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Review: Greenlite Vegan Meal Delivery Service!

I recently got to try a new-to-me vegan frozen meal delivery service called Greenlite Meals! The meals arrive in an insulated box inside a cardboard shipping box, with cooler packets inside and the meals all packaged in space-conserving freeze-wrap packages. As you can see, the sides and the entrees are packaged separately. Im actually quite a fan of that style of packaging, because you can mix and match the sides and entrees to create the meals that youre in the mood for! Read more » read more »

Emotional MATURITY - Cognitive, Practical

I KNOW WHAT I KNOWbut I'm always willing to learnPrevious: Emotional Maturity - EmotionalNOTE:As recovering ACoAs, many of us start the maturing process much later in life than we would if we had come from a healthy, loving family. Therefore, we need to :• mourn the loss of time possibilities our damage has stolen from us• express our rage at the unfairness of having to clean up the mess our parents bequeathed us - in safe places appropriate ways• be able to consistently work at our Recovery, persever... read more »

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