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Both Hands On the Wheel at Rocky Hill Pottery:

When Fingers Meet Clay, Anything Can Happen It was a two pound lump of clay, reminiscent of the plasticine I played with as a child. But master potter and owner of Rocky Hill Pottery, John Ketty told me it could be transformed into something functional if I followed his instructions, and I believed him. Simon, [] The post Both Hands On the Wheel at Rocky Hill Pottery: appeared first on Six Legs Will Travel. read more »


Como bien todos sabrán y si no saben se los digo... NYC es muy caro!! Si, realmente es caro, tanto comer como moverse y visitar las distintas atracciones...Pero, si uno se organiza bien, puede acceder a varias cosas de manera gratuita y no gastarse un fangote de dinero al recorrer esta bellísima ciudad.Tips de ahorro: Movilidad: sacar la Metrocard (mínimo 7 días) para poder utilizar todos los transportes públicos de forma ilimitada durante la validez de la misma. El valor por persona por una semana es de... read more »


En nuestro ultimo viaje por NYC decidimos hacer un bike tour. Nos parecio interesante aprovechar esta especial forma de conocer la ciudad, como ya hemos hecho en otros lugares, entre ellos Londres y Estambul, para conocer lugares que sin un tour asi no hubieramos podido conocer.En viajes anteriores, compramos la NYC Pass de la cual hable en otro posteo Recorrido Clasico y Popular por la afamada NYC, y utilizamos los servicios de alquiler de bicis y tours por el Central Park, que tambien merece la pena po... read more »

Lucky Boy by Shanthi Sekaran from Penguin Rando...

Published by Penguin Random House and written by an adept and brave woman writer Shanti Sekaran, Lucky Boy is a The post Lucky Boy by Shanthi Sekaran from Penguin Random House A soul stirring Novel appeared first on BUZZINGTALES . read more »

Seven cities in the world where people are paye...

Few people know that there are places in the world where, for some reason, people are paying to dwell. In these places there is a shortage in the number of inhabitants and try to attract them with money. Detroit, Michigan, USA Paris of the West [...] read more »

Rael: „Verlegt das UNO-Hauptquartier nach Okina...

LAS VEGAS, 17. August - Rael, das spirituelle Oberhaupt der Rael-Bewegung ruft die Vereinten Nationen auf, ihr Hauptquartier zu verlegen. read more »

Tomorrow is July 4th – America’s Independence Day

Tomorrow is July 4th,  The American Independence Day. The date that America became an independent country.  It is traditionally celebrated with fireworks, local parades and family gatherings. July 4th is also a Federal Holiday with many local events around America. A Record Breaking number of more then 43 million people are expected to travel during [] The post Tomorrow is July 4th Americas Independence Day appeared first on TravelionX. read more »

Philly/NYC Collection

For those who don't know, I have roots in both Philadelphia New York City. I grew up in Philly (was actually born in the I don't have a British accent), and reside in NYC (Brooklyn to be exact. Check out my personal art website for my bio: With my love for both my hometown and my current city, I wanted to put something out as sort of a tribute to both. For the most part, both design themes are fairly simple compared to most of my other work but I still wanted to incorpora... read more »


GREAT OFFERS World Yacht Thanksgiving Dinner Cruises - Save 35% on Tickets! Thanksgiving Special Product! If you're looking to do some sightseeing but don't want to miss out on a venerable American tradition, why not experience the best part of the holiday while sailing along the Hudson River. ____ World Yacht Thanksgiving Dinner Cruises - Save 35% on Tickets! ********** Hornblower Thanksgiving Day Dinner Cruise - Save 10% on Tickets Thanksgiving Special Product! This cruise includes a classic Amer... read more »

Old travel story : from London to Perth in a box

An Australian, Reg Spiers, spent three days in a wooden box to get home in the city of Perth, after he woke up in the situation of being alone and penniless in London. Spiers, an aspiring athlete to participate in the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo arrived in London to recover from an injury. The verdict [] read more »

Did you know that New York has more rats then p...

A record number of 24,000 complaints against rats were recorded this year in New York, where the authorities have intensified the fight against thousands of swarming rodents parks, subways and sewer. 10 Tips for Cocktailing in New York City As the philosopher Simone de Beauvoir wrote, "There's something in the New York air that makes [] read more »

Un Natale scintillante nei cinque distretti di ...

