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Weekend Follow Up #4 - Influenza is not to be m...

This is a follow up of all the blog posts I have created for the past week in case you missed one. I would like to do this weekly. I write on a variety of subjects. As I have two places I currently write at. Obviously, one place is on this blogRusty2rusty's Chatter. Second place is my blog calledFood With A Plan. *************** This past week I have not been feeling good. I started out with wheezing whenever I laid down. It was hard to get any sleep because of this. The past two days the other symp... read more »

What You Need To Help Get Over The Flu At Home

I am sorry I haven't been around the past couple of days. As I have caught the flu. I finally broke my fever early this morning. I have some energy back. Yet, I can't seem to get much housework done in between wheezing and having my nose all stuffed up. It will have to wait. Unless I can talk my teens in to helping out. How well do you think that will go over? You may have the flu if you have the following symptoms 1. Fever 2. Cough 3. Running or stuffed nose 4. Ithroat 5. Chills 6. Headache 7.... read more »

Feeling weak and sick? You might be lacking the...

Do you often feel weak, fatigued, or sick? Was there ever a time when muscle and joint pains kept you from doing your work? You may be lacking vitamins. “Vitamins play vital roles in bodily functions such as metabolism, immunity... The post Feeling weak and sick? You might be lacking these vitamins appeared first on The Bag Investigator. read more »

Sick Day Hacks for the Single Girl

When you're little, being sick is no fun, either. But you know your mommy will make it all better.But when you're a 20-something city dweller living several states away from your family? It can be a little trickier - especially when it suddenly sets in and you don't have time to prepare.That happened to me this weekend. I felt fine on Friday, fine on Saturday, and then a little nauseous on Saturday evening, but not terrible. I played a couple games of Resistance with my roommates (highly recommend) but b... read more »

Thy Kingdom Come!

I was up at 3 this morning. I would like to tell you I had a reason, but that would not be truth. For some reason, I woke and found myself wanting to or needing to pray. I found myself praying for situations in our country. Troubling, difficult situations. It matters less about what they [] read more »

The Trade Off

I quit smoking on March 1st. I took Chantix for a month and a half but ended up stopping because I just never stopped getting sick from it. Now comes the trade off. The weight gain. I MUST do something soon. I have gained ten pounds which means my clothes no longer fit and I [...] read more »

Honors Day

I took the day off work today to go to Safa's school, for her senior year Honors Day. Admittedly, it doesn't take a lot for me to take off work, but man, I had a heck of a busy day today! The event at her school was from 8:30 until about 10am. Safa is already member of a couple of honor societies; Beta Club, National Honor Society, National Forensics League (debate), but the school also joined another group for the first time this year: the National Science Honor Society. This tapping was a complete surp... read more »

My Day

Yep, I'm another yer older. Hate to admit it, but I have realized I really can't be perpetually 29. If you ask my kids, they'll say I don't act my age. Not sure if that's a good thing, but I know I don't feel as old as I am. And we'll leave it at that.As far as work goes, today was a day like any other; and it just happened to be my one Wednesday out of the month that I was scheduled to work in the afternoon too. Yes, I'm spoiled, I do get to come home after morning clinic on most other days. Although, b... read more »

Bad Habits And Typhoid Mary

Don't you love it when you have a three day weekend and you have some plans to get shit done, to manage to finally check a few things off on the eight mile long to-do list that you have been trying to get to for monthsand then BAM!!! -- sickness. I cooked myself a pot of crockpot lima beans, some of the best things ever, and I got sooooo sick after eating them. I thought I had managed to give myself food poisoning. How did you manage to poison yourself with lima beans, you might ask. Well, I'm Southern, ... read more »

Weekend events

Another round of sickies in our house! This time it's Hamza, the one who hardly ever gets sick. Thursday evening he complained about a sore throat and went to take a nap. He was supposed to study for a quiz the following day, but he looked so pitiful curled up in our bed that I sent him upstairs to his room with some medicine and promised to wake him up around 5:30 so that he could squeeze an hour of studying in before school. So Friday morning I got him up to take a shower and told him to come down to s... read more »

A Dramatic “Show and Tell”

Show and Tell, a very simple way school uses to train lower Primary School kids on their presentation skills. Kitkit done it twice in Primary One and Primary Two, and fared well. Binbin did it last year too and came back with good reviews. This year, in Primary two, Binbin was feeling good about his [...] read more »

A new color!

