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Recent blog posts on Heartache

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The Demon's Lair

People are still losing. They’re still losing their babies. Their happiness, their world. I would have given just about anything to know that losing my Matty meant that no one else would ever know this pain. My heart aches for any mother on this journey. When you first enter this hell your disbelief has you numb. Your pain comes in waves. You’re sure that you’re having the worst dream of your life. Once you hold your child’s funeral you cross over. You’ve fully entered the Demons lair. He holds you capt... read more »

Temporary Derailment: A Writer’s Nightmare

All is well now, although I have had to come to grips with a set-back of my own making. Here is an attempt at poetry to explain my absence. No more details needed Hard Drive Not Found Hundreds of children, locked in the grains of a glimmering silver disk. A plastic prison, inaccessible forever. I brought [] read more »

It’s a Smoothie Life

So I made this smoothie: Two little lemonswhole (peel, pith, seeds, you get it)two palm sized broccoli florets, one whole zucchini, handful of baby carrots, kale and spinachno, wait, here comes the sweet part: frozen mango, two bananas, and some thick berry juice. Blend it, blend it, blend it and voila! So refreshing. And I [] read more »


Ito ay para sa mga taong nakipag break, makikipag break, o nawawalan na ng lakas para patagalin pa ang relasyon nila. Yun bang kahit anong pilit mong magpakatatag, kakalas at kakalas ka pa rin kasi hindi mo na kaya. Lets say na ang post na ito ay para sa mga tulad ko para sa [] read more »

Long Division

Two minus one You must've lost interest Subtracted yourself I am the difference Two add on one Together makes three I'll walk away That shit's not for me Passionate love Powerfully potent You chose to divide it Now we're just a quotient Division is hard In life and fifth grade I know it has uses But they're unclear today read more »

Grave Expectations by Sarah Chickens

Sigh. Well, that went well. I know you probably think by now that I have worse moodswigs than half of the people in my country. I'm not one to deny the obvious so I'm just going go out of my way to sulk, wallow and probably hide in some hole right now. Au revoir, tous les monde!What exactly happened? Easy answer. The inevitable. Hmm as you know a certain couple in my family is getting hitched and I'm supposed to make the invites in exchange for something in my wishlist. Correction! The ONLY item in my wi... read more »


I don't post about my feelings very much, that's not been the purpose of this blog. Rather it has been a place to share what's going on in the crazy Khan household with my friends and family. I guess when it comes to feelings I'm a bit more private than that.Over the past few weeks I've been in a bit of a slump, searching for my 'happy place' but not really being able to find it. Not sleeping well, and stressing over the little nuisances in my life, that cumulatively have been taking on a lot more signif... read more »

10 Ways to Get Over Him This Instant

Elizabeth Gilbert goes to some pretty extreme measures to put her ex behind her in Eat, Pray, Love. But you dont have to travel to India to move on — just try one of these genius forget-the-creep tactics instead. By Robin Hilmantel When my college boyfriend dumped me out of nowhere, I went straight to [...] read more »


, originally uploaded by Ann Molly.Oh there’s a loneliness inside her... And she’d do anything to fill it in and though it's red blood, bleeding from her now, it’s more like cold blue ice in her heart. She feels like kicking out all the windows and setting fire to this life, she would change everything about her using colors bold and bright. But all the colors mixed together, they turn into grey... And, it Always breaks her heart. read more »

The Creation Museum :: Why It Made My Heart Ache

This morning, Tricia and I had the privilege of visiting The Creation Museum just outside of Cincinnati, OH.  Wed been once before, but really desired a return trip with more time set aside to read and experience all that the museum offers. And we were not disappointed. The collection of facts and theology, from a creationist point-of-view, is breathtaking. [...] read more »

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