get... read more »

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all my blog friends a Happy Thanksgiving!And to those friends not in the States, wishing you a Happy Day! ©JerseyLil’s 2 Cents. All rights reserved. read more »

A Note from the Director: Happy Thanksgiving!

While Im busy cooking up a feast for my family and enjoying their company, I want to share with you my favorite Thanksgiving Day song! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones! read more »

Thanksgiving 2014

Heya everyone! It's been 5 looong years since I last updated this blog and I was thinking of retiring it for good. But when I checked the pageviews, I (surprisingly) still got a lot of visitors from Google! And I thought that if people still come here to get information then I should not close the blog. So here I am, blogging again about food and recipes. And because it's Thanksgiving, I'm sharing one of my favorite low-fat turkey dish from :) No, it's not a roasted turkey recipe nor a Thanksg... read more »

What to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving by El...

For my post, I decided to write up a list of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. The posts on the topic floating around the internet must be in the thousands, I’m sure. Why not join the numbers? But first I needed to do my research. Research, you ask, on things for which [] read more »

What to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

For my post, I decided to write up a list of things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. The posts on the topic floating around the internet must be in the thousands, I’m sure. Why not join the numbers? But first I needed to do my research. Research, you ask, on things for which [] read more »

Turkey Day Disasters

Thanksgiving – In the US, it is time for family gatherings loaded with dysfunction. We all have at least one dysfunctional family member that we hope and pray decide to visit the other family member this time around. But just because that family member has decided to spare us a visit this year doesn’t always [] read more »

The Art of Thankfulness by Maureen Lang

When I listen to the news these days, it seems there are countless reasons to boycott any sense of Thankfulness this year. War, pestilence, poverty . . . we dont have to look far to see a suffering world. On the other hand, thankfulness might provide our best glimmer of hope. Its hard for bitterness [] read more »

How to do that turkey justice this Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year in the US when we are called upon to give thanks for the many things in our lives. It’s Thanksgiving, the biggest food holiday of the year. It inaugurates the holiday season; Christmas is just around the corner. Aside from Pilgrims who came over on the Mayflower, the one thing on almost every American’s mind is that iconic and noble bird that Benjamin Franklin wanted as our national symbol: The turkey. (Unless you’re vegan/vegetarian, then Tofurky might come to mind, instead. I’... read more »

Thankful & Grateful

Thanksgiving is this Thursday and I was in my craftroom today finishing up some cards I made for friends and relatives. Lovely as a Tree stamp set is one of my favorite sets from SU! This is the first time I used the Wandering Words stamp set from SU. I love how this card came together! Check outthis card on pinterestwhich is where I found my inspiration!! I embossed the trees with gold and sponged distress black soot for the ground and spicey marmalade for the sky. Below are some more pictures of other ... read more »

Pumpkin Dump Cake Recipe

Hello everyone! Can you believe that next week is Thanksgiving?!? I can’t! And that means Christmas will be right around the corner. Its sneaking up on me this year but I’m so excited and really in the spirit! Today I wanted to share a recipe that I make every year – Pumpkin Dump Cake. Pumpkin [] The post Pumpkin Dump Cake Recipe appeared first on kristenione. read more »

I’m Not Ready by Julie Arduini

You know the phrase, Be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it? I was thinking about that when I looked at the pictures from Greater Buffalo earlier this week. I heard a lot of people say how they wanted snow. The people who saw 50+ inches of snow, yes, nearly 5 [] read more »

The History of Thanksgiving

All words have power, but words that ignite truths, like the true meaning of Thanksgiving, are infused with an ability to change lives, to open closed minds and hearts, and to offer different perspectives. True meaning can be just what’s needed to see things more clearly or to set the proverbial light bulb in our [] read more »

Recipe: Vegan Crustless Pumpkin Pie

Mmmm, couldn't you just eat fall-flavored goodies all day every day at this time of year? But I'm not going to lie, the tummy aches from indulgent classic treats every day just aren't worth it. There's a reason that people only do the Thanksgiving whole-hog-and-midday-naps thing on one day - Thanksgiving. Here's my solution - a healthy crustless pumpkin pie that you can enjoy any and every day without the discomfort that comes with over-indulgence! Crustless Pumpkin Pie * 1 Tbsp. chia seeds * ... read more »

Peapod's 25th Anniversary: Making Cooking Healt...

Already planning your Thanksgiving celebration? In celebration of their 25th anniversary of making healthy cooking at home almost as convenient as takeout (and so much yummier) Peapod is offering a lucky Living, Learning, Eating reader a $25 gift card to use on groceries! To avoid that being you, start with quality ingredients! And oh look - Thanksgiving dinner just got cheaper! That pecan pie (and ice cream, pie is a bitter disappointment without ice cream) just paid for itself! Yes, this is def... read more »

Have a Glass of Wine and You’ll Be Fine!

Disclosure Statement: I was provided a sample product from Mirassou Wines in order to facilitate this review, however, opinions are 100% my own. Tis the season to reflect and take stock of all our blessings, to share good times with family and friends and to simply enjoy the wonderful life that we have been given. Continue reading The post Have a Glass of Wine and Youll Be Fine! appeared first on read more »

Ideas to Make Your Thanksgiving Special

My blog tribe mates and I all were in agreement that Thanksgiving is the one holiday of the year that doesn’t get nearly enough attention in our society today. After all it is a time to celebrate what we are thankful for right before we go into Christmas where we usually get showered with special [...] The post Ideas to Make Your Thanksgiving Special appeared first on Tidbits of Experience. read more »

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