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Family May Disown Another "Virginity" Seller

Aleexandra Khefren, known as Oana Alexandra Raducu by her family, is an 18-year-old aspiring model from Romania. According to her social media posts, she's a workout fanatic and idolizes Muhammad Ali. She lives with her parents in Bucharest.Khefren also claimed that she is a virgin and is trying to sell herself for one night to anyone who will pay her one million Euros.Khefren’s story has been spreading over the last few days with international coverage underlining the international nature of the story. ... read more »

Emojis Spoiled Ellen Adarna's Glory

Ellen Adarna is not somebody who is runs away from controversy. She has been embroiled in several controversial photos in the past that it seems unusual not to hear one every three months from the sexy actor and model.It will be recalled that Esquire Philippines featured Adarna as its cover story a few months ago, including two versions of the sexy pictorial shoots showing her naked but covered with the magazine’s captions. The photos were taken by Jake Versoza. However, the unreleased fully naked photos... read more »

Book Review: Scandal by Amanda Quick

Scandal by Amanda Quick My rating: 4 of 5 stars As much as I love Amanda Quick, I never reviewed this book after reading it. It was a very good story. With the new book out by Amanda Quick, I am remembering all the great books I have read by her so far. In case Continue reading Book Review: Scandal by AmandaQuick read more »

Book Review - Eating From The Cherry Tree - Viv...

PRESS RELEASE Synopsis: EATING FROM THE CHERRY TREE is a dynamic, unique and totally revealing memoir of one of the most notorious and successful 'madams' the UK has seen in recent years. The book is inspired by Vivien Ella Walden's unique life experiences. Within a short time she becomes famous for her skills and able to afford whatever she desires within a world of scandal and naughtiness, corruption and suffering, sadness and exhilarating happiness. Images of a complex girl emerge from this incredi... read more »

Sheriff Morgan: It's OK for Deputies & Daughter...

For a small community, Escambia County has more than its share of sex issues. Recently, 2 EMT’s (Doug Leah Manning) were charged with sexual assault and child abuse for allowing their teenage daughters to sleep with Escambia County Sheriff Deputies. Two men were videotaped with the 17 year old twin girls who were the kids of Leah Manning. The deputies were Walter Thomas Mark Smith--both 40+ years old-- and are only named specifically because of aforementioned video on a cell phone. The disturbing part ... read more »

Why Brian Williams is Fair Game by Julie Arduini

Im a strong believer of building others up instead of tearing them down. Its a principle I use as a mom, mentor and friend. That said, the dull roar and many memes Im observing regarding Brian Williams doesnt bother me. I think by his own choices, hes fair game. In case you missed the news [] read more »

What to Expect from Scandal Season 4, Episode 2...

It’s Scandal Day, so of course it’s time to look at the previews to see what we can expect from the episode tonight . First, let's do a quick rundown of what happened last week. Olivia returns from her self imposed exile to bury her fallen gladiator, Harrison. When she arrives, she finds that her associates have all drifted into new life paths. Abby is the press secretary at the White House, Huck is barely keeping it together as a customer service/repair guy at Radio Shack and Quinn still trying to ... read more »

A Second Batch of Naked Celebrity Photos Leaked?

Is there really a new set of nude celebrity photo leaked? Reports had it that the second batch of photo dump, which included Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens and US soccer star Hope Solo, appeared briefly on 4chan and Reddit, before being removed.BuzzFeed said that personal videos and photos belonging to actresses Aubrey Plaza, Mary-Kate Olsen, Hayden Panettiere and Leelee Sobieski were also posted, in addition to previously unseen pictures of Jennifer Lawrence.It will be recalled that hackers first relea... read more »

Cuoco Made Fun of Leaked Nude Photos

If your nude photo is leaked online, what would be your first instinct? Probably, just like what Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton did, threaten the hackers and posters with legal action. However, Kaley-Cuoco-Sweeting had another reaction when her nude photo was shared publicly - made fun of it.The "Big Bang Theory” star described the moment she discovered her most intimate snapshots had become public to Jimmy Kimmel."I totally have Google alerts that come to my phone ... so, every day there's like 30 'Ka... read more »

Who is Ellen Adarna?

