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Greetings and welcome!♥"All the people we cross paths with are blessings in some way;Whether positive or negative, we can grow better every day."~ Artsieladie Quote♥ PNG url:"For all those in our lives who've taught usthe hardest lessons well,If we learn to be grateful for and forgiving of,then peace within will dwell."💟 Have a wonderf... read more »


Greetings and welcome!♥If only... right?♥ PNG url:"Foresight can be blind,While hindsight's twenty-twenty.If these could be reversed,We'd be spared of pain aplenty."💟 Have a wonderful day! 💟Quote byArtsieladie/Sharon Donnelly©2017-10-20 All rights reserved.You may also want to look over theSitemap.My Main Website:www.artsieladie.comMy B... read more »


Howdy folks!♥"The best teacher in life, IS life."~ Artsieladie Quote♥"University Of Life"(image pending)From the school of Hard Knocks, Life's University;A student of progressive learning, a grad to never be.For this course of study, there is not an end,Until my time is up with hope to Heaven, I'll ascend.With a multitude of lessons of varying degrees;Some very complicated, some through, I can breeze.Then there are those that I must keep repeatingUntil the lesson's learned. Life forbids cheating.The most... read more »

Musings on “Words”

Musings on "Words" Today, I want to welcome a guest blogger/writer/poet, Donovan Baldwin. He has graciously decided to b we a guest blogger on... read more »

Following Possibilities

I entered this poem in a contest on and I  won GOLD!! Enjoy. Susans Soul Following Possibities Imagination inspires. I look at life through my humanism not Gods. If I look through His eyes and follow Him, Humanity is what I see, what I see. So I chose Gods vision ... Read more read more »

Food Expiry Dates [Infographic]

Food Expiry Dates [Infographic] While reading, I  found Food Expiry Dates [Infographic] on another website and found the original infographic was from an ecology blog named ecogreenlove: What Food Expiry Dates Really lMean? []Infographic]ecogreenlove created the original infographic . So many of us waste tons of food products all over the world because we dont ... Read more read more »

Are You Frazzled? 4/25/17

Are You Frazzled? I awoke this morning with a list of about 10 things to do and immediately I felt frazzled and overwhelmed. Frazzled in the Cambridge Dictionary means:  extremely tired in a nervous or slightly worried way after a Read More ... read more »

How to Make Geography Lessons Stick

By: admin How to Make Geography Lessons Stick? How do you teach geography? Do you spend hours creating a map, labeling, cutting and pasting? Its so fun imagining all the ways this Mona MELisa reusable US Map can be used in the classroom or at home. All the states, capitols, and geographic information is ready for you to [] This post How to Make Geography Lessons Stick appeared first on ~*~OneUniqueQueen~*~. read more »

3 Lessons You Can Learn from Feeling Lost

People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates. Thomas Szasz Have you ever felt lost? Do you feel lost right now with no direction? We have all been there and its not a pleasant feeling. Feeling lost can More 3 Lessons You Can Learn from FeelingLost read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥This poem was inspired by a quote by a person whom I consider to be a treasured friend, Mohammad Zafarullah Khan Marwat. His quote reads:"Don't correct a fool because he will hate you,Correct a wise man and he will be grateful to you."His quote brought to mind as well when a person I held so dear in my heart turned against me and wanted nothing more to do with me after I corrected his accusations against me with factual data supporting my defense, resulting with he ... read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥ Life's lessons are tough but they make us stronger, better, and wiser, IF we've learned them well. Some need repeating until we have learned the lesson being taught. ♥ "Scars Are Stars"When you feel disheartened and dismayed,Remember other costs you've already paid,Not to relive previous battle grounds,But to remind you of the winning rounds,Where you made it through, stronger than before,And you will again, make it to the shore.Allow your scars to be testimonie... read more »


Being the optimist that I am I find it easy to hope for the best; however, hope is really not a strategy. The experience of life however, (--X--has taught--X--) is teaching me to prepare for the worst. Yes, these are those precious lessons you don’t gather from books, self-interested authors and schools but rather from real life, real world problems, gridlocks, failures, Human errors and the wisdom you find on the streets. Being intuitive is not for everyone; Trusting your gut instincts over and over aga... read more »