UN NATALE SCINTILLANTE NEI CINQUE DISTRETTI DI NEW YORK CITY Tra il Giorno del Ringraziamento e Capodanno, sono attesi circa 5,2 milioni di visitatori a New York City, per una spesa stimata in 3,7 miliardi di dollari NYC Company, ente del turismo di New York City, presenta gli eventi in programma per il Natale nei cinque distretti della città. La stagione delle feste prende il via con la Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, la celebre parata del Giorno del Ringraziamento, per proseguire con la cerimonia ... read more »

A man wants to swim the Atlantic Ocean

A former policeman from Britain wants to become the first person to swim the Atlantic . In December, he will seek from Senegal to Brazil, going swimming away huge: over 3,700 kilometers. Man Rows 5,000 Miles Across Atlantic Ocean To Raise ... ATLANTIC CITY, N.J., (CBS) – A man's 5,000 mile journey across the Atlantic [] read more »

The most unwelcoming cities in the world

Every year, tourism publications realized charts showing the most beautiful destinations in the world. This year, however, Travel and Leisure has designed a top most unusual: in addition to receiving the list of tourist destinations, the publication achieved a top of the most inhospitable cities in the world. The 25 Best Value Cities in the [] read more »

~ season’s it bags ~

Choose the most appealing must-have bag as seen at New York Fashion Week below! (Images via here)Filed under: inspirations Tagged: accessories, fashion week, it-bag, New York, NYFW read more »

Ecentrik Artistry at Sneaker Con NYC 2015

Come check me out at Sneaker Con NYC on July 25th at the Jacob K. Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan NY. Will have customs on display and maybe a few other surprises on hand. Should be a fun event as there will be tons of vendor tables and sneakers galore throughout the venue. To get tickets, hit up theSneaker Con Website read more »

The most beautiful abandoned building in the world

The most beautiful abandoned building in the world. Places or buildings that once were admired for their beauty could not pass the test of time, being gradually abandoned or destroyed. The most beautiful abandoned building in the world. Castelul Bannerman Bannerman Castle There is now abandoned armory, built by Francis Bannerman VI businessman in 1901. [] read more »

A Guide to New York: Parks

Pavement, concrete, crowds, skyscrapers. New York City. But then you come across an entrance, gated by greenery and the fresh smell of a meadow. An oasis.  New York City is filled with a countless number of parks, some tucked away and some national sites filled with horse carriages, restaurants and zoos. They are the Continue reading A Guide to New York: Parks The post A Guide to New York: Parks appeared first on Scentbird Perfumes. read more »

Yvone Christa New York disegna nelle occasioni ...

YVONE CHRISTA NEW YORK Un dono speciale… per un’occasione unica La fashion jewellery firmata Yvone Christa New York disegna nelle occasioni speciali atmosfere e scenari patinati. Quando il dress code è elegante. La griffe di Manhattan ama abbinare la perla alla filigrana con forme leggere e tinte magiche. I pendenti, gli anelli, i collier Yvone Christa New York hanno una luce che il tempo non scalfisce e donano personalità alla donna che li riceve e li indossa. La griffe YVONE CHRISTA nasce a Los Ange... read more »

Happy Birthday Keelaa and a Dog named Bob

View image A plate of syrup blew across the road followed by the Bluejay. It’s mind set on getting one small taste of that syrup while avoiding the mailbox on the other side of the road. Bob had other plans for that plate. That dog was always off its chain in more ways Continue reading Happy Birthday Keelaa and a Dog namedBob read more »

Le destinazioni più cliccate sul web dagli ital...

Gli italiani sono un popolo di viaggiatori e nonostante tutto amano avventurarsi per scoprire come si vive in altre città, scoprendonde la storia, i monumenti e godendo della vita notturna e sociale del posto., I più famosi motori di ricerca di voli low cost, ha recentemente aggiornato quella che è la classifica delle mete più ricercate dagli italiani. Amsterdam La capitale dell'Olanda vanta uno stile e una personalità unica in Europa e nonostante le temperature in questo periodo non siano delle miglio... read more »

賭城美食:BLT Steak - Las Vegas, NV

由位於美國東岸、世界首屈一指的城市中興起,BLT 這個廣受紐約客喜愛的餐飲品牌,名氣可不亞於許多以國際名廚為名建立起的餐飲帝國。其旗下最廣為人知的高級 牛排館 Steakhouse,不僅是在美國本土連鎖開設,在許多亞洲首善之區開設的海外分店,更是當地廣為人知、在特殊前提或是慶祝時前往的用餐去處。原本在南加州好萊塢滴區也有開設並廣富好評,可惜目前已經歇業,而想要品嚐到著名的頂級牛排風味,最近的地方就是來到 賭城 Las Vegas。 位於Bally's Las Vegas Hotel之內,整體來說用餐環境跟其它新穎的旅館中開設的頂級餐廳相比有些平淡,但仍無法掩蓋其來自於集團經營與長久建立的口碑光芒。 紅、黑、深色木紋,說不上富麗堂皇,卻也維持著經典牛排館的風格。 印在菜單背面的牛排部位與對應名稱圖,在享用美食前對於食物更多了一分認識,也更珍惜這股得來不易的珍品美味。 菜單選項不以繁多的種類來吸引顧客,乍看之下許多牛排館都是類似的風格,在幾道經典的前菜與配菜外,將目光焦點鎖定在各種部位的牛排風味。 經過了多重認證與標準鑑定的安格司牛種,其實是在美國高級路線的牛排館中最受歡迎的一種,微軔的肉質纖維與... read more »

