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Recent blog posts on Fasting

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Ramadan Health Tips

Its that time of the year whenMuslim from around the world observe fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. The The post Ramadan Health Tips appeared first on Buzzingtales. read more »

Ze Busy Lady (of honor) Life

I've been fairly busy with the wedding, fasting, training, dining and practicing these past few days. The wedding's happening soon--november 11 soon--and my mother's trying to make me work between making the invites and morally supporting her during fittings. Not to mention the cake tastings and florist talks. Remind me again to decline maid of honor request in the future (ha! As if any).Fasting. Plenty of things to fast for. Six meals, a rewarded and joyful spirit. It was worth it, got to examine myself... read more »

Happy Navratras

Today 's morning is hurry, no rush to reach on today is a holiday for all of us. Still, i'm on call, as i've been given charge of the emergency lab....n machines can go wrong any time....n they have to keep emergency can land at any hour.....have to ring and ask about the status almost every next hour.... cannot go anywhere out of town ! Fasting starts from today on wards....i simply enjoy these days.....changing weather to cooler side....festivals approaching...r... read more »

State of the Blog Address :: One More Silent Week

Those of you who follow this blog with any regularity know very well that my last week was spent in observance of Lent, denying myself each and every source of social media in an attempt to draw closer to God.  Its been a good week; a long week, for sure!  Yet, I feel like the [...] read more »

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