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Words of caution: In trying to hurt the good people the no good only hurt themselves we are fiercely protected in every way by a higher power. And we are in no way whatsoever effected by the small traffic scattered down below we ride above on bigger planes heading in clear view. Life is no [] read more »

“A Jack In The Box?” I Personally Think Outside...

Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic by misslatoya Alexander said 4 days ago Hey mrs. Lotaya my name is Alexander I am a victim of voodoo black magic there’s 2 lady’s that are doing things to me they won’t stop till they put me in a box they been trying to kill for the past months but [] read more »

Bless The One Who Has Their Own

You know, a lot of people are jealous of you and your mother, a woman acquaintance who visited my home from the old neighborhood told me to my face years ago. I was at the age of ten at the time and she had come to sit and visit with my grandmother when she acknowledged [] read more »

Calm, Cool, “Caul” And Collected

As an individual by nature I was always quite composed and sure of myself, never having any serious doubts yet thorough within analyzing any circumstance or possibility because I am someone who is fair and very open-minded and that doesnt generalize or impetuously jump to final conclusions. Though born with second-sight and having that sharp [] read more »

Quality Over Quantity Wins Every Time!

Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic by misslatoya lasondra bradford on November 13, 2016 at 8:48 pm said: My name is LaSondra Bradford I believe I have voodoo and black magic on me by numerous of people You said 2 days ago misslatoya on November 16, 2016 at 11:12 am said: When people have to join in [] read more »

What We Speak

Voodoo/Black Magic Removal And Reversal by misslatoya Gene Gee said 3 weeks ago Hello I have been going through some mental/physical stress for some time now all started about 4 years ago I was so HAPPY it was amazing to me I didn’t know what to do with Then I told someone very [] read more »

Spiritual Attacks

On Sunday, August 21, 2016 I woke up in the morning sometime around one or two a.m. I estimate as I did not look at the clock to turn off the fan as I had gotten a little chilly. Right after, I entered straight back into my bed to return to sleep yet I was [] read more »

A Caulbearer That Bears No Apology Unto Being “...

To others some of us unique individuals are considered strange or not normal and mainly because many of us that are within the rare category do not do the same things that everyone else does, nor do we think, feel or react within the same fashion as the ordinary. As we are very unlike the [] read more »

Targeted (Part One)

As good people in the world we will become targeted at times by the demonic. Like I have expressed before there are a combination of reasons why my enemies who are known and who are unknown to me through out the years have worked and have attempted to work black magic on me and also [] read more »

Vain Attempt! No One Can Bring Us Down!

I received a message from some of my demonic devil-worshipping enemies who think that they are incognito. They did not think that I would suspect them, however, I know exactly who they are and I know exactly where they are located and I know who they are affiliated with. This is what they started off [] read more »

I Feel So Flattered!!!

Aw, my enemies are so jealous that I had such a great mother and that she has such a great daughter!Filed under: Ancestors, Assholes, Beauty, Character, Childhood, Confidence, Energy, Envy, Extra Sensory Perception, Family, Gossip, Happiness, Ignorance, Individuality, Inspiration, Jealousy, Judgements, Lies, Life, Love, Memories, Natural, Occult Power, Orishas, Peace, People, Relationships, Rumors, The Third [] read more »

Only The Strong Survive And Only The Wise Surpass

Life within this physical world in general is not always such a very pleasant experience to undergo. However, those of us who are shaped for endurance and that are able to withstand many of the turbulent of trials and tribulations that have been caused or brought on by other unsavory individuals as well as by [] read more »

Still On The Throne

The night before last on August 2, 2016 I lay awake late in bed and received a clear vision of the woods during the dark hours and the motive of my enemies desiring to take me there to kill me! I received a message that one of the reasons that they want me dead is [] read more »

Truth Consistantly Prevails!

I Continue To Be Targeted by misslatoya Nancy said 19 hours ago Hello LaToya I know the company very well. They are one of my providers for the insurance company that I work for. Please don’t take my post the wrong way but you have to work behind the scene with people like them. Build [] read more »

I Continue To Be Targeted

Update: They got busted! So they are visiting on the sneak tip! See Below! The location came from Forest Avenue right where I use to work there! It doesnt matter even if its a cell phone because the location got detected. Page Views: 1 Exit Time: 27 Jul 2016 04:42:44 PM Browser/OS: Chrome for Androi/Android [] read more »

The Benefits of Playing Pokemon Go Outweigh the...

