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Words of caution: In trying to hurt the good people the no good only hurt themselves we are fiercely protected in every way by a higher power. And we are in no way whatsoever effected by the small traffic scattered down below we ride above on bigger planes heading in clear view. Life is no [] read more »

Quality Over Quantity Wins Every Time!

Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic by misslatoya lasondra bradford on November 13, 2016 at 8:48 pm said: My name is LaSondra Bradford I believe I have voodoo and black magic on me by numerous of people You said 2 days ago misslatoya on November 16, 2016 at 11:12 am said: When people have to join in [] read more »


Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic by misslatoya Ashley Nance a.k.a. Francesca Tate on November 10, 2016 at 4:05 pm said: I am a victim of this kind of voodoo me and my husband our children also our complexion s and body structures are changing drastically we really need help. You said 2 days ago misslatoya on [] read more »

What We Speak

Voodoo/Black Magic Removal And Reversal by misslatoya Gene Gee said 3 weeks ago Hello I have been going through some mental/physical stress for some time now all started about 4 years ago I was so HAPPY it was amazing to me I didn’t know what to do with Then I told someone very [] read more »

Targeted (Part One)

As good people in the world we will become targeted at times by the demonic. Like I have expressed before there are a combination of reasons why my enemies who are known and who are unknown to me through out the years have worked and have attempted to work black magic on me and also [] read more »

LaToya’s Autumn

It is in all seasons to “bloom” whether it is winter, spring summer or fall. Welcome to my world and to the chronicles of my life as an unconventional individual who is not afraid to be herself, who is not afraid to speak her mind, and most of all, who is not afraid to speak [] read more »

Forever Reap What Was Sowed

Lizette has been constantly visiting and sending people to my sites everyday this week even her relatives in Texas, she even took down or hid her facebook page, now that is not the actions of someone who has done nothing wrong I just love seeing this bitch buckle under. My enemies are afraid they [] read more »

In Response To A Comment Written To Me About Li...

Update from post:( It is very interesting the term Innocent, well what was I? What was I guilty of? I was guilty of not ever being on drugs or alcohol as I was never interested in that type of lifestyle I was too strong of an individual and had no absolute desire to indulge [] read more »


Currently adversaries seek to deprive me of all of the happiness and good luck that is around me right now, and I know. It is just a vain repetition from their failure within the past that they continuously refuse to accept here now within the present. My contentment and celestial advantages is too much of a [] read more »


Of course, I know for a fact that I was suppose to become very successful and accomplished at a very early age on up into adulthood where I would have already been properly established into an extremely comfortable arrangement of life setting due to the advantage of my natural destiny, according to my fate [] read more »

Special Delivery

I remember when my great grandmother (my mothers fathers mother who passed away about six years ago) called up our home one evening asking my mother to refresh her memory by telling her when our birthdays were (me, my mother and one of my aunts). When I heard my mother giving her grandmother the exact [] read more »


Well, here we go again, two weeks after the candle burning ritual and invocations that had caused me an abnormal headache which completely stopped the next day has begun again. It all started yesterday, subsided, and then returned more intense during the night as I was asleep. When Id turn over in bed or get [] read more »

Lust Spell

There have been numerous attempts over the years to unnaturally make me desire and become attracted to certain guys that if I werent asexual still wouldnt have given the time of day as they had totally repulsed me. It has been over for a while now so far but about three years ago, give or [] read more »


Aside from the many negative of energies returning back to the sender black magic can also bounce off away from its target and unto inanimate objects. Often when my adversaries would try to cross me or another family member up who were fortunately protected and spiritually resistant to the harsh effects of the demonic activity [] read more »


I have miraculously escaped many of unnatural misfortune, misfortune that was not designed by fate but that was brought on by adversaries through malicious and supernatural means (sorcery) that was never meant to occur within my life in the very first place. When those in particular on more than one occasion had set me up [] read more »

My Expertise

I came upon an old comment that I completely forgot about in regard to a post that I wrote a long time ago, in the year of 2007 in fact, and it had got me to thinking for a minute or two. The post in particular was written about a guy who thank goodness and [] read more »

A Spiritual Deliberation

It is said that Voodoo is a satanic religion and that the religion revolves around the spiritual realm of demons where ceremonies and rituals of possessions and animal sacrifices take place among the worshippers, followers and/or practitioners. It is also said that the voodoo religion is a mockery of the old biblical testament in regard [] read more »

A Literary Agency Literally Not Legit For Me

I phoned up a literary agency after viewing their website the week before this past thanksgiving to ask if they considered doing revisions for previously titled self published books and I was told yes. So I sent off two books that I wrote years ago (the first 1998/the second 2001) and I got a written [] read more »

Ominous Dictation?