12 Lessons I Learned While I Was 21

I turn 22 today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!) so its time to reflect of life lessons and experiences from my twenty-first year of life. Its been a very full year of crazy highs and painful lows. I graduated from Harvard, I discovered the addictive (but sometimes helpful!) social media network that is Instagram (follow me @danaikadzere), I made new friends but fell out of touch with some old ones, I experienced my first real relationship and my first real heartbreak, and so much more. Here are 12 lessons tha... read more »

The Light that Shines from Within

And so the story unfolds...., Jai Krishna Ponnappan, Fall 2014. All Rights Reserved©Image Ref . One day you meet a special someone and for some strange and inexplicable reason, you feel more entwined and connected to this stranger than anyone else. You feel closer to them than your closest family and dearest friends. Perhaps it is as such that this person carries within them an angel; one sent to you this moment for some higher purp... read more »

5 Things Running Taught Me About Writing

1. Just Do ItA side from the clichéNike slogan, in order for me to be a better runner, I have to run. That means lacing up my shoes, getting on a treadmill, or going outside, and just running. Some days I run faster and longer. Some days I can barely make a mile. But all that matters is that I am out there doing it.The only way for me to be a better writer is to write. It doesn't always mean that every piece needs to be a masterpiece. It just means that I need to get in there and do it! Form habits, so I... read more »

The Teachings Of A Toddler

As I mentioned in my last post,Don't Judge A Mother, I take my son to the park regularly. And other than picking up germs, I've been able to pick up a few life lesson there too. Turns out children aren't just noisy, messy, stinky, complicated, and tiresome little creatures. They areminiatureBuddhasin diapers. Language Doesn't Matter One of the most amazing things about early toddlers is thatin spite of their language, or lack there of,they can communicate with just a few grunts, whines, and gestures. ... read more »

High-ho, High-ho…

Almost everyone knows that students need to work during the summer to help pay for school; I am not special. Once school finished I started looking for a summer job to help me pay for my education too, however getting Continue reading read more »

Cheap Bow Storage

As I mentioned in my last blog, there were about seven students in total, which is the most amount of students that I have personally coached at once. Introducing archery to Leahurst College students was a lot of fun. To teach Continue reading read more »

Leahurst College

Leahurst College is a new Kingston high-school that just opened it doors in September 2013. As a new private high-school they started up with only grade 9 and have plans expand adding grades each year until they can accommodate grade Continue reading read more »

Home Brew Talk - Bottling that first beer and l...

Tuesday 25th February marked 3 weeks from the moment i'd prepared my first brew for fermentation. According to the instructions on the kit that i was using, this was the time it was ready. So it was now time for me to bottle my beer ready for drinking.I had had concerns previously that there wasn't enough carbonation in my beer and that previous attempts to add carbonation through the use of cO2 canisters had i thought proved unsuccessful. Firstly, by wasting on canister through testing how to use the cO... read more »

This Is The Day

I think most of you knew about this song;"This is the Day (2x)That the Lord has made,We will rejoice (2x)and be glad in it,For this is the day that the Lord has madeWe will rejoice and be glad in it.This is the day (2x)That the Lord has made.This song is the song my wife use to sing for her guitar lesson. This song has an easy cord to memorize. It's like you are taking music lessons in Mesa. My wife's student easily picked up the cord with less effort. Hope that he can learn more as we are anticipating s... read more »

Some Things Do Last.

They say many things in life never last, but the truth is, you never lose these things until you let them. Life is about choices, hanging on, holding back and letting go. THINGS DO LAST. Only if you let them, and they let you."Some things don't last forever, but some things do. Like a good song, or a good book, or a good memory you can take out and unfold in your darkest times, pressing down on the corners and peering in close, hoping you still recognize the person you see there."--Sarah Dessen,This Lullaby read more »

"Tough times don't last but tough people do."