Bilal tested for his next karate belt today. Tested, and got promoted! Now he has an orange/black belt to replace his solid orange one. He continues to move up the ranks with each test. Today was one of those great test days when everyone who participated was promoted. Congrats to all! Bilal is still not feeling great, although he has been back at school. This morning I actually thought we might have to hold off on him testing, because he woke up quite puny. But he wanted to go, and he had no fever, s... read more »

The Caregiver

When the kids are sick, Tiny offers extra snuggles. She's such a sweet little kitty (when she wants to be).Fortunately Bilal's sickness was very brief. He didn't run a fever after when it was checked by the school nurse. I kept him out of school the next day and took him to work with me. And today he went back to school with no problems. His appetite isn't the greatest, but I know that will pick up as soon. Thankfully, it always does. And I'm glad he's well, in time for his next karate test this weekend... read more »

A bit unplanned

Today didn't quite go as planned. I had only a few patients on my schedule today so at the last minute I decided to block my schedule and transferred those patients on to Zakir's schedule. So it freed up my day, since I had a meeting planned at 12:30. Zakir and I just happened to drive into a lovely neighborhood recently, previously unknown to us. A small subdivision, with sidewalks, which are quite a luxury in our little city. And since we have been vacillating about possibly moving, we decided to conta... read more »

Sick of Being Sick!

Anyone else have the bug of the year (or as we are calling here, the super bug) blast through their house over the last few weeks? If not then go to hell!!! ;) My ribs are so sore for coughing, my stomach hates me right now and basically the only good thing to come out of this is I'm down 7.5lbs from it. Naturally I'm going to put it all back on over the course of this week but still. First it started with my poor old man, yes Roger, that is you. He had pneumonia and was on his ass for weeks and stil... read more »

Poor Kitty!

Tiny has been sneezing and coughing for the past several days. Chalking it down to a little cold, we didn't worry too much, especially since she has been eating and drinking fine, until yesterday. Yesterday she spent the entire day either curled up on a sweater in Zakir's closet, or on a pillow in our room. She didn't get up to eat, drink, or even go outside. And she has been sneezing up a terrible storm, almost sounding as loud as a human. She is scheduled to see her regular vet this coming Friday for s... read more »

He could hold it no more…

Now that the weather has turned colder these few days, especially after sunset, my family is struggling to stay healthy. Allan coughed a little every now and then. Binbin had been busy clearing his mucus-filled nose every other hour too. As for Keatkeat, he has sinus, just like his mummy and papa. Every morning, he [...] read more »

Hot Mess

I have to say, Boston has not been nearly as amazing as last year. I am 100% convinced that I should NEVER live here. I love this city. It really is amazing but there have been some signs that are just too much to ignore when it comes to living here. It is kind of like the universe is throwing huge gigantic signs in my face letting me know this is not where I am meant to be.It makes my decision about going to Michigan for grad school just that much better. Way better in fact.What are some of these signs ... read more »

Kids Talk – I Can’t Hear

With 4 visits to the clinic and 1 visit to the hospital in less than 3 weeks, I think I have enough. Can everyone in the family be in the pink of health soon? Signs are starting to show that this nurse, aka ME, is collapsing Other than taking care of them physically, my mind [...] read more »

X-Ray Needed?

Im not dead. *laugh* I am just EXTREMELY BUSY!!!! Had not turned on my PC since Thursday, so no blogging for me. Alright, I must get this out before I have no internet connection for my PC for the next week. Ok, here goes, a quick one! Since Thursday, this family has been going nuts [...] read more »

Day 3 in Orlando

We drove down to Orlando on Saturday for Spring Break, bringing Bilal's bug along with us. Actually, he was starting to feel better and even ate a little bit of breakfast without throwing it up, but he did share... a little bit. By Sunday I was feeling queasy with body aches, and this was soon followed by Hamza and Safa, who threw up, just a couple of hours apart, last night. We've managed to treat the kids symptomatically with Tylenol for the body aches and Benadryl for nausea, so it's not been too bad.... read more »

Headed out for a five day vacation

We will be driving to Orlando tomorrow, for Spring Break. Planning for a trip full of fun, although if you plan to hit three theme parks it's unlikely it will be very relaxing. But, as the Khan Family tradition dictates, taking a road trip is never that straightforward.Bilal didn't finish his breakfast this morning, but I didn't think much of it at the time. He did mention not wanting to go to school, but again, I did not take this seriously, because Hamza is home today; his Spring Break has already star... read more »

Who Needs A Flight Crew?

