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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Quit Looking at Me!

A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely. Roald Dahl It goes far [] read more »

Remembering Barbara Gatewood

Remembering Barbara Gatewood (Remarks given at her funeral by her husband) My mother said she had never heard of a husband giving remarks at his wifes funeral. Well, Barbara and I were science fiction fans, commonly called nerds, and we Continue reading read more »

Joy and Grief

Back on Christmas Eve, I posted a poll  asking my readers to pick from a list of shared topics, promising to write a post in response to the winners. The top choice was Joy and Grief. So, this is a Continue reading read more »

WW On A Tuesday – The Joys Of Spring

bethere2day - WW On A Tuesday - Post an image and link up, this weeks post is - The Joys Of Spring WW On A Tuesday The Joys Of Spring read more »

Let Those Thoughts Go

Photo post by @arganesh3. As seen on Known is a Drop, Unknown Is an Ocean let thoughts goFiled under: Philosophy, reblogged Tagged: happiness, happy, joy, letting go, self-control, thoughts read more »

Merry Christmas from Tara Randel

To all of the wonderful readers of Christians Read, here is wishing you a blessed Christmas. May the wonder of Christ’s birth bring you, and your family, great joy and peace this holiday season. Also, have a safe and happy Continue reading read more »

My Memories Are Always Filled With Sunshine

The memories of my life are always filled with sunshine. Still, there is a place deep inside where storms live. I have pictures of my children playing in the snow and I remember the year my oldest son came home from school after an ice storm, snow and a freezing wind. Our yard was completely filled with ice covered with white. Our house was on the slope of a hill. There were houses lower down and there was no fence between our yard and our next door neighbor. On the other side of the neighbor's yard ther... read more »

That Moment When… #3 – On Marriage

That Moment When You realize that you will fulfill every vow you made at your wedding if youre fortunate enough to stay married for the rest of your life. I promise to love, honor, and respect you. I take you for my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for More That Moment When #3 OnMarriage read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥The scariest thing in life can beFollowing our heart, no guarantee,What may happen, joy or pain,With all to lose or much to gain. Uncharted waters, a mystery,Can bring us joy or misery,But we can't know what could be,If we let our fears referee. In life there's always risks to take,But with our heart want no mistakeFor a wounded heart is pain to feelAnd so extremely hard to heal. ♥"Knock, Knock"*Knock, Knock*"May I come in, enter here?Let me in, please my dear.Dear ... read more »


Greetings and welcome from Artsieladie! ♥Welcome to my new blog! This blog is for sharing with my audience quotes I have written. Some will be in images, some won't and will be just the text version of a quote of mine.To start I'm selecting one of my favourites because when I look back over my life, some of the happiest and most rewarding times in my life have been when I'm giving to another in some way and there are many ways to be giving besides actually giving something in a tangible form. When we hel... read more »

A Vacancy for Joy

Recently a friend sent me this quote that has resonated on different levels. “I want my life to be an inviting guest room, where joy can walk in and stay awhile.” Ashley Wiersma She sent it because my house has been a fairly continuous place of care and solace. As in Simon and Garfunkles Sparrow song, people can grow [] read more »

A Journey called Life where only you hold the Map

This journey called life is full of heartaches, joys and many lessons to learn. However, it up to us to decide how we begin and end it. I truly believe that every day when we wake up in the morning, we should be cognizant of the fact that time is slipping away very fast and furious like sand in an hourglass. On this journey in this life, we never know the beginning nor the ending to our destiny. Nonetheless, life is a journey where we must live life to the fullest from one moment to the next and remember... read more »

This Is The Day, This Is The Day…

I believe we are wasting some valuable resources in the church. We have often worked so hard to be relevant, that we have downgraded our thinking some times. We have lost some of the things that truly make the church the church. Many of those resources are the folks who went through powerful times. Impartation, Continue reading This Is The Day, This Is The Day read more »

The Rest That Refreshes!

One of the big topics in my life is rest. Not fall asleep kind of rest, but the one where you relax in Him. Yesterday began to remove my peace, my sense of well being. A manufacturer had done me wrong. They have a rule and they broke it. Their answer was “maybe the next Continue reading The Rest That Refreshes! read more »

Manichiura cu …Farmec !

Bine v-am gasit ! Se pare ca in ultimul timp , m-a acaparat arta pe unghiute ! De ce ? De ce nu ?!   :) Iubesc provocarile si consider ca nimic nu este greu de realizat , daca te pasioneaza , daca iti da o stare de bine si suflu de energie ! Imi [] read more »

Crazy Little Thing

This morning the craziest thing happened. I wrote the final words to a novel. Crazy? Why is it crazy for a storyteller with 20 published novels to be sitting in amazement at that fact. Well, for starters, I havent finished one in quite some time. I knowyoure all bobbing your heads up and down in agreement. Stop [] read more »

Eat The Fruit Of The Spirit

The other day while taking in the beginning of the fall colors and the warmth of the day the Lord began to speak to me about the fruit of the spirit. Galatians 5:22-23 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no [] read more »

Letting Go And Letting God

Grace Happens. Let Go And Let God. First Things First. Live And Let Live. My Mom had found Al Anon and those bumper stickers began to appear everywhere in our home. Most notably the refrigerator. And frankly I did not understand them so much as I was thinking I should. Especially that one that said [] read more »

It’s a Smoothie Life

So I made this smoothie: Two little lemonswhole (peel, pith, seeds, you get it)two palm sized broccoli florets, one whole zucchini, handful of baby carrots, kale and spinachno, wait, here comes the sweet part: frozen mango, two bananas, and some thick berry juice. Blend it, blend it, blend it and voila! So refreshing. And I [] read more »

Trading Your Peace? Consider The Consequences.

