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Imaginary Garden With Real Toads Easy comeeasy goI've watched the parademarch in and out my doorthe flute playersand the drummersthe only thing they sharein commonis their transiencewhile I play the silent monolithstoicwith eyes that mustnot waterI see the coupleswhen I'm out and aboutso many of them lookmismatched to mebut at least they've got something(a roll of fat maybe)to hang onto through the nightbeen in that comfortable rutbeforeand a comfortable rutis still a rutwithironicallyless and less rutt... read more »


Greetings and welcome!♥If only... right?♥ PNG url:"Foresight can be blind,While hindsight's twenty-twenty.If these could be reversed,We'd be spared of pain aplenty."💟 Have a wonderful day! 💟Quote byArtsieladie/Sharon Donnelly©2017-10-20 All rights reserved.You may also want to look over theSitemap.My Main Website:www.artsieladie.comMy B... read more »


Howdy folks!♥ "Sticks and stones may break our bones,But like new, they'll mend and heal.Words can break our hearts and spirits,Leaving wounds beyond repeal."~ Artsieladie Quote♥"Words" Full Size PNG:"Sticks and stones may break our bones,But like new, they'll mend and heal.Words can break our hearts and spirits,Leaving wounds beyond repeal."Remember,... read more »


Howdy folks!♥This poem resulted from experiencing one too many times another person playing their head/mind games. Those who play head/mind games, do they think they're funny, cute, intelligent? I don't mind having a little fun, kidding around, and whatnot, but never to cause another harm, stress, or duress, because then it's not something enjoyable any longer. It's anything but.Playing head games to torment someone is cruel, heartless, and so immature. No respectable person does such. So, what exactly d... read more »


Greetings and welcome!♥The toughest period of time after the initial shock of a loss of a Loved one, however long it is, which depends on the person dealing with the grief, is after all is said and done, when the support of family and friends wanes. THIS is when the reality really hits but there's no longer the support.♥ PNG url:"W... read more »


Howdy folks!♥Having experienced a tremendous loss, losing my beloved Mother, this poem touches on the effects/repercussions of a great loss and the resulting grief. People will say, "It will get easier with time." It's been over ten years since I lost my Mom. She was my rock, my mentor, my hero, my inspiration, my motivation, a best friend whom I could trust her with anything and I could always rely on her to speak to me honestly even when I didn't necessarily want to hear the truth. She was a lady, mode... read more »


Howdy folks!♥Regret is one of those negative emotions that like other negatives, such as guilt, resentment, bitterness, jealousy, etc., rob us of the feeling of peace and contentment and subtract from our true joy and happiness as well. The more negative traits and feelings we allow to have power within us, the less joy, happiness, peace, and contentment we feel and the more miserable we are and the more contempt we have then for ourselves, which then we ultimately project. All anyone has to do is just l... read more »

The Thing Living Inside Frankie

Image SourceTo preface, "The Thing" is not a baby.One hundred percent NOT a baby.Now that that's out of the way, we can move on.For the sake of easier reading there will be times were the writing of this post is in first person, and times when we flip to us/we when it seems appropriate. This is one of the rare occasions in the many years of writing that there has been swapping, or even use of "I".If you don't know who "We" are, and are actually curious, there is an archive of writing available at your di... read more »


Howdy folks!♥"The deeper we are hurt, the deeper the Love we bear,For hurt cannot go deeper than how much we Love and care."~ Artsieladie Quote♥"Love Pain" Full Size PNG: way to honestly learn how deep one's Love is and true,Is when you hurt them, how affected they are by you.Love that lives on or near the surface is easily wiped away,Dismissed a... read more »

We can't help you

Grief is defined as deep sorrow, especially that caused by some one’s death, the word is originated from old French meaning burden. I don’t see my grief as a burden. My grief is an enormous part of who I am but it is not all I am. It’s not an easy or simple aspect of who I am but it certainly is not a burden. To me, a burden is something that one does not want to really deal with. I’ll gladly carry my grief, for it brings with it the little I have left of my son. Despite the pain, sorrow, fear and trauma... read more »

