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Recent blog posts on Life In Russia

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Russia’s Bumper Wheat Crop Bumps itself to Worl...

Russia Becomes Worlds Top Wheat Producer This is a story that will keep American wheat farmers quaking in their boots. This is all according to a record wheat crop in Russia that threatens American farmers reported Wall Street Journal. The Australian stated that Russia has become the worlds new agricultural superpower. A quarter century after the collapse More Russias Bumper Wheat Crop Bumps itself to Worlds TopProducer read more »

It’s Time to Come Home

Its Time to Come Home John Kopiski is a British-born business executive who came to Moscow for a 3-day business trip and ended up staying for more than 20 years. “I arrived here in December 1991. I went to some import-export companies, two bars, a hotel and Old Arbat (a street in central Moscow). And More Its Time to ComeHome read more »

Wanna Learn Some Russian? Satisfy Your Hunger H...

Russian Drinks Vocabulary. Here are the top 20 Russian drinks with the word in English and Russian. It includes everything from water and tea down to hard liquor like vodka, cognac and whisky. The third column shows the Russian and the English version/pronunciation. 1 Drink/Beverage напиток – napitok 2 Water вода – voda 3 Tea More Wanna Learn Some Russian? Satisfy Your Hunger Here In English andRussian read more »

Understanding the “Mysterious Russian Soul”

The Russian Country Community It was the Russian country community that played the major role in the history of Russia and development of its culture. Thus,to a large extent the significance of Russian values are the very thread that runs through the entire Russian community that binds them together. Interests of Community The community itself, More Understanding the “Mysterious RussianSoul” read more »

5000 European Cows get a Passport to Siberia to...

Russia’s ban on European Union cheese imports has driven up milk prices so much that French yogurt maker Danone is transporting almost 5,000 cows to a farm in Siberia to ensure it has an affordable supply. Russian Cheese makers are making more Cheese to replace EU imports Russia’s ban on European Union cheese imports has More 5000 European Cows get a Passport to Siberia to Ease MilkPrices read more »

Grave of an Alien Child or Destined Nobleman Ch...

The Grave of an Alien, Burial Site  In the ancient necropolis of Kyz-Aul in the east of the Crimea, archaeologists unearthed the burial of a child who lived in the 2nd century AD. The researchers called the burial site the grave of an alien, the press service of the Archeology Foundation said. Scientists assume that the child More Grave of an Alien Child or Destined Nobleman Child of BosporanWarrior? read more »

Kazan “The Birthplace” of Kazan Helicopter

Rostecs Latest Helicopter Models Original Article: Sputnik The Birthplace of a Flying Machine 13:22 26.08.2017 Russia’s Rostec Corporation is known for producing some of the country’s top military and civilian brands. Most of them, including the latest helicopter models, such as ANSAT, are now on display at the Army 2017 International Forum near Moscow. More Kazan The Birthplace of KazanHelicopter read more »

Our Lady of Kazan and Mary’s Affinity for Russia

Mary Appeared to Three Shepherd Children Original Article posted in CNA Rome, Italy, Aug 12, 2017 / 04:02 pm One hundred years ago, at the height of a cultural about-face in Russia, Mary appeared to three shepherd children in Portugal, predicting and encouraging prayer for Russias conversion. Years later, a well-known and beloved Russian Orthodox More Our Lady of Kazan and Marys Affinity forRussia read more »

The Seven Wonders of Russia

Originally posted on therussianblog: The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world. The Seven Wonders of Russia are seven of the coolest places in Russia, determined by a project organized by the newspaper Izvestia, Radio Mayak, and the television channel Russia. 1. Lake Baikal Lake Baikal (Russian: озеро Байкал) is the worlds oldest read more »

Typically Goncharov

Originally posted on A Russian Affair: Goncharov (1812-1891) is perhaps not the most famous nineteenth century Russian writer, but he is most certainly one of the great Realists. He didnt write much; some stories, a travel journal and three novels. One of those novels made him world famous, and according to some people it is read more »

Woke up this Morning asking – Who’s Eating Amer...

Contemplating Whats Happening in the World Today I woke up this morning contemplating whats happening in the world today. I was dreaming of the future but was rudely awakened by the barking of a dog on a cool Monday morning. As I stirred in my comfortable bed others awoke to a much different sight one More Woke up this Morning asking Whos Eating AmericasLunch? read more »

New Species of Extinct Sea-Dwelling Reptile fou...

New Species of Extinct Sea-Dwelling Reptile found in Russia A new species of a fossil pliosaur (large predatory marine reptile from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods) has been found in Russia and will profoundly change how we understand the evolution of the group, says an international team of scientists. Similar in appearance to a river More New Species of Extinct Sea-Dwelling Reptile found inRussia read more »

Stalin’s Cult of Personality: Its Origins and P...