I was not into Pokemon Go when it first launched. It wasnt until my mom began playing that I took interest. For a few reasons, first, when the game first came out, there were numerous game crippling bugs which made it almost impossible to play. Its also a rather difficult game to learn at first, Continue reading The Benefits of Playing Pokemon Go Outweigh the Risks read more »

Sunrise Senior Living At Glen Cove, Ny

Ugly dyke-looking fat dumb bitch Jennifer Nucci, Kristen Heuman another ugly fat bitch, Wayne Martin, Malika, Janessa, Carmilla Jean, Fiona Padmore, Marianna, there are some others that I dont know their names but their faces have come to me within vision who all have plotted together with their lies (and I mean these people lie like I dont know [] read more »

Latest Iphone Rumor Suggests Next Year’s Iphone...

This rumor first began circulating back in April of 2016, but now it seems to be confirmed. That is, if you believe Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo , who has a pretty good track record of predicting new features as early as 2 years before they come to reality. If you dont want to believe Ming-Chi Continue reading Latest Iphone Rumor Suggests Next Years Iphone 8 Will Be All Glass read more »

No One Can Ever Take Away The Beauty Of The Min...

These quotes that I have posted are testimonials to the way I have lived and believed in since I was a young child and someone had to indeed experience these reflections in order to produce them as many of us can honestly relate as it takes strength, confidence and authenticity within character. Ive been told [] read more »

Forever Reap What Was Sowed

Lizette has been constantly visiting and sending people to my sites everyday this week even her relatives in Texas, she even took down or hid her facebook page, now that is not the actions of someone who has done nothing wrong I just love seeing this bitch buckle under. My enemies are afraid they [] read more »

In Response To A Comment Written To Me About Li...

Update from post:( It is very interesting the term Innocent, well what was I? What was I guilty of? I was guilty of not ever being on drugs or alcohol as I was never interested in that type of lifestyle I was too strong of an individual and had no absolute desire to indulge [] read more »


I had a wonderful evening late last night as I prepared and ate a lovely dinner and relaxed in my bed within the comforts of home indulging in the entertainments of my favorite television programs that lasted up until after one a.m. this morning as I finally surrendered to the sleep that had softly [] read more »


Currently adversaries seek to deprive me of all of the happiness and good luck that is around me right now, and I know. It is just a vain repetition from their failure within the past that they continuously refuse to accept here now within the present. My contentment and celestial advantages is too much of a [] read more »


I never liked him from the get go as I knew that he was a candidate for trouble (he had made a smart remark about me wearing my jacket one day in early February saying that it wasnt cold in the section of the building where we were at to someone else there present and [] read more »

Lust Spell

There have been numerous attempts over the years to unnaturally make me desire and become attracted to certain guys that if I werent asexual still wouldnt have given the time of day as they had totally repulsed me. It has been over for a while now so far but about three years ago, give or [] read more »


Aside from the many negative of energies returning back to the sender black magic can also bounce off away from its target and unto inanimate objects. Often when my adversaries would try to cross me or another family member up who were fortunately protected and spiritually resistant to the harsh effects of the demonic activity [] read more »

Why Give Nino Canaleta A Chance?

If rumors are true, then the Meralco Bolts may be making a big mistake of not trading for Mahindra Enforcers star forward KG Canaleta. The Enforcers are trading the 36-year old veteran to shed his huge paycheck.It was hinted by several online sources that Canaleta was being offered to the Bolts in exchange for Rey Guevarra and Ryan Buenafe, but the team is not biting back. Sources said the team is already set with its line-up as it kicks of its Commissioner's campaign against Star Hotshots on 10 February... read more »

Why Not Give Nino Canaleta A Chance?

If rumors are true, then the Meralco Bolts may be making a big mistake of not trading for Mahindra Enforcers star forward KG Canaleta. The Enforcers are trading the 36-year old veteran to shed his huge paycheck.It was hinted by several online sources that Canaleta was being offered to the Bolts in exchange for Rey Guevarra and Ryan Buenafe, but the team is not biting back. Sources said the team is already set with its line-up as it kicks of its Commissioner's campaign against Star Hotshots on 10 February... read more »

No Truth to Boozer Rumors?