Living With MS – Finding Out

I turn 26 two weeks ago and it was not a day I was looking forward to at all. Yeah I know it should be a super happy day and I am not just luck to be alive its a miracle that I am alive still after all I went threw these past few years. [] read more »

Spoiled Children Don’t Grow by Julie Arduini

It seems like so many people I love are in a holding pattern, circling the runway to promises fulfilled. As a parent, I underestimated how shattering this would be. When the kids were little, their safety and prayer they would Continue reading read more »

My Memories Are Always Filled With Sunshine

The memories of my life are always filled with sunshine. Still, there is a place deep inside where storms live. I have pictures of my children playing in the snow and I remember the year my oldest son came home from school after an ice storm, snow and a freezing wind. Our yard was completely filled with ice covered with white. Our house was on the slope of a hill. There were houses lower down and there was no fence between our yard and our next door neighbor. On the other side of the neighbor's yard ther... read more »


Greetings and welcome from Artsieladie! ♥If you have a Loving heart, are giving, caring, and kind,People will take advantage with no remorse of mind.~ Artsieladie Quote ♥ "Sometimes the prettiest rose can be found among the thorns,Behind the hurt and pain in the heart the rose adorns." Quote by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly ©2015-08-25 All rights reserved. My Website: My Blogs: Artsieladie-Quotes (here): Artsieladie-Heartbeats: http://artsiel... read more »

When Your Family Hurts You & It’s Time to Let Go

At some point, you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life. Blood is thicker than water or so they say.  All my life Ive been taught that no matter what happens you will always have your family and to never turn your back on your own More When Your Family Hurts You Its Time to LetGo read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥The scariest thing in life can beFollowing our heart, no guarantee,What may happen, joy or pain,With all to lose or much to gain. Uncharted waters, a mystery,Can bring us joy or misery,But we can't know what could be,If we let our fears referee. In life there's always risks to take,But with our heart want no mistakeFor a wounded heart is pain to feelAnd so extremely hard to heal. ♥"Knock, Knock"*Knock, Knock*"May I come in, enter here?Let me in, please my dear.Dear ... read more »

Driven By Love? A Thought

As I related to a friend a recent situation in which I had given a word, I could feel the chills. Why chills? A while ago a person received a word from me. The word involved lots of changes in this person’s life. And they acted upon it! So, why the chills? People making a Continue reading Driven By Love? A Thought read more »

You really don’t know

Don’t you dare Make her feel like she’s nothing, Don’t you dare Treat her like she’s worthless, Don’t you dare Make her wish she didnt exist, You’re not walking in her shoes, You’re not living with her demon, You’re not there when she drowns in booze, don’t you dare be another reason, You’re not [] read more »

Another bad week

Friends, I pray you do not have as many bad days as I have. I averaged close to 16 hours sleep a day the last 4 days. Last night? I forced myself out of bed after 17 hours. At least Continue reading read more »

In The Event Of An Emergency

Last night as phone calls and such came in following my short hospital stay, I sat there and thought about all the things you think of in crisis. The range was from family and friends to mortality and change. Perhaps the “life flashing before your face” thinking. A lot happened in a couple of days. Continue reading In The Event Of An Emergencyul read more »

Rough Times In Our Lives

I sat here this morning thinking of the pain someone I had known for years was going through. A rough patch. A part of me was “glad” that it was not me. The rest of me had a heart that began to feel their pain as my mind recounted the times I had seen pain Continue reading Rough Times In Our Lives read more »

Hearing For The Family Fantastic

Last night our home group was on the topic of Hearing God For Your Family. Frankly it is an emotional topic because we came from family! Perhaps in your mind it was non-existent but somehow some way there was a parent or two, which means grandparents. Family. The heart of God is principled in family. Continue reading Hearing For The Family Fantastic read more »

Letting Go Of Yesterday

Yesterday before I went off to be part of the church at our local fellowship, I saw this and wrote it on my ministry page. Lots of people read it and shared it.. This morning I saw words being shed. Words of destruction and words of hurt. I saw the shedding of pain. I saw Continue reading Letting Go Of Yesterday read more »

The Comfort Of The Lord

Have you ever struggled with the actions of others? Perhaps it was injustice, neglect or wrongdoing. I understand, but Jesus understands more. Hebrews 4:15 tells us that He went through hurt, pain and rejection and walked through it. The easy response to that statement is “but He was God!” And while that part is true, Continue reading The Comfort Of The Lord read more »

