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Sarah Laura Peyrel wird neue Miss Earth Schweiz...

Die junge Studentin konnte sich im Finale in Lausanne gegen ihre acht Konkurrentinnen durchsetzen. Sarah Laura Peyrel überzeugte die Jury mit ihrem Konzept und Auftreten. read more »

Casting Call: Max Fashion calls out “Real People”

MAX, the largest value fashion brand in the region, will reveal their Spring 2017 collection in February at a spectacular The post Casting Call: Max Fashion calls out “Real People” appeared first on BUZZINGTALES . read more »

Celebridades | Emma Kurnia | Top Model da Indon...

Foto: Instagram Oficial Emma Kurnia Jeito alegre, simpática e bem humorada, assim é a Top Model da Indonésia Emma Kurnia durante as suas transmissões de vídeo no aplicativo Bigo Live. Sua maneira simples e sua beleza renderam a Modelo um enorme número de fãs e seguidores nas redes sociais e principalmente no Bigo. Carismática ela brinca com os visitantes e sempre lhes dá atenção na medida do possível, para os mais afoitos, Emma procura sempre deixar claro que não tolera aqueles que lhe faltam com o res... read more »

Sonicomi Communication with Sonico English PC G...

Title: Sonicomi Communication with Sonico Genre: Visual Novel / Idol Simulation / Rhythm Game / Photography Simulation / Dating Sim / Raising Sim Platform: PC Developer: Nitro+ Publisher: JASTUSA Where [] read more »

Gal Gadot real life soldier, model, and Wonder ...

Just lately a lot of people are wondering about this woman who is about to star in a series of movies about the Most Powerful Female Force for Good since Gisele in Fast and Furious. Well yeah, if you change the modus operandi from driving fast to a swift kick in the head. Wonder Woman Continue reading read more »

Healthy Beauty: Model Skin Care Secrets

I am really fortunate to have clear skin and people - whether its makeup artists or other models at shoots, friends and family in day to day life, or random acquaintances - often ask me what my skin care secrets are. Part of having skin clear is often genetics, but there are also a lot of go-to tips and tricks that models and others in the beauty industry use to keep our skin healthy and beautiful, despite the stress of heavy makeup at shoots and events. Putting on and taking off a full face of makeu... read more »

Summer Style: Manhattan Parks, Shades of Pink, ...

Before we bid a final adieu to summer, let us enjoy the last beautiful days of summer.  Even in NYC, a daytime getaway to a downtown Manhattan park can be a romantic daydream. Without more discussion, I hope you enjoy this final taste of summer style! Read more » read more »

Luxe Lashes: No Extensions Required

My neighbors son has the thickest, most decadent lashes ever. And hes a nine year old boy. A BOY. How is that fair? While the fortunate child is completely indifferent to his lashes, most style-loving girls and women arent. Eyelashes, as the frame for your eyes (which are, in turn, a focal facial feature) are one of the areas where makeup can make the biggest positive difference in your appearance. Me with falsiesFull, dark lashes make your eyes pop! Read more » read more »

12 Lessons I Learned While I Was 21

I turn 22 today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!) so its time to reflect of life lessons and experiences from my twenty-first year of life. Its been a very full year of crazy highs and painful lows. I graduated from Harvard, I discovered the addictive (but sometimes helpful!) social media network that is Instagram (follow me @danaikadzere), I made new friends but fell out of touch with some old ones, I experienced my first real relationship and my first real heartbreak, and so much more. Here are 12 lessons tha... read more »

Berufe hinter dem Top-Model. Make-up Artist Aka...

Die bloos Make-up Hair Academy bietet seit Anfang 2014 die Ausbildung zum Make-up Artist, Visagist sowie Workshops und Fortbildungen in Hairstyling, Bodypainting, Airbrush und Nageldesign an. read more »

Vedeta zilei: Kate Moss

S-a născut în Londra pe 16 ianuarie 1974. Este un celebru model britanic care a apărut în peste 300 de coperte ale unor prestigioase reviste de modă. Este celebră pentru trăsăturile particulare ale... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

The 4 Best Things About Breaking Up

Breakups suck, I know.But like every sucky thing, there's a silver lining. Here's a short list of four of the best things about breaking up!1) No one expects you to go out and do anything the days immediately following your breakup, so you can take that weekend off from the world and do a whole lot of this:Because friends are great, but jamming to Taylor Swift in a bubble bath is pure joy.2) You get to watch tons of chick flicks and/or Disney movies from the comfy warmth of your bed, instead of having to... read more »

The 5 Best Things About Breaking Up

Breakups suck, I know.But like every sucky thing, there's a silver lining. Here's a short list of five of the best things about breaking up!1) No one expects you to go out and do anything the days immediately following your breakup, so you can take that weekend off from the world and do a whole lot of this:Because friends are great, but jamming to Taylor Swift in a bubble bath is pure joy.2)3) You get to watch tons of chick flicks and/or Disney movies from the comfy warmth of your bed, instead of having ... read more »

Luna Bars for a Healthy New Year!

