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It’s Been A While

Some people occasionally take a blogging break, to recharge their batteries and to enable them to come back with renewed vigour and interest. As this is my first post in nearly four weeks it may seem that I have done Continue reading read more »

This Is Me

A few weeks ago a fellow blogger, Stevie Turner, asked me to complete a questionnaire for a book she is compiling. This will be a series of interviews with people who have come through a difficult time, whether it be for Continue reading read more »

3 Options for drug addicts––and that’s all you get

Personal Mastery is about self-control and self-determination. There is nothing more destructive to your control of your own life than addiction. I know this from personal experience. If youre struggling, or know someone who is, I hope this helps… There are ultimately only 3 options for a drug addict: #1 Quit #2 Jail #3 Death [] read more »

An Open Letter to my Wife

When I met the woman who was to be my wife, I had two lists. One was things I did want in a mate and one was things I did not. Those lists are buried at the Shelby County landfill Continue reading read more »

Can you change your triathlon performance in 8 ...

Chances are youve carefully planned your training schedule to help you reach peak performance for your A race, whenever it comes in the season. You may also be working on a nutrition plan, so that you are at your optimum weight and all whilst working and juggling family commitments (and possibly study). For many people [] read more »

Safely Backup Your Computer Files With These 3 ...

It is understandably essential to do a regular backup of files to ensure that important files and data on your PC will remain intact in the event of a crash or hard drive failure. The reason why every PC user should practice this is because once any of these unfortunate events occur, these files and data are gone for good. Below, you'll discover three free tools that you can use to back up files on your computer and you'll never have to worry about your precious files going *poof*. Though there is a nu... read more »

My Weight and My World

“The weight of the world is love.Under the burden of solitude,under the burden of dissatisfactionthe weight, the weight we carry is love. ” -Alan Ginsbergy * Today I feel fat. Today I am plagued by toxic thinking. Today my weight is my world. And I’m forced to carry it with me. I can feel it pressing down, threatening to crush me. Today I am extra aware of the friction between my thighs, the spot where they touch when I walk. Today none of the clothes I put on fit right. They’re too tig... read more »

Season 2 of Coffee with Alice: Marriage & A New...

SEASON 2 OF COFFEE WITH ALICE THE PODCAST What was. What is. What happened in between. The chair is uncomfortable as I type – perhaps its because my last essay dates back to June of 2014 or, more likely, because... The post Season 2 of Coffee with Alice: Marriage A New Podcast appeared first on Coffee with Alice. read more »

Writing and Running for ME/CFS #9

P writing blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Is it really only 9 weeks since I started this?Writing:The book is progressing. I managed to preserve all the dates of the diary entries ( a long job, but necessary). And I have now started the selection process. This will be another longish job as I have over 200 pages of diary entries and each one has to be read to detect anything of relevance or value to the book. Still, we're getting there. Allowing my subconscious to work on possible covers at present, and toy... read more »

Writing and Running for ME/CFS #6

Progress for the 8 week period.A rather peculiar week. My daughter had a minor mishap with her car on Thursday, which rendered it unusable and in need of repair. We dashed the 12 miles to her place of work to get her safely home at 02:00 and this rather disrupted plans, especially as she works odd shifts and public transport won't serve her for those. So Dad has had to become taxi driver until the car is repaired.The event didn't impact on my running, but it did have an effect on my writing.The running h... read more »

Interview with Patrick O’Neil

Patrick O’Neil: The beauty of vulnerable writing, recovery, punk rock and the profound transformation from wunderkind to junkie and back, to find his true self. Listen to this episode below, on the podcast page (HERE) or download it for free... The post Interview with Patrick ONeil appeared first on Coffee with Alice. read more »

School Supplies #StorybySunday

She lines three pencils in a neat row next to a blue pen and a black pen and a thick yellow highlighter. A virgin marble notebook sits closed beside them and she lightly taps a tattoo on the black and white speckled cover. It excites her, new pens, a completely untouched 100 sheets of wide ruled paper. Her classmates start to file in one by one and two by two and sometimes in groups that have to undo themselves in order to make it through the door. She smells change. She smells fear. It all feeds her. ... read more »

Interview with Benmont Tench

Benmont Tench: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, sobriety and the power of music through the tales and memories of a legendary music man. This episode (39) is sponsored by and its LIVE for download on iTunes (HERE) or on... The post Interview with Benmont Tench appeared first on Coffee with Alice. read more »

My Breast Cancer Update - July 14, 2014

At home, recovering. Started working on my Online Business, and making new Greeting Cards (One of my new cards for sale: ). I have all the time in the World, right now; since I am not allowed to do much of anything else. My body is, actually, agreeing ... I get tired, so easily. According to my Home Care Health Nurse, I am healing beautifully. Now, that I no longer have the numbing medication attached; I am... read more »

Breast Cancer Update ... July 11, 2014

I did have my surgery on July 9th ... obviously, it went well; I am communicating with you, right now. I'm on my computer. Was very adamant about not staying in the hospital. They did keep me for one day, though. The surgeon, after making me agree to a whole bunch of restrictions ... no driving, no cooking, a lot of bed rest, home health care, etc., did discharge me, yesterday. Since being home, I have been doing a lot of sleeping ... I am just so tired.I am still in the early stages of recovering; I hav... read more »

