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Greetings and welcome!♥Applying a little humour with a message can sometimes be more productive than from using a more serious approach.♥ PNG url:"Take it from me, a frog,Make note in your log.Honey attracts more flies than vinegar ever will,Unless you want the flies who like vinegar and dill!"💟 Have a wonderful day! 💟Qu...d read more »

Cum preparam okara

Bine v-am regasit , dragilor ! Cred ca v-am mai vorbit despre okara . Daca nu stiati deja , okara este denumirea in japoneza pentru pulpa de soia care este una dintre cele trei forme de fibre din soia . Se obtine dupa prepararea laptelui de soia si are calitati nutritive deosebite , este gustoasa si [] read more »

The Best Acai Bowls in Hawaii!

Summer, and summer break for those on an academic calendar, is rapidly approaching. Its the perfect time for a cyber getaway - to Hawaii! I had the most amazing vacation of my life this past fall. I went to Hawaii (a split stay between Oahu and Kauai) for ten days with my (then) boyfriend! It was expensive, but so worth it. Hawaii is the frickin BEST. Hawaii is stunning, fun, peaceful, relaxing, multicultural, rich in biodiversity, and also incredibly delicious! I highly recommend saving up and going s... read more »

How To Use the Last Bit Of Your Sauces

We’ve all been in this scenario. That little bit of sauce leftover in the bottle or jar only to go to waste. We let the bottle sit upside down for a few days. We try to scrape as much off the sides as possible to not avail. However you can turn that “residue” into vinaigrette. As from my article about vinaigrette you need vinegar and oil to make vinaigrette. The leftover sauce would be the sweetener and to add extra flavor. This would work best with sweet sauces such as jams, maple syrup, or honey. You... read more »

Surprising Ways to Use Honey

This article was on the Today.Com site. It's gives us Ladies, and some men too, multiple uses of Honey. I personally am looking forward to trying some of these. MOISTURIZER Experiencing a rough patch? Mix equal parts olive oil and honey to create a thick lotion. Rub on dry skin and let sit for 10-20 minutes before rinsing the area for smooth (and staying) results. LIP BALM This use of honey for skin brings a little sweetness to your lips. Combine 1 teaspoon of honey with 1/2 cup of natural beeswax ... read more »

Chicken Thighs with Honey

And just when you thought you have done it all when it comes to cooking chicken, along comes another GREAT recipe to try, and this is no exception! This is not your typical sweet and sour recipe that offers death-by-sour and tastes like a sauce out of a bottle from your local supermarket. It is well balanced with low acidity and sweetness, allowing the natural flavours of the chicken to come out, so I don't even call it a sweet and sour chicken, which it is in essence. I love to cook with chicken thigh... read more »

Corba od bundeve

1kg bundeve 1 glavica crnog lukamaslinovo uljepavlaka za kuvanjepileci bujon1 kasika medazacini-so,biber,vlasacPriprema: Bundevu iseci na komade,posoliti,poprskati sa malo maslinovog ulja,a luk ne ljustiti,nego ceo,zajedno sa bundevom staviti u rernu i peci na 220C oko sat vremena ili dok bundeva ne omeksa. Za to vreme skuvati pileci bujon. Kada je bundeva pecena,staviti je u blender ( bez kore ),staviti i luk (skinuti ljusku) i dodati malo pileceg bujona (supe) i izmiksati. U preostali bujon ... read more »

Seri Emas facial soap

I am one of the fifty selected bloggers to try out the Seri Emas facial soap, this is a handmade soap. I received the soap which is 40g. This is 100% handmade soap, 50% of the soap made of honey. It is used 100% not contain any chemical. It has been tested and used for almost ten years.How to use this soap?Make sure your hands are clean.Then wet your palm wet with the soap, and lather all over face for 2 min then wash your face.You can see the result after a week.It contains of high pomegranate extract. ... read more »

Back to School Recipes: Homemade Healthy Granol...

I love, and have always loved, granola bars. They're also a perfect snack for back-to-school and in general beloved by kids and adults alike. They can also be quite healthy and pack great convenient energy! For those interested in snacking with less waste (no individual wrappers necessary - you can use reusable tupperware for transport!) and saving some money, here's a great recipe for healthy homemade granola bars!My 9-year-old sister (yes, we have a 12 year age gap) says taste better than Kashi! Hea... read more »

Uses of Honey

This is another interesting article from Grandparents Honey Raw, organic honey is one of nature’s superfoods, and you should definitely keep a jar on hand! If you can, buy honey that is produced locally. (Some of the honey sold in supermarkets has been found to contain high fructose corn syrup and red food dye.) Besides being delicious, the good stuff can help keep you beautiful inside and out! Uses: Ease a hangover: Next time you’ve overindulged, try a tablespoon of honey. (You can add it to her... read more »

Extracting Honey

Honey Extraction This past Sunday, August 10, 2014, we took our frames of honey from our backyard beehives to be extracted down at Dakota Bees in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. We'd removed the frames from the supers the day before and stored them in the back of car so the bees couldn't get to them and take the honey back to their hives. Taking the supers and honey frames off the hives was pretty exciting in itself as the bees don't really like their hard earned winter food supply being taken from them. We smok... read more »

Mountains Change Your Perspective

As a child nothing excited me more than driving to the Adirondacks, cruising through the mountains and then, there it wasthe lake! I had dream about a mountain last night “The wind was whistling through the tree tops. The snow was blowing across the meadows. The outcroppings of rock seem to move under the tremendous [] read more »

Photo (s) of the Day - Flowering Wild Thyme in ...

As you are allbeginningto realise, I am very partial to the nature that surrounds me and never miss an occasion to get out and photograph what makes Provence so very special.One of the key moments in spring is the flowering of the wild thyme. The pink flowers give off a subtle perfume, and serve as a delicious flavouring as well as a decorative garnish on many a plate during this period. It is also picked to make Farigoule, a thyme liqueur which is a very effective digestive after a big meal. I will be p... read more »

Caramel Apple Everything Cookies

Some things just scream back-to-school. The rise in humidity that you just didnt think possible and makes you want to punch summer in the stomach and move to Alaska. The butterflies in your belly that show up with the backpacks in the grocery store, and slowly turn into giant boulders of dread by mid-August. So, in honor of all the backpacks at my grocery store this week, allow me to share one of the best parts of back-to-school. Caramel Apples. Sorry, didnt feel like making boulders-of-dread cookie... read more »

The Nougat Maker of Sault

The village of Sault set at the foot of the Mont Ventoux is situated at 800m on the Plateau d’Albion. Until recently this plateau was famed for its missile launching facilities, as it was from here that a large part of France’s nuclear response in case of an attack would have been launched by our cold war enemies. Now the missiles have gone, the enemies are our friends, and the only military presence that remains is a base occupied by the French Foreign Legion at St Christol. A view of Lavender field... read more »

Record Breaking Feat

Al khobar is a city in Saudi Arabia which is located in the Eastern province. Preparations were underway to list this beautiful city at the top of the world. Enthusiastic organizers were all agog in setting up the longest breakfast table in the Corniche . The table is said to measure 175 meters in length and 122 cm in width. As this event is open to the public an overwhelming crowd is expected to witness this record breaking event. The Guinness team will also be present to confirm the record.The table i... read more »

Baked Flounder & Asian Lemon Garlic Pasta

Ive been out of commission for a while with the blog due to my new job, but Im hoping to make it up to my audience with this brand new recipe! If you ever go out fishing this summer, and get to take your catch home, this recipe will certainly honor your catch with deliciousness. [...] read more »

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