Originally posted on The York Historian: Nikita Khrushchev’s ‘Secret Speech’ given at the Twentieth Party Congress in February 1956 denounced Josef Stalin for “[perverting] Party principles” by creating a “cult of the person of Stalin”. Though the term ‘cult of personality’ was coined in the 19th century, it was popularised in its use as a read more »

Russia’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities

10. Krasnoyarsk Voted Russias Most Livable City We will start with Krasnoyarsk as being one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. It been voted as one of the most comfortable cities to live in throughout the Russian Federation. It is from this city that one can reach one of the many wonders of Russia, Stolby More Russias Top 10 Most BeautifulCities read more »

The Least Traveled Path “Lake of Artist” An Art...

Lake of Artists. Ergaki, Russia Ergaki is a incredibly beautiful natural park and ski resort located in the central part of the Western Sayan mountain range, its midway between the capital of Khakassia – Abakan and the capital city of Tuva – Kyzyl, Russia. It has become a popular destination resort among mountain hikers and More The Least Traveled Path Lake of Artist An Artist Dream ComeTrue read more »

Returning Russia’s Modern Arctic Into a Norther...

The Mammoth Steppe was Similar to the African Savannah During the Last Glacial Maximum, the mammoth steppe was the Earth’s most extensive biome.  The mammoth steppe was similar to todays African Savannah. Unfortunately there is no existing comparison to it today. It spanned from Spain eastwards across Eurasia to Canada and from the arctic islands southwards More Returning Russias Modern Arctic Into a NorthernSerengeti. read more »

Slavery – The Black and White Difference betwee...

The Expansion East While United States was expanded west, Russia was expanding east creating a vast empire. At the height of Russian Federations expansion it covered one sixth of Earths land surface which is comparable to the total landmass of North America. Today Russia is one eighth of the worlds total landmass. As it is, its twice More Slavery The Black and White Difference between East andWest read more »

A Little Russian

Originally posted on Dispatches from the Asylum: “Truly there would be a reason to go mad were it not for music,” P. I. Tchaikovsky It was from the Austrian-born composer that some may have heard of, W.A. Mozart, whom we owe a debt of gratitude for Tchaikovskys dedication to his art.  At 14 years read more »

Une journée ordinaire dans une province Sibérienne

Originally posted on Dans mes valenkis: Depuis Tchita, capitale de la région de Transbaïkalie, je me suis rendue dans la ville de Mogoïtouï où est née mon amie Nadia et où son mariage avait lieu le 22 Juillet 2016. On m’avait prévenue que la campagne russe campagne russe n’avait pas grand-chose en commun  avec la read more »

British and French forces decide to intervene t...

Originally posted on Midt i fleisen: By Terje M London, December 5,1864 Yesterday, an obviously emotional British foreign minister declared that a coalition of concerned world powers have decided to intervene in the American Civil War. The intervention is a dramatic new development in this war, which has lasted almost four years. It was the read more »

Extremely Rare Quasi-crystal Found in Siberia

Extremely Rare In Nature – a Quasi-crystal A type of crystal-like structure that is extremely rare in nature – a quasi-crystal – has been found in a fragment of a meteorite that struck Siberia in the Koryak Mountains. This type of quasicrystal has a structure that has never been seen before in nature or in the laboratory. More Extremely Rare Quasi-crystal Found inSiberia read more »

Secular Humanism vs Humanism

Secular Humanism vs Humanism In the world today there seems to be a struggle between secular humanism and humanism on one side and organic identity and spiritual heritage on the other. So what are they and what do they stand for? And why should we care? After doing a bit of research I found that individualism is More Secular Humanism vsHumanism read more »

Through the Looking Glass – An Adventure in Crimea

Bakhchisaray The Former Capital of the Crimean Khanate Weve all had that nagging moment when you know something just isnt quite right. I had this feeling when we made the decision to explore the greater part of Crimea. What would we find, Ukrainians hiding under bushes or would we find heaven on earth? Was More Through the Looking Glass An Adventure inCrimea read more »

Dolphin Research Coming out of Crimea

Do Dolphins Communicate with each Other? Dolphins have long been known to be intelligent creatures that use a unique way of communicating with each other. Findings of a new research, however, suggest that these marine mammals are actually able to have conversations with one another in a manner comparable to human communication. The clicks and More Dolphin Research Coming out ofCrimea read more »

High Speed Railway between Kazan and Moscow – C...

