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1.You think that you've written downthe thoughtsthat were lonelierthan all the thoughtsthat were written down before youor after youbut you are wrong2.I'm reading some poems by Jewel(don't smirk--she's "intriguing")I am toldI'm adored by millionsbut no one callsand one can only thinkthen...what chance have I?3.Poets never say what they meanthey just expect you to figure it out4.Maybethat's why you're alone(even in a crowd)as they've all given upontrying to figure you out5.Opaqueisn't that intriguingto th... read more »


He believedwith unswerving convictionthat in a world teeming with soulssurely there'd be onejust tailor made for himand that when he found herthe one to share it withhis life would begin for realAnd yes there were somewho lingered for a timebut they came and wentlike blips on a radar screenanother case of mistaken identityAnd all he could dowhen each ship of lovecrashed and burnedwas look away from the carnage(for he was good at looking away)and turn to face the bright sun of tomorrowthat surely loomed j... read more »

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