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Mandu: A Ruined City in the Heart of Incredible...

Once, it was a thriving city situated on the top of a hill, surrounded by the dense forest, where nature was the protector of the fort. Love bloomed, where Islamic faiths melted into the Hindu faiths, become myths and part of folklore. Even conspiracies were hatched, where a sharp dagger killed the faith of a father. Whatever happened, the destiny never encountered permanent sorrow, as joy was in the air of Mandu. Mandu, a story of a city called Shadiabad or City of Joy, Anand Nagri. read more »

Google Search by Image

Louis Caron (1848-1917) founded an architectural dynasty that contributed more than 150 residences and ecclesiastical buildings to the Bois-Francs region of Qubec, designed primarily in the Neo-Gothic style. Gothic Revival architecture in Canada was imported from Britain and endured until the 1930s. Victorian eclecticism, with its mansard roofs and fancy embellishments, also influenced the appearance of many towns, and can still be seen today. [...] read more »

Mournful Sphinx Moth - Wordless Wednesday

For this week's edition of Wordless Wednesday, I am sharing a few photos of the "Mournful Sphinx Moth". This mothlooks like an airplane. This photo is a little blurry. It is thebest I could trying to get a different view. Even at a different view this month still looks like your looking at a miniature airplane. From this view, you can see the moth has a little hump like feature. Which reminds you more of a fish out of thewater. This moth was found and photographed in Southern Texas. It was seen ... read more »


PENGALAMAN DI KAIO STUDIO | KHIDMAT FOTOGRAFI TERBAIK | Assalamualaikum semua... Kali ni super excited nak share dengan korang satu pengalaman yang bagi aku memang sangat manis dan ohsem iaitu terpilih sebagai salah seorang blogger untuk sesi photoshoot di Kaio Studio yang terletak di Shah Alam. Perghhhh.... tak dapat bayangkan perasaan masa terpilih tu. Memang happy sesangat tapi dalam masa yang sama rasa nervous sangat uols sebab sape tak kenal dengan hasil kerja Kaio Studio yang letopssss kebabummmm t... read more »

My Favourite Thing Of This Month - My Olympus P...

Hello Beauties, I have had my Cannon 600D/Rebelfor 3 years now and thought it was time to get anUpgrade I wanted a more slimmer compact camera but with the features of aSLR and after a lot ofResearch I came across theOlympus Pen EPL-8.I have only had this camera afew weeks but Ilove the quality of the photographs that I have been taking they are just amazing. I decided to get the White Olympus Pen over the black one just because everyone seems to have the Black Olympus Pen and I prefer the white one my... read more »

Так сейчас выглядит мой смартфон

Взгляните, как выглядит смартфон Lumia 1020, мой главный инструмент блогера, после трёх лет использования.Это устройство оказалось исключительно надёжным. Обычно, мобильный телефон в моих руках не живет и полугода)t read more »

Схема освещения с использованием окон, располож...

Преимущество данной световой схемы с естественным освещением в том, что контуры фигуры модели прорисовываются, независимо от ракурса. Съёмка ведётся в помещении с большими окнами, расположенными под углом. Модель помещается на расстоянии нескольких метров от них. Рекомендуется фотографировать, когда солнце за облаками. С целью осветления фигуры используется отражатель. Подобную схему возможно? read more »

Приглашаем к участию в эксперименте

Новые камеры без зеркала все круче снимают в динамике. Хотелось бы выяснить, на что они способны. Приглашаю того, кто занимается спортом, танцем, или чье увлечение связано с быстрым движением, сфотографироваться! Во имя науки и нескольких крутых снимков предлагаю совместно испытать режим 11 кадров в секунду Sony Alpha 6300! Если вам интересно, пишите, договоримся!? read more »

Приглашаю к участию в эксперименте!

Новые камеры без зеркала все круче снимают в динамике. Хотелось бы выяснить, на что они способны. Приглашаю того, кто занимается спортом, танцем, или чье увлечение связано с быстрым движением, сфотографироваться! Во имя науки и нескольких крутых снимков предлагаю совместно испытать режим 11 кадров в секунду Sony Alpha 6300! Если вам интересно, пишите, договоримся!? read more »

Instax Mini 8 Camera - Christmas Present

Hello Beauties, I didn't really do a what I got for Christmas post so I thought I would let you know my thoughts on this little beauty. This is what the camera looks like in the box and you do get some film with the camera which is good you get 10 pictures with the camera so it's great to start off with and lasted over the Christmas period . I had wanted this camera for awhile but when it first came out it was quite expensive to buy they have gone down in price a lot since they were released. I chose... read more »

What Camera Would You Recommend?

