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Recent blog posts on Hygiene

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My All Care Giveaway Win

About two weeks ago I attended a Health Wellness Show. It basically was geared towards olderadults. As many of the booths were services for older adults. Such as All Care. They provide services and care to help the elderly. I entered a giveaway they had. I won a gift basket. The gift basket has a bunch of goodies in it. I lovelooking at everything that was packed in the basket. Besides winning the basket, while I was at the Health Wellness Show, I was able to pick free pens, pencils, notepads, keycha... read more »

Fresh, Pure And Wholesome

I take good bites out of life; the chunks that I know are going to be the most nutritious and beneficial for me. I eat and live very health-wise. Aside from feeding our bodies we also have to feed our brains and without a healthy constitution our minds will lack the virility that it needs [] read more »


I absolutely love water as it helps to purify us along with soap as well as nourish and sooth the body from the inside and out. I prefer to take showers; however, a bath or a firm and heavy sprinkling are both very therapeutic and rejuvenating to the overall well-being and to the senses. I [] read more »

Servitex bietet modernes Umweltmanagement

Im Bereich Qualität erhielten die Wäschereien des Servitex-Verbundes ein Zertifikat nach ISO 9001 und im Bereich Umweltmanagement wurden die Betriebe gemäß ISO 14001 zertifiziert. read more »

Shopping body wash protection for family

I am mommy of two boys, I know it's important to have suitable body wash for my family. I bought Antabax body wash for my family to use. Whenever I saw there's sale I would stock up too. I always repurchase when I found out the product is good and suitable for my family to use.I need to shop on budget and choose the best for my family. With many range of body wash to choose from, it's no harm of using a few of them. I mean having a few brands in a family. You can read more about this new range of body wa... read more »

{Product Review} Booty Fresh

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. {Product Description} BOOTY FRESH PRIVATE ODOR NEUTRALIZER WHAT THIS DOES: Yes, this is a spray for your bum Simply spray it directly between the buttocks, let it sit, wash it away, and you will be absolutely stink free down there. Doesnt matter how offensive or permanent the odor was before; it absolutely works. THE MOST AMAZING SPRAY FOR YOUR BUM: With a full application of Booty Fresh, you wont notice a scent from offending areas for up to two... read more »

One Of My Family “Curses” Lifted

Toya, I love you why you dont love me? My mother asked me months ago back in December along with telling me that she was going to listen to what Id say (through my natural wisdom and experience and insights) because she knew that I had been through a lot in life and was ahead [] read more »

Up In Age People And Their Hygiene

Some years ago I took a trip down to Barnwell, South Carolina. I visited a family of distant relatives. Upon arriving, I noticed a very heavy set woman who was about in her sixties at the time. When I met and greeted the woman she was sitting on a chair with her thick size legs [...] read more »

Major Ignorance Regarding My “Symptoms Of Voodo...

Isnt It Sad When People Jump To Conclusions When They Do Not Take Out Time To Research All Of The Facts? It Really Shows Their Stupidity. People Really Should Know What They Are Talking About Before They Go On To Make Accusations. Please, Anyone, Before You Come At Me With Some Notion That Is Formed [...] read more »

My Girl’s Home!

Chloe, my eldest daughter, arrived from school today and how sweaty she was! Shes riding a carpool with no aircon and it also happens that the weather is very hot today. My daughters face and neck were filled with sweat I told her to change her clothes right away! I also instructed her to wipe [...] read more »

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