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UCI Cinemas in Bicocca Offers O.V Films!

I’m so excited for this weekend! I’ll be watching the new Captain America film because I want to know why it’s called Civil War (no spoilers, please; rather, is the reason behind the title even included in the film?) I’ve never been this anxious for just watching a film, but trust me, this is really [] read more »

Sun Yat-Sen Place, HKU

The Sun Yat-Sen Place is in HKU (The University of Hong Kong), Western District, Hong Kong. read more »

Piccolomini library - La libreria Piccolomini

The library is a jewel in the Cathedral of Siena, built in the sixteenth century to preserve the wealth of books of the pope. At the entrance into this small room the visitor is enchanted by the essence of Renaissance culture: manuscripts on the bulletin boards, flooring cobalt and frescoes by Pinturicchio. They are the life of Pope Piccolomini, Pope Pius II, and after the restoration theyhave again bought bright colors,making it more alive the characters depicted. Among the most famous scenes stand out ... read more »

Family-Friendly Places : Shrine of Remembrance

The Shrine of Remembrance is located in Kings Domain on St Kilda Rd Melbourne and was built as a memorial to the men and women of Victoria who served in World War I and a memorial to all Australians who have served in war.It is a good place to go to for a leisurely walk with your family. The surrounding garden is just magnificent. The Cenotaph The Cenotaph and the Eternal Flame The 2 external buttress sculptures on the east and west walls represent the virtues of Patriotism, Sacrifice, Justice and Pe... read more »

Castle of Brolio - Castello di Brolio

The Castle of Brolio, nestled in a charming hill of the Chianti area, still retains a medieval atmosphere with its old mold and the vast park. The town's name, which derives from the Lombard word "Brolo" means a green space closed. The castle stands between Gaiole and Castelnuovo Berardenga, inthe middle of endless vineyards, from which since 1141 the Ricasoli preparetheir famous wine cellars in place to grow old within the mighty walls.You can have the most charming view from the south side, where a lar... read more »

A New Season…What Does That Mean…

A new season What does that really mean? How do we digest that? What do we do with that? So often we think a new season is going to be great, but what if it isn’t? For instance I began a new season a few months ago. By my standards (And others…) I failed. For [] read more »

Poggio a Caiano

The Villa Medici at Poggio a Caiano was built by Lorenzo de 'Medici and his heirs between 1485 and 1520, with a likely break between 1495 and 1515 due to the exile of the Medici. It was always the summer residence of the Medici and, in addition to hosting numerous personalities. was the scene of important events in their history, such as the celebration of the marriage of Alessandro de 'Medici and Margaret of Austria (1556), Cosimo I and Eleonora of Toledo (1559), Francis I and his mistress Bianca Cappel... read more »


TodayAnghiari is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and already there was a castle or a fortified village in the seventh century when the Lombards occupied the whole of the Tiber Valley. During the centuries ithas lived many vicissitudes, among which it should be mentioned that in 1200 finally passed under the dominion of Arezzo and the Bishop of Arezzo, Tarlati, wanted to build in 1309the main road link between Sansepolcro and the Loggia delle Fonti. The village has become famous for... read more »

”Nu am timp sa fac ce-mi place”

Mă aflam zilele trecute în timpul unei ședințe într-o asociație de voluntariat. Ședința nu era una formală, se vorbea liber și deschis, și plecând de la o idee care se afla pe ordinea de zi o colegă ajunge să mărturisească că în ultima vreme este foarte obosită și are agenda super-încărcată cu diverse activități care... The post ”Nu am timp sa fac ce-mi place” appeared first on Fara Blocaje esti fericit!. read more »


MARKETING MIX   The marketing mix consists of the following four major activities usually referred to as elements of Marketing mix. 1. Product: activities relating to the product, service or idea to be offered. 2. Price: activities relating to the price to be charged for the product, service or idea. 3. Promotion: activities relating to promotion (advertising, personal selling, read more »


The legend told by Virgil, wants Cortona was founded, in time, by the mythical Dardano in the place where the hero he lost his helmet (Corys), hence the name Coritus or become Corjtus Cortona years.Dardanus was one of the ancestors of King Priam ... King of the Trojan War, the beautiful Helen and the horse of Ulysses.Later Cortona was Umbrian, Etruscan and Roman then be, after the period of the barbarian invasions, a free city under Uguccio CasalCortona is a quiet and romantic town nestled in the beautif... read more »


To reach Pienza, a town in the province of Siena, you can cross the Val d'Orcia, with its clay, the thousand crepee wavy.You rarely see a tree, a cypress tree, a house, often scattered cottages blend with the landscape of many shades on brown. The monotony of the valley is broken, on top of the hills at the foot of Monte Amiata, by a series of turreted castles and as if by magic, suddenly, in front of the Monte Amiata is Pienza. It is placed in a semicircle on top of a hill, surrounded by sheer walls to ... read more »


Here Montalcino, lonely, lying on top of a hill, while overlooking the valleys of Orcia, Arbiaand Ombrone. The eye is lost in a landscape of dunes, changing colors, from gray concrete to Sienna and then went back inside the walls.Inside the walls are the proud fortress, the slender figure of the praetorian palace, steeples, narrow streets that descend steeply to open up to beautiful open spaces that give a view of a magical landscape. The city, which is located a few steps from Via Francigena, has preser... read more »


Monteriggioni, located in the Val d'Elsa, near Siena, is visible from afar, on a hilltop surrounded by olive trees, like a place out of time: only 42 people live there in the shelter of the turreted walls built by the Sienese in the XIII century, to defend against attacks Florentine and control the main roads. Monteriggioni was really impregnable: fell only when a traitor, Captain Zeti, surrendered without a fight to the Florentines.The tour can begin right from the around the walls, a little more than 5... read more »

Want A Cable Car Ride...?

Last December the cable car in Hatyai started to operate. I think it is almost 1 kilometer long to ride and it took about 15 minutes to go to the next station. It is quite interesting for a new adventure to experience. I just hope my family can make a ride someday. This can add to our memoirs as a family bonding.For foreigner it is a little bit pricey as I think... lol.. 200 baht for a two way trip. For locals only 100 baht. I am not yet sure if I will be satisfied riding with this amount but I need to t... read more »

Fun Place Setting Ideas

I dont have a formal dining room as of right now, and there are no big parties coming ups soon, but that doesnt keep me from drooling over some of... Read The Rest read more »

I Missed My Home

There are times that you really longed to be in the place where you grew up. Even we had our own family and enjoy the moment with them yet the happiness it brings cannot fill in the longing of your hometown. I am just imagining my childhood times, playing with my friends whole day and when I got home my father is already waiting holding a stick. I am even thinking those memories in school.. my classmates during my elementary grades and high school. The memories of going to school barefooted everyday and ... read more »

YourFreePlace Website Review

Here is your free website review from The Website Doctor. 1: The title Your Free Place doesnt really tell me much about the website. I think you need a slogan to give me a little more information. 2: This header reminds me a lot of a well known download website. I just cant remember [...] read more »

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