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Musings on “Words”

Musings on "Words" Today, I want to welcome a guest blogger/writer/poet, Donovan Baldwin. He has graciously decided to b we a guest blogger on... read more »

Mercy’s Angel

Mercys Angel Angel of Mercy sent by the Holy of Holies. She pours out Gods gifts, time and mercy. Time and mercy to the lost on earth, so they will seek His forgiveness for eternity. The Angel serves Him as protector of earth and the lost inhabitants who refuse Gods grace. She will be ... Read more read more »

Following Possibilities

I entered this poem in a contest on and I  won GOLD!! Enjoy. Susans Soul Following Possibities Imagination inspires. I look at life through my humanism not Gods. If I look through His eyes and follow Him, Humanity is what I see, what I see. So I chose Gods vision ... Read more read more »

How to Setup Google Analytics Adjusted Bounce Rate

如何設置 Google Analytics (分析) 跳出率的調整 由 woorkup 發佈於 22th Au [] 這篇文章 How to Setup Google Analytics Adjusted Bounce Rate 最早出現於 WP Notebook。 read more »

Food Expiry Dates [Infographic]

Food Expiry Dates [Infographic] While reading, I  found Food Expiry Dates [Infographic] on another website and found the original infographic was from an ecology blog named ecogreenlove: What Food Expiry Dates Really lMean? []Infographic]ecogreenlove created the original infographic . So many of us waste tons of food products all over the world because we dont ... Read more read more »

Verdant Green – for #SoCS Apr. 29/17

Verdant Green Verdant green changed overnight from brown patches. Spring performed her dance in the yard so green. Emerald jewels of grassy green delightful joy at Gods resplendency, genesis of creation til comes the cold. Winters settlement, Read More ... read more »

Authenticity 4/29/17

Authenticity is underrated in todays society. We all have our public persona and our private persona. We work to get it right! Stress follows as our result. Our motto is to guide our private persona at all cost unless we Read More ... read more »

Are You Frazzled? 4/25/17

Are You Frazzled? I awoke this morning with a list of about 10 things to do and immediately I felt frazzled and overwhelmed. Frazzled in the Cambridge Dictionary means:  extremely tired in a nervous or slightly worried way after a Read More ... read more »

Stardew Valley Review

As mentioned in another post here, I spent much of this past weekend playing Stardew Valley on the PC. Stardew Valley is a game that harkens back memories of popular Continue reading "Stardew Valley Review" read more »

Top 10 Nintendo Switch 2017 Games for Girls

Like a few of our lucky readers, I was fortunate enough to get a day-one Preorder for the Nintendo Switch. Sadly had to get the plain grey one, but beggars [] read more »

The Eternal Dilemma of Relationships: Actions V...

What would you rather have: a partner who nags you within an inch of your grave butalways takes care of... The post The Eternal Dilemma of Relationships: Actions VS Words appeared first on Lifehack. read more »

Cat President – a More Purrfect Union – Visual ...

I received this game for free in exchange for writing an honest review. I played through Friskys route and received his Normal Ending. Title: Cat President Genre: Otome Visual Novel [] read more »

Smite Game Review From a Girl That’s Never Play...

I began playing Smite with a friend last week. Its my first time playing a MOBA game. Ive avoided them because I heard how competitive they can be, such as league of legends. Ive been playing it for a few weeks, but only last week for any real length of time or effort. Sorry if Continue reading Smite Game Review From a Girl Thats Never Played MOBA Games read more »

The Benefits of Playing Pokemon Go Outweigh the...

I was not into Pokemon Go when it first launched. It wasnt until my mom began playing that I took interest. For a few reasons, first, when the game first came out, there were numerous game crippling bugs which made it almost impossible to play. Its also a rather difficult game to learn at first, Continue reading The Benefits of Playing Pokemon Go Outweigh the Risks read more »

Orange Manga Review + Crunchyroll Begins Airing...

Im not as big of a reader as I used to be when I was younger, however, the last few seasons of anime have not held much to capture my interests, and being single again I find myself with too much spare time. So this past year Ive been reading a lot of manga! One Continue reading Orange Manga Review + Crunchyroll Begins Airing Orange Anime Based on the Manga by Ichigo Takano read more »

Boxychan Anime Box – June Unboxing Photos and R...