Rumors fly and rumors go, but if there is one rumor that the Meralco Bolts are hoping to die down is the one that says they will be bringing in a National Basketball Association (NBA) 8-year veteran Carlos Boozer.According to a Meralco insider, there is definitely no truth to rumors circulating on social media fan pages that they are planning to bring in the former NBA All-Star as import for the coming PBA Commissioner’s Cup, which will start on 10 February.The swift denial was made, but at the same time... read more »


I have miraculously escaped many of unnatural misfortune, misfortune that was not designed by fate but that was brought on by adversaries through malicious and supernatural means (sorcery) that was never meant to occur within my life in the very first place. When those in particular on more than one occasion had set me up [] read more »

Price of Barako Sale Dependent on Three Players

Rumors are heating up inside the San Miguel Corporation (SMC) Head Office that claims Barako Energy Bulls is up for franchise sale. Barako was allegedly a 'farm team' of the three SMC teams in the league: Barangay Ginebra, San Miguel Beermen and Star Hotshots.Some reports event went out and claim that the sale was already consummated in favor of Phoenix Petroleum, while other reports suggest that SM Group of Companies are looking into it seriously.Another company being considered is Hapee of Cecilio Pedr... read more »

Evil Eye

I am able to see many beautiful things out of my big pretty brown eyes many wonderful things that evil and ugly people cannot tarnish from around me. The joy and the prosperity, the peace and the protection, the love and the respect, the knowledge and the blessings. All of the precious and priceless things [] read more »

Phoenix Found A Way To Enter PBA?

If the latest rumors possessed a small semblance of truth to it, then PBA fans may just have witnessed Barako Bull's penultimate game in the PBA last conference.It can't be denied that the team has been the subject of disbandment rumors, financial problems and ownership speculations lately. Hence, it is not surprising to hear reports that it was sold to another company. What is surprising is that reports identify the buyer as Phoenix Fuel, an oil company engaged in the retailing of gasoline, diesel and r... read more »

Into The New Year

My mother has never been a drunk or anything of the such she would drink some beer here and there and some champagne on occasion. I have fond cute memories of once in a blue moon when I was a little girl how my mother would pour me a petite glass of Lancers white wine [] read more »

Warrior In The Midst (A Caulbearer’s Power)

I remember in the early part of the year 2000 when I had gotten one of my occasional spiritual readings from a Yoruba priestess that I would consult with once in a while and how she had stated to me that I had envious, jealous people in my neighborhood but that I had a Strong [] read more »

Desperate Measures

A Bit About LaToya I am so tired of these phony commenters who are all within cahoots together in connection with particular jealous and envious foes. They are all sailing in the same boats that they will never ever find me riding in. You want to talk in riddles Ill spell it out for you: [] read more »

Blood, Money, And Dirt

I never ever fell for the mind game junkie mentality. I remember when my drug addict aunt Tina would get in her jealous envious ways and literally tell me to my face You dont have no education! And she would try to spread that lie to anyone she thought that she could manipulate into believing [] read more »

Miss LaToya

I was never the type to blast pictures/photos of myself over the internet ( I never thought it to be a wise idea. And Ive never come across any pictures of myself on the internet)  or anywhere else for that matter. Ive always been a very private yet open person. Hell, I do not even [] read more »

Sean Anthony Shipped to NLEX?

A tweet from Dennis Principe revealed a possible trade involving Meralco Bolts, Mahindra Enforcers and NLEX Road Warriors.Under the terms of the proposed deal, NLEX is set to beef up its lineup with youth and muscle by acquiring Sean Anthony from Meralco. Mahindra will act as the intermediary in the deal since NLEX and Meralco are sister teams.The Enforcers will send its 2016 and 2017 second-round picks first to Meralco for Anthony before the versatile forward is shipped to NLEX for promising young guard... read more »

Draft Day Deal for Mahindra and Talk 'N text?

With the draft just hours away, the rumor that Kia Carnival/ Mahindra Enforcers will trade their number two pick is getting stronger by the minute.The latest speculation states that at least five players are involved as the Mahindra Enforcers wrap up its final stage of negotiation with the Talk 'N text Tropang Texters and NLEX Road Warriors. Announcements will be made either before the the close of the 2015 PBA Rookie Draft at the Robinsons Midtown Ermita."Ang plano nila (three teams), after the draft pa... read more »

Justin Chua Joining Bolts?

If reports are true, then it appears that what this blog has been hoping for some time now just came true.Multiple sources report that the former 10th overall pick of San Mig Coffee Mixers in the 2013 annual draft, Justin Chua, was just picked by the Meralco Bolts after he was released by the Barako Bull Energy Drink.The 6-foot-6 Chua is used to surpassing people’s expectations. He’s one of the few Blue Eagles who won an unprecedented five straight UAAP championships in a row.He was also part of the Blac... read more »

Alapag Joining Meralco Bolts as a Player?