One week ago I travelled to Boston. It was actually a very smooth trip... well, mostly. It started out with me heading to El Paso at 4pm on Saturday. My flight was scheduled to leave at 6:30 pm but it is about a 45 minute drive to El Paso and then security and all. After only having to have my hairpatted down, I made it to Phoenix where I had a 4.5 hour layover. Yes, I did say having my hair inspected. Turns out, I have big hair. So big in fact that people readily think I could be hiding razors or drugs... read more »

Slow progress

Three days post-op and Bilal is making slow, but steady progress. Last night was actually pretty bad, with more fever, crying with a sore throat and neck pain, and this morning wasn't much better. But after much fussing and fretting and whining and crying, he reluctantly took a nap, and actually woke up feeling a lot better. He is still blowing out gobs of snot, has a terrible cough that comes and goes, but his mood is a little better. Otherwise he's been Mr. Crankypants. I don't really blame the little ... read more »


After a fairly good day at home, Bilal has been feeling puny this evening. Running a low grade fever, and complaining of neck and throat pain. That's to be expected, of course. But it's so hard to see him in pain and not be able to do much about it. After he came home he did fine with one dose of Tylenol, but this evening we had to get the prescription for Tylenol with codeine filled, and I gave him a dose of that instead. I hope it does the trick. Christina was such a great help today, since Bilal basic... read more »

A little unexpected

So you're probably tired of hearing about how often Bilal has been sick since he started school. But I'm hoping that we're nearing the end of it. As I mentioned before, over the weekend he started to get the junky nasal discharge again. And the hacky cough. I spoke to Dr. L, our ENT, yesterday; he suggested that we go ahead with the adenoidectomy. Apparently the recovery is not too bad, and kids will miss anywhere from 3 to 10 days of school. some bounce back quickly, others might be rather puny for up t... read more »

Feeling old

We had to keep Bilal home from school today because he was running a fever and had a terrible cough with snot. Just a few days after we finished his third round of antibiotics in 2 months. When will this end?!After some Tylenol his fever came down and he actually started to feel a lot better. He rode down with me to Birmingham to pick up Hamza. We passed the airport and saw an airplane landing. That prompted a conversation, initiated by my five year old.Bilal: The biggest plane was built in 1989.Mama: Re... read more »

A lot accomplished

Thankfully Bilal is on the mend, with no fever all day, although he still has a harsh cough and lots of snot. But his appetite is great and he is eager to return to school tomorrow.And despite having to keep him out of school because of the sickies we managed to do a lot today, both in the house and out. After dropping Hamza off at school I headed to see my ortho for some right shoulder issues, ongoing for the past couple of weeks. I thought he might suggest it was time for surgery, like I had on my left... read more »

'Owl in the Rain'

My little budding artist! Kindergarten has opened up a whole new world for Bilal. He is starting to sound out words, his 'sight words' recognition is expanding every day, and he is finally enjoying picture books that are appropriate for beginning readers, the ones that he is starting to read himself, with a little help from Mama, falling back on some sight words, and picture cues.Of course listening to him try to read is even more fun when he doesn't sound as nasal as he did today. Yup, Bilal is a littl... read more »

Where Have I Been? In the Nurse’s Office.

So to speak. After waking up two days in a row with a major sore throat I decided to go to the doctor. I have a cold. It just has to go away. I was thinking strep throat or some other kind of infection. Not that I really wanted that but I spent $25 for [...] read more »

Lazy days.......