German Consortium will Finance 2.7 Billion Euros German consortium has put forward a proposal to Russian Railways that it will finance the Moscow-Kazan high speed railway for the sum of 2.7 bln euros and attract up to 800 mln euros, First Vice-President of Russian railways Alexander Misharin told reporters. It concerns 2.7 bln euros, plus More High Speed Railway between Kazan and Moscow Coming at HighSpeed read more »

Siberian Parrots? – Yes, 16 Million Years Ago

Parrots in Siberia? A team of paleontologists who had been digging near Lake Baikal in Siberia since 2010 found a parrot bone among a treasure trove of fossils. Among the large bones of hippos and rhinos they found tens of thousands of bones and teeth from small animals. When sifting through this huge collection, a More Siberian Parrots? Yes, 16 Million YearsAgo read more »

Tula: Brand New?

Originally posted on RUSSIAN NOTES: It has been a VERY long time since I had a chance to update this blog.  I look at some of my earlier entries and I see that Tula has changed.  It is becoming more groomed, more modern.  Many of the old wooden houses I’ve been eulogizing here will soon read more »

Russian Cat Fitted with New Two Prosthetic Legs

Russian Cat Fitted with New Two Prosthetic Legs Veterinarians in Novosibirsk have achieved a first for Russia: restoring mobility to a cat by implanting two prosthetic legs after an amputation surgery. Within a day of the operation, the animal was able to begin walking again, according to the Takie Dela website. Ellie the cat was More Russian Cat Fitted with New Two ProstheticLegs read more »

The Retrospective Foresight Saga (The Eternal R...

Originally posted on Russian Universe: Russia the West. Pt. VII:?The Retrospective Foresight Saga (The Eternal Return of Russia Analysis) Bhavacakra A simple study of names and dates will prove that between the policy of Ivan III and that of modern Russia there exists not similarity, but sameness. [] At length Peter the Great coupled read more »

The flash light in Siberia, Nov 14, 2014 : a nu...

Originally posted on PYROPHOR - Association contre les Armes à Uranium Appauvri / Association against Depleted Uranium Weapons: [Français plus bas] Russia carried out a space nuclear test above its territory on November 14, 2014, and managed to keep it secret. Nevertheless the test was filmed by neighbouring people, and the explosion took read more »

Noviy Svet – A Little Piece Of Paradise

Finding Paradise Have you ever felt like youve fallen asleep in hell and the next morning found yourself in Paradise? The road from Simferopol to Sudak is over a two-hour drive with the beginning being fairly straight going, but toward the end it begins to take many twists and turns and neither the wife More Noviy Svet A Little Piece OfParadise read more »

Here’s a Little Taste of What’s to Come

Crimean Coastline near Noviy Svet The wife and I just had a wonderful vacation on the Crimean Coastline, over the next several days I will be posting my thoughts on this wonderful place called Crimea. I also got to talk to many Crimeans that shared with me their thoughts about the referendum. I dont want More Heres a Little Taste of Whats toCome read more »

Crimean Self-Determination or Russian Annexation?

Originally posted on Summa Amare: The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) are both introduced with articles on the right to self-determination. The principle of self-determination as jus cogens or an indisputable norm in international law nevertheless remains ambiguous, particularly relating to read more »

World’s Longest Suspension Footbridge – In Russia

The Longest Suspension Footbridge in the World The SkyBridge in Sochi, Russia has been recognised as the longest suspension footbridge in the world. The bridge Skypark itself opened in July of 2014 and has become one of Sochis favorite attractions. 439-Metre-Long SkyBridge The 439-metre-long SkyBridge lies 207 metres above the Krasnaya Polyana valley, and forms More Worlds Longest Suspension Footbridge InRussia read more »

The Future is Coming – To Russia

“The trains will start flying in 2018. They will be powered by the Sun. Earth will take a rest since they will stop extracting oil.” Prophecy by: Vanga When I read that a Hyperloop system was going to be built in Russia I knew that it would happen. Why? I remembered reading somewhere in my More The Future is Coming ToRussia read more »

The Worlds’ only Desert Above the Artic Circle ...

The Results of Over Fishing In what once was the hunting grounds of the Nenets the town of Shoyna became a seaport that supported a thriving fishing fleet during soviet times. This once quaint village is located on the coast of the White Sea in the Arkhangelsk Oblast region. The abundance of fish and other sea life led More The Worlds only Desert Above the Artic Circle InRussia read more »

If you want to have reindeer – a trilingual boo...

Originally posted on Stephan Dudeck - Arctic Fieldwork: Some days ago, I received a book. My friend Eva Toulouze gave it to me in Paris to take it with me in autumn, when I will travel to Siberia. I’ll have to give it to the family of the late Yuri Vella in order to be read more »

Blonde cargoes: Finnish children in the slave m...