In my dream, I had walked out the door. There was a little child who chasing a large winged creature. He was so happy. (The child…not the creature!) I walked back in the building with this sense of trepidation. I met with the editor of the paper. He spoke to me about me “making money” [] read more »

Relax. There Is Joy!

Life is to be lived. As I woke this morning, I thought about the things that do not live and the energy folks put into them. It may be a phone, a website or a program. I am not saying “do not use” or enjoy, but what is life in the midst of it? The [] read more »

The Restoration Of Vehicles

I walked down each row of vehicles. I was looking for the right car. (Funny, my wife has been asking me lately “if you could have any car…”.)The problem was that all the cars seemed to be “white” and they certainly all look the same! (One of my pet peeves as I have grown.) Finally, [] read more »

Results More Than Reasons

As the young child stretched forth his hand the baby came to life. No longer blue in color, but quickly recovering and having color restored the child began to coo softly. Life had returned. What was it that brought such instantaneous change to the dead baby? Was it faith? Was it it Jesus? The mystery [] read more »

What Are You Saying? A Few Thoughts On Facebook

My wife has gone away for a few days with a friend. I am excited for her. The beach is her love. Me, I am lake kind of guy. So, the big question is what will I do with a few days of quiet on my hand. Not all that long ago, I would find [] read more »

The Little Joys by Maureen Lang

The other day I had a brief email chat with a friend about the emotional life most writers experience. Writers as a group generally tend to be on the sensitive side. My friend mentioned how hard it is to open yourself up to possible rejection, which is a feeling all writers experience in one way [] read more »

Happiness and Joy!

This piece has been long due. A lot of people have time and again, asked me to write on ‘joy and happiness’. Though very subjective issues, people often categorize joy and happiness into one sphere of ‘good times’. The thought Continue reading read more »

What I Learned from Johnny Carson by Julie Arduini

Im intrigued with the late night talk show changes and last week I blogged about what Im learning from Jimmy Fallon. Over the weekend my husband and I took advantage of our Amazon Prime membership and watched a documentary on Johnny Carson. Id read about his life and knew quite a bit, but there was [] read more »

A Dog With Two Bones- A Tale Of Choice

In one of my dreams a person had multiple choices before them and the words, “Caesar, Caesar” were being shouted out to them. Upon awakening, I came to the conclusion that the words were really “seize her” pointing out the answer to a choice. When I was young I was told the story of a [] read more »

'Joy Blue Flow' Handmade Card For Sale by Beary...

'Joy Blue Flow' Handmade Card UvRgB51rHwo.twitter #BLuvBHugz read more »

A new new.

Beginnings happen all the time, And fancy they could be, not all though. All beginnings but do not end, Continuing until infinity they go. For some that begin and end too, She’s happy more than little. For some that begin Continue reading read more »

Enjoying The Body of Christ

Despite tech issues, I was simply reminded life is not all that serious. Yesterday I had a simply great day with friends and family at our church gathering in New Hampshire. The music was great and the people were friendly and fun to be with. The message my friend Scott delivered was a joy to [] read more »

The Joy of Animals

It's the beginning of October and it's safe to it's the start of my favourite few months. As much I love summer, once you feel those nights draw in, you are ready to say your goodbyes to a warm, festival season and welcome autumn with open arms! Why? Well who doesn't love sitting next to a blazing fire in a house that smells of cherries and honey; drinking hot chocolate and adorned in knitwear, fur lined boots and hats!?October is the seasons of pumpkins, fireworks, mulled cider, frights and forest splen... read more »

Perseverance by Tara Randel

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. James 1:2-3 I recently started a Bible study on the book of James. Right off the bat, verses 2-3 hit me right where I live. I’ve taken a few [] read more »

Has Christ Risen in You? – Removing Hidden Idols

Today we celebrated Christ! We celebrated that He led a perfect life, stood in our place paying the penalty for our sin. We celebrated that He gave us His righteousness so we could be reconciled to God as a holy people holy because He has called us holy. Christ hung on the cross and [...] read more »

Personal Development: Comfort Zone Be Gone

Life loses its meaning when we get stuck up in comfort zone. –M.K. SoniYour comfort zone is your behavioral state of mind operating in an anxiety-neutral condition, using a limited set of behaviors to deliver a steady level of performance, usually without a sense of risk. True statement... in other words, boring. LifeandStuffA comfort zone is a type of mental conditioning that causes a person to create and operate mental boundaries around themselves.Where is the challenge and growth when you operate a... read more »

Drop the Sand, Grasp the Diamonds.

