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Recent blog posts on Destiny

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“A Heart’s Desire” is released TODAY – Free!

Evelyn wishes to know the exact time and date of meeting with the love of her life. Her heart’s desire Continue reading read more »

“A Heart’s Desire” is released TODAY

Evelyn wishes to know the exact time and date of meeting with the love of her life. Her heart’s desire Continue reading read more »

A Heart’s Desire. First Look

Seven days before the release, here is your first look at A Hearts Desire From her very early Continue reading read more »

How will I know? – The Quote and a Bonus Poem C...

The world is so big, And how will I know When I find that special Match for my soul? Is Continue reading read more »

Move That Darkness!

Tonight I put my grandchildren to bed, taking the time as I do, to pray with them. I know many who do not have that luxury. Do not have that chance or that opportunity. Can I tell you things are about to change? “Oh, Lee. I don’t know if I can stand the pain.” Do Continue reading Move That Darkness! read more »

Your Light Will Break Forth

Jim Morris told us in 1966 to “break on through to the other side”. Many of us have desired breakthrough. Part of it is coming to an understanding of what we are leaving, moving through and headed towards. Over the years I have heard a lot of prophetic words on breakthrough. People get excited. (I Continue reading Your Light Will Break Forth read more »

The Power Of His Love

Yesterday it was a gathering of my family. My five children and the grandchildren. It was the culmination of a great weekend. Family. Folks often try to put labels on family. What it means? Where it goes? What it stands for? I think we can initially define it as a group of people connected by Continue reading The Power Of His Love read more »

A Journey called Life where only you hold the Map

This journey called life is full of heartaches, joys and many lessons to learn. However, it up to us to decide how we begin and end it. I truly believe that every day when we wake up in the morning, we should be cognizant of the fact that time is slipping away very fast and furious like sand in an hourglass. On this journey in this life, we never know the beginning nor the ending to our destiny. Nonetheless, life is a journey where we must live life to the fullest from one moment to the next and remember... read more »

EMOTION CONTROL: The difference between instinc...

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE If we focus on the core emotions and base our decisions on a ... read more »

For I Know The Plans…

This morning as I laid my agenda for the day upon the table, I thought about how grateful I am for so many things. Family, friends, faith and God are great places to begin. Tonight I will pick up my daughter and her children to begin a Christmas week. Looking at the city’s lights, visiting Continue reading For I Know The Plans read more »

Are You Frustrating Or Frustrated?

In my dream the young man donned all his protective gear. He started his chain saw. I quickly looked around. What was he going to cut down? There was no tree. He walked towards the pole. I sat there dazed. “What was he going to do” I wondered. As he cut into the pole and [] read more »

Better Is One Day In Your Courts…

As I sat on the ledge of the 12th story window, I looked out and there before me were choices. All I had to do was reach out from my perch high above the street and grab one. I looked around. Not only was there no safety nets or cables, but the choices while floating [] read more »

Where Have All The Birdies Gone?

My frustration Today I was in a meeting for work and the question on the table was, “what is your major frustration?” My answer was a simple, “I don’t know what I don’t know.” My reason was simple. It seemed like the idea of a “simple” sale (One that didn’t need extra parts, special efforts [] read more »

Trials May Not Be Optional

There is no doubt in my mind that there will be times of crisis. Perhaps a loved one is ill or someone has died. Perhaps it is the loss of a job or a change in employment. Seasons come. The scriptures tell us in 1 Peter 4:12 Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery [] read more »

You Can Get Off Anytime

Treadmill The last few days I have watched this recurring vision. A vision of a treadmill. Now many people use treadmills. A treadmill is great for walking or running when it is cold outside. But the reality of it is, it is nothing like being outside walking. And where do you go? Where do you [] read more »

Past Your Pain Point

I thought about something a friend wrote yesterday. He was talking about the difference between a New Testament prophet and an Old Testament one. Understandably, an Old Testament prophet would pronounce judgment on a nation. A New Testament prophet, however, can not ignore the fact that NOW were given a ministry of announcing, God was [] read more »

Treasure Hunting Can Be Work

Tonight a dear friend was gracious enough to allow me to go treasure hunting. It had been many years since I took a metal detector out to a field and just walked around. How much different are they than they were 30 years ago. (And thirty years ago you could not tell the difference between [] read more »

Dream, Destiny, Or Both? by Tara Randel

When I was growing up, I loved to read, but never had the inclination to become a creative writer. I went to college to be a dental hygienist, and while I wouldn’t say a job in dentistry was my dream, I liked the work and looked at helping patients as my destiny. At the first [] read more »

Get On the Right Path for 2014 by Tara Randel

At the church I attend, my pastor has declared 2014 as the Year of the Sword. This year we are going to read the Word of God more and listen to what God has to say to us.  For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even [] read more »


Destiny, shed once thought drove it all and always, And now says he, we write our own, we only. Shes giving it a thought, and trying to play the idea, Whether or not writing it, taking responsibility. Fate, karma, luck, Continue reading read more »

Where You Rest In Is Where You Are Best In

While in service on Sunday morning I watched the, a highway, open before me. A highway that went through a mountainous range.  Suddenly the vehicle I was riding in accelerated and we were quickly moving so fast that my distance disappeared and everything soon became my now. I realized anywhere I wanted to be I [] read more »


Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE My theme for 2012 was vitality, as I mentioned in a previous post. After reflecting on what vitality meant for my experiences in 2012, I thought of what has now become my motto for this year. “My disease may be in my genes. But it will never chose my destiny.” The easiest way to describe Ga... read more »

Dragon By Night

A Maiden hid in the night.A terrifying sight was in her presence. The thought, the feeling, the essence of this sight made her tremble in fear. She felt she had nothing to protect her from what was before her but a small splinter of a stick. Her sliver of wood was no match for the fierce dragon that stood on a towering hill overlooking the path that she needed to take. So she hid, behind a rock in the dark, paralyzed with fear.As time passed, she grew restless. She knew she had to get to her destination ... read more »

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