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Recent blog posts on Luck

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I’m a very lucky guy

I like it when people challenge my ideas and opinions. If I can’t defend my position, then I need to re-evaluate and modify … or just plain change my mind! After my presentation at a recent conference, someone challenged me on the role of luck in my life … During THE SENSEI LEADER keynote, I [] read more »

Winning Prize from

When I started blogging I always wondered why some bloggers seem to bring home a prize from a giveaway. I said to myself, how they do that when I always join giveaways but win nearly nothing and others are so lucky winning solely to luck.Are they using some tactics to improve their odds?It's a great match joining Francramon Giveaway, entitled: has a new look Trying my luck. I've joined the said giveaway by following all the given instructions. Most important thing is to answer this questi... read more »

Luck . . . .

Bad Luck Everything's based on the LUCK, Many times it gonna SUCK, The happiness of your life, And it will make you STRIVE. Luck will make you cry, Till your end until you DIE. Your life is PRECIOUS, And you are gracious. You will try leading it well, And your luck will make it HELL. Take luck as a boon, And you will feel this soon, Luck can be good not always bad, It can kill the DIFFICULTIES you had. But don't ever RELY on luck, Or else it gonna stuck. You are your own BOSS, So you wi... read more »

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