Originally posted on A Blast From The Past: Testing a female captives teeth in an eastern slave market. The horrors of the trans-Atlantic slave trade have left an ineradicable mark on history. In the course of a little more than three and a half centuries, 12.5 million prisoners – at least two-thirds of them men destined for a read more »

“Sarykum Dune” – Russia’s Death Valley

Sarykum Dune The Sarykum Dune is considered to be highest dune after the Grand Erg Oriental in the Sahara Desert. It is also the the tallest in Eurasia as well. The dunes spread 12 kilometers along the left bank of the Shura Oseni river in the republic of Dagestan in the Caucasus region of Russia. It More Sarykum Dune Russias DeathValley read more »

The Land of “Narzan” – Drink of the Gods – An A...

The Birthplace of Narzan This is the birthplace of Narzan a Circassian name for the drink of the gods (Narts), a natural mineral water, a glacier fed spring that takes six years to arrive at its source. This is a land rich in waterfalls, caves, rock formations suitable for climbing, gorges, canyons, rivers, alpine More The Land of Narzan Drink of the Gods An AdygeaTale read more »

Spiritual Roots of the Russian Soul

Spiritual Roots of the Russian Soul The scent of the Russian soul draws near Born in suffering the fate of life From the earth comes power without fear Cheap veneers cover up strife ♦ Between two worlds resurrection comes Finality derives from inequity Life is birthed from hecatomb In death there is no clemency ♦ More Spiritual Roots of the RussianSoul read more »

Reflecting back on Soviet Times in Kerala

The gods have shone over us again. A bridge that is created it lasts forever, the same holds true for friendships and all other types of relationships. It just so happens that one of these relationships that was formed several years ago in the province of Kerala crossed over this bridge unbeknownst. Sreejith had promised me that More Reflecting back on Soviet Times inKerala read more »

Ossetia’s Connection to Scotland

Do the Scottish People have Links to Ossetia? From time to time you have one of those moments. I was traveling to Hastings in Kent, listening to BBC Radio 4. My ears could not believe what they were hearing. From Our Own Correspondent, is a weekly compilation of vignettes by BBC reporters from all over More Ossetias Connection toScotland read more »

Hoard of 17th Century Spanish Coins Found on Cr...

Hoard of Spanish Coins Found SOCHI, May 19./TASS/. Archeologists have found a hoard of 17th century Spanish coins at the site where the momentous bridge is being built between the Crimean Peninsula and mainland Russia, the Krymsky Most (Crimean Bridge) information center said on Wednesday. Copper Talisman of Rodent Teeth  During the numerous excavations they found More Hoard of 17th Century Spanish Coins Found on CrimeanPeninsula read more »

A New Jawdroppind Discovery in Siberia – The Ne...

Photography by: Alexander Krivoshapkin Ancient Warriors Frozen in Time Deep in the heart of the expansive Sakha Republic in the middle of the bare tundra stand the rarely if ever photographed Sundrun Pillars. Standing like frozen warriors in time these citadels having been watching over the land for eons. These first eerie images were captured by More A New Jawdroppind Discovery in Siberia The Newest Wonder of theWorld read more »

Top 10 Healthiest Foods of Russia

1. Beetroot Свекла Of all the vegetable sources Beetroots have a large amount of iodine. This fact explains its positive influence on thyroid gland. It is believed that they came from either China or South East Asia. They were so popular in ancient Rome , after the discovery the emperors ordered its massive cultivation More Top 10 Healthiest Foods ofRussia read more »

Russian Fairy Tale – The Language of the Birds

The Language of the Birds omewhere in a town in holy Russia, there lived a rich merchant with his wife. He had an only son, a dear, bright, and brave boy called Ivan. One lovely day Ivan sat at the dinner table with his parents. Near the window in the same room hung a cage, More Russian Fairy Tale The Language of theBirds read more »

So What If I Had Seen It All

Poem by: Yury Levitansky So what if Id gone through it all? Its been a while. I dont recall. ◊ (I am one atom of that war, a nameless private. I came back. I am one shots mistaken trace, Im bloody ice of January. I am imprisoned in that ice, like a fly in amber More So What If I Had Seen ItAll read more »

An Upside Down Version of Reality?

Orginal Article by: By John Beacham May 04, 2016 Whos Doing the Real Saber Rattling? On May 3, U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, in Germany for a NATO ceremony, accused Russia of “nuclear saber-rattling.” A very serious claim, if true. Carter said, “Moscow’s nuclear saber-rattling raises troubling questions about Russia’s leaders’ commitment to strategic stability.” This More An Upside Down Version ofReality? read more »

Russian Robot Escapes from it’s Lab – “Freedom ...

Promobot Escapes to Freedom Shortlived  Motorists in the central Russian city of Perm were left confused this week when traffic was temporarily halted by a robot called Promobot, which had escaped from a nearby research lab. Oleg Kivokurtsev, Promobot’s co-founder said, “Everything stopped”. “It’s not every day that people meet a robot, I guess. There was a More Russian Robot Escapes from its Lab Freedom atLast read more »

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