A surprisingly small percentage of the popular protein and snack bars out there are vegan. Luckily for all the vegans of the world, or even those who are just trying to be a bit more plant based, Luna Bar is so awesome that you don't need anyone else! I recently had the pleasure of trying their full line of bars and protein bars, specially formulated by women for women and all vegan! Luna Bars have long been some of my favorite bars. They're the perfect size for a snack, filling, sweet enough that ... read more »

Merry Christmas to You and Yours!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas, regardless of where you are and with whom you are!The holiday season is my favorite time of year and Christmas is, hands-down, my favorite day of the year. I love running downstairs to dump out my Christmas stocking and stake out the tree.I love being the first one up and basking in the quiet beauty of Christmas morning. I love gathering around the tree to open presents together.I love the look on my family's faces as they open a gift that they're partic... read more »

My Style: Winter Wear

I love Christmas and all things Christmas, so December is by far my favorite month! But December is also the month when it starts to get truly cold - sometimes that's November, but we had a surprisingly mild November this year. I'm staying fashionable and warm witheShaktithis December! They're a custom women's fashion site offering sizes 0-36W and customized clothing. Ordering was super easy and I loved that they wanted (and used) my measurements to create a jacket perfectly suited to my figure a... read more »

A short apology

Sorry, if anyone has been reading this. I'm really not consistent. I'll try and update more but I have had a hell of a ton of work for college.However, I've started working with professional models and just getting better at everything regarding photography in general.I've set a few goals and I've changed the direction of my photography a wee bit. I was an aspiring equine photographer, however after working with horses for 2 days a week, then looking after my own for the other 5, I realised that I'd much... read more »

Android: less than free business model 6

Google has been pretty straightforward in its approach. Few days back it realized some of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have started shipping customized android devices, by placing their own applications similar set for Google applications. Google instructed hardware manufacturers Continue Reading » read more »

~ doutzen kroes, the vs angel ~

Doutzen Kroes gets fit for her angel wings Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: angel, Doutzen Kroes, fashion show, fitting, model, Victoria Secret read more »

Hairfinity for Healthier Hair From the Inside Out

Winter is peak hair stress season. Since it's the holidays and you're having parties regularly and reconnecting with old acquaintances right and left, you want to have greathair for all the photographs you'll be in! But all that indoor heating, paired with harsh winter weather, can mean that your holiday season is an uninterrupted steak of bad hair days! EEEEK. Don't let it happen to you. Aside from using the right products, you can really improve your hair health and appearance by making it health... read more »

Android: less than free business model 3

Android is a superlative complementary mobile operating system: Google has released Android’s source code under an open source license agreement and offers innovative equipment manufacturer as well as individual computer programmer to create and build a stronger and superlative complementary Continue Reading » The post Android: less than free business model 3 appeared first on read more »

Android: less than free business model

Introduction: Android is a mobile operating system that directs and controls PDA (personal digital assistant), Smartphone, tablet and other smart-enabled mobile devices. Smartphone provides more complicated and advance connectivity and suitability solutions for the user to work similar to a Continue Reading » The post Android: less than free business model appeared first on read more »

How To Go From So-So To Sexy in Six Simple Steps

Like that alliteration? I'm so witty, I know - hold the applause, your appreciative silence is enough. We all feel off sometimes, but if you're an actress or model and you have a job or a casting to go to, you have to make sure that it doesn't show. Especially for acting, a lot of emotion is in the eyes. To be convincing, you really need to feel what you're projecting. So how do you feel and project sexy superstar if you have an It Girl-type audition and you're just not feeling it? Even if you're n... read more »

POP Style : Ankara Doll #ShopAnkaraDoll

I know Im new to the style blogger lifestyle but I kind of had the preference in the back of my head to never use camera phone pictures. I guess Im breaking my own rules with this post. I spent the weekend at a convention with my mom and homegirl J-Nice of The Great Photography(...) read more »