As usual there are the certain types of degenerates that keep tabs on me spiritually and also physically they cannot help it as they are sick, demented and demonic. They do not have a life as their intentions are to stop me within any of my natural and positive endeavors, particularly right now it is [] read more »

Warrior In The Midst (A Caulbearer’s Power)

I remember in the early part of the year 2000 when I had gotten one of my occasional spiritual readings from a Yoruba priestess that I would consult with once in a while and how she had stated to me that I had envious, jealous people in my neighborhood but that I had a Strong [] read more »

Devious Contemplation

I often get spiritual messages upon waking up in the morning insights and pieces of puzzles that are going on around me and behind the scenes. Today was no different it came to me very clearly that there are a gathering of people in particular who can literally see that I am going somewhere within [] read more »

Stages Of A Caulbearer

In my experience going as far back as a child being born with a caul/veil I felt like the natural energy of magic was surrounding my aura. Extra sensory range would often project from heights that were tremendous yet manageable. I was so sensitive that I had refused to go back to school at one [] read more »

Miss LaToya

I was never the type to blast pictures/photos of myself over the internet ( I never thought it to be a wise idea. And Ive never come across any pictures of myself on the internet)  or anywhere else for that matter. Ive always been a very private yet open person. Hell, I do not even [] read more »

One Of My Family “Curses” Lifted

Toya, I love you why you dont love me? My mother asked me months ago back in December along with telling me that she was going to listen to what Id say (through my natural wisdom and experience and insights) because she knew that I had been through a lot in life and was ahead [] read more »

My Mother Is All Bugged Out/My Enemies Tried To...

As I have said before, my mother had her first mental breakdown when I was about seven or eight. The incident occurred while black magic was being worked on her during the early eighties. She was diagnosed as manic depressive back then and she told me that the only reason that she was [] read more »

Strong Spirit

True love, respect, strength, confidence, happiness and power comes from within-and no one can ever take that away from me! When those in particular endeavor to stop me it only makes me more inspired and determined to succeed, and naturally without even trying -I do! I am very special, lucky, and blessed-truly ahead of my [] read more »

Nuts In The New Year! Go Away And Begone! (So S...

No matter how good one does in life and no matter how good things are going there will always be those one or two out there who like to keep bullshit going on, it is so strange. This nutty person keeps coming to my blog in nonsense, it is so ridiculous that an idea came [] read more »

No Tolerance For Love Or Lust Spells!

“You’re going to be a heart-breaker when you break out of your shell”, a few male associates who were in their thirties and forties had told me when I was in my early twenties, harmlessly mistaking what they may have interpreted as shyness for indifference. “You’re going to have it your way”, another guy in [] read more »

My Vaginal “Lips” Are Lovely Wrapped And Sealed...

Youre going to be a heart-breaker when you break out of your shell, a few male associates who were in their thirties and forties had told me when I was in my early twenties, harmlessly mistaking what they may have interpreted as shyness for indifference. Youre going to have it your way, another guy in [] read more »

Shielded By The “Veil” Of Birthright And Spirit...

No one can tell me what it truly means or what it truly is to be a caulbearer, the significance of my existence, how could they or anyone else for that matter? I am the absolute epitome of a very rare, unique, and unusual person born with the mysterious treasures and advantages of the caul [] read more »

Doris And Tiffany

Palm Card Reading Doris Dorothy Johnson in her younger days (Tiffanys mother) on the left dressed in the yellow jacket and black stripe red pants out in the woods doing her so called spiritual work or so called automatic writing (she cant even spell). Ive dealt with Doris years ago (And like Ive said [] read more »

The Stratagem And Sabotage Endeavored By Those ...

I have an update in response to this post: Gypsy Psychic Fortune Teller/Spiritualists In Florida … Psychic Doris · Doris Palm Card Reader John DorothyJohnson 1872 Airport Rd. S … I like that term and statement of Ripoff Reports trademark Dont let them get away with it. Let the truth be known! I have always felt that way in life and plenty [] read more »

A Real Caulbearer

Shannon Lee Wolf is a glutton for punishment. She just keeps digging herself deeper and deeper into a huge whole. Initially I would just ignore this woman and her crafty and vain attempts due to the fact that I am a productive person, and one who is far ahead of her intellectually as well as [] read more »

A Link I Think That They May Have Missed!

I am not being a little devil, however, as I monitor this person in particular who I care not anything at all about and that I am so tired of, and who keeps constantly monitoring my sites with certain different people who shed really be surprised to know just how much aware of them that [] read more »

My Success Is My Own And Not What Anyone Else M...

Measured Success/The Many Different Definitions Of Success As usual my extremely envious enemies are always directing negative black magic spells toward my way in hope of causing impediments. They will sometimes try to work against me at any day and at specific times of the week yet their most main days in which they indulge [] read more »

Natural Capacity

Even though some will not admit to it there are psychics who are not very strong or powerful in their abilities who do black magic in order to steal away the energy and spirituality of another soul who is more powerful or advanced than they are. Jealousy and hatred is the great motivator usually since [...] read more »

Miss LaToya: I Am The Unconventional Legitimate...