When All Else Fails… Love

Last night I had one of those moments. One where fear tries to eat at you. My life was not in danger and there was no threat. It was just something invasive trying to take me off the balance I was maintaining. I can’t always explain those things. But I know this, that most of Continue reading When All Else Fails Love read more »

Mastering The Moment

The greatest failure of a person may well be to miss out on “the moment”. What moment? Well, maybe any moment. Just because it is not fun does not mean it does not have value. I understand that sickness and death are not fun. But, in the midst of those I learned compassion. To exercise Continue reading Mastering The Moment read more »

A Hug Changes a Heart – Laughter Changes An Atm...

Last night a couple of young friends connected with me and ended up coming over to visit. If they only knew how much I “needed” it. Perhaps it is the season and it is the enemy throwing junk down on people, but it has seemed like there is a lot going on in people’s lives. [] read more »

black red flashes

Living with MS can really suck sometimes, for me pain is nothing new and its actually very easy to deal with. But its the unusual pain that I cant deal with. Like today I lay down and it begins my insides feel like they are being pulled out wrapped around a knife and stabbed back Continue reading read more »

When People Are In Pain

I am an observer. But for something truly to be observed I feel the need to research truth and seek perspective. So, last night I was thinking about this statement I was impressed with while praying. “Funny how when people are in pain they want to change everything” My observation was this. I know a [] read more »

The Pangs Of Change

The last few weeks I have been making an observation. A lot of people who normally walk with their head held high, understanding this is but a “season” have been feeling pushed about. One of the hardest things about a time such is this, is you begin to take it personally. You begin to see [] read more »

The Ring Of Freedom

“Get out of this house” I screamed. Now I am not one who yells, but in this case my friend was dawdling. I had just entered this house and released him from his cell. I did not really know in the dream how I knew he was there, but I knew where he was when [] read more »

Diary of the Guinea Pigs: Day Nine

<< Day Six The wireless signal in this building is literallydriving me nuts. And turning the smartphone into a hotspot is often pointless since there's so much steel and concrete surround this building that the signal is weak in most spots. This is not making research projects very easy, as it's a ridiculous feat trying to get the campus library website (where there is student access to a plethora of peer-reviewed journal articles for writing papers) to load. It's like 56k dial-up. Flashback to the 90's... read more »

THAT’S MEDICAL DIALOGUE? by Hannah Alexander

Im taking a detour from my Dear Hannah posts to share some light dialogue that often takes place in our house when Im working on a medical scene. As you know, Mel and I work together on our Hannah Alexander novels, hence the pen name. Im the writer, hes the medical expert, but as [] read more »

Diary of the Guinea Pigs: Day Six

<< Day Three Day Four, Five and SixDay Four:Finally feeling human again. Minimal to no headaches, felt great not having all of that food in the belly like a damn lead ball. The diet restriction for this two week session is a 40% reduction. It's perfect. Not feeling hungry, but peppery and healthy. It's a diet amount more in line with the usual calorie intake we are used to, so the portions are manageable. Forgot to label two of the breath bags today, so the woman who mans the desk in the a.m. is going ... read more »

In The Midst

In the midst of my pain Do not allow my living be in vain. For I must not kick and shove I must be harmless as a dove. Yet I need Your wisdom from above For the storms are raging and the waters Threaten to over take methe dark Clouds read more »

What I Wish the World Knew About Depression

I was stunned to open my Facebook feed and find it full of tributes to Robin Williams. I knew he wasnt even 65, so I wondered if it was his heart. I was devastated to read and now know it was a suicide. His family shared that he had been struggling with deep depression. His [] read more »

Past Your Pain Point

I thought about something a friend wrote yesterday. He was talking about the difference between a New Testament prophet and an Old Testament one. Understandably, an Old Testament prophet would pronounce judgment on a nation. A New Testament prophet, however, can not ignore the fact that NOW were given a ministry of announcing, God was [] read more »

You Are Better Than That

What is it we need in our lives to cause us to grow in to all that He believes for us in us? I have been giving this a lot of thought. We are better than we think. We are more loving, more powerful and more loved than we know. We are better than that! [] read more »

Why am I so tired?

