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Greetings and welcome!♥"All the people we cross paths with are blessings in some way;Whether positive or negative, we can grow better every day."~ Artsieladie Quote♥ PNG url:"For all those in our lives who've taught usthe hardest lessons well,If we learn to be grateful for and forgiving of,then peace within will dwell."💟 Have a wonderf... read more »


Howdy folks!♥"The best teacher in life, IS life."~ Artsieladie Quote♥"University Of Life"(image pending)From the school of Hard Knocks, Life's University;A student of progressive learning, a grad to never be.For this course of study, there is not an end,Until my time is up with hope to Heaven, I'll ascend.With a multitude of lessons of varying degrees;Some very complicated, some through, I can breeze.Then there are those that I must keep repeatingUntil the lesson's learned. Life forbids cheating.The most... read more »


Howdy folks! 😀 "RSS Feed For Blogspot/Blogger" After trying for what has seemed like an endless amount of time to create an RSS feed widget for my other Blogspot blogs to place on this one, using, and having no luck with the feed given by Blogspot, I FINALLY decided to look at the code in the feed widgets I've previously made successfully. When it comes to HTML code, using it, and deciphering it, I am really BAD at it. 😧 Since I used the RSS feed from Blogspot previously... read more »

Expect the unexpected; a journey to a confusing...

Learning to solve is fun especially if you fully understand what the teacher is trying to convey. You get to solve numbers and use your pens (since i love pens) and feel happy when you came out with the right answers. Unfortunately my teacher possess a confusing way of teaching. He is good in what [] read more »

Liking Exercise When You Don’t Really

Liking Exercise When You Dont Really by Meg Worden, Feed Me Darling Ive always hated exercise. If I had my way I would spend my days eating pie, drinking gin, smoking Camel cigarettes, and delegating. Mmmm. Pie. :::sends pie person out for more pie read more »

Paralysed By Failure

Episode 61: Mad Dogs And Servicemen Frank: That man is a psycho and for some perverted reason these two want to play games with him. Hawkeye: We are just following Sid Freedman’s advice. Trapper: You get a soldier who has hysterical paralysis and you treat him as though he is really paralysed and he’ll become sick just to rationalise the guilt of leaving his buddies at the front. Hawkeye: Sid feels if you take a patient like that back to a nice clean hospital it just deepens the guilt. You send him... read more »

Back To School-At Any Age by Tara Randel

It’s that time of year again. The kids are off to school. Those yellow buses that have been absent all summer? Well, they’re on the road once again. It seems like summer had only just begun and the Continue reading read more »

10 Summer Olympics Educational Activities

10 Summer Olympics Educational Activities The 2016 Summer Olympics Educational Activities Are Here ! We are looking forward to see what Usain Bolt will bring to the table this time around! Now until August 21st the The post 10 Summer Olympics Educational Activities appeared first on Concierge Librarian. read more »

Too late to transfer

Steeping out on your comfort zone is a little impossible if you happen to make a wrong assumption on something. I share it in some of my past post about me getting a degree. In choosing a new school to achieved that goal. It is important and a must to inquire and be vigilant about [] read more »


My greatest fear is failure. The mere thought of letting anyone down frightens me. I guess thats why I always undersell myself for what Im worth. I fear that if I build myself up so much, that I would no longer live up to other peoples expectations. They say that others expectation of yourself is [] read more »

Owning Your Own Kid-Oriented Business

When you have a passion for fostering learning in children, you may look beyond teaching and instead consider what kind of business you can run that will cater to kids. If you want to buy into a well-established enterprise like kids franchises and other children-centered ventures, you may choose one that allows kids to come [] The post Owning Your Own Kid-Oriented Business appeared first on The Tottering Mama. read more »

How to evaluate your information sources

Originally posted on askyermom:Your generation has a much more challenging job than mine did of evaluating information sources. Please allow me to geez for a moment!! When I was a kid, we had four teevee stations and two newspapers. read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥This poem was inspired by a quote by a person whom I consider to be a treasured friend, Mohammad Zafarullah Khan Marwat. His quote reads:"Don't correct a fool because he will hate you,Correct a wise man and he will be grateful to you."His quote brought to mind as well when a person I held so dear in my heart turned against me and wanted nothing more to do with me after I corrected his accusations against me with factual data supporting my defense, resulting with he ... read more »

Father’s Day Art!