As a person born of the caul/veil I innately possess occult power that I naturally utilized through my own yoruba spirituality. I am an authentic and original voodoo priestess who does not follow the many general standardized traditional modes of worship. I have that old time unique and potent power that I inherited through my [...] read more »

A True Tale Of Voodoo And Revenge

My jealous and miserable great grandmother (Amanda Byars) was one of the biggest liars and trouble makers that I had ever come across in my life. She wasn’t very bright, she was very envious, and she had done a lot of dirt within her life that she could not handle. Plagued by numerous regrets and [...] read more »

The Epiphanies Of The Extraordinary

It is funny how people attempt to go behind ones back to do dirt. Actually believing that the person that they are scheming against is unaware, or that they will never find out about the shenanigans that were done until it is far too late. What if one is far ahead? Knowing and figuring out [...] read more »

Mechanisms Used Through The Use Of Black Magic/...

There are all types of people in the world. All have their own different kinds of personality, attitudes, and demeanor. As many people are unique and distinct within their own specific ways most people tend to be the same in the many of other ordinary ways when it comes down to socialization. From an early [...] read more »

Jealousy And Envy: Knowledge, Creativity, And G...

Ive always been far ahead of my time. There are people who have constantly come after me unjustly. They then in return paid for their shenanigans severely. Whether they had suffered quickly or at a more distant time. All of my young life I have been the object of many peoples envy and jealousy. Jealousy [...] read more »

The Depth Of Jealousy/Lies, Deception, Corrupti...

I have always been a very intelligent, talented, confident, strong, and high-spirited person. I was raised by a good mother who was smart, loving, considerate, and who did everything within her power to make sure that I had all of the things that I needed in life. When I went to school I passed all [...] read more »

What You Wish On Me Will Undoubtedly Fall Back ...

I Had Read A Fictional Book In The Nineties About A Little Girl Who Was Born With A Caul Over Her Face. The Book Was Sort Of Interesting, However, In My Opinion It Could Have Been Better. The Life That I Lived Was Actually Way More Deeper And Fulfilling Than What Was Made Up In [...] read more »

My Love And Light

A Lot Of People Hold Back On Things On Account Of The Fears That They May Have. Fear Of What People Would Think, Fear Of Being Misjudged, Fear Of Criticism, Fear Of Ridicule, Fear Of Rejection, Fear Of Controversy And So On. And Some Just Keep Quiet Because They Feel That Some Things Are Just [...] read more »

A Scream For Help?!/Sorry Great Grand Mother, I...

About Four Years Ago I Did One Of My Vital Rituals. And In One Of The Rituals I Made A Special Request For My Great Grandmother Whos Name Was Amanda Byars (My Mothers Fathers Mother) To Be Removed From The Earth. She Ended Up In The Hospital On Three Different Occasions All Within Short Periods [...] read more »

I Am A Fighter, A Survivor

I Was Destined To Be Very Successful In My Life And I Know That For A Fact. I Have Accomplished Many Things And Have Grown Up To Be A Very Lovely Young Lady. I Am Full Of Strengths, Intelligence, And Talents. And When One Is Endowed There Is Nothing Wrong With Knowing And Showing It. [...] read more »

The Beautiful Skin That I Am In

I Am A Thinker. A Challenger. A Truth Teller And Seeker. It Is Very Good To Observe, Question, Talk About, And Evaluate The Many Things That Are Going On In The World And Around Us. By Nature, I Was Always The Type To Thoroughly Analyze And Investigate. I Was Never Easily Influenced By Anyone Or [...] read more »

Dirty, Rotten And Pitiful

There Are These Two Guys Who Are Severely Disturbed. They Are Very Sick In The Mind. One Of Them Are Light Complexioned With Hazel/Green Eyes. He Is Of Haitian Descent And Very Undesirable. He May Think That Because Of His Fair Skin And Colored Eyes That He Is A Very Good Catch But Indeed He [...] read more »

A Never Ending Story/My Enemies Are Not Fooling...

I Am Not And Have Never Been Anybodys Fool. I Have For A Long Time Been A Popular Girl. Ever Since I Was Very Young. All Because I Was Extremely Unique, Smart, And Untouchable. I Was Always One To Keep A Low Profile. A Loner-Yet At The Same Time I Was Outgoing And Ambitious. Never [...] read more »

Major Ignorance Regarding My “Symptoms Of Voodo...

Isnt It Sad When People Jump To Conclusions When They Do Not Take Out Time To Research All Of The Facts? It Really Shows Their Stupidity. People Really Should Know What They Are Talking About Before They Go On To Make Accusations. Please, Anyone, Before You Come At Me With Some Notion That Is Formed [...] read more »

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