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Driving Miss Crazy

Originally posted on A Year of Living Kindly: “Americans will put up with anything provided it doesnt block traffic.” (Dan Rather)  Over the last few years of exploring kindness, writing about it, and occasionally talking about it, one of the read more »

A trip back to the South East reminds me what t...

I've just come back from a trip down South over Christmas and some parts of living in the North East have really come home when I spent 10 days away. I have lived in various parts of England and spent a lot of my time living in the South East. I don't know whether it is as I have got older or whether the place has changed but the way of life in and near London really got to me during a ten day stay.TrafficI have written before about traffic in the North East and the way that people drive before but the d... read more »

Chain of hotels that included virtual movies fo...

Hotel chain Strip in Las Vegas, USA, announced that this year the room service menu will include the possibility of paying a special package for viewing movies on headsets or glasses virtual reality. Why CHOICE, HUSA and NH need .HOTEL .HOTEL Top-Level Sep 13, 2010 These findings not only affect hotel chain [] read more »

Pieces, some together, some scattered

Its been a bit since my last post and I wanted to give you guys and gals an update.  Its got kind of serious around here lately and with good reason but I do want to start to move back toward the funny since that is kind of what I started this blog for.  To Continue readingr read more »

Goodbye, 2014!

2014 ended with a couple of significant firsts for the Khan family. Our first born child went off the college. And although she managed to average about one weekend per month at home during the first semester, this was quite an adjustment for the entire family. I think Zakir and Sammy, our red tabby, both took it the hardest. Zakir spent many evenings wondering why Safa hadn't called yet, and Sammy spent even more evenings pacing Safa's bedroom and wailing. He finally adjusted to her being gone, not long... read more »

Use Waze app to Quill City Mall

Last month my first time to drive to KL Quill City Mall, I used the waze app to go there. It's shopping time for me to as I like shopping in XES Premium outlet, so what else can I shop there?! I dine in Aeon for breakfast as I find easier to buy bread to eat then dining there. There have many food outlet in the mall which I haven't try yet.You can click on the link above to my blog. I have done product review as well on skin care / beauty products.Waze sometimes made me lost of direction because it delay... read more »

Warning Drink Driving

bethere2day - I would like to share an experience with you about drinking and driving. As you well know, some of us have been lucky Warning Drink Driving read more »

Watch out world!

This is a teenager with a Driver's Permit: Hamza finally decided that he wants to learn to drive. I took him up for his written test a couple of weeks ago. He passed his test, but, unfortunately the computers were down. So that prompted another trip to the DL office. And finally, he actually has something of value to keep in his wallet! Lessons will start this weekend, and guess who will not be teaching him? That would be me! Yes, I leave the driving lessons to Baba; I just wouldn't have the patience fo... read more »

Dear Driver

Dear driver,Your car seems new. It must be expensive, it looks powerful too. You must be so proud, I'm sure you treat it just like your baby. When you press the honk button, I could hear it from a mile away. But can you see that woman with the infant standing by the side of the road? She just gave birth to the baby the other day. And today she was told to go to the clinic to check on her baby's jaundice level. She looks tired and her face is frowning because she still has pain all over her body and she h... read more »

Pit Stop: Delightful Day Trips

Sometimes you just don’t have time to load up the car and hit the road. No matter how very badly you just want to escape and get away from it all. It’s okay. It happens to everyone. So what do you do when you just don’t have the time or budget for a full, days-long roadtrip? That’s the perfect time to think about a day trip! Day trips are like microvacations - they’re roadtrips compressed for time and distance into just one day. Sometimes when we can’t get away - be it for schedule or budget reasons - S... read more »

The Mystery Of The Missing Keys

Strewn about the highways of middle-Tennessee, you will find hundreds of video boards spelling out important messages to the drivers passing by. Sometimes they will be warning you of construction up ahead. Other times they will be grimly tallying up the number of deaths that have happened on the state’s highways this year and, for [] read more »

Do-over, anyone?