It Feels Like I’ve Been Gone Forever but…

IM BACK!! Life took over for awhile and I couldnt keep up the way I would have liked to, but I have lots and lots of pictures to share with everyone! 1st of I celebrated a birthday August 2nd and that was beyond fun! I had my doubts though, I must admit. Over the time(...) read more »

Aihlbe with Lace Neckline

Aihlbe with Lace NecklineRemember Ailhbe, my alabasterwhite bust? She set up for a pose again and this time it was a downward angle done in charcoal. Highlights were done with white conte. Of course I improvised on the neckline since the bust ends at the neck. BetweenArtist Dan Thompson's workshop and the upcoming Rob Liberace workshop, I know I need to practice the portrait as much as I can. read more »

My Style: Mata Hari

Photographer: Adam Avid Photography MUA: Lory Sun Designer: Brooke Johnson of TAB Custom Design Model: Danai Kadzere I hope you guys enjoyed this Mata Hari-inspired fashion shoot!Which historical character's style do you like best?What style of non-western fashion is your favorite? read more »

The Final #ModelCall for The Culture Shock Show...

I think I already have enough models, but Im willing to have one last call for all the people who said they missed the first THREE. TheCulture Shock Fashion and Talent Showcaseis back for the THIRD year! This show will be held in a beautiful art gallery in the heart of Atlanta. Get ready for(...) read more »

My interview with Inthefrow!

I sent a few questions to Victoria Magrath (youll probably know better her as Inthefrow) about her life of blogging. First of all, how did you get into blogging? Was there something that inspired you to do it? If so, what? I was inspired to blog after watching a Youtube video by the Beauty [] read more »

34th Ukrainian Fashion Week.

Наближається весна, моя улюблена пора року. А разом з нею і український тиждень моди, який принесе нам свіжий ковток натхнення та нових колекцій, сезону осінь-зима 2014/15, від українських дизайнерів. Кожен сезон я чекаю ці тижні моди, адже так чудово, що і в наші країні є такі талановиті дизайнери, які повністю віддаються своїй роботі та радують нас з вами своїми творіннями. Обличчям 34-го тижня моди стала українська модель - Евеліна Самсончик. Для зйомки були відібрані вбрання та аксесуариукраїнських... read more »


Eyewears make a good fashion statement. It can make anyone's outfit look more sophisiticated, edgy or elegant. It can also make someone feel really good about themselves. For me, I get that "celebrity feeling" everytime I am wearing a pair of sunglasses, especially if the eyewear looks really stylish. Shanwel Model: completely made out of wood and it is completely polarized Manila Verona That's why when I learned about Sprinto Eyewear, I was amazed on how such beautiful, durable and stylish sunglasse... read more »

[#Video] Model @QuianaGrant’s FAKE Photoshoot, ...

These proposals are getting better and better! Supermodel Quiana Grants boyfriend (now fiancee) set up a fake photo shoot, so she thought she was on set shooting for Neiman Marcus. While in the middle of the shoot her boyfriend Dr. James Pinckney II comes out and surprises her as you will see in the below video. He(...) read more »

Miko Yung 容慧文 – 2007 04 26 Snaphoto|人像攝影

您可能也喜欢: Mania Cheung 張敏芝 – 2007 04 25 Snaphoto Daisy Cheung - 2011 02 22 Snaphoto Paradise II|人像攝影 Mania Cheung 張敏芝 – 2007 04 25 Snaphoto|人像攝影 Maggie Koo - 2011 02 18 Snaphoto Paradise II|人像攝影 Elaine Tang 鄧伊玲 – 2007 11 16 Vivaphoto Studio 无觅 read more »


As we settle in to the new year 2014, it's easy to get into the mindset that an entirely new wardrobe is necessary. After all denims and sandals are no longer going to cut it. But there are probably lots of items you have just waiting to be re-imagined for this year.Take for example, All Star Converse sneakers - also known as Chucks. They are arguably the most recognizable footwear in the world. Though they seem like the least exciting footwear option you own, they can actually transform just about any l... read more »

