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Howdy folks!♥This poem I wrote along with creating artwork to go with it back in October, 2007 as entries in the Halloween art and poetry competitions used to have. Unfortunately, Elftown has become a virtual ghost town now, barely able to maintain a hundred active members, when it used to have many thousands of active members.I have many great memories from the days when Elftown was a lot of fun to be on, with many great, talented artists and writers. To say I once loved the site and support... read more »


Howdy folks!♥With Halloween just around the corner...♥"Spirits' Summons"~ Newer/remake version ~ Full Size PNG:, stirring...Dellaroo stands, smiling over her pot,Stirring up a potion, bubbling hot."Come one, come all!It's time for a spiritual ball!"She spews forth a chant, repeated in three.She dances with joy, tickled with glee.As the v... read more »


Howdy folks!♥This poem I really enjoyed bringing together. As far as I'm concerned, I believe the only true Magic is Love. I enjoy being on and using a computer. Hence, advocating for Love using some tech terminology gives this poem a unique flavour without a doubt.♥"Magicware"(image pending)Magic is here, Magic is there,Magic exists everywhere,In every life, in every part,In every breath, in every heart.But before you can be really receiving,You must first be truly believing.For Magic to work, you must ... read more »

WW On A Tuesday – Voices

bethere2day - WW On A Tuesday - Post an image and link up, this weeks post is - Voices WW On A Tuesday Voices read more »

The Creative Blogger Award!

My second nomination! I dont know what is going on right now! Haha :) Thank you, Vikar! Aka Mr. Wonderful-author-of-one-of-the-most-honest-and-beautifully-written-blogs! Continue reading read more »

Trust me, I’m going to be fine – The Quote and ...

Trust me, Im going to be fine Without the shade That brings another lie. Those toxic accusations, You made them Continue reading read more »

Daydream – The Quote and a Bonus Poem Challenge...

In my daydream, I have found The universe, liberating my words, Making me bounce on my toes, Freeing the spark Continue reading read more »

7 Reasons to See Pixar's 'Inside Out'!

Minions comes out in just a few days! Im not sure who among I, the 22-year-old, and my little sister, the 10-year-old, is the more excited one. An accurate representation of how were responding to the approach of the Minions movie releaseStill, before you rush to the cinemas to see Minions, there is another movie that is already out in the cinemas that you should definitely consider watching. Pixars Inside Out! I had high hopes for this movie, because its a Pixar movie and I love all things Disney, b... read more »


I have recently been reading a book on magic. To be honest, it has proven to be a dire read indeed promising much but delivering nothing. Except, that is, for one thing. Throughout the book the author talks about energy following thought. I havent yet finished the book so maybe it will still surprise meRead more Attention The post Attention appeared first on The Wacky World of G. Michael Vasey. read more »

All I Will Ever Be

Too often in our lives the greatest disappointment is to think “this is it”. Followed by “is there all there is?” I awoke this morning feeling a somberness that I have not encountered for a while. It may simply be that it is 9/10 and I remember 9/11 in our country. It may just be [] read more »


Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, Love, Love, that is the soul of genius. For those who passionately love, The whole world seems to smile. … David Myers A fool in love makes no sense to me, I only think you are a fool if you don’t love. …… Sigmund Freud If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; If they don’t they never were. ......Richard Bach We never hopelessly unhappy as when we lose ... read more »

Am I Alone?

I must confess that I often wonder if I am in fact alone. I mean, are any of YOU actually REAL? Much more likely, you are all figments of my furtive imagination. Think about it. The only thing that can Continue reading read more »

Hard Dreams

Since we moved back into our apartment in Brno, I have dreamed and dreamed hard. Every night. Vivid dreams that I dont always recall much of but recall the vividness all the same. I wonder, why would that be? I Continue reading read more »

First Order of Business When Rich: One Microsco...

It is really sad humans (that seem so determined to destroy this planet) show little regard to the majority of species, most of which are invisible to the naked eye. Most people go through life without knowing the splendor of Mother Nature in all its glory. Its hard to believe now the accepted knowledge of [] read more »

No Wishes For Normalcy In 2014

Once again Christmas has come, and now Christmas is gone, and even though the tree is still up, and will be for a good while, I find myself having to adjust to some normalcy. No hidden gifts in the closet, no more teasing the kiddo about One Direction presents all wrapped under the tree, the ballet The Nutcracker has come and gone, and everything is over. Normalcy invades this apartment like a thick mist.... Wait, who's apartment am I talking about here? Normalcy: no. I walked in the door from work this ... read more »

Beary Amazing Emporium's ~~Today's Feature Item...

BEARY AMAZING EMPORIUM'S ~~ Feature Item Of The Day~~ 8/16/2013! 20% Off Regular Price (Today, Only)!Plastic Canvas 1420 - Leisure Arts Craft Leaflet Teach Yourself Regular $6.00This leaflet provides step by step lessons to help you with everything from choosing the best type of canvas and yarn for your project, to instructions for working a variety of stitches, to completing a project in plastic canvas. read more »

A Writer's Rituals

Writer’s Pre-Game Rituals A fan recently asked me how I was able to ‘get so deeply into the world of my characters’. My answer, of course, was that my characters live in their own world and I simply visit them before returning to report what I’ve seen. While that is true, for the most part, I feel that I owe her more than that simple answer. It is true that I don’t make up the stories and that I’m merely an ethereal spectator to them. It is also true that my characters live out their lives on the oth... read more »

What Drives a Writer?

Those of us who write, do so for a variety of reasons. I know of people who write entirely from a desire to make money. Others are driven to write about themselves, to tell the world about their exciting, boring, amazing, average, fantastic or mundane lives. Many are looking to put ideas into words, to explain to the world why things are as they are. Some are impelled by a deep desire to put things right, to educate those they see as unaware of what they believe to be important factors. And some simply l... read more »

My favourite literary character = Anne

Day 5 Author Blog ChallengeThis one's all about literary characters, which one's my favourite and with which one can I most relate? My favourite character was hard to narrow down but I think it's got to be Anne Shirley. I'm so similar to her in so many ways (see here). Although I didn't get into nearly as many scrapes as she did. We've both gotten into trouble for our love of reading. Lost in our own little worlds at many a time, using our imagination to fuel life and vitality into what we know. We both... read more »

3 Ways to Hone Your Writing Craft & How I Did I...

Day 2 Author Blog Challenge.The prompt for today was about classes, programs or workshops I might've taken to hone my craft. As the publishing and writing industry is inherently expensive for anything of that sort I have yet to attend one. (First one ever in Aug! Sa-weet) But that doesn't mean I haven't done everything in my power to improve my craft. I've simply done it on next to 0$. So if you're in the same boat as me and need some ideas on what to do without injuring your wallet these ideas are espec... read more »

And It's Go Time

I've done it. I've finally bitten the bullet and decided to really make a go of both my blogs and my writing. So for the next month it's all writing, all the time. Hip-hip-hooray for that!(Except for FDL. You know -- food, dishes, laundry. Wouldn't want to be hunted down for not feeding my son for a month. :P)How am I doing this you ask? Well I've given myself an ultimate deadline. My novel will have all the new edits and scenes I want in it from the critiques I received by June 30. In addition I am doin... read more »

Dust Bunny Deliberations

Ever try hiding under your desk, pretending to be a dust bunny? Didnt work for you either did it? All day the immortal words of Ben Folds has been running through my mind. Follow me into the great unknown Where pink flamingos grow Diet soda flows and what you take Magically regenerates All supermarket shelves [...] read more »

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