When leaked photos of Ellen Merriam Go Adarna or simply Ellen Adarna spread online, it did not take long for it to become viral. From gossip blogs to fashion websites, the primary and trending topic discussed is the 26-year old's three fully naked photos that are now available at an image sharing website.Why was the public's attention, specifically the male population, got caught quickly by the allure of Ellen? What does she have that made her a very hot topic to discuss in various online forums? Could i... read more »

Ellen Adarna Nude Photo Leaked

Another case of leaked photos hit online stands and gossip blogs last 17 September, but this time it did not concern the hacked iCloud accounts of Hollywood actors. It involves nude photos of a local sexy actor and model Ellen Adarna.It will be recalled that Esquire Philippines featured Adarna as it cover story a few months ago, including two versions of the sexy pictorial shoots showing her naked but covered with the magazine’s captions. The photos were taken by Jake Versoza. However, it seems that thre... read more »

Apple's Statement on System-wide Breach

Saturdays and Sundays were supposed to be fun and a time spent with families. However, last weekend was a creepy time for some Hollywood celebrities after a hacker (or hackers), tied to the seedy underbelly of the Internet known as AnonIB and 4chan, leaked a massive trove of nude celebrity photos. The online photo dump included the private images from iCloud accounts of more than 100 women, including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Though not every alleged victim has confirmed... read more »

Naked Celebrities Exposed by 'iCloud' Hackers

A hacker just revealed the tremendous amount of effort they have put in to penetrate the security flaw in Apple’s iCloud. He added that they were responsible for uncovering several sexy photos of more than 100 celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton.It's unlikely that someone has broken into Apple's iCloud service. Instead the photos most probably emerged after exposed to a type of hacking known as "social engineering."The hack job exploit works by learning which online services your targe... read more »

How Does SHE Fit into This?

Throughout this entire case, the one anomaly from start to finish--aside from the incompetency of the justice system--is the involvement of Pamela Long Wiggins. In asking Patrick, the answer I got was not exactly what I expected. His explanation clears up a great deal.According to Patrick, Pam was the "golden goose". Hugh took an interest in her because of her assets: her antique shop, yacht as well as a few real estate properties. She was a good front for laundering money and was easily manipulated. Pat... read more »

Mai bine taci si faci

Vreau sa incep articolul intr-o nota pozitiva si sa va spun ca nu prea ma intereseaza toate rautatile unor diverse persoane,de la A la Z.Adica,mai pe scurt,sunt zen. Problema ar fi faptul ca se trezesc unii care sa conteste vehement ce fac eu,ce scriu eu aici,pe blog si ce fac eu in afara lui,evident,legat de aceeasi tema. Imi pare rau sa vad ca incerc foarte tare sa ajut pentru ca mai apoi sa fiu luat peste picior.Dar pana la urma inteleg,suntem romani.Poate ca nu au incredere in faptul ca "merge tre... read more »

Time to Get Serious

Last week, I got news that Pat had a Bell's Palsy stroke, a stroke that affects one side of the face. It resolves shortly after but it is brought on by stress. Being on Death Row definitely qualifies for stress. Seeing people die that you encounter on day to day basis...I don't know how to deal with that sort of psychological trauma. The mental breakdown and understanding that one day, that is supposed to be do you cope with that?Everything is now into a different perspective. I have depended o... read more »

Justice Withheld expected, the Florida Supreme Court upheld Patrick's conviction for the Billings Murders. The articles claim, "In upholding the conviction, the state Supreme Court found that the convictions were supported by competent, substantial evidence, according to the State Attorney’s Office." That is a purely laughable statement.In the public records, in plain English, the state acted against judicial canons ... read more »

Atac de tip raider la AITA?

