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WW On A Tuesday – 50 Shades

bethere2day - WW On A Tuesday - Post an image and link up, this weeks post is - 50 Shades WW On A Tuesday 50 Shades read more »

योगेश मास्टर के चेहरे पर कालिख पोती:2 व्यक्तियो...

मामले की जांच के लिए कई पुलिस टीमों का गठन भी किया गया दवाणगेरे (कर्नाटक): 13 मार्च 2017: (पंजाब स्क्रीन ब्यूरो):: चुनावी परिणामों में जीत की घोषणा होते ही प्रगतशील कलमकारों पर हमे फिर शुरू हो गए हैं। अब नई घटना हुई है योगेश मास्टर के साथ।यहां के एक ‘‘प्रगतिशील’’ लेखकयोगेश मास्टरके मुंह पर कुछ दक्षिणपंथी कार्यकर्ताओं ने कथित तौर पर काली स्याही पोत दी और हिंदू देवी-देवताओं के खिलाफ कुछ लिखने पर गंभीर दुष्परिणामों की धमकी भी दी। सोशल मीडिया पर इस घटना की तीखी निंदा हो रही है।Ivan Yasने अपनी एक पोस्ट म... read more »

Lucky Boy by Shanthi Sekaran from Penguin Rando...

Published by Penguin Random House and written by an adept and brave woman writer Shanti Sekaran, Lucky Boy is a The post Lucky Boy by Shanthi Sekaran from Penguin Random House A soul stirring Novel appeared first on BUZZINGTALES . read more »

Do you want to feature in a novel? See your nam...

The North East of England is a great place to be and spend time in. There is so much to do from the beautiful Northumberland coast to the excitement of Newcastle. One part of the North East that I don't think is known well enough is the city of Durham. It was highlighted in the Bill Bryson book 'Notes From a Small Island' and I think it has only got more beautiful since. I am writing a detective novel based in Durham and I hope that it will help to bring it to the attention of the world. In the same ... read more »

Become immortal! Become a star character in a n...

There are only 9 days left of my Kickstarter campaign to get my novel set in Durham off the ground. I am really excited about this project and I know that with the right backing I can pout the city of Durham on the map in a similar way to what the Inspector Morse novels and TV series did for Oxford. Durham is a beautiful city and deserves more public attention. Become immortal! Become a star character in a novel The main character has gone - someone has very graciously pledged the £500 needed to name ... read more »

Star in a novel set in Durham

My Kickstarter campaign is drawing to a close. It offers you the chance to be one of the star characters in a crime and detective novel set in the City of Durham and the surrounding areas. You can choose to be one of the main characters and help me to bring this story to life as well as promote the city of Durham to a much wider audience. I have has interest from as far and wide as Australia and the United States of America for this novel and I'd love to get the funding I need to get it off the groun... read more »

Support a local author and you could be part of...

Do you want to star in a novel set in the North East? Well now you can! There's s great new novel coming soon where you can be a part of the story. This great Kickstarter campaign gives you the chance to find a local author (me!) and secure your role in the book. You can become one of the characters as you get to give them a name and five characteristics to really bring them to life. The money raised will be to help travel to and from Durham so I can get the details recorded perfectly and then to mark... read more »

Third-person Action RPG *Anima: Gate of Memorie...

The folks at Badland Games just emailed me their press release for their upcoming title: Anima: Gate of Memories which is based on a series of books. It is being developed by a small team and heavily involving the author of the novels. This looks to be a really fun, story-rich RPG with multiple endings, Continue reading Third-person Action RPG *Anima: Gate of Memories* due June 3 on Steam (Windows/Linux), PS4 Xbox One, North American PS4 launch to take place June 7 read more »

“The Wind Guardian” by Frank Scozzari

"The Wind Guardian" by Frank Scozzari is a A gripping new thriller by the author of "From Afar," released 1 November 2015 read more »

Review: The Unfortunates by Sophie McManus

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE The Unfortunatesby Sophie McManus is a stunningly self-assured debut that rewards its readers with a highly polished gem of a book. This contemporary novel, told over the course of one year, assumes the qualities of a novel of epic scope through its author’s skillful telling. The emo... read more »

