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Imaginary Garden With Real ToadsHenry Miller went hungry a lotin Parisbut he fed enough bloodto his bitteto summon command performanceson a regular basisyou can't gain an advantageby lining up in the neutral zoneshow me somethingI haven't seenlike Tilda Swinton's titflashed in a movieI can't remember the name ofbut it was good(partially because of that)what if everyone woke up at the same time?(think of all the pancakes that would have to be made)trynot to get too highor too lowas they are both impostors... read more »

Tasty breakfast ideas with Vita Coco coconut mi...

So today Ive taken up the challenge to come up with a breakfast idea using Vita Coco a coconut milk alternative which is great for those with dairy intolerances and tastes delicious, too. Of course, while I was pondering it... The post Tasty breakfast ideas with Vita Coco coconut milk alternative appeared first on Eating Covent Garden. read more »

Homemade Pumpkin Pancakes

One of the things I enjoy making each October is Pumpkin pancakes for my family. When I first started making pumpkin pancakes for my family, my children would come in to the kitchen when I was cooking. They would ask me what the orange color was in the mixing bowl. I wouldn't tell them til they tasted the pancakes. My teenagers tried them. They both loved them. I did come out and tell them it was made with pumpkin. We all had a good laugh. I was surprised they did not figure out pumpkin was use by the ... read more »

Cum preparam okara

Bine v-am regasit , dragilor ! Cred ca v-am mai vorbit despre okara . Daca nu stiati deja , okara este denumirea in japoneza pentru pulpa de soia care este una dintre cele trei forme de fibre din soia . Se obtine dupa prepararea laptelui de soia si are calitati nutritive deosebite , este gustoasa si [] read more »

Recipe - The "Best Pancakes Ever"

These pancakes are, according to both of it taste testers (a middle aged woman and a rambunctious ten year old), the best pancakes ever. Theyre really easy to make, use only basic ingredients that can be found in most kitchen pantries, and are absolutely fluffy and perfect! Read more » read more »

Breakfast at Home

While taking my breakfast I would sit on my favorite spot, in front of the television and watch news. Yesterday, I paired dark hot chocolate with two pieces of pancakes. Day off , Monday and Tuesday. I have been busy working at home, laundry, cleaning, cooking breakfast, etc. Right, day off are days when I cook breakfast. During working days, my shift ends almost at lunch time. read more »

The Best Healthy Pancake Recipe

To me, pancakes used to mean a pile of carbs and sugary syrup that would taste fluffy and delicious but leave me with no nutrition and a fuller waist line. No longer my friends! Healthier pancakes are popping up all over the internet. My friend Blythe first brought them to my attention. Most of the [] The post The Best Healthy Pancake Recipe appeared first on kristenione. read more »

My Blog Day on RB4U & Fun Day Sunday

Its the 4th of the month and that means its my blog day at Romance Books 4 Us. Im talking about an unusual hobby that led to reading tea leaves. Fun stuff! Come see. ❋❋❋ If youve been here Continue readingg read more »

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes

I'm bummed that Christmas is over, but consoling myself with a Christmas morning-worthy breakfast definitely doesn't hurt!Since pure indulgence can't be an all-the-time thing without making you feel sluggish and sick, here's a breakfast recipe featuring Vega One, a vegan protein powder that's a veritable nutrition powerhouse with antioxidants, probiotics, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and maca all in one. These pancakes only taste indulgent! Banana Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes Serves 2 * 2 scoops Ve... read more »

The Best Vegan Blueberry Pancake

I am on a 30 day vegan challenge, I will be eating vegan for a month, I choose to do this, so here is one of my breakfast meals of my challenge. This recipe is one I developed after a few trials and mishaps, I think I finally got it right, at least my hubby...Read More read more »

Green Pancake Recipe

Hi guys! I'm just stopping in shortly to ask you to check out my guest post over at Neil's Healthy Meals. I made some deliciousBlueberry Banana Monster Pancakes and I know you want to try them! read more »


I woke up early today. It was my day off Monday and Tuesday. When my niece comes home at four in the morning from work and she knew it is my day off, she would knock at the door to get in. It is simply to tease me, instead of getting her keys from her back pack bag. One time I was fast asleep in my room with door closed. I did not hear her knocked. She knocked three times, no footsteps coming to the door. Mindful of waking up some neighbours, she had no choice but used her keys. This morning after I open... read more »

PANCAKES | valentines day inspired.

heya everyone! I know pancakes aren't exactly valentines day associated... but they're my favourite food and it's definitely a quick and simple recipe. With a added hint of pink food colouring... I think they look really cute and I'd definitely be happy if someone made me these this Friday. You will need (for two people): 1 cup of self raising flour. 1/2 a cup of milk. A teaspoon of vanilla extract. A teaspoon of almond extract. A cap full of pink food colouring. 2 eggs. A mixing bowl. A whisk... read more »