We Have Only This Life To Live

This column is also LIVE on the podcast page and free for download on iTunes.  Heres the LINK.  Enjoy! The weekly news, Tai Chi in the park, a rubber band on my wrist and how to shift perspective in the... The post We Have Only This Life To Live appeared first on Coffee with Alice. read more »

2 data recovery tools to try out

Data Recovery is Important when it comes to losing your Data in fact you should do it immediately after losing it, Losing your data is the last thing you need to happen if you end up having a bad day at the office or home. when it does happen you end up doing 2 things. [] The post 2 data recovery tools to try out appeared first on The Cheapsters Blog. read more »

ANNA DAVID: An Intimate After Party Chat.

This interview is also LIVE (for the first time) on my podcast.  Anna I had fun and you can enjoy and download this talk for free on iTunes or by visiting the podcast page. Dig it and review it,... The post ANNA DAVID: An Intimate After Party Chat. appeared first on Coffee with Alice. read more »

Intall CWM dan TWRP Recovery

Halo sobat Blogger sekalian. Anda tahu Custom Recovery? Yaitu aplikasi penyelamat yang akan me-cover Andrroid anda jika terjadi masalah. Biasanya semua Android mempunyai sistem recovery sendiri, akan tetapi, kurang joss! Nah, maka dari itu dihadirkan Custom Recovery. Sejauh ini ada dua sistem Custom Recovery yang terkenal, yaitu, Clockwordmod (CWM) dan TWRP Recovery Apa Perbedaan CWM ... read more »


A Transaction Processing System (TPS) collects and stores data about transactions and sometimes controls decisions made as part of a transaction. A transaction is a business event that generates or modifies data stores in an information system. TPSs were the first computerized information systems. We encounter computerized TPSs frequently, including every time we write a cheque, use a credit read more »

Should you train to failure?

Training to failure is exactly what you think it means. Training a muscle to failure. Training it till it can no longer perform what youre telling it to do. There is nothing left in the tank. You cant finish the last rep, no matter how hard youre pushing or how much your brain is saying moooove, its just not happening. Its painful, it burns, but, it feels so good! However, just because it feels good (in a sadistic type of way) doesnt actually mean it is good. Especially if it isnt used correctly. Theres ... read more »

3 Months Post Surgery: BIG Milestone

Recovery is more than getting back to physical health. I am psyched that I have been able to get back to where I am now, however there are some challenges that linger. Emotions: I have noticed significant emotional changes since Continue reading read more »

Losing Weight

Losing weight should not be anyones goal when it comes to training. Anyone can lose weight. Weigh yourself last thing at night and then weigh yourself first thing in the morning, youll weigh less! Thats losing weight right? Most people, most of the time when losing weight are in fact just losing lean mass - the good stuff, not the fat mass which should be targeted. Fat loss is a more appropriate term in this case. Dropping weight should just be another tool you use in order to track progress. Look at you... read more »

Mudah Atasi Bootloop Smartfren Andromax Tab 7.0 Cara mudah atasi bootloop pada Smartfren Andromax Tab 7.0 dalam waktu 1 menit. Kemaren sempet ada temen yang minta tolong untuk benerin Tab Smartfrennya yang tipe tab 7.0. Permasalahannya adalah bootloop alias mentok pada logo smartfren tidak bisa masuk sistem. Menurut pengalaman kasus seperti itu harus dilakukan flash ulang. Karena belum pernah uteg-uteg [] read more »

Into My Arms: Come See Me Live, I'll Tell You W...

This column is also LIVE on iTunes. Enjoy my voice on your mobile device. A BENCH BY THE OCEAN, PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN AND WHY I'LL BE ON STAGE (IN TWO WEEKS OR SO.) Normal 0 14 false false false IT JA X-NONE Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge - 1991 R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman. read more »

'Over Training'

Over training/ Under recovering Spotting when you are over training can be one of the hardest things to do for some. I dont like using the word much as I believe the main reason we overtrain is more down to the fact of under recovery. Sometimes we know, we choose to ignore it, the weeks going well, if you stop now youve failed. But, overtraining can lead to all kinds of problems. I know, Ive been there. Its happened around 3 times when I have seriously over trained to the point where Ive woken up and not... read more »

DATENCRASH – VMDK-Datei gelöscht – und nun?