Friends, Have you had one of those days? How about 5 years of them? Whew. I know, Why I am so tired. But, knowing the answer to Why am I so tired does not change being so tired. I was Continue reading read more »


"Pain is largely a kind of need felt by the organism to acquaint itself with an unfamiliar state that is troubling it, to adjust its responses to that state." Marcel ProustThere are many kinds of pain: physical, emotional, psychological, and moral among them. There is the pain of loneliness as well as the pain of unrequited love, or of love that dies, decays or grows cold. Most of us will live to feel the pain that time inflicts on our aging bodies, if we're lucky."God is a concept by which we measure ou... read more »

Feeling All Over The Place !!! Good Ole Grief

As I go through my day today I have been filled with so many emotions, not to mention tapping into some old feelings of anger and resentment. I know my feelings are by all means normal and understandable but I can't help but feel wrong for feeling this way. So I guess instead of letting my feelings get out of control and saying or doing something I'll later regret I'm going to blog my feelings, that is what I started this blog for right lol. It all starts with not feeling well so obviously everything is ... read more »


Empty, no feelings, no reason to live – That’s what you’re saying, but try to get this: When one declares Continue reading read more »

In a space.

In a space where life beyond grace does not exist, In a space where grace is fooled to be taken to levels beyond life, In a space where fear fears disgrace and disharmony, And in a space where harmony befriends Continue reading read more »

Journal entry for September 3

It’s yet another they living with MS, the controls in my hands is back to almost normal. There’s not very much pain anymore considering that at the beginning of the week it felt like my skin was being torn off. Still feels very odd my hands feel like there always tingling or moving or touching Continue reading read more »

Long Day And Poem

Yeah the title of this post show say it all. In a nut shell it has been a very long day today not great or well good for that matter. Some pain in my body oh joy I know, wasn’t to bad. I didn’t write anything today which  is a bit odd cause I wanted Continue reading read more »

Uganda a very hurting land

1:08 pm June 9, 2013One thing I've realized is there's no "comfort" in Uganda. The beds are lumpy, the pillows and sofa's are hard. The chairs aren't comfy and are few and far between. Most restaurants have only plastic lawn chairs for diners to sit in. There's dark orange dirt everywhere, your clothing gets covered in all that dust and its hard to wash off. Kids have to scrub clothes by hand and that's why their clothes are ruined and have big holes since they have to rub them so hard to get out stains.... read more »

Back Pain Relief - The 5 minute Stretch Routine.

Wow, it's been a long spell since I posted anything in my blog. Real Life took over big time...and I guess I was busy with my other private blogs and personal issues. Anyway, today is all about pain...back pain specifically. I realise so many of us are going through this daily...and what got me into researching deep into it was the fact that my youngest daughter was diagnosed with Sciatica. She suffers so badly from it on a daily basis and she is only 18! It is just so unnatural for someone so young as h... read more »

Heat MS bad bay

Today i found out first hand why heat is bad for me, well why heat messes with my body. Was actually not bad to say the least though i cant say I want to do it again, or atleast any time soon. Anyway what happened was I went in the tube today, I wanted to Continue reading read more »

Drop the Sand, Grasp the Diamonds.

Do you remember playing in the sand as a child and trying to keep a hand full of the tiny grains in your palm? It had to be gripped so tightly to keep any of it. One loosening of the palm and the sand would all fall out. Your fears, angers, hurts, are like those grains of sand. When you first encounter them, they are huge like a stone. But eventually the stone disappears and what is left behind is sand. You don't feel the stone anymore, but you still grip the grains of sand in your palms, refusing to r... read more »

Men and the Real Pain of Childbirth

Childbirth is no easy task. I really admire women who give birth because they experience undeniable and excruciating pain. As a nursing student and a staff nurse, I really wonder how they handle it. It is easy for me to say, "Keep calm Ma'am. I am right here beside you. Just relax. Breathe in. Breathe out." I am not the one giving birth so I really don't have the mother's point of view on the pain they experience. What if men will experience labor pains? How will they react to it? Will they appreciat... read more »

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