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Silly Sunday – Statement

bethere2day - "Silly Sunday is hosted by Sandee at Comedy Plus Sunday is the place to come for weekly laughs. Silly Sunday Statement read more »

Bloomin' Awesome Boohoo Buys

Hello beautiful readers, I have to apologise for not showing my fave recently (although some of you may be quite pleased by that ;)) but my anxiety has been a bit pants recently so haven't really felt like smiling for a camera, away that's another post for another day. Boohoo have seriously been on top recently with their fashion game so of course I couldn't help myself when I saw these babies. Coming up to Christmas of course money is a bit tight so I went straight for the clearance which I don't usu... read more »

Can't Remember To Forget The Jewelry

So Rihanna and Shakira have a new song coming out called "Cant Remember To Forget You".I came across the poster, and I'm like "Can't Remember To Forget You Those Jewelry."Helloooo!!! Those jewelry were all up in my face, straight up. The Bangles and Rings on Rihanna, that Neck Piece on Shakira.......*swoon*Totally love all of it. Statement Jewelry is a must have for 2014.What are you waiting for, start shopping!!!:)xoxoZJ read more »


2 Layer Neck-piece. Cross Pendant with Black Chains. (Unisex style). Chunky twist Statement Neck-piece, made with 3 different types of beads. African inspired traditional beads. Did you know that Zoya's Jewels accept orders for custom handmade jewelry pieces? Yes, I do!!!All you have to do is contact me via email - [email protected] And start a conversation with me on the type of piece you want. If you want something I already have made in a different color, its also very possible to have it cu... read more »

Statement Jewelry - Necklaces

Already we have a feature on Bangles as statement jewelry, if you missed it read it HERE. Today lets talk necklaces. 90% of the time, when the topic of statement jewelry comes up, people think necklaces. Yeah, I totally agree with that, because necklaces are a hard feature of an outfit to miss.Some people prefer to wear statement necklaces while keeping the earrings simple. Well my opinion is "To each her own". As long as you look fabulous in them, the jewelry police wouldn't arrest you. Here are a few n... read more »

Pola Pikir Dari Setiap Orang Berbeda-beda Pemahaman dari sebuah statement tergantung pola pikir orang yang memahaminya. Satu statement yang sama diberikan kepada dua orang yang berbeda mungkin akan memberikan hasil yang berbeda tergantung dari pola pikir dari orang memahaminya. Pola pikir seseorang sangat mempengaruhi apa yang akan dikerjakan seseorang tersebut terhadap apa yang dia pahami. Berikut contoh cerita tentang perbedaan pola [...] read more »

Paper Lamp Shade Tutorial

Another great how-to video from Threadbanger! How cool is this diy lamp shade? You could really make a statement with a great design! read more »

Black & White Wall Reveal

HERE IT IS! I know I didnt get the pictures up as soon as I was wanting to, but they are up now. This is the black and white striped wall. I absolutely love love love it! What do you think? And a closer look.. From the beginning with the help of my wonderful husband! [...] read more »

On Tiger Woods and Grace :: To Forgive or Not t...

As I watched Tiger Woods stand behind the podium on Saturday morning, delivering his statement to the general public, a few thoughts ran through my head. I know this is well-rehearsed and scripted, but is it sincere? Is there any way to know for sure? Even if I feel it is sincere, what are others thinking? The only question [...] read more »

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