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Out of Season Shopping tips to try now

Fashion is a force that is always in motion. Not only it is always moving, it defies time, planning looks and forecasting trends months, sometimes Read the rest The post Out of Season Shopping tips to try now appeared first on Style Island. read more »

Shopping With Coupons

If theres anything I like about living here in US,is shopping with coupons.But for the record,Im not one of those extreme couponer. I only use coupon when the featured product is what I need. Im not like others who bought and stocked up on things that they dont even need just because they have a [...] read more »

New Summer Dress For Me.

Remember this Maxi dresses I bought from eBay when I was still in Canada? I actually bought a few pieces of it,you can read my previous post ,My Maxidress and More Maxidress For Me. And because Summer season is a maxidress season for me because it is very comfortable to wear, I thought its about time [...] read more »

Where To Buy Kawasaki Motorcycle Parts?

Motorcycle now became one of the most common form of transportatino here in the Philippine. The traffic and the not-so-very-wide road I think is the maid factor why a lot of people  prefer this two-wheel vehicle over car. And because of so many motorcycle owners,of ccourse the demand for parts supplier is also now sky [...] read more »

What to Look for When Buying a Slow Cooker

When my kids were young I loved my slow cooker. I could put my meal on before leaving for work and come home to a tasty smell throughout the whole house. After the kids grew and left the nest I stopped using my cooker. Now, I find myself going back to this wonderful piece of kitchen equipment when I want to cook a roast - both beef and pork, or when I want to make a big pot of soup. I actually now have 2 cookers. One is smaller and has a metal pan allowing me to make smaller meals. The other is larger an... read more »

Shopping for 2013 Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas that is fast approaching, our thoughts inevitably turn in buying the perfect presents for your loved ones. And if youre the kind of person who stresses every year about how to make this Christmas extra special for the ones you love the most, then dont worry, because there are a lot of gift [] read more »

Bed For Your Pet

We all,or maybe some of us,  love our four-legged friend. Most of us treat them as part of the family,and why shouldnt they?They gave us unconditional love and comfort. They teach kids how to be responsible and compasionate.Thats why when a friend ask a bed for pet as a birthday present, it doesnt surprised me,because [...] read more »

Shopping For Your Student’s Gadget

School days are just around the corner and most parents, just like me,always want our kids  to be reachable wherever and whenever,specially this time of the year when our kids spent most of their time in school or somewhere doing projects and other school related stuff.  It will give us a peace of mind knowing [...] read more »

Shop For Your Beach Party Essential

Partying may seem like the easiest thing to do, especially if it’s at the beach. But the perfect beach bash should be carefully planned out. So, if you’re planning to throw a mean beach party this summer, Philips offers these simple tips to make your bash one for the ages. 1. Bring the dance floor [...] read more »

Beagle Place

After attending the Snoopy Street Fair Fashion yesterday,Kendrick and I went to the newly opened Beagle Place at the third level of the Glorietta Mall in Makati. I bought him a shoes that will match to his red shirt. I like the store,its not too big but it is cozy enough. As you enter ,you [...] read more »

Where To Go & Where to Click For The Best Black...

Living in US and Canada,I know for a fact that this is the busiest season for shopaholic and retailers in the nation.  Shops are getting rid of their items, quickyly, to give way for their Christmas items and shoppers are going crazy to take advantage of the huge sale that stores have to offer. For [...] read more »

Protective Underwear for People with Urinary In...

If you’re taking care of youre parent or grand parent and they suffer from incontinence, the adult incontinence products can help ease the discomfort and inconvenience of urine leakage. Using the protective underwear is a great way to protect them and to help them manage the urine loss. Men and women can wear these absorbent [...] read more »

Shopping Online for Skin Care Products

People are getting health conscious nowadays specially for us women. Right from the most vital parts of our body to skincare where every part of our body needs to be taken care of just right. And speaking of skincare, the market is flooded with a never ending list of skincare products, thus it makes the [...] read more »

Smart Shopping With Coupons

Using a coupons while shopping is not a big deal anymore, I know it was for some people,but after the economic meltdown in US,couponing becomes an instant sensation specially to people with family, it is one of the tested and proven ways to save money in everything. I know back in the days, you can [...] read more »

Boxing Day Shopping Tips

December 26 is the official Boxing Day in US,it is also considered as a holiday,Im not sure if it is federal or just a civic holiday in which I seriously have no idea why, all I know is its another great day to go shopping. If you did went shopping last December 26 and survived [...] read more »

Deck the Halls with Christmas Decorations

Christmas Day is fast approaching and I just realized that I havent place any Christmas decorations yet here in our house. Oh gosh! Ive been so very busy these past few weeks and since Im free this week, I think I have to start decorating our house with all those hanging wreaths and mistletoes to [...] read more »

Bargain Shopping: How To Get The Best Deals

If you’re looking to save money then one of the best ways to do so is to shop using discounts and deals. With the digital age having brought the Internet to tech savvy consumers, it is now easier than ever before to seek out bargains wherever you are. If you have a smartphone then there [...] read more »

Kitchen Tools You Don’t Really Need

Most of us bought something,then later on,we realized that we dont really need it.  We are in a process of packing our stuff since we will be moving back to the Philippines for a while, I realized there are some stuff that I bought here that really is so useless, some of it,I didnt even [...] read more »

Tips Belanja Online

Semakin banyaknya toko2 online yang bermunculan, membuat kita juga makin terbiasa dan nyaman untuk memilih berbelanja online. Selain itu, bisa membandingkan harga tanpa harus ke luar masuk toko Beberapa hal yang perlu diperhatikan sebelum berbelanja online : Perhatikan Term Of Condition (TOC) Beberapa hal yang masuk dalam TOC, seperti batas pengembalian barang, apa yang terjadi klo [...] read more »

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