Urmăresc atent scandalul legat de Asociaţia Internaţională a Transportatorilor Auto (AITA) //pentru cine nu ştie, aceasta e o asociaţie care apără drepturile transportatorilor de mărfuri cu unităţi de transport terestre, adică cu automobilele// şi mă mir cît de uşor opinia publică poate cădea pradă unor elementare provocări şi manipulări. Pentru mine situaţia de la această [] read more »

**El Chapo Captured**

On Saturday, February 22, 2014, Joaquim "El Chapo" Guzman was captured in Mexico City without incident. This was a coordinated effort by the US and Mexico. Extradition to the US is expected but mapped out yet. This is part of the surreality of the Billings murders. Far fetched as it may seem, it is inclusive. The Zetas, the cartel that took over the Gulf Cartel that was established in the Panhandle of Florida to the Panhandle of Texas, has been slowly consumed by the Sinoloa cartel. Sinoloa has been outs... read more »

***************NEWS FLASH***************

This week Roy Jones Jr.,hometown boy and boxing phenom, submitted paperwork to put his name in for the mayor of Pensacola. Those of us who know "the know", have no doubt that Roy will be the next mayor. I also saw that David Stafford, Elections Supervisor of Escambia County claims Roy is ineligible as a candidate for mayor because the city charter requires the mayor to be a registered voter and have lived in the city for a year prior. Clearly, Mr. Stafford has not gotten the memo of who Roy's affiliated ... read more »

Awkward, Weird or Something Else?

Nobody can forget 1990's American actress and supermodel Stephanie Seymour after watching her in the two music videos by Guns N' Roses: "Don't Cry" and "November Rain". She even got involved with Axl Rose, the band's lead singer, in the middle of 1991, but broke up in February 1993 after Rose accused Seymour of being unfaithful. She later married billionaire publisher Peter Brant, who is the father of her three children.It is, therefore, understandable to see those who saw her music videos get so thrille... read more »

Wally is Back, But Where is Yosh?

Do you still remember the sex video allegedly involving comedian Wally Bayola and sexy dancer EB Babe Yoshika Mikko Rivera aka Yosh? The video was making the round on the web and was even posted on popular networking site, Facebook.The 6:14-minute trending video clip actually shows a couple, who look like Wally and EB Babe Yosh, engaged in a steamy sex. Both Wally and Yosh have remained quiet about the tape, and there is no verification that it does indeed show them, but those who have seen the tape say ... read more »

Family; Don't Turn Your Back on Them

So with everything pointing to the fact the Billings' were involved with cartels. Despite Morgan's hot air, it is apparent that this is more than a home invasion robbery. I want to focus on the family. My interpretation of family are people who you grew up with, who raised you, day in and day out. Not necessarily blood but people who would put their lives down for you. Justin Billings doesn't seem to feel that way about his parents. For that matter, neither does Ashley or Blue Markham. Byrd was funding B... read more »

DEA Negotiated With Mexican Drug Cartel Members...

DEA Negotiated With Mexican Drug Cartel Members: Report read more »

"We're All Mad Here"

It boggles the mind that this case could be so engrossing and yet depicted as so simple. Pensacola is corrupt. It is rotten to the core. This murder is less than 3 degrees of separation from any one there. But I have to say I was surprised at some of the people in the mix. Doctors, lawyers. The connection of the Billings to Sheriff David Morgan is a "humdinger". He is associated to Arety who is a "colleague" of Billings. We can trace that influence to the spat with County Administrator, George Touart, th... read more »


I have spent the day reflecting on different things. As I sat down to write about the case, I thought that going over the lasting indentation in time; a moment can carry a generational reverberation. One instant can propel a life into constellation of events. We take for granted those moments and we abuse them regularly. Byrd Billings used his moments in time to weave a web of lies, as well as brazenly live a life more corrupt than a movie plot could begin to describe. He was selling drugs. He was launde... read more »

Where's the "Classy Lady" Evidence?