It has been snowing on and off the past couple of week sin my neighborhood. Sometimes we get freezing rain and sleet that makes the snowy roads more dangerous. By turning them into a sheet of ice. My street is one street over from theroad. The city will not clear the roads unlessit is amain street. Thus, my road will turn into a sheet of ice before winter is over. These were the last winter photos I was able to take with my camera. Before my camera card fell apart. I am hoping to replace my camera card ... read more »

Jal Mahotsav : A Cocktail of Adventure and Luxu...

Jal Mahotsav, Carnival of Water an excellent initiative of Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation (MPSTDC) to stretching the horizon of tourism in Madhya Pradesh.This mega event can be a paradise for the young couple, honeymoon couple, friends, parents, kids, adventure lovers, and nature lovers. Even this place would be the best for business summits and organizing marriage party. read more »

Sunday: Colon, Cebu

Lawrence at Legaspi St., Downtown CebuTaking the ever so handy Sony Xperia XA (phone) for a test shoot.♕ read more »

West Bengal Wiki Community’s Participation in W...

Basically, my presence is enough for ............. and disaster is inevitable. Quite naturally I made a disaster that day.Four of us except Sumit, climb up the roof of the bus and settled ourselves. Sumit forcefully boarded inside the bus and we went to Bainchi. read more »

Evening Life at Bow Barracks – A Photo Story

Bow Barracks is a popular neighborhood in Kolkata inhabited by the Anglo Indian community who have been traditionally living in this area since ages. The place is famous as a popular heritage walk/ tourist destination and has been made popular through movies and documentaries like the movie made by Anjan Dutta in 2004 named BowRead more Evening Life at Bow Barracks A PhotoStory read more »


My first harsh learning as a photographer came when I posted this photo (below) in an open photo critique group in facebook. As a photographer I always felt my city Kolkata was a treasure house and had much to offer as subjects. When I finished editing this photo, I was happy with the output andRead more HERITAGE TRAPPED IN ACOBWEB read more »

Kashmir Diary: Tomb of the Mother of Akbar of K...

I peeped through the main door and saw an iron chain hangs in the central dome. What is the significance of the iron chain in an Islamic monument? He was the first man, who forbade cow slaughter in Kashmir. People of Kashmir still remember him as Akbar of Kashmir.Stone temples of Hindu in Kashmir suffered destruction, some were modified and some converted into mosques. read more »

Kashmir Diary: Story of A Desecrate Mosque – Pa...

This mosque was built by Mughal Empress Nur Jahan the wife of Emperor Jahangir, in 1623 AD. why this beautiful mosque never used as a place of prayer, there is a very interesting story. Once a Mullah questioned to Empress Nur Jahan regarding the costs of its construction.... read more »

Sonicomi Communication with Sonico English PC G...

Title: Sonicomi Communication with Sonico Genre: Visual Novel / Idol Simulation / Rhythm Game / Photography Simulation / Dating Sim / Raising Sim Platform: PC Developer: Nitro+ Publisher: JASTUSA Where [] read more »

Free Entrance to All USA National Parks on NPS ... (America's National Park Service) is Celebrating 100 Years (Happy Birthday!). Join the Party with Free Admission to ALL 412 USA National Parks from August 25 through August 28 2016. For the Full List of Events in the National Parks: Here are the Top 10 Most Popular National Parks in America: 1. Great Smoky [] The post Free Entrance to All USA National Parks on NPS 100 Years Birthday appeared first on TravelionX. read more »

Your Next Weekend at Lonely Vanishing Beach Cha...

There were no traces of any sea, not even a single drop of water. I asked a passer-by fisherman about the location of the sea. He said Vanished.Suddenly, I noticed waves, then which were far away from us. As time grows, I saw a full-fledged sea in front of me. I witnessed the moment, how a completely dried out beach transformed into a sea. read more »

Scarboroughs Grand Hotel

dominating the the town's South Bay. When completed in 1867 it was one of the largest hotels in the world, as well as one of the first giant purpose-built hotels in Europe The post Scarboroughs Grand Hotel appeared first on An owd togs blog. read more »

Scarborough Grand Hotel

dominating the the town's South Bay. When completed in 1867 it was one of the largest hotels in the world, as well as one of the first giant purpose-built hotels in Europe The post Scarborough Grand Hotel appeared first on Press Public Relations Photographer Paul David Drabble. read more »

Kashmir Diary: Ruins of Ancient Temples of Awan...

Avantipur was named after King Avanti Varman. He was the King who founded Utpala Dynasty and ruled Kashmir during 855 - 883 AD. He built two massive temples, one dedicated to Lord Vishnu and another to Lord Shiva. During his rule, he appointed an engineer and architect as his prime minister named Suyya. read more »

Kashmir Diary:History of Holy Relic of Prophet ...