Its Fathers Day on Sunday and I have no idea what to buy Adam. Its his first Fathers Day so I want it to be something meaningful and special. I trawled Pinterest to find some inspiration and I decided on a combination of Evelyn artwork and pictures. I also managed to create something mess less!!! [] read more »

Top 10 Books to Read to Young Children

Teacher mode! I recently wrote a post on the importance of reading from a young age, For the Love of Reading. Books are massively important to me and I hope that they will be to Evelyn too. I will make sure she knows which were my favourite, which my mum read to me and which [] read more »

Fidgeting Helps Children with ADHD Learn, Study...

From the NYTs, "New findings published in theJournal of Abnormal Child Psychologyreveal that swinging their legs around more or excessively tapping on a table or the like could help them remember information, solve complex problems or partake in certain social situations later in life." "The typical interventions target reducing hyperactivity. It's exactly the opposite of what we should be doing for a majority of children with ADHD," lead researcher Mark Rapport, the head of the Children's Learning Cli... read more »


Чужинські слова Заблукали у роті. Вчу англійську. This fall I started to attend two English as a Second Language classes. Why did I do that? Because while I can read and understand decently, every time I try to speak… oh, it’s almost always a disaster. The reason is that I don’t speak that much – [...] read more »

The Teachings Of A Toddler

As I mentioned in my last post,Don't Judge A Mother, I take my son to the park regularly. And other than picking up germs, I've been able to pick up a few life lesson there too. Turns out children aren't just noisy, messy, stinky, complicated, and tiresome little creatures. They areminiatureBuddhasin diapers. Language Doesn't Matter One of the most amazing things about early toddlers is thatin spite of their language, or lack there of,they can communicate with just a few grunts, whines, and gestures. ... read more »

BLOG-OLAN : Why Blog

{Image:Pixabay} I have mentioned before that this blog isn't my first attempt at writing.I could never maintain my previous blogs because I did not have a focus and reason to blog.I am in a quest to find myself and to see the extent of my capabilities in terms ofwriting articles with good, meaningful content.I grew up with not English as my first language. So to blog in a language that is never on the tip of my tongue is not easy.I think in a different language, and I have to translate my thoughts into... read more »

The Opposite of Jet lag: Insomnia?

Wassabi! So, Portland, OR is 2 hours ahead of where I live-and so when I got there, I slept super well-cause I was exhausted when 11pmrolled around, but transitioning back is proving a weebit harder-my body thinks it's like 10am, all the time, so I'm like wide awake. I literally ran on 5 hours of sleep today-and I'm not tired, little irritable maybe-but no more than usual.Anyway, enough sob story about me, you want to hear about Portland, right?So, if youGoogle"Protect Portland's Children" you'll find th... read more »

Ten Things to Do Before Graduation

Since I'm about to ****GRADUATE**** I thought I'd put together a list of pre-graduation to-dos for those with a semester or more left!1)Take a class for fun.Twelve years of education plus four years of higher education can sometimes lead to a little burnout - it's a lot! And getting bogged down with trying to make the grade can be a bummer, too. But when it comes down to it, learning is fun. Take a class purely for fun to remember that you actually doenjoy learning. If you didn't you probably wouldn't h... read more »

Just A Garden Variety Kind Of Person

As a child one of my enjoyments was working in a garden. My parents loved to garden and it rubbed off on me. At one point I was working for a handicapped man down the street who taught me how to raise vegetables, strawberries and the like. All summer long he sat in a chair [] read more »

{Product Review} Learning Success

{Product Description} “The learning success program is a simple do-at-home program that will show you how to find the core problems and overcome them. Learning is made up of basic core skills. There are 16 of them in all. Typical learning difficulties are small weaknesses in a combination of two or three of these skills.” (Product description courtesy of Learning Success) {Features} Helps overcome learning difficulties such as: Dyslexia Dyscalculia Dysgraphia ADD/ADHD (Features courtesy of Learning Succ... read more »

{Product Review} Learning Success Review & Give...

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. {Product Description} “The learning success program is a simple do-at-home program that will show you how to find the core problems and overcome them. Learning is made up of basic core skills. There are 16 of them in all. Typical learning difficulties are small weaknesses in a combination of two or three of these skills.” (Product description courtesy of Learning Success) {Features} Helps overcome learning difficulties such as: Dyslexia Dysca... read more »

App magica traduce lingue con le foto!

(di Mirko De Frassine) Una App strepitosa: punti la fotocamera su una scritta inglese e la traduce istantaneamente nella lingua che vuoi! Inoltrandoci tra le tante App segnalate in internet siamo rimasti affascinati da una molto particolare e utilissima! Immaginiamo di fare un viaggio o trovare alcune parole o interi cartelli o segnalazioni o [hellip The post App magica traduce lingue con le foto! appeared first on Dammilvia - news, interviste, video e tanto altro. read more »

Gift of Learning with Agnitus

Learning new things everyday is exciting. For youngster, its even more adventurous and full of fun. Which is why, when I first heard about Agnitus I immediately took notice and wanted to share about it to everyone. Agnitus is an iPad/Android educational and fun application for both adults and children alike. They provide many interactive games that [] read more »

The Chrysalis Academy Drill team provides lesso...