There were several trade rumors circulating that tag the Meralco Bolts in the past. But the latest report is the most ridiculous and bizarre of them all, if not utterly incredulous.The word that goes around town a few hours ago came from an unlikely source - Blackwater owner Dioceldo Sy.In an article published by, the amiable Sy was quoted as saying that his team will be part of a sisterly love that will involve Jimmy Alapag coming out of retirement and join the Meralco Bolts.The former G... read more »

Kamrani Set To Join Bolts?

After securing the services of 6-foot-4 Andre Emmett for the PBA Governor's Cup, Meralco Bolts were hard-pressed to find a complementary Asian import. One of those being closely considered and may be signed very soon is Iranian national player Mahdi Kamrani.Their is only one hitch and it doesn't involved possible underhanded moves from Barangay Ginebra, like they did to Michael Dunnigan - Kamrani's pregnant wife may not be able to join him."We’ve been talking to him (Kamrani) for awhile. And only last we... read more »

Miranda for Mercado

There was a report that Globalport and Barako Bull finalized last 29 December a one-on-one trade involving guards Solomon Mercado and Dennis Miranda.Sources said that the two teams were still clearing a few matters before signing the trade papers, which will then be forwarded to the PBA Commissioner’s Office for approval.This is the second time this season that Mercado has been moved from one team to another after he was shipped by San Miguel Beer to Globalport for Alex Cabagnot.It will be recalled that ... read more »

Hunt for Kings' Asst. Coach?

After a speculative move to change its coach, several names for the post of assistant coach are reportedly being considered at Barangay Ginebra San Miguel. it was reported earlier that Kings mentor Jeffrey Cariaso is on his way out after two conferences at the helm, with Ato Agustin set to reclaim his old job.This latest report adds fuel to rumors that another major coaching change is in the offing at Ginebra.Cariaso took over from Agustin after last season’s Commissioner’s Cup but failed to advance the ... read more »

Is There A 'Famville' Team in the PBA?

Even before the start of the 2014-2015 season, the Barako Bull Energy Cola was suspected by many basketball observers to be a 'farm team' of three San Miguel Corporation (SMC) teams: Barangay Ginebra, Purefoods Star Hotshots and San Miguel Beermen. That suspicion was based on several questionable personnel moves made during the off-season.Last year, the team terminated Rajko Toroman's contract as its active consultant, and kept Bong Ramos as its coach. They then proceeded to trade away all their three fi... read more »

Is It Really A Done Deal With Banchero?

Before he finally signed with Alaska Aces, Chris Banchero was one of the hottest topics in online local basketball forums. The fifth overall pick in the last rookie draft was reported to be stalling in order to negotiate for a much bigger take home pay from the Aces. As one of the top prospects in the draft, Banchero is eligible to receive the maximum contract as mandated by the league, a monthly pay of PhP 150,000 in the first year, PhP 225,000 in the second year and PhP 337,500 in the third year of pla... read more »

Bolts Trading Back Danny I?

When Meralco Bolts drop veteran Danny Ildefonso in the unprotected list last July 2014, the two expansion teams were hoping to make the 37-year old center their top pick in the dispersal draft. That honor eventually went to Blackwater Sports, which immediately gave the team somebody to lead their young roster.However, the honeymoon was short-lived. Blackwater team owner Dioceldo Sy was reported to be mulling a trade involving Ildefonso after he learned that the 6-5 veteran wants out of his team.Contract ... read more »

Windows 9 Preview Expected In September

Microsoft is expected to deliver an early preview version of Windows Threshold next month, the codename for what will likely be named Windows 9. The software maker has been gradually working on the release over the past several months, adding and tweaking features ready for a technology preview release to the public. Microsoft has been ... read more »

Batang Pier Should Choose Pringle Or Else

Most of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Rookie Draft 1st picks have signed with the teams that grabbed them with a few exceptions, Vic Pablo in 1993 and Japeth Aguilar in 2009. And the biggest take-home lesson for all rookie draftees who would turn their back on their teams is that they will face stiff penalties.The PBA has toughened its rules after the Aguilar controversy when he turned his back on Air 21 (then known as Burger King). He was offered a maximum contract and allowed him to play ... read more »

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