I just finished my review for Betoyo Bento here. In this review I mentioned how I just had a birthday a few weeks ago and my best friend gifted me with 2 subscription boxes. Here is the 2nd of those subscriptions Boxychan Anime Box. I liked this box so well that I subscribed myself Continue reading Boxychan Anime Box June Unboxing Photos and Review Monthly Subscription Box for Anime and Manga Fans read more »

Betoyo – Kawaii Anime Figurines and Collectible...

My birthday was last month. I turned 35. Eek, scary to be getting so old LOL. My best friend got me two wonderful subscription boxes for my birthday. The first is Betoyo, a box focusing primarily on anime figurines. Im a doll or figure collector and also love the excitement of opening blind box figurines. Continue reading Betoyo Kawaii Anime Figurines and Collectibles Monthly Subscription Box Unboxing Photos and Review read more »

Stormfall Age of War Strategy Game Review

Title: Stormfall Age of War Genre: Strategy Game Developer: Plarium Platform: You can play it directly in your computer browser. Or they also have a mobile app for both android and IOS when you are on the go. Where to Get the Game: Its free to play and you can find the apps or browser Continue reading Stormfall Age of War Strategy Game Review read more »

DealSpotr Tutorial. How to Earn Your First Amaz...

Disclosure: In the interest of transparency, I have been selected and compensated to write a very detailed review and tutorial for new users on Dealspotr. All content in this post is my own, all opinions are also my own. I spent a very long time, spanning multiple days, creating this tutorial not only because of Continue reading DealSpotr Tutorial. How to Earn Your First Amazon Giftcard and Get Started Quickly and Easily With DealSpotr read more »

Dealspotr Tutorial. How to Earn Your First Amaz...

Disclosure: In the interest of transparency, I have been selected and compensated to write a very detailed review and tutorial for new users on Dealspotr. All content in this post is my own, all opinions are also my own. I spent a very long time, spanning multiple days, creating this tutorial not only because of Continue reading Dealspotr Tutorial. How to Earn Your First Amazon Giftcard and Get Started Quickly and Easily With DealSpotr read more »

Romantic Diary Anime Otome Dressup Game Dating ...

I just discovered, Romantic Diary, an anime Otome Dating Sim which is part Dressup Game, part Visual Novel, part Cooking Game, and has an extensive crafting system. At the core, this game looks quite similar to Hello Nikki! Which I reviewed here. However, it seems to have more robust features, and a heavier emphasis on Continue reading Romantic Diary Anime Otome Dressup Game Dating Sim with Cooking and Crafting read more »

Pixel x Pixel Games Announces Guardian of The R...

If theres one thing that I love in a game, its a branching plot and multiple endings, as youll see from many of the games reviewed or news given here on this website. So I was really excited when Pixel x Pixel Games emailed me yesterday to promote their new Action-RPG. This game looks really Continue reading Pixel x Pixel Games Announces Guardian of The Rose Action RPG With Branching Plot and Multiple Endings Based On Your Choices read more »

CrunchyRoll Announces New Anime Violet Ever Gar...

Check out the new trailer for Violet Ever Garden. I am so excited for this! (and isnt the opening theme awesome too? And look how cute she is and just OMG. Geeking out right now so bad lol.) I had never heard of it, until I saw the trailer on CrunchyRolls Facebook page. From Continue reading CrunchyRoll Announces New Anime Violet Ever Garden Details and Trailer read more »

Third-person Action RPG *Anima: Gate of Memorie...

The folks at Badland Games just emailed me their press release for their upcoming title: Anima: Gate of Memories which is based on a series of books. It is being developed by a small team and heavily involving the author of the novels. This looks to be a really fun, story-rich RPG with multiple endings, Continue reading Third-person Action RPG *Anima: Gate of Memories* due June 3 on Steam (Windows/Linux), PS4 Xbox One, North American PS4 launch to take place June 7 read more »

Taisho Alice Picked Up For English Localization...