It's pretty evident, I haven't blogged in several days. We have been mostly lying around, since it's too hot to go out much. We've had a couple of rain showers that temporarily cooled down the weather, but then the humidity becomes a problem. Safa and I hit a few local boutiques and have bought some outfits to wear, but I think we won't really do a lot until Zakir is here, later this week. I don't drive in Pakistan (Zakir does; he grew up driving here), so we are at the mercy of the driver to take us whe... read more »

Choir performance at the Dessert Cabaret

A group of beginning choir and Valley singers at Shades Valley High School performed this 'Glee' version of Don't Stop Believing by Journey. Photo and video editing at www.OneTrueMedia.comEveryone did a great job! It was Safa's first time singing on stage. She had a blast!In other news, Bilal is feeling much better, but Hamza seems to have caught the bug. We really need to have everyone well before next Wednesday. And our red tabby, Sammy is spending the weekend at the vet's, he appears to have develop... read more »

Not better yet, but working on it!

We are still nursing the sickies. Why does it always seem that it is easier to treat other people's children than my own?! We started antibiotics yesterday, but Bilal can't keep them down, so we will be changing those today. He has the croakiest little voice, and is just downright puny. Last night he slept with me, which is a first. Zakir sacked out in Bilal's room. Still running a fever too. I am ready for this junk to leave our house!His second soccer practice is this afternoon, and the only thing keep... read more »

It's so sad that it's almost comical!

In the Khan household when it rains it pours. This morning all the kids woke up feeling much better; no fever, slight runny noses, and coughs that sound like they are getting gradually better. But it doesn't stop there, does it?Bilal was the first one to rise in the house, as usual. But his time instead of coming downstairs he sat in his room howling. When Zakir went up to see what was wrong, he said his legs hurt. They hurt so bad that he wouldn't put any weight on them. In fact he was screaming in pain... read more »

Can you hear that?

What is it? It's something I haven't heard in this house for the past 2 weeks. It's silence. An actual pause between coughs. The first sign that my kiddos are getting better. Well actually, Safa's at school so it's only me and Bilal at home, but it is so blissful to not hear a constant cough. And Bilal hasn't run a fever this morning, for the first time in 8 days. He actually asked for breakfast this morning. Granted, he didn't eat much, but considering Zakir had to threaten to take him to the hospital f... read more »

You know you're a mom when.......

...... you can touch your child's forehead and know their body temperature, with eerie accuracy!Poor little guy is still sick, continuously running a low grade fever that responds to Tylenol, but then goes back up as soon as it wears off. And he has been coughing so hard and so constantly that he has almost lost his voice. I took him to the urgent care clinic today because I thought he might need a chest x-ray, although my gut feeling has still been that he has RSV. He had blood drawn, which showed a nor... read more »

Yuckies, please go away!

Sickness is making the rounds in our house. Safa has had a crazy hacking cough for about ten days and now Bilal has decided to follow suit. Saturday he had that bizarre twelve hour sickness, but did fairly well until yesterday morning when he started to cough. And his cough sounds quite like Safa's. He paid us a visit in our room at 3am last night, coughing so much that he nearly threw up. He felt hot so I checked his temperature, and he had a low grade fever. So I gave him some Tylenol and some cough me... read more »

On why you should never eat Chinese food in som...

I ended up staying in the bathroom for over an hour. My nose and cheeks had swollen up to twice their normal size. My fingertips were swollen as well, and bright red. My stomach would not allow my legs to keep me perpendicular enough to cool my face down with wet paper towels, and eventually I crumbled into a corner, keeping my face near the cold tile floor and trying not to be conspicuous, even as several ladies came in and out of the bathroom wondering whose pants those were in the corner of the far st... read more »

On summer colds

when I started this blog I had just moved to canarsie to get the hell away from him. My reasons for liking him had dried up and were replaced by reasons for hating him. No, I'm not that fickle; he is. He had stopped being himself. And now he's taking care of me while I'm sick. read more »

On little people and sick people

...He was so small. It amazes me sometimes that kids are so small. And he had little tiny hands. And a little tiny voice (which he used frequently and with great vigor). And when he walked, he took little tiny steps. It was hard to take him seriously when he was angry. I don't even know why I'm thinking about him now. I'm not his nanny anymore... read more »

A Mother’s Worry Never Ends

I am constantly amazed about how much I worry about my kids, but just lately I seem to be worrying about everything and I mean everything! It’s all stuff I know is nothing, or is a phase, or isn’t enough to be a serious issue. Today though I found myself worrying more than normal. Today [...] read more »

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