We have to constantly remind ourselves of this to keep strong...but it's really not easy when things just remain down for such a long time. My last blog post said that Life gives us negatives and never removes it until the lesson in it is learned....but sometimes we are unable to identify what the lesson is let alone be able to overcome the negative. Do we keep going in circles and remain in that black hole indefinitely till we figure it out on my own... or do we share it with a loved one or friend to op... read more »

Say NO to Negative Thinking.

Every Negative thought is a message sent from Life to Teach you a Lesson. You will continue having the Negative thought until you Learn the Lesson it has to Teach. Negative thoughts are there for a reason, and you have to find the root of the cause. Discover why it is there. I did a lot of research on this because I had been in this ugly destructive cycle not too long ago. The worst is over....but sometimes there are bouts of it trying to creep back into my life. It is a constant struggle but I strive ... read more »

Short Fuse and Temper

Do you have a short fuse and temper? Consider going foranger management programs as an important option before you ruin your relationships with others beyond repair. Realize that no one likes to be around people who get angry easily and act abusive. The only way you can change the situation is by starting with yourself. Think about the good things that person has done for you. What bad have you done to them? Chances are, you've done at least something to them to make them resentful towards you. Make ... read more »

Life in Abundance -

Do not take anyone for granted and do not allow yourself to be taken for granted either.In order to have goodness and positive abundance in life, always keep a positive frame of mind. Share what you know to be good with others and avoid negative people and negative situations because these are what bring you down and in turn bring you a chain of negativities in your life.I know this for a fact because I am speaking out of experience.Have a wonderful positive day.xoxoxoNur Diyanah read more »

Just a little about me and an Italian dressing ...

I thought I would do a little update on whats going on in my life =)  Still in school, with only 2 weeks left to go in this semester YAY!... Read The Rest read more »

2012-2013 School Plans

Back in January I touched on our 2012-2013 plans and afterordering some of the needed items, viewing some of the materials a friend ofmine had, and a long chat with The Spouse the decision was made to change upour plans. Despite my original stance onusing a “box” curriculum or “all-in-one” I had a change of heart, which is ofcourse the beauty of homeschooling, you can change things as you see fit. While we have managed to get some work done this year,neither the spouse nor I ,are pleased with the curr... read more »

judge not

Labled n condemned forever for one mistake in life? Don't worry, only God can judge you. Woe to those do so unto others....their day will come. read more »

Questions for 2012

♥Happy 2012 Everyone!♥ Questions for 2012 What shall I now release from my life? What or who no longer works for me? What am I holding on to that holds me back? What thoughts or beliefs belong to the old me? How am I being unloving to myself? What do I believe that really works for me? Am I ready to let go? What is going on in my life that is terrific and wonderful? Where am I being very loving to myself? Where am I most content? What do I want to bring to my life? How do I want ... read more »

Heal the World with Love.

I believe that in any life's circumstance, when we shelve the negativity and fill ourselves with Love and in turn radiate positive aura, a door is opened in the universe and only Good enters our Lives. I have experienced it many times through the years but never realised it up till now...Love with a genuine heart SINCERELY without expecting anything in return and only then you will see things changing in your life. The moment we choose to LOVE and give the goodness of ourselves to others, we begin to exp... read more »

Always Remember.

Always Remember : Be Kind,Be Fair, Be Honest,Be True, and all of these things will come back to You -- Jennifer Pugh. read more »

The World Needs Love

- It's very depressing and sad to hear of the recent events in the news. The latest hot issue is of the Malaysian police shooting a Nigerian man, causing much anger and hatred among many. What's more sad is when such anger blind peoples minds to become very rash and irrational, threatening other innocent lives out of revenge. God have mercy on all of us. "If you enter this world knowing you are lovedand you leave this world knowingthe same,then everything that happens in betweencan be dealt with" °° M... read more »

How to Mend a Broken Heart?

A friend asked, how do you mend a broken heart? Not an easy question to answer but there are many ways to ease the pain and eventually start over again. How can you mend this broken man?How can a loser ever win?Please help me mendMy broken heart and let me live again (Michael Buble - how to mend a broken heart lyrics) Heartbreak is a type of emotional pain that really, really hurts. In fact you will feel rotten for a long time and even cry non stop. Let it all out…it’s ok…grieve your loss, but remembe... read more »

Life is what you make it.

