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Most wanted adventure books of all time

Suspense The Three Musketeers, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Game of Thrones is listed among the most popular stories that keep you breathless. Pirates, mysterious islands, travel full of dangers, pricole everywhere, dark, vampires, fight, swords, spectacular escapes, testing of all kinds, other realms, all part of the [] read more »

Butterfly Solitude – Rule of Thirds – #photo101

This photo was taken last summer by my DH. He has gotten pretty handy with the camera. It is the closest we have to the rule of thirds, and is the one and only monarch butterfly we saw that year. For some reason they have become scarce in New Hampshire over the past couple of years. Continue reading Butterfly Solitude Rule of Thirds #photo101 read more »

Rye New Hampshire – #photo101

I took this photo last summer while on my first surf casting trip. The only one to catch a fish that day was me, an ugly monk fish, that I was glad to toss back. The thing had two sets of teeth and it was pretty spiney and the color of mud. read more »

New England Is In For A Change!

I planned on writing something else. And as I sat down and reached for my laptop, I heard these words. New England! It’s your time. It’s your season. And that changed everything for me. Because I am not a sports team aficionado, but enjoy the game , I will watch the game. But I am Continue reading New England Is In For A Change! read more »

Icy Pond at the Inn

 Icy Pond Canvas Underpainted BlackIn the afternoon of our New Hampshire painting weekend,it warmed up to almost forty. The front of the inn where we were staying was very picturesque. I set up in frontof the innlooking down the hill at a ranch style fence which surrounded a frozen duck pond. A pretty white birch on the far side of the pond reached up to the pink winter sky and of course, the mountains in the distance. Icy Pond at the Inn - Stage TwoI began once again with a black gesso under... read more »

C-C-Cold,Cloudy, Frozen Riverbanks

Hawk at Nest  Riverside Stage OneOur second paint-outin Chesterfield, NHwas abit colder than the first one. It was early morning, mostly cloudy and eighteen degrees. We drove along the eastern (New Hampshire) side of the Connecticut River on a road called River Road. There were some antique houses and farms along the way, mostly away from the riverbanks. People were more sensible back when they were built. Right along the shore there were more modern houses and along one stretch we found a boat laun... read more »

Ice Fishing Shanties in Brattleboro, VT

Ice Fishing Shanties - Stage OneOn the first paint out day away, we spent entirely too much time trying to find a great spot to paint.The issue we had in beautiful Chesterfield, New Hampshire wasn't that there weren't enough scenic spots (blanketed with a gorgeous snowpack), but rather there was so much snow, that the embankments prevented convenient access, both for parking the car and walking to a spot. Instead of the coveted covered bridge scene, we found a location behind the Brattleboro, VT Retreat ... read more »

No Rain for our Home Turf – #ROW80 Check In

Snow! Thats what we found when we woke up this morning – more snow. Just when I thought maybe, just maybe our winter was going to turn out to be a bit milder than in the past years the snow came back. Now we are looking toward the cold returning too. I dont know why [] read more »

NaNoWriMo is around the Corner – #ROW80

Friday ! Who cant wait for Friday to get here? If you are thinking it is just the beginning of the weekend, then you must not be a writer. This Friday is November 1st. The first of November marks the beginning of none other than Na No Wri Mo. That is National Novel Writing Month. It [] read more »

Memorial Post #ROW80

Memorial Weekend is here. This is the weekend that most folks kick off their summer cookouts and open their pools for the season, even campgrounds kick into full swing with their campers. This year Im glad Im not one of them. It is a cold Memorial Weekend here in New Hampshire. It is one of [] read more »

Planting Plots #ROW80 Check-in

Spring has sprung here in New Hampshire and it is about time. I got so tired of the snow and the cold. A bad case of cabin fever had been troubling me since February. But that is over now, thank God. Yesterday I planted and planted and planted all seeds mind you. Mike tilled the [...] read more »

It's not real until it's on facebook

I’m thirty, newly single, and I’m in New Hampshire listening to my little brother and his fiancée discus table linens and entrée options with wedding coordinators at a series of country clubs and hotel ballrooms. A high school football coach is screaming at me from somewhere inside my head. “Are you crying? Are you a little sissy girl? Do you want your mommy? SUCK IT UP! Stop being a baby! PUSH THROUGH THE PAIN!!!” I blink the tears back into my eyes and flip through a brochure of happy brides and over t... read more »

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