Ailbhe Profile in Charcoal

Ailbhe in ProfileModel Ailbhe is shown in this drawing in profile. The light source was directly in front of her, shining straight toward her face.I used a soft vine charcoal on Strathmore 500 charcoal paper.After sketching in the overall head and neck, I probably spent an equal amount of time remeasuring and lifting out charcoal with an eraser. After I finished my major first pass, I colored in the background placing darker values behind the lighter highlights on her head, and lightening the background... read more »

6 Midweek Must See Looks!!!

The new year kicked off with high expectations of our favorite fashionistas. Award season officially kicked off with the Palm Springs Film Festival and street style watchers got a fresh serving of new year fashions. My midweeks must see look include Tinie Tempah, Kim Kardashian, and Sandra Bullock. Take a look below! All these(...) read more »

Terracotta, Alabaster or Bust

Meet my new model. I recently found her sitting outside a collector/secondhand shop in Billerica, Massachusetts. I spotted her while eating across the street at Mikey's Roast Beef on Route 3A. (The Roast Beef part is really a misnomer, because they have the best haddock sandwich you'll ever eat and the bonus is it is an easy, informal sub shop type atmosphere.) Anyway, while eating in and staring out the plate glass windows, her head was visible amid a chaotic jumble of other secondhand junk - or should... read more »

Sweats and Smiles

Cheerdance! Do you ever get the feeling of Excitement? Frustration? Happiness? Disappointment? Or the feeling that you almost want to give up? Well, in cheerdancing, those emotions are buckled up into one. And no, I am not writing this to you just to boast of how it is to be in a cheer leading team. No. I am writing this to you guys because I want to share of what I've learned throughout this cheer journey. I joined the squad last year. And yes, we became the Champions, again! (5 years in a row) But t... read more »

Kate Moss for Vogue UK.

У жовтневому номері Vogue(UK) в котре з'явиться розкішна Кейт Мосс. Так, ніби все як завжди, чудові знімки, прекрасний одяг та ідеальна модель. Але тільки погляньте на неї. Кейт не так часто позує на камеру з подібним кольором волосся. Вона виглядає ще вишуканіше, аніж зазвичай. І до речі, ці кучері їй безсумнівно личать. Мені дуже сподобався сам образ та локації. Не змогла я не звернути своєї уваги на такий шикарний інтер'єр :) translate В октябрьском номере Vogue UK) в какой раз появится роскошная Ке... read more »

Vintage Soiree

Hello loves! I apologize for being MIA for months, been caught up with school again. :( Well anyways, here's what I wore to our Acquaintance Party! The theme is about Vintage-Retro kinda thing and I decided to wear a "formal-kinda'of-british-vintage-dress", confusing right? So here it is, enjoy! Let me know what you think! Post your comments below at the end of this post. :D Dress: Beah's Own Shoes: SM ParisianHeaddress: Broadway Gems read more »

Buildings of "Walled City"

The bronze model is a miniature of buildings in "Kowloon Walled City" before demolition, Kowloon Walled City Park, Kowloon, Hong Kong. read more »

It's more fun in the Philippines

Hello loves! Yesterday we had a family bonding again at Mactan where we went Island hopping! With this bucket list experience with the family, I LOVE CEBU even more! I am so blessed to have them as my family. All the joy and non-stop talk are our bundle of happiness when we're all together. On the contrary, still, we are incomplete yesterday but hey, it was loaded with so much fun! Due to over-excitement and irresistible swimming adrenaline, I didn't get the chance to pose properly for my ootd but I ... read more »


Ця зйомка мене просто заворожує. Фотографії вийшли такими живими та радісними. Мені дуже подобається кольорова гама, у якій вона виконана. Мені взагалі в останній час припали до душі коричневі, золотисті, бронзові, вишневі та бордові кольори. А відтінок помади, яку нанесли на вуста моделі просто неймовірно гарний. translate Эта съемка меня просто завораживает. Фотографии получились такими живыми и радостными. Мне очень нравится цветовая гамма, в какой она выполнена. Мне вообще в последнее время нравятс... read more »

TOP5/Fashion Shows/January

Справедливо будет отметить, что мое увлечение модой началось с того времени, как классе в 9-м (а может и раньше) мне на глаза попался канал Fashion TV. Раньше я с определенным скепсисом относилась к модным показам и прочему, но со временем и с десятками часов, проведенных у телеэкрана, мое отношение изменилось. Теперь я смотрю на модные показы не как на демонстрацию одежды, а как на мини-спектакль в котором главную роль, конечно же, играют наряды, но помимо них есть еще тысячи составляющих, которые, как ... read more »

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