“Legionary: Gods & Emperors” by Gordon Doherty

"Legionary: Gods Emperors" by Gordon Doherty is Volume 5 of the Legionary series. read more »

“The Great Liquor War” by D. M. McGowan

Ex-Gold Miner Caught in Power Struggle in the Exciting Western "The Great Liquor War" by D. M. McGowan read more »

“Hope” by Taryn Feldmann

Contemporary Romance is Interrupted When Cancer Strikes in "Hope" by Taryn Feldmann read more »

Novel "Terbaik Bagimu" - Bab 3

Setibanya Mirwan di hadapan perkarangan banglo mewahnya, dia disambut mesra oleh ibu angkatnya, Hjh Rozita Che Mat yang telah membelanya sejak dari sekolah rendah lagi setelah ketiadaan keluarga tercinta. Ibu dan ayahnya Dato Dzulkarnain Ahmad dan Datin Tiara telah terlibat dalam kemalangan ngeri ketika mahu kembali dari urusan perniagaan mereka di Genting Highlands. Hj Kasim, ayah angkatnya tidak pernah menganggap Mirwan sebagai orang lain melainkan sebagai anak kesayangannya sendiri. Mengakui bahawa Mi... read more »

“Delta” by Tolar Miles

Southern Novelist, Tolar Miles, is pleased to announce the release of her second novel "Delta." read more »

“Man of Discovery: A Time For Redemption” by Mi...

Dramatic Novel Mimics Political Realities of Today in "Man of Discovery: A Time For Redemption" by Michael Hooper read more »

Novel "Hanya Dirimu Seadanya" - Bab 8

Terima kasih banyak sangat atas sokongan korang pada karya saya yang sungguh tak seberapa ini. Saya akan cuba yang terbaik untuk memuaskan hati semua pihak yang follow citer ni. Kini saya upload the next chapter, harap korang enjoy! “Encik tak boleh paksa saya sesuka hati macam ni!” Melissa membentak. Arman merengus sambil membuka kereta, “Don’t let me drag you into the car! Masuk cepat!” Melissa tiada pilihan selain menurut sahaja kehendak lelaki kacak yang angkuh itu. Melissa berpeluk tubuh sebaik ... read more »

“The Domino King” by St. Clair Sonny

Romantic Thriller Centers on Winning the Game … of Love in "The Domino King" by St. Clair Sonny read more »

“From The Sky” by J. E. Nicassio

Author J.E. Nicassio is pleased to announce the release of her young adult sci-fi romance novel, "From The Sky." read more »

“Family Affairs” by Steven M. Moore

"Family Affairs" is a New Action-Packed Adventure by Steven M. Moore. read more »

“How to Murder a Boyband” by Jason Roche

"How to Murder a Boyband" by Jason Roche is a subtle sense of humour, and a keen observation of modern city life and culture. read more »

“Cauliflower Heart: A Romantic Wrestler” by Dia...

Former WWF performer Diana Hart, the wife of the late British Bulldog and sister to Bret Hart, released her debut novel "Cauliflower Heart: A Romantic Wrestler" read more »

“Rebel Blood” by T. J. Walker

Political Thriller Depends on Heroes From the Past for Salvation in "Rebel Blood" by T. J. Walker read more »

“Into The Darkness” by J. E. Plemons

Author, J. E. Plemons announces the release of the second book in his Last Light Falling YA Dystopian/Apocalyptic Thriller Series, Into the Darkness. read more »

“The Color Of Life” by Claudette Carrida Jeffrey

Author Claudette Carrida Jeffrey And Carrick Publishing Release New Coming Of Age Women’s Fiction "The Color Of Life." read more »

“Into The Mist” by Judith Ingram

Author Judith Ingram Releases Third Book In Her Moonseed Paranormal Romance Series: "Into The Mist." read more »

“Lady of the Imperial City” by Laura Kitchell

Author Laura Kitchell is pleased to announce the release of her historical romance set in Japan, "Lady of the Imperial City." read more »

“Immortal Kiss” by Laura Daleo

Author Laura Daleo is pleased to announce the promotion of her book, "Immortal Kiss." Published by World Castle Publishing in February 2015. read more »

