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Saturday Giggle – Smart Dog

bethere2day - "Silly Sunday is hosted by Sandee at Comedy Plus Sunday is the place to come for weekly laughs. Saturday Giggle Smart Dog read more »


Set to debut at the Moscow International Auto Show, Chevrolet´s main attraction will be the impressive concept that promises to anticipate the next generation Niva SUV. Visually, the Niva Concept follows the visual evolution adopted in recent releases from Chevrolet, but with characteristics of its own style. It´s height from the ground impresses, as does Source: GaelicTech read more »

Llévate tus archivos con Google Drive donde qui...

Google Drive es una herramienta para guardar ,crear,editar y compartir archivos en la NUBE Desde cualquier lugar con una simple conexion a internet podemos acceder a los documentos creados y guardados en Drive incluso sin conexión a Internet ,para eso tendremos que tener instalado el navegador Chrome y configurar Drive en cada uno de los dispositivos que tengamos o vayamos a compartir,desde Drive en configuración activar trabajar sin conexión ,así aunque no tengamos conexión a internet podemos seguir tr... read more »

Renault Fluence vs Skoda Octavia - 2 of 3 - the...

All pics are clickable to view them as biiig onesThe looks Renault Fluence is a notch-back sedan member of Renault's Megane family. It was however revealed nearly a year after three and five door Megane had been presented to the market. And I kind of know why. Looking at the car makes me think, that guys and girls at Renault +Renaultwere so happy with Megane hatchback that they forgot about designing a sedan version all together. Then someone from top management came in asked "where my sedan is?" and t... read more »

Skoda Octavia vs Renault Fluence - 1 of 3 - the...

The looks This image comes courtesy of Skoda Russia Do you remember that girl from primary school? The one that never dressed in super fashionable clothes, wore glasses and hid her chest behind a pile of books she was holding in her hands. Of course you don't remember her. Pretty much no one does, because there was always something more interesting and more fun to do than getting to know her better, not to mention hanging out together. Besides it's been eighteen years since you all joined the same fi... read more »

Hyundai i30 (GD) vs Opel Astra (J) - 3 of 3 - t...

All pics are clickable to view them as biiig onesThe looks I must admit that if I was to be a judge in a car beauty contest and these two were to participate, probably neither of them would get to the final. The Hyundai i30 could however do well in "Miss Anonimity" 2014. It has this sort of dynamic head lights and sort of bulky black front grill. There are also sort of accented wheel arches and sort of predatory shape of rear lights. But if you put it all together in one car, it sort of blends in when ... read more »

Opel Astra (J) vs Hyundai i30 (GD) - 2 of 3

All pics are clickable to view them as biiig onesThe looks It's been five years already since Astra model J debuted in Frankfurt Motorshow. When you look at the car it actually doesn't look that old which is good news as Opel is known for keeping their models on the market for quite a while before replacing them. Though it has some soft, curvy lines and a bubbly silhouette that by know is probably out of fashion it also has some nice sharp angles here and there. Opel says this car represents their desi... read more »

Hyundai i30 (GD) vs Opel Astra (J) - 1 of 3 - a...

The looks All pics are clickable to view them as biiig ones When first generation of i30 debuted back in 2007 it was plain hidoius and the fact that a Kia Cee'd originating from that same manufacturer and probably the same desing team, was even uglier, seemed to be no concellation. Current i30 was revealed in 2012 and is a huge step forward when it comes to styling. The body is full of sharp edges and bulks and LED day running lights improve car's presence on the road. Only the front grill resembles t... read more »

350z POV Drive

Ever wondered what it looked like driving in the cockpit view of a Nissan 350z? Well wonder no more, join me on this little drive to the gas station, and see what I get to experience everyday. My car is all stock besides an aftermarket intake, so every 350z, 06 and up will be like this. Perfect opportunity for someone interested in maybe purchasing one, so you can get a first hand view of what its actually like. read more »

These effects pedals don’t cost an arm and a leg

Heres an affordable gift idea for the guitarist(s) in your circle. Danelectro makes several different effects pedals that will add variation and dimension to any guitarists playing. The Fab line of pedals stick to one specific (variable) effect each (distortion, metal, chorus, echo, overdrive, etc.) and cost less than $25 each. The Cool Cat line [hellip Related Posts: Guitar Gifts: Bad Monkey Distortion Pedal Gives You Enter the Suhr Guitar-a-Week contest Great Gift for Guitarists -Marshall Micro Amp Ev... read more »

Drive. Foto de la Drive.

Eu la Drive am fost. O dată. La offline cu Plahotniuc. Trebuia să îmi fac o fotografie și eu acolo. Fotografie preluată de pe pagina oficială a clubului Drive de pe facebook. Mai intrați pe bloguvern. Ajută. read more »

De luni începe preselecția pentru Fabrica de St...

Cei care au chef mare să își încerce norocul de a participa la Fabrica de Staruri 3 sunt aşteptaţi de lunea viitoare la preselecţia naţională care va avea loc în clubul ”Drive” de pe strada Calea Orheiului nr. 109 şi va dura trei zile, pe 16, 17 şi 18 ianuarie. În concurs sunt admişi băieţii [...] read more »

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