Pancakes cu tahini

Cum imparteala de tahinipe care am facut-o intre hummussi gugulufa fost cam inexacta, am ramas cu o cantitate mica de tahini, pe care m-am gandit sa o valorific in aceste delicioase pancakes, cu aroma deosebita... N e c e s a r e : 3 linguri tahini; 2 oua; 2 linguri zahar; 200ml lapte; 170g faina alba; 1 lingurita praf de copt. P r e p a r a r e : Ouale intregi le-am batut bine cu zaharul. Am adaugat tahini si laptele. Am pus si faina amestecata cu praful de copt si am omogenizat. Am copt i... read more »

Slap Those Cakes On The Griddle

slapping our pancakes on the grill The title of this post is already a giveaway. In case you're still baffled why I titled this post as such, those little pancakes you see in photo (both in rakish white and brownish green color) being heated on the griddle were at Slappy Cakes. And we had so much fun making those little concentric circles and putting the garnishes on top once we're satisfied with the doneness of the flapjacks. But I tell you more about that later. This visit to Slappy Cakes came about... read more »

Pumpkin Pancakes

I made Pumpkin Pancakes for our Pumpkin Potluck the other night. I love adding fruits and vegetables to dishes that are not normally real nutritious, which is one of the reasons why I love this potluck. I love it for other reasons too-- I LOVE pumpkin and I love to experiment and try new recipes and concoctions.I figured that pancakes are very kid friendly, so Pumpkin Pancakes would be a great way to introduce the kids to pumpkin. The pancakes were delicious and big hit with the kids (and the mom's). The... read more »

FACE-OFF: Breakfast Places To Warm The Heart

pancakes I guess everyone would agree that a good meal (or make that an outstanding meal) may totally eradicate one's blues. But a good brekkie meal may lift you up to celestial heights. I've been going to a few breakfast places lately trying out that quintessential breakfast food. Those fluffy, heavenly discs best serve with some sprinkling of powdered sugar, a dollop of whipped cream, a slab of butter and drizzled with lots and lots of syrup. I'm talking about of course, the much heralded pancakes. A ... read more »

Mic dejun delicios sau {Pancakes Reloaded}

Într-o seară după ce am reușit să mă și plictisesc și să deschid televizorul, să dau într-un final de MasterChef de România (renumita emisiune, care are și anumite chestii de ma deranjeaza de mor, dar care vai, la ora aia târzie m-a inspirat la greu :) ) ma apucase gătitu! Exact în aceiași zi am [...] read more »

To Be On This Side Of The Picket Fence

breakfast food and ice creams at Picket Fence I'm always enticed by food places that are kid-friendly. Stacy's for one, and also Mom Tina's. When I've learned of a newly-opened ice cream parlor named Picket Fence Milk Ice Cream Bar in Katipunan from Dessert Comes First, I immediately set about plans to pay the ice cream shop a visit. And that actually happened just this weekend before Christmas. counter interior table setting Looking for Picket Fence was a bit of a stretch. Directionall... read more »

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

For chocolate lovers craving a little chocolate for breakfast or brunch (or dessert with a dollop of ice cream on top!). Easy and tasty recipe. Enjoy!Makes about 24 pancakes. Ingredients: 4 tablespoons unsalted butter or low cholesterol margarine like Smart Balance1 cup whole, 2 percent fat, or 1 percent fat milk1 1/4 cups flour (all-purpose or wheat)1 tablespoon sugar (or sugar substitute), or Agave Nectar*4 teaspoons baking powder1 teaspoon vanilla extract3/4 teaspoon salt2 eggs (or Egg Beaters egg ... read more »

Blueberry Wheat Pancakes

Happy weekend! Here's a delicious breakfast pancake that I made on this beautiful Saturday morning. We normally never eat pancakes just for all the carb intake, but on the weekends I feel like you can cheat once in a while.These blueberry pancakes are absolutely delicious. I start with the Hodgson Mills Whole Wheat Pancake mix, follow the directions as required, and then add wheat bran, flaxseed mill, a little vanilla, and a little stevia in the raw (sometimes I'll even add some buckwheat flour). I cut t... read more »

Last game of the season, and a fun birthday party!

We wrapped up the final soccer game with a couple of pics of the team with their coach. It was a fun fall season, and I'm glad it ended before the weather got too chilly. It has definitely been a lot cooler this weekend.In the afternoon I took Bilal to his friend Kendrick's birthday party at the Y. You can see that he had a great time there too! And there was cake, and lots of it! Yum! Today was a typical Sunday, with a few hours of Sunday School in the morning. The kids had a chance to play outdoo... read more »

Pancake Tuesday!

We've been gorging on pancakes here today in LUHQ to celebrate Pancake Tuesday..Fresh cream and strawberry jam was a winning combination...What is your topping or filling of choice? read more »

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