Taiso Alice has just been picked up for a North American Release by E2 Gaming. I found this news on Tumblr and verified it on E2 Gamings Facebook Page, where theyve also announced a new image song for the English release. Taisho Alice could best be described as a fairytale crossover. The different routes relate to common Continue reading Taisho Alice Picked Up For English Localization by E2 Gaming Who Expressed Interest In bringing Other Otome Games Overseas As Well read more »

Betoyo Anime Figure Subscription Box Launches W...

A representative from Betoyo contacted me last week to let me know theyve recently updated their website and introduced new lower pricing for their monthly subscription box full of geeky anime goods. I discovered Betoyo when working on my Top 10 Subscription Boxes for Geek Girls Blog Post a few months ago. At the time, Continue reading Betoyo Anime Figure Subscription Box Launches Website Revival and Lower Pricing read more »

Pusheen Box – Spring Pusheen Box – Box Opening ...

I purchased the Spring Pusheen Box which is a quarterly subscription box filled with all Pusheen items (you can learn more at Sorry no video this time; I was so excited that I opened it right away but I did take lots of pics. I promise I will do a video review Continue reading Pusheen Box Spring Pusheen Box Box Opening Review read more »

100% Orange Juice Videogame Review

Ive been playing 100% Orange Juice, a cute little anime-style board game, with my friends, as well as playing it solo in campaign mode, quite a bit the last few days. And well probably play it again tonight too. What I love about this game is that as you play you earn stars (the in Continue reading 100% Orange Juice Videogame Review read more »

Bio Extratus Spécialiste Resgate - Repositor de...

Oie! Tudo bem? Quando é realizado um procedimento químico nos cabelos, é passível que eles ressequem, fiquem quebradiços e opacos, como também sem vida, a Bio Extratus tem a solução desses problemas com a linhaSpécialiste Resgate - Repositor de Massa, que proporciona aos cabelos um tratamento reconstrutor com reposição de massa capilar e fortalecimento dos fios. ABio Extratus Spécialiste Resgate - Repositor de Massa conta com 3 ativos que ajudam na recuperação dos fios: 🌟Argan: traz sedosidade, macie... read more »

[Frischlackiert Challenge] #3 Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!Do you know that many countries on Europe celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May? This is the reason for the third prompt of Frischlackiert Challenge, "Mother's Day". And believe me when I say that stamping is a lifesaver. The best ever. Buona Festa della Mamma a tutte le mamme del mondo!Il terzo episodio della Frishlackiert Challenge è ispirato a voi.E sappiate che lo stamping salva la vita. Più spesso di quanto si creda. Bonjour !Aujourd'hui c'est la Fête des Mères en I... read more »

Get Rich From Your Junk Mail and Spam with Deal...

You know the saying, one mans junk is another mans treasure? Well, never has that saying been so literal, than with DealSpotr. I just joined yesterday and Im already half way to my first reward! Now, catchy headlines aside, I know you wont really get rich using this site however, you will quickly earn amazon giftcards Continue reading Get Rich From Your Junk Mail and Spam with DealSpotr read more »

Summer Days with Coo – Anime Review

Do you love Studio Ghibli films? Summer Days with Coo is not a Ghibli film, but it reminded me a lot of one. Its a great family-friendly feature length anime that kids and adults can enjoy together. It has a lot of cute characters and a heartwarming story. Its pretty obscure with only 2,300ish watched Continue reading Summer Days with Coo Anime Review read more »

Ever17 The Out of Infinity Visual Novel PC Game...

Ever17 is probably my all time favorite visual novel. It was one of the first that I had played, and the story is so good. Its not your typical dating or romance novel. Its a very thrilling and suspenseful tale about a group of young people trapped in an underwater theme park. They are running Continue reading Ever17 The Out of Infinity Visual Novel PC Game Review read more »

Hello Nikki Anime Dressup Game with Limited Eve...

Ive been obsessed with Hello Nikki, a cute kawaii anime dressup game that lets you learn about different cultures around the world while experiencing their fashion. NOTE: Nikki is a The post Hello Nikki Anime Dressup Game with Limited Event Items appeared first on Geeky Sweetie. read more »

MappyLand – 8bit Nintendo – Retro Game Review –...

MappyLand was one of my favorite games as a little kid. And I mustve been super little since I would have only been 5 years old at the release [] read more »

Joico Lança Linha Curl, Desenvolvida Especialme...