I know it's not a stretch to find that paperwork in a high profile case goes missing. There is one report that encompasses the entire case. There is one document that will illuminate everything anyone needs to know about who killed the Billings'. One document that seems to be tossed aside by everyone as "impertinent". It exists and it's an elusive little bugger, but it is the Holy Grail of this case. This one document will show who the good guys and bad guys are. You might be surprised by the result. It ... read more »

Corruption on the Horizon; A New Approach

I have spent months trying to come up with the PERFECT blog post. Truth be told, there is nothing much new happening. That's a damn shame considering a man is sitting in a cell smaller than most people's bathrooms with his life hanging in a constant purgatory state of nothingness. But this is the first day of a new year and a new approach is in order. I resolve to blog every single day about this case. I want this case in everyone's face--day in and day out. I have a new plan that I am working to persuad... read more »

Analysis of Conspirators: Gary Sumner

Gary Sumner is linked to this crime because of his connection to Patrick Gonzalez and Donnie Stallworth. There is no evidence putting him at the crime scene, with the weapons or even connected to to the victim directly. His connection is purely in association and based on second-hand accounts of him being present at meetings speculated to be preparatory to the crime. Sumner hires an attorney William Richbourg. After months of preparation, numerous motions and setting up a date for jury selection, Richbo... read more »

Mocha as a Nun Expects Criticism

Model, singer, and sexy dancer Mocha Uson is not a newbie when it comes to controversial pictorial, but here latest foray in fashion magazine will definitely raise many eyebrows from the conservative catholic Church. Mocha is trying to push the limits of freedom of expression when she donned a nun's habit, which she stripped off while posing with naked men. The photo shoot initially featured Uson wearing a complete habit, then takes off the tunic, with only the veil left on. Her male companions later pr... read more »

Florida Sheriff and Prosecutors Conspire to Cov...

Pensacola, Florida-Sheriff David Morgan of Escambia County and prosecutor Bill Eddins with malice and intent to commit fraud, prosecuted Leonard Patrick Gonzalez Jr, knowing that he was not the shooter in the Billings Murder. Court files and public records show that prosecutors knew that Patrick Gonzalez Jr. was not the mastermind they portrayed him to be. With influence from on-going investigations with the Drug Enforcement Agency and ATF, a paper trail shows a conspiracy that was allowed to facilitate ... read more »

The Victims

Byrd and Melanie Brock Billings were residents of Pensacola, FL. They were known in the community for their seemingly altruistic endeavor of taking on special needs children in a rather bulk manor.They had within 9-14 within the passing years. They were mourned after their murders as pillars of the community. Kind, giving people who were senselessly murdered. This is far from the truth. Byrd Billings ran a buy-here-pay-here lot. Prior to that he made the bulk of his money owning a seedy strip club o... read more »


July 9, 2009 Pensacola, Florida Billings Compound Down the road, from a house off the road on oversized lot with few neighbors within a mile, is a little church. A Gold Explorer with 3 men inside stops. Two armed men get out, cloaked in ninja garb. Nothing visible but their eyes. They are “Team A”. The Explorer leaves and the two men make their way to the house. A old rusted Dodge van pulls into the driveway of the house. It stops and “Team B” made up of 3 more men dressed like the others jum... read more »

The Invention of Staff Fracking

Many things have been invented in Toronto, but this year we can add a new item to the list. I'm going to call it "Staff Fracking". The technique with this similar to normal shale gas fracking where you inject water at high pressure into rocks until they shatter and the pressure forces gas to the surface, except here you inject lots of scandalous hot air then increase the pressure until senior staff start streaming out. It appears to be rather effective, judging by the constant stream of ex-city hall ... read more »

On Tiger Woods and Grace :: To Forgive or Not t...

As I watched Tiger Woods stand behind the podium on Saturday morning, delivering his statement to the general public, a few thoughts ran through my head. I know this is well-rehearsed and scripted, but is it sincere? Is there any way to know for sure? Even if I feel it is sincere, what are others thinking? The only question [...] read more »

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