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Ominous Dictation?

As usual there are the certain types of degenerates that keep tabs on me spiritually and also physically they cannot help it as they are sick, demented and demonic. They do not have a life as their intentions are to stop me within any of my natural and positive endeavors, particularly right now it is [] read more »

My Life Written Journals

I am by nature inspired to write and not only as a hobby but also as a profession. I write about whatever spirit inclines me to as well as what may interest me or what I may have experienced. I never lacked in confidence I always believed in myself and within my abilities I knew [] read more »

Note To My Visitors Update: Everything is back ...

In response to my last post: The issue has been resolved with the changes to my internet service, and rather quickly I may add. Everything is working great now and my access to the internet resumed without any further interruptions. Posted on October 25, 2013 by misslatoya Forgive me if I have not gotten [] read more »

Note: To My Visitors

Forgive me if I have not gotten back to any of you right away or within a specific time to elaborate whatever questions, information, or subject matter in much more detail or at all for that matter. I currently am in the process of changing my internet services and I have not been able to reach the [] read more »

The Stratagem And Sabotage Endeavored By Those ...

I have an update in response to this post: Gypsy Psychic Fortune Teller/Spiritualists In Florida … Psychic Doris · Doris Palm Card Reader John DorothyJohnson 1872 Airport Rd. S … I like that term and statement of Ripoff Reports trademark Dont let them get away with it. Let the truth be known! I have always felt that way in life and plenty [] read more »

A Real Caulbearer

Shannon Lee Wolf is a glutton for punishment. She just keeps digging herself deeper and deeper into a huge whole. Initially I would just ignore this woman and her crafty and vain attempts due to the fact that I am a productive person, and one who is far ahead of her intellectually as well as [] read more »

Hanging Yourself With Your Own Rope/You Don’t N...

The Curious Caul  June 22 My nephew just posted this on my personal pageand it couldnt have been more well-timed. Mr. Rogers was my father-figure growing up, as my father moved away and I never heard from him after my parents divorce when I was two yrs. old. I never felt worthy of Mr. Rogers [] read more »

My Early Internet Days “Constructively” Resurre...

When I get into my writing modes and creations it is so lovely. I go crazy. Always stimulated with numerous ideas and projects. Designs that are old along with the plans that are new. Mad with determination, enjoyment, and discipline. Guided by the natural inspiration and talent for the art of my literature. And also [] read more »


They keep coming to my blogs to be nosy yet some are intrigued (quite a few). About two are subscribers of my blogs (they are affiliated with one another). I know everything that they are up to and that they are trying to do. Steal is one of course. My information, my words, my writing [] read more »

My Success Is My Own And Not What Anyone Else M...

Measured Success/The Many Different Definitions Of Success As usual my extremely envious enemies are always directing negative black magic spells toward my way in hope of causing impediments. They will sometimes try to work against me at any day and at specific times of the week yet their most main days in which they indulge [] read more »


Caulbearers United Scam/Caught Red-Handed Shannon Lee Wolf or shall I say Sharon is going crazy. She has repeatedly visited my site. She had also alerted a few other of her associates (her partners in crime). The bitch is in a panic yet she is playing the circumstances off. Sharon attempts in vain to manipulate the [...] read more »

Caulbearers United Scam/Caught Red-Handed

In the year 2010 I was approached in an email from one of my sites on the web from a guy by the name of Jade Edwards (who also goes by the name Johnny Blade). He claimed that he was a caulbearer who was the founder of Sok Ko Healing Modality. And that he was [...] read more »

“Vital” Information On Shannon Lee Wolf A.K.A S...

This Notice Can Be Found At This Address: Oh what a character this Shannon Lee Wolf is (Caulbearers United Scam). Such a liar for days. And all of these phony ailments that she supposedly has is quite ridiculous. She should not be alive. Although I do know for a fact that all of the [...] read more »

Jealousy And Envy: Knowledge, Creativity, And G...

Ive always been far ahead of my time. There are people who have constantly come after me unjustly. They then in return paid for their shenanigans severely. Whether they had suffered quickly or at a more distant time. All of my young life I have been the object of many peoples envy and jealousy. Jealousy [...] read more »

The Advantages Of Blogging

I love to write. I am a natural born writer. I have been writing ever since I was a child. I had the opportunity to get a book published by a mainstream publishing company when I was about ten or eleven years of age. Since then, I actually have gotten two books self published. I [...] read more »

Phony Commentors? “How To Know If I Were Born W...

I Received A Visitor From Naples, Florida Yesterday Who Left Some Comments Under The Name “Shari”. Now Here And There I Know That I Will Run Into People Who Have Ulterior Motives For Why They Contact Me. Some For Spiteful Purposes, And Some For Reasons That Do Not Mean Anything-They Are Just Curious, Just Being [...] read more »

The Power Of Expression Through Writing, Litera...

I Love To Write. It Is A Natural And Automatic Talent That I Was Born To Do. I Will Never Stop Enjoying This Personal Hobby And Occupational Profession. It Is Very Important For Individuals To Have A Stable Platform Whereas They Can Express Themselves And At The Same Time Create. As Far As Mainstream, Society [...] read more »

“My Voice” Weblog Subsciptions Are Available Th...

My Nonfiction Blog-Which Details My True Tales Of My Life Experiences, Knowledge, The World That We Live In, And The World And Realms That Are Around Me (And If It Pertains To Those In Particular-Us) Is Also Available To Those Of Interest Whod Prefer The Convenience And Leisure Of Reading My Posts When They Are [...] read more »

The Truth Always Comes Out/Shannon Lee Wolf Has...

People Are Coming To Realize Just How Much Of A Liar And Con Artist Shannon Lee Wolf Really Is (She Is Nothing But A Fake And A Phony). And It Is About Time! Everything That She Is Being Accused Of By Those In Particular Is Absolutely True. She Is A Liar. A Manipulator. An Evil [...] read more »

I Am Right Where I Am Suppose To Be For Where I...

It Is Something How Life Has A Way Of Working Things Out. When Something Is Truly Meant To Be Nothing And No One Can Actually Stand Or Get Into The Way. I Was Born To Write. That Is A Part Of Who And What I Am. And I Have Come To Realize To A Greater [...] read more »

A Never Ending Story/My Enemies Are Not Fooling...

I Am Not And Have Never Been Anybodys Fool. I Have For A Long Time Been A Popular Girl. Ever Since I Was Very Young. All Because I Was Extremely Unique, Smart, And Untouchable. I Was Always One To Keep A Low Profile. A Loner-Yet At The Same Time I Was Outgoing And Ambitious. Never [...] read more »

Facebook/Spiritual Network

I Am Not And Have Never Really Been Interested In Facebook. The Social Network Never Attracted My Attention. I Recently Got Listed In A Particular Blog Directory That Required One To Have A Facebook Account In Order To Sign Up. I Already Have A Twitter Account Which Is Purely Dedicated To Sharing Links From My [...] read more »

When You Become Targeted By The Crafty Ways Of ...

Hello Everyone. As Most Who Read My Blog Already Know, I Am A Clairvoyant Who Was Born With The  Caul Veil. And People Like Myself Are Very Sensitive Spiritually As Psychic Ability Opens Us Up Into Awareness To Every And All Things Of The Universe And The Energies In Which Surrounds Us And The Atmosphere. [...] read more »

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