“Falling On The Bright Side” by Michael Gray

Author Michael Gray Promotes His Novel "Falling On The Bright Side" About Disability And Human Depth read more »

“Twister” by Genanne Walsh

By turns terrifying and humorous, clear-eyed and deep-hearted, Twister brings us into the center of a storm as a small Midwestern town mourns the death of a young soldier. The novel opens with Rose, the soldier’s fiercely independent mother, whose flame red hair turns white overnight from grief. Chapter by chapter, her community is revealed and [...] read more »

“Quark Flux” by Mike Coony

"Quark Flux: The Stealing of Stonehenge End of planet Earth" by Mike Coony is a Science Fiction novel with a real storyline. read more »

“Waterproof” by Lee DuCote

Grave Distractions Publications and Lee DuCote are pleased to announce the release of "Waterproof." read more »

“Chasing Dust Clouds” by Lilliana Rose

Author Lilliana Rose is pleased to announce the release of her contemporary romance novel, "Chasing Dust Clouds." read more »

“The Boy in The Bin” by Charles W. Massie

"The Boy in The Bin" by Charles W. Massie is a new novel for the fall season. read more »

“Butterfly Waltz” by Jane Tesh

Silver Leaf Books Announces the Upcoming Release of "Butterfly Waltz" by Jane Tesh read more »

“On My Back Paws” by A. J. Skoyles

Fun, New Comedy Book, "On My Back Paws," by A. J. Skoyles. read more »

“Loving Annalise” by Gabriel Constans

"Loving Annalise" is an Erotic European Romance Novel by Gabriel Constans. read more »

“The Order” by A. C. Donaubauer

Author A. C. Donaubauer Releases New Urban Fantasy, "The Order" read more »

“Asim: Servant of Two Masters” by D. W. Smith

Christianity and Islam Clash in Historical Murder Mystery in "Asim: Servant of Two Masters" by D. W. Smith read more »

“Janalya” by Marie Godley

Marie Godley is pleased to announce the release of her new Young Adult novel, "Janalya" read more »

“Giles and Julie” by Hugh Bowen

Compelling Romance Begins in France During World War II in "Giles and Julie" by Hugh Bowen read more »

“A Widow’s Salvation” by Becky Lower

"A Widow's Salvation" by Becky Lower is Book 8 in the Cotillion Ball Series... Release Date is 7 September 2015. read more »

The Espresso Man on Calico Joe

Life’s journey has its end. Every man’s dream must be in that span of life that he may spend it with all his strength and power. The difference will contrast according to our individual skills and knowledge on how to use the applied knowledge at the right time. Many iconic people in history gain their popularity in various forms. Some through their wealth like Bill Gates, through their knowledge like Einstein, through their antagonistic behavior like Hitler, and through their athletic skill like Joe Ca... read more »

“A Haunting at Land’s End” by Barbara E. Pleasant

Haunted! Paranormal Ghost Story Begins After the Civil War in "A Haunting at Land's End" by Barbara E. Pleasant read more »

“Killing Miss Underwood” by John Cassian

"Killing Miss Underwood" by John Cassian is Book Number Three of The Knight Chronicles Series. read more »

“NOC – Non-Official Cover: British Secret Opera...

"NOC - Non-Official Cover: British Secret Operations" by Nicholas Anderson... Author That Cannot Be Seen By UK Law To Start INTELLIGENCE INSIGHTS. read more »

“Limehouse Boys” by Patrick G. Cox

East End of London in early 1830s provides background to thrilling tale hardship, criminal activity, determination courage in Limehouse Boys by Patrick Cox read more »

“Getting Lei’d” by Ann Omasta

Author Ann Omasta announces the release of her romantic comedy, "Getting Lei’d." Chosen as a Kindle Scout winning book. read more »

“The Mysteries of Frau Maria” by Artiom Tarasov

Historical Thriller Pits Rescuers Against Evil Forces in "The Mysteries of Frau Maria" by Artiom Tarasov read more »

“Body Language – from Head to Toe” by Per-Olof ...

Don’t Be ‘Tongue Tied,’ Let ‘Body Language’ Do the Speaking... "Body Language – from Head to Toe" by Per-Olof Hasselgren read more »

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