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Charged Up For Him

One night some 5 years ago the following happened and I wrote about it. As Tina and I sat there watching something on the TV, we heard a pop. At first I thought it was the wind throwing something at the window. A little while later. Pow! This was way too weird. Someone was shooting [] read more »


Why do da player alwayspoint his finger to da skywhen he make a touchdownan' never when he make a fumble?Cuz it all come from da same Sourceit all come from Da Manan' he give you da fumbleto keep you humblean' make you a better personSo next time you fumblepoint dat finger to da skyan' don't ask whyAn' all dem crazy peopleon da sidelineslet 'em boocuz you got a special fingerreserved for dem too! read more »

I Found a New Digiscrapping Source!

My two children's Moving Up day and Recognition Day is over and of course I acquired lots of pictures from that event. I'm planning to Digiscrap some of those photos but I'm having a hard time looking for cute and extra-ordinary Graduation freebies. I found some but it seemed incompatible with the pictures and the theme that I have in mind. (I made the word freebies because as I always say, I make layouts out of free stuff only, never had the money guts to buy 'em.) Once again, while doing my freebie-... read more »

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