There are many hidden truths with the history of Moi-E-Muqqadas. There are mysteries, fantasies, and betrayal, still engrossed with. Moi-E-Muqqadas or Beard hair of Holy Prophet Mohammad is also associated with faith and to some extent linked to mysteries. Although, people believe that the holy relic keeps in Hazrat Bal Mosque in Srinagar. How Beard Continue reading Kashmir Diary:History of Holy Relic of Prophet Muhammad, Moi-E-Muqqadas read more »

Kashmir Diary: Roza Bal – Is It Really the Tomb...

My Visit to Roza Bal I asked myself, is it fact? Am I really standing at the tomb of Jesus Christ? I dont know, whether it is the tomb of Jesus Christ or as per recent claim, it is the tomb of Adolf Hitler? I was simply thrilled. Initially, it was a thrilling experience for Continue reading Kashmir Diary: Roza Bal – Is It Really the Tomb of Jesus Christ? read more »

Explore the Top Places of Rishikesh

Rishikesh isn't a place only for pilgrimage, the dimension and the colors of the place offer more than one can imagine, from Ashrams to River Rafting, from Climbing to Bungee jumping.This is a ready reference for your tour to Rishikesh and surely help you to explore the place. Also explore secret place of Rishikesh. read more »

Disciple of Ramakrishna – Yogin Ma’s House

Many good sayings are to be found in holy books, but merely reading them will not make one religious. -Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Nearly one year back, reading a book on Ramakrishna, I found some information from the book about his disciples. It was obvious that contained some names of his devotees and their contributions. Other than Continue reading Disciple of Ramakrishna Yogin Mas House read more »

List of Ghats in Varanasi

Kashi Ke Kankar Mein Shiva Shankar the literal meaning is Lord Shiva is in every pebble of Kashi. Yes, some extent it is true. But as you walk you will find important Mosques and Sufi Shrines there, these are also significant parts of Varanasi or Benaras ,making it an important Islamic city as well even Continue reading List of Ghats in Varanasi read more »

In The Snow - Birds

TheArt Of PhotoBy J.M.Zamora Art PhotoIn The Snow - Photo Nature - Birds The Art Of read more »

Picture People – For A Memorable Mother’s Day

A picture is worth a thousand words. A single picture not only speaks volumes but freezes  the sentiments, emotions and The post Picture People For A Memorable Mothers Day appeared first on Buzzingtales. read more »

Девочки, с 8 Марта!!

Желаю всем быть красивыми, любимыми и счастливыми!! С уважением,ОльгаMiCaramel' read more »

Monk and boy by nuttawutjaroenchai read more »

LIGHT UP by benparker-leipzig read more »

Lion Dance Display & Cultural Show 2016 in Kolkata

To Read The Full Article Please Visit When I have been officially selected and invited as a Blogger and Photographer by Indian Chinese Association for Culture, Welfare and Development for their annual Lion Dance Display Cultural Show 2016 on 31st January, seriously I was extremely happy. This cultural evening has been organized Continue reading Lion Dance Display Cultural Show 2016 in Kolkata read more »

Canon and National Store celebrate 50 yrs of pa...

Buzzingtales has stumbled upon some very exciting news for all Photography fans in UAE. As National Stores and Canon celebrate 50 The post Canon and National Store celebrate 50 yrs of partnership appeared first on Buzzingtales. read more »


TheArt Of PhotoBy J.M.Zamora Wheels The Art Of INSTAGRAMHERE read more »

Ibiza 2008

Hello Lovelies, I thought I would do another post were you get to see a bit of mylife it's one thing talking about Beauty Products which literally I could do all day long but you don't get to know me as a person and this is what having this blog is all about so you my lovely readers can get to know me not just words on a page but the Real me. I have to admit when I thought of Ibiza I didn't think it would be as nice as it was myself and my ex husband decided to go to Ibiza when we had just turned 30 at t... read more »

My First Fashion Show October 2007

Hello Lovelies, Here is another different post for you all to read along with Beauty, Fashion is one of my Passions. I have loved Fashion ever since I was a little girl and I used to go Shopping with my mum and seeing her in all the lovely Outfits.I remember going to CA with my mum I used to try all the Lovely Hats and the Stilettos I must have looked so funny I was like 8 Years old at this point. Anyway back to this Post when I first moved to Manchester I started to really get into Photography there is... read more »

this is the best gift i have ever received.

The vanilla breaths of a scented candle were enough to drench me in a grace-filled haze – it stroked my melancholic verses and head for my hands to write and lips to speak. For my birthday this week, I had asked you to wrap one box of it with a cream-colored paper, just to match [] read more »

New personal artist site:

Wanted to share my new website, Elom Bowman Art. To those who may not know, I have experience in art outside of sneaker customization and have always had an interest in art long before then. On my new site, I will share many of my old canvas paintings, sneaker/footwear art, custom toys, and also my photography. I am looking to get back into doing some canvas paintings as I have a number of ideas I want to show off in the near future. As for my photography, it's something I do as a hobby and i'm still a n... read more »

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