It's crazy! How can merely an inch of snow wreak so much havoc on our day? It started out well enough, but went downhill fast. First of all, since this is what the post should have been about, happy eighteenth birthday to my baby girl! I had the day all planned out; after sending the kids to school I had some clean up to do in the house, then a trip to the bakery to pick up Safa's favorite caramel cake. Then meet a dear friend for lunch at 11:30, before the kids came home. The couple of flurries predict... read more »

Tips for an Effective Test Drive

Purchasing a quality used vehicle is a great way to save some extra cash. Although some people may crave the smell of a brand new car, the expensive cost may be beyond their financial budget. One of the most important aspects of purchasing a used vehicle is the test drive. Here are some effective tips [] The post Tips for an Effective Test Drive appeared first on The Tottering Mama. read more »

Pardon my rant.....

Who’s driving… Pardon My Rant, but… who is driving the cars out there today? I know it isn’t the people sitting behind their steering wheels. Screw Gun Control, let’s exercise Driver Control! Everybody is so concerned about the dangers of my guns or the multitudes of drunk drivers, but nobody seems to be talking about the risks posed by the masses of stupid people with (and sometimes without) driver’s licenses. Just today, I counted twenty-eight ‘drivers’ actively engaged in tasks that were NOT drivi... read more »

Good Samaritans

Thankfully, they really do exist! Safa, my (usually) responsible teenager drove off from a gas station this afternoon with her wallet sitting on top of her car. Obviously, it flew out into the road, and someone (who happens to work nearby) saw it and picked it up. He contacted an associate, who tracked down our telephone number from her driver's license, and that person called me at home. Thankfully I was able to meet him later in the afternoon, and retrieve her wallet, with all its contents intact. Not ... read more »

On the road

Driving going to Arizona, switching car with stacie (stepdaughter).. An apple on the road keeps the traffic/road police away? hehehehe read more »


Or, it was more like the sound of a shotgun. I was driving down the road headed home from work; Hefty and I were enjoying the weather with the top down and some of my favorite music playing, when I was startled by a very loud and explosive noise very close to the car. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach as the flat tire monitor immediately went on and my car swerved a bit to the right. I immediately pulled over on to the shoulder and step out of the car. As I had suspected, my front passenger tire was ... read more »

Picture this....

.....It is late in the afternoon. I am in the MINI, driving with the top down, and with the kids in the car. Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer is playing on the radio. Safa and I, in the front seats, are singing loudly and out of tune, along with the song (although secretly, I'd rather be singing Bohemian Rhapsody). Bilal is sitting in the back seat, yelling, "I don't know the words to this song!" And Hamza is gradually shrinking lower, and lower into his seat, trying to disown the entire experience. Evident... read more »

That's my girl!

After she turned 16 and got her license, Zakir gave Safa the Audi, a nice, dependable car to drive around town.And she had to add her own personal touch to the car. That's my girl! read more »

Saving Money At The Gas Pump

Gas prices are going up!The news doesn't look good as far as gas is concerned. I keep hearing all over the internet, how the price of gas is going to reach five dollars a gallon, in time for summer driving. Since I work from my home, I don't have to drive to and from a job every day. That makes a big difference. There are some ways to save money at the gas pumps. It has gone up more than thirty cents since a year ago. So what are we to do? Work from home on a computer!Working from home, even if you hav... read more »

Lessons I am learning

Having a teenager isn't easy. Haven't two can be even harder at times, but thank goodness I am blessed with great children. We live fairly harmoniously in our household, with few serious, serious confrontations. When it comes to school, my teens are both quite self-motivated. Granted, my girl beats herself up over any less-than-perfect grade, while my boy just hopes that I will never find out if he bombed a test. But the balance is pretty good. That's the easy part.The hard part is cutting the cord. My s... read more »

Another award and a pleasant Sunday afternoon

Safa was at Mountain Brook this weekend for another debate tournament. She drove herself for the first time. Her drive back was quite stressful for us, since it had started to rain a lot. And Zakir remembered that the wipers needed to be changed. Plus he was concerned about the tread on the tires. Oh, great! Not only does she have to drive after sunset, she also gets rain on her very first day alone on the road! Possibly with dodgy tires and wipers?! Thankfully she had no problems making the 20 minute dr... read more »


It's been a physically and somewhat emotionally tiring week, but I can't end the week without sharing what's new.I took Safa to Oneonta this morning to get her driver's license. Since she didn't take a driver's ed course in school she had to take the road test. We got to the basement office at 8am, and did the necessary paperwork, plus Safa had her photo taken. Then we hung around until 10:30 when the road tests are offered. She was the first of three to take her test. She had an idea regarding what skil... read more »

Sweet sixteen!