Watching how the drill squad is taken through their paces While I was at Chrysallis Academy, the venue for our RCL conference, I heard the drumbeat and the regular sound of marching coming from the other side of the hilly road. I stopped and waited for the drill group to appear. The drumming became louder and the marching clipped the air with its rhythmic heal beat. Then the blue column with their beige hats appeared on the hilltop. The marching column was being taken through their paces by two train... read more »

I Like Reading Not Math

A couple of days ago, the little ones preschool teacher informed me that the little ones are not very keen on doing their Math worksheets.  Jakei in particular was often adamantly refusing to answer his templates.  This wasnt the first time he has gone home with a sad face on his hand for not working [] The post I Like Reading Not Math appeared first on The Tottering Mama. read more »

The World of Lifelong Learning

Often times, it seems that we have collectively become comfortable with what we know and only seldom try to ... keep reading This post appeared first on read more »

Science Discovery Center at SM Lanang Premier

After the experience we had at HELLO KITTY AROUND THE WORLD at SM Lanang Premier another great attraction of the mall is their SCIENCE DISCOVERY CENTER located at the 3rd floor Entrance near the Bowling Center. We avail their PHp100 ALL DAY GALLERY PASSI ask information to the counter and pay PHp100 that day(December 21), the pass is good until midnight. We have this stamp on our arm wrist so that we can come again until midnight of Dec. 21OUR EXPERIENCEEarthquake SimulatorThis is a simple simulati... read more »

Homeschool Art Class: Piet Mondrian

Today in Homeschool Art Class, we recreated Composition with Red, Yellow, and Blue by Piet Mondrian using markers.We followed the instructions here: learned about Piet from the Making Art Fun webpage that we have found to be very useful for more artists. read more »

Homeschool Art Class: Pablo Picasso

Today in Homeschool Art Class, we recreated Three Musicians by Pablo Picassousing construction paper and a black marker. We followed the instructions here: learned a lot about Pablo from his website: and here read more »

Homeschool Art Class: Wassily Kandinsky

Today in Homeschool Art Class, we recreated Several Circles by Wassily Kandinsky using watercolor paints.We followed the instructions here: learned a little bit about Wassily here: read more »

Homeschool Art Class: Jackson Pollock

Today in Homeschool Art Class, we recreatedNumber 8 by Jackson Pollock using tempera paints. We followed the instructions here: Our Base Library is closed down due to the Government Shutdown limiting funding, so I couldn't get a book about Jackson Pollock. Fortunately, the National Gallery of Art put together a nice little PDF about Jackson Pollock and his works. A large drop cloth is necessary. I used a $1 plast... read more »

My Toddler Clears the Table

My Toddler Clears the Table No joke! After every meal he takes his plate, fork, and cup to the kitchen and sets them on the counter. If he was using ketchup or ranch, he puts them back in the fridge where he found them... yes, where HE found them. If he asks for ketchup I usually tell him to get it out of the fridge and he does! He also helps himself to the water from the fridge tap after he has finished his juice. How did I train this perfect robot child? Simple: Monkey See, Monkey Do. It ... read more »

anyone who stops #learning is old #agree #quote...

anyone who stops #learning is old #agree #quotes #sayings read more »

Choosing a Nursery for September

Choosing a school is not as easy as 1,2,3.  There are just so many factors you must consider moreso if it would be your childs first school.  Youd want the school to provide a wonderful learning environment for your child.  In this article, Jenny West shares her thoughts on choosing a nursery for your child.Jenny [...] read more »

Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum

The Little Man and I are starting our first month of Mother Goose Time next week!I can't even begin to explain how excited I am about this. I've been all over Pinterest and I've followed all the blogs, but this program sends me everything I need for a whole month of fun learning time! Seriously, they sent me scraps of paper and little green foam pieces for building a paper cactus! Hopefully, our schedule will go according to plan and I'll have a really great review for you all in May! Mother Goose... read more »

Coin Play

I'm working my way down the list of activities that Montessori schools encourage. It seems like a lot of normal day-to-day chores, but they are actually very important skills for little ones to learn. Today, I randomly grabbed: our coin jar, some measuring spoons, muffin cup liners, a makeshift piggybank, and kids chopsticks. Once I started scooping and pouring, the kids BOTH took over. I had expected Little Brother to take an interest, but Big Sister put down her book and joined the fun. Littl... read more »

