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Better Than Booze and Pills??

I was having a particularly rough day when a song that I love but hadn't heard in years came up in the shuffle. Regardlessof how you feel about the song, listen to me about the outcome of what it inspired me to do; I decidedto stop everything I was doing and try a very simple exercise I had read about in an articlebyDr. Robin BerzinArticle'A Simple Breathing Exercise to Calm Your Mind Body' Yes, it seems obvious, but not all breaths are created equal. A great, simple breathing exercise for calming b... read more »

Your Filthy Bedroom Habit.

Pillows. They don’t need to be washed as much as your pillow cases and sheets, but pillows do get pretty foul, so wash them 3 to 4 times a year to keep them fresh. read more »

Smooth and Shiny Solid Hair Oil is Where it's a...

Do you ever wake up and know your hair is clean but it looks something like a wad cotton candy? This happens to me more than I care to admit. Here are my (hair) issues; •I am not a natural blonde (more like a natural taupe) and have been bleaching my hair white blonde (or as close as humanly possible for 10 years). •My hair is fine but abundant. read more »

It’s Time To Make Our Homes Eco-Friendly

You may have already heard about climate change a lot. Every time theres a storm, we hear in the news that global warming had already altered our weather that much that its now impossible to predict if its going to rain or not even if it is supposed to be a rainy season. But one [] The post Its Time To Make Our Homes Eco-Friendly appeared first on TweenselMom / Mommy Blogger. read more »

Do More With Less – How Do You Do It At Home?

My husband had just registered our car today and he said that all fees he paid had increased compared to last year. It just made us realized more that times arent financially improving since we have to allot more when it comes to our car. Its also a great reminder that we need to check [] read more »

Go Organic For Your Face! The Organic Face #Rev...

Lash Explosion Mascara in Black from The Organic Face Hello friends! Guess what we get to do?!! Its time for a really cool cosmetics review and giveaway! Special thanks to The Organic Face for providing a sample product of their Lash Explosion Mascara in black for me to review for you today! The Organic [] read more »

Are you Getting Enough Nature?

Last year, I spent a little time helping out some lovely folks at Project Wild Thing. David Bond, director of the documentary, was worried that his children would rather sit in front of their screens than go outside. Realising that the beautiful scenes outside their homes had to compete with the shiny advertising for Angry Birds, he set himself up as the Marketing Directing for Nature.I'd strongly recommend checking out the film if you can, and looking at their website:www.projectwildthing.comGetting out... read more »

Mindfulness in Nature Workshop and Seminar, Mar...

On the 14th of March I'm running a workshop and seminar about the value of spending mindful time in nature in Lifeways Centre, Stratford-upon-Avon. Both Mindfulness and spending time in nature have been shown to reduce stress, increase feelings of wellbeing and meaning in life, improve health and increase energy. People who have spent a lot of time in nature often say that it was one of the most meaningful experiences of their lives. These days, people spend around 90% of their lives indoors, often s... read more »

Totally managable but life changing resolutions

Happy New year everyone. I hope whatever you chose to do to mark the end of 2014, you had a good time.Being publicans my husband had to open til late, so I spent my new year hanging out with Froggy, til he crashed at 8.30, then I just got an early night with a glass of bucks fizz and Mad Men box set. It's a glam life.In the same way that I'm not really one for NyE celebrations, I don't really do new years resolutions either. But this year I thought of five resolutions, that are totally manageable but hop... read more »

How to Have a Sustainable Christmas!

You know what I love about Christmas? Seeing my family, playing cheesy Christmas songs, sharing a few glasses of wine over a delicious dinner. What I can't stand about Christmas is the amount of consumerism and waste that it brings. Getting into debt to pay for presents is so normal that the Internet is full of guides on how to avoid digging yourself into a black hole of debt. We spend hours obsessing over what to get, who to get for, who we need to send cards to and what we might do if our loved ones d... read more »

Lavender balm recipe

This Christmas I decided to make homemade lavender balm as a small gift for my friends and family. I made dandelion balm for my husband back in the summer, and recently made eucalyptus balm as a natural alternative to menthol soothers.Homemade balm is inexpensive to make and great for a variety of uses, including baby balm, lip balm and a great barrier balm for dry skin.Because it uses only natural ingredients it's great for sensitive skin and even the smallest tot. To make lavender balm you will need1... read more »

Green Living: Moldzyme by EcoDiscoveries saves ...