On January 28, 1996, a little after 8pm, this little Miss came into our lives: And today she turned sixteen! Time seems to have just flown by, but I know I have acquired more than a few hairs since then! And with Safa about to get her license next week it's probably going to get worse! But we have tried to prepare her the best we can.In the morning Safa went to a math tournament, while I drove to Anniston for a baby shower. Then in the afternoon Farah and Adeel took the kids to the Ringling Brothers ci... read more »

Seniors and Driving at Night

A hazard for seniors that is often over looked is night time driving. With the Baby Boomers aging, there will soon be more senior drivers on the road than ever before. The subject of vision while driving at night may soon become a real issue. read more »

Drive Properly you Plonker!!

I shout this a lot lately! It drives me mad. I’ve noticed recently that drivers have no courtesy and seem to do as they wish. There is the usual case of people not knowing how to indicate or use lanes properly on motorways but lately it just seems to be worse. Just this week I [...] read more »

Girl time

Safa and I have trying to make it down to the Birmingham Museum of Art to see the traveling photography exhibit, Who Shot Rock Roll. We finally managed a trip there on Saturday, just a week before it is scheduled to end. The highlight of the afternoon was the fact that Safa drove all the way to downtown Birmingham, (and back). She is usually reluctant to drive with me because she says I make her nervous. But I have to admit, she did a great job! Of course it helps that she was in the car that is soon to... read more »

A quick school update

Another school week is nearly drawing to an end. So far, so good. Thankfully no sickies yet, which is often a concern when school starts back after the summer. Hamza is still enjoying being in a new school, and has actually made a lot of friends too. He has decided which teachers he loves (his math teacher, his English teacher), and which ones not so much (his Science teacher). Most of all I'm thrilled that he is enjoying his English class, because that has not historically been his strength. There is ho... read more »

Got it!

And she's ready to learn to drive!But sometimes I wonder. As you can see, she doesn't always act like a fifteen year old: I guess there's a child in all of us! read more »

Headed out for the weekend

We're invited out to lunch later today and after that we plan to head to Atlanta for the rest of the weekend. We figured it's been a while since we were there; it would be nice to make another trip to Ikea, and scope out some things for the home. Maybe even a desk for Hamza. Our primary motive, however, is to get to enjoy some delicious Pakistani food. It's always different when you eat out, although we cook Pakistani at home fairly often. So Atlas will be headed to the vet's for a couple of days.We've b... read more »

Study urges doctor's OK before teen with ADHD (...

Study urges doctors OK before teen with ADHD can driveWhen patients visit my office I have to go over an informed consent form. One item that might seem odd is that I have to inform patients that I am required by law to report impaired driving. That doesn't mean driving while intoxicated ...well, it does, but it means more. It means if you have a head injury, a stroke or other disability that makes your driving dangerous to others, I need to file a report with the proper authorities. Your medical doctor ... read more »

It Gets Better: What I Did On My Summer Vacatio...

This summer was very hot.   Almost every day was nice and there was almost no rain to spoil anyones plans, unless someone wanted to do something besides water their garden.  There was lots of traffic.   I had lots of fun with my friends.   I also met many new friends.   It was a very good [...] read more »

The Element of Fear :: How It Almost Always Wor...

I received an email not long ago that left me shocked and petrified in a way that I havent experienced in some time.  It started light and easy.  A warning.  A good message:  never use text messaging while driving. I agree 100%. Ill be the first to admit that I have, in the past, utilized the text [...] Related posts: Why Present Tense is Good News For You and Me Whats the difference in these words? Cleansed :: Cleanses Same... Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. read more »

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