Scooping & Pouring Beads

I'm working my way down the list of activities that Montessori schools encourage. It seems like a lot of normal day-to-day chores, but they are actually very important skills for little ones to learn. Today we worked on scooping/spooning and pouring. I pulled out a box of beads and some items from our tea set and sat down on the floor. Little Brother was curious, but not interested. That is until.. I started scooping and pouring, then he politely took over and played for about 20 minutes. read more »

File Folder Games

Now that Girl Scout Cookie season is over for our region, I can spend a little less time counting money and a little more time coming up with new ways to challenge Little Brother. I asked a daycare provider friend of mine and she rattled off a list of neat ideas and webpages to check out. This lead me to... File Folder Games! These are fun little games that you can find all over the internets, for free and to buy. They are made from a basic file folder, not the hanging kind, the basic kind. You p... read more »

Learning Is Everywhere

We all have multiple skills, multiple intelligence, multiple adept qualities that make us who we are. Some of them we learn at school, or at work, or at home, at church, on a boat, online, from our teachers, from our preachers, from our parents, from our peers. But no matter what they are,we'velearned them and, at some level, mastered them. Earlier psychologists believed personal traits are innate, genetic, intrinsic while others argue that they’re developed, environmental and altering. The studies of mo... read more »

Teens & Money

Recently my son (who is no longer a teen) came to realize how he started to get into trouble when he was in high school. This became apparent after he faced one test after another just recently. We are not talking the academic tests. No these tests are the life given tests that everyone goes [...] read more »

Beasiswa Prestasi Astra Tahun Akademik 2013/2014

Politeknik Manufaktur Astra membuka pendaftaran Program Beasiswa Prestasi Astra Tahun Akademik 2013/2014 bagi siswa siswi SMA/SMK kelas XII (Lulusan Tahun 2013), informasi selengkapnya silahkan buka link-link berikut: • Agenda Beasiswa Prestasi Astra Tahun Akademik 2013/2014 • Kerangka Acuan Program Beasiswa Prestasi Astra Tahun Akademik 2013/2014 • Formulir Beasiswa Prestasi Astra Tahun Akademik 2013/2014 • Suplemen Brosur Tahun Akademik 2013/2014 Berkas Pendaftaran Program Beasiswa Prestasi Astra Tahun... read more »


Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kesehatan IST Buton sejak berdirinya telah mendapat dukungan dari Pemerintah Kota Bau bau dan Pemerintah Kabupaten Buton yang ditandai dengan pembukaan pengresmiannya oleh Bapak Walikota Bau bau Drs.H.MZ. Amirul Thamim, M.Si dan penutupan oleh Bapak Bupati Buton Ir.H.LM.Syafei Kahar tanggal bulan september 2007. Berdirinya STIKES IST Buton juga diikuti oleh rekomendasi Direktorant Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi dengan nomor surat; 0068/D2.2/2008, surat rekomendasi dari Dinas Kesehatan Pro... read more »

Unlocking the Secrets to SINGAPORE MATH

Pssstt Ill let you in on a secretSingapore Math rocks! Oh alright, thats not really a secret at all.  Educators have known how effective this teaching method is since Singapore has consistently ranked first among all nations in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) from the mid 1990s until now.   This is also [...] read more »


DIFFERENTIATION CONCEPT OF DIFFERENTIATION : Every individual customer is unique in itself so is his/her preferences regarding tastes, preferences, attitudes, etc. These needs of the customers are fulfilled by the firms by producing differentiated products. In our day-to-day life we see many such examples of differentiated products. Most of the fast moving consumer goods like; read more »

Tutoring Club: Setting Students A Class Above T...

It may sound shocking but 80% of students who graduate from public High Schools are unqualified for college.  You would think that those in private schools fare much better and receive more quality education but, surprisingly, they too have difficulties in school and some also graduate without enough academic competency to fare well in college. [...] read more »


Well, my wife and I have been together for over 7 years now and married 5. We seem to have tiffs her and there and really no explosions really. So when I was getting situated on my medication, I blew up. Then last night again I blew up. However, I more felt that she was being selfish because I told her that we went to my hometown to see my mom and possibly some friends. Well, my wife was sick of hearing about my dead stepfather and didn't want to be in the house anymore so she walked to our friends. Well... read more »

Discover The Science Of Cartoons

Last Saturday,the boys and I attended the Giant Cartoon Fun event at NIDO Fortified Science Discovery Center at Mall Of Asia. The event was sponsored by Cartoon Network and the boys were so excited to see their favorite CN characters in person,specially Ben 10 whom both of them really like. The event started with the [...] read more »

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