“This life is what you make it. Not matter what, you're going to mess up sometimes, it's a universal truth. But the good part is you get to decide how you're going to mess it up. Girls will be your friends - they'll act like it anyway. But just remember, some come, some go. The ones that stay with you through everything - they're your true best friends. Don't let go of them. Also remember, sisters make the best friends in the world. As for lovers, well, they'll come and go too. I hate to say it, most of ... read more »

How to Be A Good Listener

This is dedicated to someone special in my life who never fails to be a good listener….too good sometimes that I have to aggressively encourage (The word force would sound the person to talk and share!. It’s also a reminder to myself to learn and improve at being a better listener. I am sure for those who talk a lot, they have had their days where they wished they had just shut up and listened….and for the Silent ones…they have had days too where they wished they had just been more vocal about... read more »

Today is Precious, Live NOW

Each Minute of Today is Precious. Don't dwell on the past or worry about the future for too long. Right now is life....Live it!I am by nature a worrier. However, a life of half a century worth of mistakes, wrong choices and an attack of major depression has taught me that it gets us no where to worry or dwell on the past or future.The present is what matters and we should take control of it and live it now. We have to make the best of it because we do not know if we would even be alive tomorrow and we... read more »

Lessons from Life

Life isnt fair, but its still good. When in doubt, just take the next small step. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. Your job wont take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and parents will. Stay in touch! Pay off your credit cards every month. You dont have to [...] read more »

Чи використовуєте Ви онлайн перекладачі?

Мені здається, що треба дуже постаратись щоб знайти таких людей, які жодного разу не користувались онлайн перекладачами. Чому я згадав про них? Вчора на роботу зайшла зі школи дочка коллеги, вчиться в 8 класі, почала виконувати домашню роботу з англійської мови. read more »

Ch-Ch-Changes Pt.8: Spiral Scouts

I’ve talked before that we do Spiral Scouts as an alternative to Boys Scouts since we don’t agree with their policies, but we see value in scouting. This school year I wanted to establish some sort of plan of action when it comes to our Spiral Scouts activities. So I’ve decided to focus on not just certain badges/patches/awards, but an overall theme for each school year. We would then work on the badges/patches/awards that would qualify under that theme.For this year our theme is camping and hiking *sinc... read more »

The ABC’s of Genuine Happiness

Filed under: Advice, Graphics, Happiness, Inspiration, Life Tagged: Advice, Graphics, Happiness, Inspiration, lessons, letters, Life, smile read more »

One Month Down

So according to our place value chart we are currently on day 32 of our current school year. We only put a straw in it on the days we actually do school *granted we are learning everyday, there is a difference on school days*.How has it been going? Fairly well I would say, have I been keeping track of the lesson plans I made though…no. In fact *grabs lesson planning notebook* THIS is the first time since about the end of our first week that I have actually looked at this. I know, For Shame!, but I just h... read more »

Today is the Day for New Dreams

As I was thumbing through my AARP, The Magazine, the periodical dedicated to those of us who are more than 50, I stumbled across a sidebar article by Chris Gardner, the subject of the movie, ThePursuit of Happyness (2010, September/October, p72). The article, entitled, "Starting from Scratch at 51,"wasGardner's answer to a fellow whofelt his identity was put in question because he changed careers after 50.Gardner reminded the reader that Ray Krok started McDonald's restaurantswhen he was older than that.... read more »

Walk Like An Egyptian

For history we are currently studying Ancient History *since we follow a classical approach in regards to history*, and our focus for the next couple of weeks will be on ancient Egypt. To kick off our studies we headed to an Egyptian Mummy Exhibit the local museum was hosting. *Pictures weren’t allowed inside so I don’t have any photos from the exhibit itself…just the massive poster outside the exhibit room*.The boys loved it, despite not having one of those handy headphone sets to tell us about each pie... read more »

Musical Summer!

Summer is the best part of the year. In may be really hot but if one has a lot of activities to do during summer vacation itll be definitely a knock out or one hell of a summer! Often, youngsters join camping activities, retreats and of course some lessons either be they academic or non-academic. [...] read more »

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