Oie! Tudo bem? A Joico, marca distribuída no Brasil pelo Grupo World Comexx e reconhecida mundialmente como especialista em reconstrução capilar e cabelos saudáveis, apresenta seu grande lançamento para cabelos cacheados, a Linha Curl. A tripla tecnologia de reparação, restabelece e controla a textura perfeita dos cachos durante o dia todo, garantindo mais movimento, além de torna-los mais hidratados, fortes e bonitos a cada uso. Definição e proteção anti-frizz mesmo com 90% de umidade no ambiente, cach... read more »

Ript Apparel – $11 Tshirts For Geeks and Gamers...

I just discovered a great new website for Geeky Tees. The prices start at just $11 although they do charge more for some designs, or for plus sized clothing. [] read more »

L'Oreal Elseve Óleo Extraordinário | Resenha

Oie! Tudo bem? Após o Verão o meu cabelo ficou um pouco mais ressecado do que o costume e usei alguns itens da linhaL'Oreal Elseve Óleo Extraordinário que são focados na nutrição dos cabelos secos. A Elseve descreve assim a linha: Um cabelo seco parece estar sem vida, pois ele está opaco, sem brilho e tem um toque áspero. Isso faz com que ele perca a sua beleza. A maioria dos produtos ou pesam demais ou não são suficientemente nutritivos. O segredo dos óleos de flores preciosas para uma nutrição perfe... read more »

Evento Be Curly: Vai ter de Novo!

Oie! Tudo bem? O post de hoje é sobre oBe Curly, queé um evento bapho desenvolvido pela linda blogueira Fernanda Ferreira, super conceituado e cheio de informações e como também de dicas úteis para nós que amamos nossos cabelos, seja ele ondulado, cacheado ou crespo💞. Este ano o evento será realizado no dia 15 de Maio, novamente no Espaço Be, o maior salão da América Latina que foi premiado pela Revista Cabelos Cia como o melhor salão do ano. E detalhe, neste salão tem ar condicionado, estacionamento ... read more »

Produtos da M.A.C Cosmetics que são Indicados p...

Oie! Tudo bem?Se existe alguém que sabe tudo sobre a tendência strobing, é a M∙A∙C! Afinal, nós criamos o produto original. Alcance o brilho perfeito para o seu rosto com o nosso truque de mestre, Strobe Cream. Então, jogue a luz de um holofote sobre os pontos fortes do seu rosto com Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish, Cream Colour Base na cor Luna ou Pigment na cor Vanilla. O Pincel Pequeno para Rosto Duo Fibre 188 ou o Pincel para Sombra Duo Fibre 287 aplica cada um dos produtos com acabamento impecáve... read more »

Surya Brasil Linha Curly Hair | Resenha

Oie! Tudo bem? A galera que é vegana e que busca usar produtos orgânicos para cuidar dos cabelos vai adorar conhecer da linha Curly Hair da Surya Brasil,que também é liberada para quem faz low poo e no poo/co wash na rotina de cuidados capilares. A linha é composta por Shampoo, Máscara, Condicionador e Ativador de Cachos, mas a resenha da Máscara ficarei devendo infelizmente. Surya Brasil Shampoo Nutritivo Curly Hair Professional Home CareO Shampoo Nutritivo Curly Hair Professional Home Care é veget... read more »

Nova Campanha de Dove Incentiva Mulheres a Tere...

Quem não tinge os cabelos brancos é “descuidada”. Assuma seus cachos. Alise seus cachos. Cabelo colorido é só para alternativos. Estas são algumas das “regras” queDovevai desafiar em seu novo filme,Seu Cabelo, Sua Escolha. Desenvolvido pela Havas Helia e produzido pela Moxie Pictures, reúne o depoimento de diversas mulheres sobre suas escolhas de estilo de cabelo que confrontam os estereótipos sociais. Entre as declarações, a editora de moda Sable conta sobre sua decisão de ser loira, contrariando a ... read more »

From bright to dark

Honestly, I really don't know what title I will put on this blog post. I think it's because I still have a "non-alcohol" hangover from yesterday's birthday party of my friend. Hahahaha! But at least, I was able to work today and share with you guys something about fashion. It'sour first time tofeature a bright to dark outfit. I don't know exactly why but I guess it's because there are times that you are afraid to draw too much attention to the public. But then I realized, that is one of the reasons wh... read more »

see you (very) soon!