Healthy Hacks in NYC

The Big Apple is a must-see on any European travelers US travel list and most American travelers travel lists, too. Ive been lucky enough to live in this amazing city since last June, as well as for various month to three month chunks over the past few years, and the longer I live here, the more I fall in love! This can actually happen in NYC and it does, regularly. How could you not love this city?As a New Yorker (Im not going to lie, thats still fun to say) Ive picked up a lot of tricks about how to... read more »

Customer Spotlight: "Brooklyn Bridge"

Brooklyn. My favorite borough in all of New York City. I love all the boroughs but to me BK is the borough with the most's also the borough where I personally reside. So when I got an inquiry from a client to do a Brooklyn Bridge themed pair of Air Force 1s, I was happy to oblige. (Random pic of the bridge I took one day walking through Brooklyn Bridge Park)Originally the plan was to do the shoe with a black silhouette of the bridge but the client wanted the bridge to have some color....... read more »

~ match the city with the style ~

Well, ladies,  although the four fashion weeks are over, there is plenty of street style looks to pore over for spring wardrobe inspiration. While doing so, you will realise that each city possesses a distinct essence individual to its location So, it would be fun to break down what makes each fashion week location unique—and, [] read more »

Recipe: No-Fail New York Bagels

Ive lived in NYC for almost a year now (and over a year collectively, if you add all the random months of temporary residence over previous years together) so Ive decided that the proper way to honor the fact that Im somewhat a New Yorker now is with a New York bagels recipe! These have the bagel crust, the bagel chewiness, and the bagel flavor - theyre all around the real deal! Whether you bake them in New York with NY water or in North Carolina (or wherever else you are) theyll turn out great. The NY ... read more »


Friends, Now all of the Global Warming people fear a great SnowMaggedon on the North Eastern seaboard. Well. I have family on Long Island. So, I am concerned. And I am praying. 70 mph winds. 3 feet of snow. Storm Continue reading read more »

GROUPON New York Food and Drink Deals - Limited...

Seafood Dinner with Wine and Dessert for Two or Four at Umberto's Clam House (Up to 66% Off) Little Italy Select from Options********** French Pastry Macaron class or Culinary Class for One, Two, or Four at French'Encas (Up to 59% Off) Tribeca 100% of 11 customers from $99 ********** Vegan Food for T... read more »

Happy New Year ! :) ~ Jai Krishna Ponnappan

Jai Krishna Ponnappan, Fall 2014. All Rights Reserved©Image Ref . ~~ May you go forth under the strength of heaven, under the light of sun, under the radiance of moon; May you go forth with the splendor of fire, with the speed of lightning, with the swiftness of wind; May you go forth supported by the depth of sea, by the stability of earth, by the firmness of rock; May you be surrounded and encircled, with the protection of the n... read more »

Over the Weekend // Sister Date

On Saturday, Rebecca and I went into Manhattan together for a much-needed sister date. First time we weren't bickering all week ;) It is worth noting that my mother knitted this beautiful scarf for her and that one for me is in the planning stage, right Mom? En route to Chelsea Market (I spent a LOT of time in Chelsea this trip), we stopped at Doughnut Plant. Did you know how much I love doughnuts? The answer is, too much. If that's even possible. The wild blueberry donut was so delicious, if you go th... read more »

Cwizmaus in the City

Window displays in Manhattan are out of control around Christmas-time. We've never been here this time of year, so my Mom wanted to go look at the windows (we're obligated to do at least one touristy thing while we're here--though we usually end up doing several). I think Saks 5th Avenue had my favorite windows, but at that point in the day the rain had begun and I did not take out my camera. So these photos are from Lord Taylor, Macy's, and Bloomingdale's (I think). ^ Alice themed ^ ^ Wizard of Oz... read more »

Grandma Joanne's 80th Surprise Party

Hey, surprise! This is why we came to New York this break! My Grandma turned 80 this month, and my Papa has been planning this party literally all year. Look, indulge me, okay? There are a lot of photos of me and my family in this post because, well, it's family. My Mom had everyone write six words about my Grandma. Just six words. Rebecca's was the best: "If the Godfather was a woman." And Rebecca being gorgeous, can you even? No. No you can't. My cousins look like the UN (United Nations), but we'v... read more »