Do you remember playing in the sand as a child and trying to keep a hand full of the tiny grains in your palm? It had to be gripped so tightly to keep any of it. One loosening of the palm and the sand would all fall out. Your fears, angers, hurts, are like those grains of sand. When you first encounter them, they are huge like a stone. But eventually the stone disappears and what is left behind is sand. You don't feel the stone anymore, but you still grip the grains of sand in your palms, refusing to r... read more »

It All Passes By So Soon

Women Enough... the time passes by so quickly.... enjoy and savor every moment while you have it.The first Christmas kiss 'neath the mistletoe ball Love that grows with the winter moonThe hopes anddreamsof two people enthrallIt all passes by so soon.Newlyweds' bliss on a new Christmas morningTheir hearts are now one, not twoThe anticipation of the life they are formingIt all passes by so soon.Baby's first Christmas such a joyous sightWith boxes and bows and balloonsSweetly slumber that holiday nightIt a... read more »

Was That Rant Worth 15 Minutes of Your Life?

Recently, I was sitting in a coffee shop sipping my brew and gathering my thoughts when the conversation at the next table caught my ear. I couldn't help but listen - the volume kept rising.One of the women at the table was unhappy with her order. She was going to call the corporate offices, post scathing posts on one of her social media sites, and vowed never to come there again. The other women at the table, who appeared to be her sister and her mom, joined in her lament, fueling the already irritated ... read more »

OH MY POTATO. (WARNING: Image heavy!)

Gasp. Gasp. Gasp! I've got bad news. But something incredible and awesome and ridiculous and too-good-to-be-true-but-is happened to me today! Proof that I've got friends in high places! THANK YOU LORD! THANK YOU ANGELS!You should guess what it is.. Meanwhile I'll tell you the bad news drumroll please. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. I GOT A "D" ON MY MICROBIOLOGY. BUT IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT, I DIDN'T FAIL IT SO IT'S ALL GOOD. NOT TO MENTION IT EARLIER, BUT I'M MENTIONING IT NOW, I FA... read more »

Excuse Me...Your Chip Is Showing

Does that person that always acts like they are the underdog irritate you? Does it ever seem like they carry the world on their shoulders, and everyone around them can feel it? Do you ever realize that you are looking in the mirror and that person is you?That, my dear Women Enough is a big ole chip on your shoulder.There may be many reasons why and ways how that chip got there. Perhaps there was an injustice done to you at some point. Possibly a friend or co-worker was catty and self serving in how they ... read more »

AN EVENING, that turned special

Another hectic weekday. I had to leave works incomplete, to rush to university when the clock struck 3.00pm.It was a usual play for my bike to ditch me at times of need. I was forced to take auto then bus to reach university. My mind at work, stomach craving for food, hands typing [...] read more »

Celebrate Yourself

This is the Eleventh from Julys edition of  Infinitheism. I kept reading it numerous time , ever since first. Just for the joy of celebrating (y)ourself, read it once Source : Infinitheism Filed under: From my dairy Tagged: Celebration, joy, life, ourself, thoughts read more »

My Dearest Sister’s Birthday!

Today my dearest sister, Denise Joy celebrates her birthday. It’s her 18th birthday, which means she’s old. LOL. She loves animals and she is a vegetarian. I seriously don’t know how she manages not to eat pork and beef. I love my dearest sister so much, she is the best sister anyone can ask [...] read more »


I believe in the air I breathe, the sustenance of life, The light that shines so bright on the face of the plants and the skin of the soil, The smile on the innocent lips of a 3 months old Continue reading read more »


source Could a name be more befitting, For a princess of such grace? Shining like a heavenly star, She fills your heart with hope and joy. The hues of the northern lights, Twinkling in her eyes, As she gazes into your soul, You will see it's reflection in her stare. When she speaks to you of things, In her woman-childish way, Something reaches right from her soul, And tugs at the strings of your heart. Aurora is a reminder of all that has been, And a hope for all that will be. Mother Earth has be... read more »

I Need Payday Loans to Chill Out After Working ...

So I realize this post is like a week late, but like what I always say, better late than never. Okay, so last weekend, my sisters and I went out, at night. I haven't been out on a gimik (a night out to go clubbing or bar hopping) without B since what feels like forever. Hence, my title. B was supposed to accompany us but he was too tired from work, so it was just me and my sisters. 18BC Music Lounge photo taken from 18BC's Facebook page at We went to our uncle'... read more »

Wordless Wednesday: The Triangle of Trust*

For those of you who don't know, I have 2 sisters and a brother. I've written about my sisters, Coy and Joy on this blog quite a lot, but I don't think I've ever posted a picture of the three of us before. Until now... My sister Joy, lives in Manila, with my mom, my step dad and my brother, Drake. Joy and I bridge the gap by talking on our cellphones for hours, thanks to Globe's Super150 unlimited call and text! Coy also lives in Manila, but she usually comes up to Baguio, where I live, every once ... read more »

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