Neulich war es dann soweit. Der GAU. Eine wichtige Datei wurde aus einem VMDK-Dateisysteme eines VMWare ESX 5.1 Servers gelöscht. Und was nun? Zuerst habe ich versucht die Datei mit VMWare Bordmitteln wiederherzustellen. Leider ohne Erfolg. Nach einigen Recherchen über die Funktionsweise des VMFS-Dateisystems fand ich Möglichkeiten VMDK-Dateien wiederherstellen über das Anpassen von Descriptor-Dateien wiederherzustellen [] read more »

32 And Life: Some Kind of Great Beauty.

The Great Beauty and my journey from the sex girl to something definitely better: This is just the beginning. This column is also LIVE on iTunes. Download me take me with you on your iPod, it's FREE. Normal 0 14 false false false IT JA X-NONE read more »

Came to Believe Happens

Came to believe happens the moment we change our perception. – Linda Nelson read more »

Who am I? #zerotohero

My Name is Linda Nelson, and I am a YA Writer. Well, that is my main focus, but I have written a fantasy series too that is kind of geared toward YA readers too. read more »

Backup dan Restore Android Dengan CWM Recovery Cara mudah backup dan restore sistem android device mu dengan cwm recovery. Berangkat dari komentar di salah satu tulisan di blog ini juga saya coba membuat postingan tentang cara backup dan restore sistem android dengan cwm recovery. Untuk beberapa device recovery tidak selalu ada. Pada device samsung kebanyakan sudah di lengkapi dengan recovery [] read more »

Cara Mudah Instal CWM Pada Android Cara mudah instal cwm di android dengan RecoverX suport hampir semua merk HP. Cara mudah instalnya dengan sotfware RecoverX. Download RecoverX di sini. Berikut cara instalnya : Syarat utama HP harus sudah di ROOT. Extract File RecoverX yang sudah anda download tadi Aktifkan USB Debungging caranya masuk Menu Settings Applications [] read more »

Week 2 Update

It has been 2.5 weeks since my surgery. Each day I feel better in some ways, and worse in others. One highlight of week 2 was going to dog beach in Huntington, CA with my buddy Yousseff and our dogs. Continue reading read more »

Week 1

It has been exactly one week since the day of my surgery! I have to be honest I am surprised at my progress. My parents have been with me this whole time, making this process way easier than if I Continue reading read more »

Open Letter (Viral Video) By @DJNeptune Feat. @...

DJ Neptune presents the visuals to his previously released Open Letter record, which features Yung 6ix.  Watch out for a few more singles, mixes and videos before the year runs out. read more »

Защищено: Установка Freebsd-9.2-RAID1 в датацен...

Цитаты нет, потому что запись защищена. read more »

Linux recovery system Server4You manual

Для чего может потребоваться загрузка вашего сервера под linux recovery system? Очевидный ответ для проведения диагностики и процедур восстановления работоспособности ОС. Что же из себя представляет сервер, загруженный в recovery? Это загруженный на Вашем сервере, по сети, образ linux. В нём уже установлены все основные утилиты, которые могут быть использованы при диагностике и восстановлении [] read more »

Never Blame It On The Wind. The Santa Ana is Co...

The Santa Ana wind, the foehn and anger. Some history of Italy and new scenarios upon transcending yesterday. This column is also LIVE on iTunes. My voice is FREE. Dig it! Soundtrack: Push The Sky Away - Nick Cave When I am being asked where do I get the inspiration for my writing and, peculiarly for this blog, I never know what the most appropriate answer is. I never give away answers. For I don't really have any, although some of you would love to believe I do. If you have listened to my latest pod... read more »

Media and Recovery Stories

Few things wind me up more than news that has gotten it's priorities wrong. A classic example of this keeps showing up with this supposed "recovery" that the media bleats on about. We're told on the one hand that the economy is getting better, yet month after month the Bank of Canada, Bank of England and so on, all keep extending the lowest interest rates in our lifetimes, just to keep some momentum going. We are also told about how the US job market is recovering, yet the last set of figures had less... read more »

What Happens To The Writer When The Story Is Over?

The 101 North and the purge of a writer who must live through her characters I was driving to Ventura the other day, for the big interview. There is something heavy and dense about me, something that I don't expel easily enough and that I must therefore purge through words; besides, I think it's my duty, what I am here for. You may as well easily enough discharge what I say with a click of mouse, the smooth track pad of your fancy MacBook Pro. I have received the first negative critique to my writing ... read more »

Dear Ms. Carbone: Thank You For Your Request, M...

Joan Didion As you may have noticed I have recently added an Amazon banner on my blog. You can now support the blog by enjoying your Amazon shopping through by simply clicking on the Amazon links or banners throughout my website. C'mon, we all shop on Amazon! Do it and I'll love you more! Normal 0 14 false false false IT JA X-NONE ... read more »

When A Pregnancy/Sickness Kicks Your Trash

So my blog has again fallen into a dark abyss of 0 posts for way too long. But hopefully I can it pull it back up again. It was a bit of a wake up call today when I noticed that the listing for this blog on a book reviewer 'yellow page' type site now says my blog is "no longer updating". Eeep! Well we're gonna have to change that. I've been having some better days healthwise in the last little bit, hopefully it'll keep going so that I can get ahead in my posts and have some leeway if I don't feel up to t... read more »

Datenwiederherstellung wenn Windows nicht mehr ...

Neulich kam ein Bekannter auf mich zu: Das Laptop meiner Freundin fährt nicht mehr hoch. Können wir ihre Daten noch retten? Ein Backup wurde leider nie gemacht, sodass wir tatsächlich auf die Daten auf DIESER Weiterlesen... read more »

Half Way There!

Over the past few days I have been asked by a few readers to write an article providing tips based on my experiences in half marathons.  So get your pencils out and be ready to take notes because the half Read More read more »

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