Happy Friday, With Love from New York City

I got into JFK at 6am on Thursday and I've spent almost all of the past 48 hours in Manhattan, with friends. It's been exhausting and fantastic. First thing on Thursday (after the obligatory diner breakfast, with my hysterically funny grandparents) I met Lisa!!! I don't know how we became friends, but she takes beautiful photos, dresses to kill, and is just an all around beautiful person. I am a big fan.We walked all around the city. Chelsea, Union Square, the Flat Iron area, yada yada. My legs hurt. I... read more »

Durch den Traum

Laufen und laufen. Vorbei an all den Menschen, an Gaffern, an Grabern, an Verkäufern und Touris. Vorbei. Die Stadt wird aufgesogen, mit jeder Pore des Körpers: Die Gebäude spiegeln sich in den Augen wieder, die Gerüche kriechen in die Nase und sortieren sich im Gehirn ein, die Geräusche sind anstrengend und wundervoll, die Luft ist [] read more »

Diabetic-Friendly Stocking Stuffer!

My little sister's good friend is one of the most active, bubbly, sweet little girls you'll ever meet. And at the age of ten, she has type one diabetes. Luckily for her, the candy world of today doesn't have to be as sugar-packed as Wonka's!There are so many options out there for people with all different kind of diets and now there are even some really great tasting chocolate options that are entirely free of sugar! Peg Art Creations Sugar-Free Bark is one such excellent stocking stuffer option!They'... read more »

Happy B, Boo!

I got into New Jersey last night. My Dad picked me up from the airport, and I was so happy to see him I almost cried. I didn't. But when we picked up Mom and Bec, I sobbed. I was crying and laughing and it's pure luck that it didn't turn into one of those really ugly cries because I was just so overwhelmingly happy to see them. My family. My family all here, together, when just earlier that day I had still been on my own in Tempe (well not alone, but with my "Tempe family"). CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS FOLI... read more »

When I Leave Arizona

This past weekend, I spent my twenty-fifth birthday in New York City with my best friends. It was a pretty bitchin’ way to reach the quarter-century mark of my life. While I was off, living the high life on the... The post When I Leave Arizona appeared first on Somehow Chaotic. Tags: Facebook TweetThis Digg StumbleUpon Comments:0 (Zero), Be the first to leave a reply! You might be interested in this: Olive and Ivy's Blogiversary Giveaway. SIX THINGS I AM LOVING: WEEKLY ROUN... read more »

"American Heroes"

This may be the most important shoe i've done so far. After having seen some of the tributes during the anniversary of 9/11, I was inspired to do something that would pay tribute to the heroes of that day. The ones who went above and beyond and risked their lives to help others in peril. I thought about the firefighters and the police officers who put put themselves in danger to help save lives....yes it's something they do everyday as it's a part of their jobs but the events of 9/11/01 really put things... read more »


Alles leuchtet und flackert um dich herum. In tausend Farben. Überwältigt siehst du dich um, nach allen Seiten. Atmest Menschen ein, wohin du auch schaust. Läufst in eine Menge, die sich nicht teilen, nicht bewegen möchte. Ein Raunen. Der Präsident. Wow. Der Präsident. Auch hier. Aber wird er wahrnehmen können, was du kannst? Nein. Niemals [] read more »

Top 5 destinations to revisit

Some places you are happy with visiting just once but some places you really want to go back to simple just because you can't get enough. So when booked.netasked me to post my top 5 destination that I would like to revisit as a part of the Top Destination to Go Therethere was no doubt in my mind that I would do that.This mostly based on the fact that if I was the one who were looking for somewhere to go I would definitely consider a place a travel blogger would like to revisit. There is no other travelle... read more »

Mete ancora inesplorate di New York

La grande Statua della Libertà, il Ponte di Brooklyn, Times Square ed l’Empire State Building, sono esclusivamente alcuni dei grandi simboli della Grande Mela, ovvero la splendida New York. Una città moderna e all’avanguardia, la qualche ogni giorno accoglie milioni di turisti provenienti da tutto il mondo. Per organizzare al meglio un viaggio a New York ci vuole del tempo, trovare l’offerta aerea adatta alle vostre esigenze e la sistemazione più conveniente non è un gioco da ragazzi. Se volete[...] Th... read more »

Ecentrik Artistry @ Conception New York City (9...

After being a part of three wonderful Conception Arts Show events (see a few pics from the first onehereand a video from the most recent onehere), I will be a part of a Conception Emerging Artists Show once again! Friday, September 19th at the Cutting Room in New York City is the date for the next Conception Emerging Artists show. A great line up of artistic talent is being put together for the event which will include yours truly exhibiting some new custom works for the show (which will be available to ... read more »

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