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Compassion of Seeing Beyond the Surface

Understanding the inner-struggle each of us faces alone Ask anyone you meet what the keys to understanding another person and the challenges they face are and youll most likely get a variety of answers. Go ahead try it, do these replies sound familiar?... The post Compassion of Seeing Beyond the Surface appeared first on THE DAILY KICKSTAND. read more »

God’s Talking … Are You Listening

Distractibility is one of my biggest weaknesses. Selfishness is my second. Left unchecked, these character flaws hinder my relationships and has hurt those I love. Id get examples, but I think we all know how it feels to be engaged Continue reading read more »

The Best Listening Dog

bethere2day - The Best Listening Dog - Check out this clever dog The Best Listening Dog read more »

There Is Sunshine In My Soul Today

LDS Chapel in 2nd Districe of Vienna Austria 1966 Two days ago I sat in church. The room, that for almost an hour and one half, where I had listened to members of the congregation give their testimonies was on the verge of quiet. The room emptied and filled up at the same time. The noise of moving and talking, distracted. In a few moments everyone in the room would either sit and quietly wait or they would leave. The day before yesterday,it seemed different. Someone started to close the large doors ... read more »

Hearing God On Your Time

Hearing God As I read about debacle the US is facing with the understaffed IRS and how they are being told “got a problem with taxes? We may not be able to help you” it is easy to become frustrated. What you find is people who either will not take the time to make the Continue reading Hearing God On Your Time read more »

What Did You Say? Hearing God

My grandson Jacob will often joke with me when we are kidding around, with “what did you say”. I grew up with a dad who was hard of hearing due to a war injury. My wife has hearing loss. “What did you say” is a comment I have heard often enough. What did you say? Continue reading What Did You Say? Hearing God read more »

Caras de terror I

Las caras de terror aparecen cuando presentás un ejercicio nuevo y los alumnos creen que no van a poder hacer. Te miran, se ríen y el listening empieza. El miedo está presente como una sombra oscura. Me gusta utilizar videos de youtube para practicar listening. Puede ser de cualquier cosa, videos gracioso, trailers, películas, todo en inglés. Sin subtítulos. A veces funciona y otras veces no pero no dejo de intentarlo. Lo hago porque quiero que se acostumbren a escuchar otras voces, otras maneras de hab... read more »

Aprender inglés delante de la tv

Ver películas o series en inglés - con subtítulos en inglés si lo preferís - es una manera de aprender a escuchar y a hablar. Al escuchar en inglés, estás aprendiendo sobre:►la pronunciación►cómo se ligan las palabras►la fluidez necesaria para hablar►vocabulario (actualizado)¿Cualquier película o serie sirve para aprender inglés? No. Si los diálogos son muy largos, te perdés en la explicación. La pronunciación de los actores influye también. El vocabulario también puede ser una barrera. Hay que ver y ... read more »

Transformers 4

Probate a vos mismo que lo podés hacer.Ejercicio de inglés básico Este ejercicio de inglés es para practicar listening. Es un ejercicio fácil, multiple choice y las palabras las escucharás en inglés en el primer minuto. 1- A rare metal, molecurlarly (changeable / unstable) 2- We're asking this once, (Where / What) is Optimus Prime? 3- After all we have done, human are hunting (you / us). ¿Qué es lo último que dice Optimus Prime? read more »

Listening con youtube

Una vez más, youtube nos ofrece un sinfín de listening para realizar cuando querramos, gratis y cortos. Acá tenemos un video super fácil de entender (excepto por el tipo de té)...El dibujo animado / cartoon / toon / dibujito animado proviene de la serie Adventure Time (Hora de la aventura). Esta serie tiene muchas cosas inesperadas y locas a la vez que es bastante divertido. Los personajes en este extracto son marceline y Princess Bubblegum. Aunque no sepas muchas palabras en inglés, estoy seguro que alg... read more »

Art VS Heart of Conversation

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. Aristotle The primary use of conversation is to satisfy the impulse to talk. George Santayana The power of conversation is immense. We use it to get our points across, to have our voice heard, to persuade, or to simply satisfy our need to talk. The words we use, how we say them and when we say them have the power to make connections and open doors. It is a skill and art form that can be the beginning or... read more »

Love Story of Santa : Emotions and Rationality

Santa was standing on the roof top at his bungalow and enjoying the sunset. Suddenly Santa saw an angel emerging on the beautiful orange background of setting sun. It appeared that angel just stepped out of the horizon and she started running towards Santa. Within seconds, angel was all over Santa. Santa had been praying to God for a lottery. Santa realized that lottery is not always money. God has many other ways of rewarding. Santa was in shock for a while whether it was a dream or reality. Santa tha... read more »

Santa and Banta : Leadership Lessons : No IF No...

Santa wanted to be a leader. Santa was waiting for an event that will instantaneously transform Santa. Banta suggested that Santa should not wait for an event. Santa should trigger an event. Santa attempted to replicate Mahatma Gandhi and travelled in first class but nobody threw him out. Santa tried to replicate Anna Hazare and sat on a hunger strike. People did not take him seriously and Santa landed in hospital for malnutrition. Banta advised that Santa should join a business school. Santa joined a B... read more »

13 Ways to Inject the "Be" into Your Being

I've compiled a list of thirteen strategies, in no particular order, that I follow earnestly. These approaches have the power to bring back the "Be" in your being, allowing you to thrive in the bedrock of Nirvana. 1. Hold up the Inner Mirror Reflection through meditation holds the key to unlocking an individual's true potential. A sought-after skill on a spiritual seeker's resume, meditation is simple and easy to do, yet many journey through life not ever knowing or benefiting from its transformativ... read more »

Four Mantras for Relationship Success by Thich ...

On Sunday, May 6, the Venerable Vietnamese Buddhist monk, teacher, author, poet and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh appeared on Super Soul Sunday on Oprah's OWN network. In a rare interview with Oprah herself, the inspirational monk and gentle spirit discussed his dedication to mindful meditation. Of the many things he talked about, his "four mantras" for relationship success were truly powerful. These mantras are for use not just in intimate relationships, but also in professional, social, and family set... read more »

Soundscape Of Chillcrust Valley Rehab & Nursing...

There's a lot to describe about Chillcrust, such as its structure, the purpose of separate units, staff and administration. The unique nature of the soundscape, I'm sure, would have something in common with other facilities, but the following is just a flavor of the "genpop" that is very much a reflection of Flink. This description of what I hear is from the need to be bed-ridden for two weeks. In a small child-like voice that travels far, a woman screams "help! Help Me!" night and day. It disturbs the m... read more »

State of the Blog Address :: One More Silent Week

Those of you who follow this blog with any regularity know very well that my last week was spent in observance of Lent, denying myself each and every source of social media in an attempt to draw closer to God.  Its been a good week; a long week, for sure!  Yet, I feel like the [...] read more »

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