Hi there!It's been a while, but I've had some problems with my laptop. I hope the guys at the assistence service could fix her (yup, my laptop is a lady) as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, I put my blog and my Facebook page on hiatus for a while. You could reach my on my instagram account or via email.See you soon! Ciao!Non sono morta, né mi hanno rapito gli alieni. Il mio pc ha dei grossi problemi esistenziali che spero i ragazzi dell'assistenza possano risolvere. Fino ad allora, metto il blog e la... read more »

Lançamentos de M.A.C. Cosmetics, Revlon e N°21

Tudo o que queremos é M.A.C Mariah Carey, apresentando o batom All I Want em tom champanhe metalizado luminoso. Com uma camada brilhante, seus lábios se tornam poderosos e atemporais como a própria ícone. Exclusivamente online. Site: M.A.C Cosmetics Com uma fórmula tecnológica que filtra a luz, a Revlon® PhotoReady Insta-Fix™ Makeup cria a pele perfeita com uma simples aplicação. Leve, suave e sedosa, ela confere um acabamento perfeito e com efeito de airbrush, não importa se você quer uma cobertura t... read more »

Novidades de Cuidados com a Pele e de Perfumari...

Oie, tudo bem? Uma pele bem cuidada e renovada reforça a autoestima e a segurança de qualquer mulher. E a limpeza diária é fundamental para conquistar uma cútis vigorosa em qualquer idade. A Avon, que há 130 anos empodera as mulheres em todo o mundo, desenvolveu uma nova linha de limpeza facial da marca Renew, líder na categoria anti-idade no Brasil: Renew Clean. Composta por quatro produtos, garante 3 benefícios para a pele em um único passo: limpa, renova deixando a pele radiante e suave e prepara pa... read more »

Couromoda 2016: Cherry by BoaOnda

Oie! Tudo bem?Com inspiração no aconchego do universo das lãs e linhas, a Cherry – marca de calçados femininos em “full plastic” produzida pelo Grupo Mould, de Sapiranga/RS – mostra novidades para a temporada outono/inverno. Em busca da simplicidade dos trabalhos manuais, o conceito da marca é destacar um pouco de tudo que pode deixar a temporada com um pouco mais de calor: tricôs irresistíveis, botas poderosas, detalhes intensos... Desta forma, os calçados ganham estampas que remetem a rusticidade dos t... read more »

Importância dos Suplementos Alimentares para os...

Oie! Tudo bem? Fazer exercícios físicos é muito importante para a saúde, mas quando podemos potencializar os resultados é melhor, né? Saiba a importância dos suplementos alimentares para os treinos. Crédito: Suplementos BrasilA prática de exercícios físicos gera diversas adaptações no nosso organismo, como a melhora da resistência física, criação de novos vasos sanguíneos para aumentar a oferta de oxigênio aos músculos, aumento da capacidade cardiorrespiratória e favorecimento da produção de hormônios... read more »

Confira o Passo a Passo do Make de Claudia Leit...

Oie! Tudo bem? A Claudia Leitte está arrasando nas makes neste Carnaval e confira o passo a passo da maquiagem elaborada para o desfile da escola de samba Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel na Sapucaí/ Rio de Janeiro-RJ. Crédito: Acervo PessoalA musaClaudia Leittese preparou para entrar na Sapucaí pelo segundo ano como rainha de bateria daMocidade Independente de Padre Miguel. Com a fantasia joia da África, a técnica do The Voice Brasil está arrsou mais uma vez na avenida."Ser rainha me faz sentir ... read more »

A Whole New World

In my previous blog post, I mentioned something about where I am right now. Nicaragua has been good to me this year; welcoming me in a good way. In terms of the place, there are a few similarities with my hometown (which is the Philippines) in terms of the weather, looks, and some tourist destinations. Honestly, my hometown is way better. When it comes to modernity, they are way behind here that they really need investors to be able to develop itself. What I knew was before, this place is really good but... read more »

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