I love going green as often as I can both indoors and out. My familys safety and caring for the environment is important to me. This Moldzyme® product I got to review came as a lifesaver for me as I have recently been going through a terrible time fighting some mold growing on the drywall [] read more »

Growing Your Own Food – The Benefits of a Produ...

Growing Your Own Food The Benefits of a Productive Garden. By Pol Anderson Bishop For many years now the Government and The post Growing Your Own Food The Benefits of a Productive Garden appeared first on The News Channel. read more »

Doing what you do...with a little light on the ...

Good morning! It's a little cooler here this morning, of course that just means it is hovering just below 90. ;) But, I am taking advantage of it!Here are a few projects I've started and am in the process of finishing. Love progress don't you? BEFOREBeing REVAMPEDBrass Chandelier's are a dime a dozen...and yes it was what the builder put in our house. I replaced it with a pretty antique crystal Chandelier from my parent's home that I grew up with. LOVE it. But, I just couldn't send this little brass c... read more »

How Did I Prepare for the Flats Challenge (Hint...

I'm participating in the Flats and Handwashing Challenge hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry. When I decided to take the flats challenge, I knew I had no flats.  Never wanted any so I was going to have to come up with a cheap option. Continue reading The post How Did I Prepare for the Flats Challenge (Hint I only spent $11)? #Flatschallenge appeared first on A Mothers Design. read more »

Earth Day – How I started Cloth Diapering

Getting started with cloth diapers.  There are so many ways to start cloth diapering.  Those of you with unlimited funds... go out there and shop to your hearts content.  Check out Ragababe and Chelory, to name a few.  But your Continue reading The post Earth Day How I started Cloth Diapering appeared first on A Mothers Design. read more »

Task #3: Say Yes and No #MinCamp

Task #3: Say Yes and No Your time and attention are too precious to be nibbled away by everything that would thoughtlessly take a bite. – MINIMALIST PARENTING, Chapter 1 We’re going to challenge your assumptions and invite you to Continue reading The post Task #3: Say Yes and No #MinCamp appeared first on A Mothers Design. read more »

Diaper Junction Valentines Day Sale!!

Diaper Junction Valentines Day coupon The post Diaper Junction Valentines Day Sale!! appeared first on A Mothers Design. read more »

No To Plastic

The local supermarket in town is encouraging their regular shopper to bring their own shopping bag because they will not gonna provide a plastic bag anymore just like they used to be. If the shopper still want to use the plastic bag, they have to pay for it.  They prefer to use paper bag, eco [...] read more »

Noxicare Review

I love finding healthier alternatives to most of the products we use in our house.  This is why I was thrilled to be chosen to review Noxicare.  Noxicare is a natural pain reliever.  It is specifically designed for joint, nerve and musculoskeletal pain.  I was excited when the package arrived., there was a shirt.  I love shirts :) I went on the website to see what was in the cream.  I want to know what I would be using. So here is what I found: Turmeric: one of the Read more [...] read more »

Earth Day - How It All Came About

April 22 is Earth Day, a movement that began in 1970 in the United States, imploring individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments to participate towards developing a healthy, sustainable environment. The first Earth Day led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and thereafter the passage of the 1972 Clean Water Act--a landmark set of strategies that designed water quality standards, compliance monitoring parameters, and enforcement measures for the protect... read more »


Im excited to let you know that I will be teaching a Felting workshop at the Regenerative Design Institute on October 31st as part of their Re-skilling Series. Re-skilling is a term used by the Transition Town Movement to revive the art of traditional craftsmanship. As we transition away from global consumerism and towards localized, [...] read more »

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