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Online Dating Dilemmas – 8 ways to Protect Your...

It is 2016 and I seriously thought that we had gotten a handle on online dating by now. You would have to be living under a rock not to have heard some of the read more »

30 Frugal Date Night Ideas For Couples With Kids

So you two used to be so in love, all over one another, madly romantic and insanely passionate about your relationship. What happened? Kids, thats what happened. Pre-child date preparation takes an entire afternoon full of shaving every bit of... The post 30 Frugal Date Night Ideas For Couples With Kids appeared first on My Domestic Dish. read more »

A tale of a two month slump!

It appears to me that two months seems to be my "go-to" number in regards to the length of my post hiatus'. That must change. Now!This, my blogsphere folk, is going to be an honest overview. To be fair, I'm always pretty open right?! However, I have no qualms in saying I have endured a wretched couple of months...personally. I'd love to put a positive spin on things but that isn't always me and I can't pretend that it is. Life, for some of us, is not always smelling of roses; I've mentioned before about ... read more »

Why Dating Have To Be So HARD?

Hello, hello! Welcome back to my blog! Wow, I am seeing a lot of new names around my blog and I thank you all for reading my blog. I know it is not much to look at but I promise, it's all me! Haha! Well, yep. Today, I want to talk about the ONE topic that is tough for me to tackle in my daily life and that is DATING. Seriously, being myself as a Deaf lady with looks from my dad's genes and my mother's body posture, guys be eyeing me from head to toe 24/7. Or actually, it is more of my head, to my booty, ... read more »

Singlenic finde deine Liebe

Die Zeiten haben sich auch beim Kennenlernen vom Partner oder von Freunden für die Freizeitgestaltung geändert. Längst ist nicht mehr der Arbeitsplatz die Kennenlernbörse Nummer eins read more »

5 Things I Wish Existed

The world is full of wonderful things (the internet!) and less wonderful things (the selfie stick) but sometimes the things we really need want dont exist. Heres a short list of five things that would be awesome if they existed. Date-bots. We would send them to go do all the awkward first dates for us, then cut in for the second date with the good ones.                 The guys would never notice the difference, right? Read more » read more »

12 Lessons I Learned While I Was 21

I turn 22 today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!) so its time to reflect of life lessons and experiences from my twenty-first year of life. Its been a very full year of crazy highs and painful lows. I graduated from Harvard, I discovered the addictive (but sometimes helpful!) social media network that is Instagram (follow me @danaikadzere), I made new friends but fell out of touch with some old ones, I experienced my first real relationship and my first real heartbreak, and so much more. Here are 12 lessons tha... read more »

Dating: 12 Year Old Expectations vs. 21 Year Ol...

Its undeniable that progress is a constant thing in human society and that our world is always undergoing cultural evolution. Its not always linear (remember that half-a-second reemergence of chokers?) and sometimes a progressive step is derivative of a much earlier version (ie: T-swifts signature crop top/high-waisted pant/skirt pairing, a classier take on the early 2000s crop top/hip-hugger pairing). So yes, the world is changing. But somethings, like human interactions, stay fundamentally constant. ... read more »

WW On A Tuesday – Even Dogs Do It

bethere2day - WW On A Tuesday - Post an image and link up, this weeks post is - Even The Dogs Do It WW On A Tuesday Even Dogs Do It read more »

“Dating Death Match” by Mike Bernsten

Man Overcomes Hidden Enemy and WIns a Woman's Hand in the riveting new novel by Mike Bernsten, "Dating Death Match." read more »

Personal Responsibility Belongs To Someone

While much of the news and social media feeds is consumed with thoughts on bad movies, yoga pants and Speedos, the fact of the matter ought to go all the way back to the simple question of why. Why do we flame others over their thoughts and opinions? Why do we care? And maybe we Continue reading Personal Responsibility Belongs To Someone read more »

Snark: Five Texts I Abhor

Most of the time, we enjoy texts from people whom we like. Most of the time. But there are some texts that, regardless of who theyre from, send me straight into grumpy cat land. Read more » read more »

A New Year, A New Me Maybe

Hello! And a very belated Happy New Year to all :-) I've been, yet again, a slacker of a blogger for a few months…my only excuse is that I spent the previous few months taking my own advice [breakup wise], focusing greatly on my friends, work and the festive season, inwhich I hope everyone also enjoyed!! I really enjoyed my Christmas; it was very family oriented which is lovely when you don't always get see everyone frequently, isn't it? A couple of weeks ago I was on a course of antibiotics as I was d... read more »

What Dating in NYC is Like

Being a twenty-something single girl in NYC sounds so exciting. And it is!Sometimes.But then you let your well-meaning, meddling friends and family convince you to 'get out there' (but it's so warm and cozy in here). A whole lot of the following ensues.You go on a date with someone who randomly asks you out in real life and it goes really well. If you know what's good for you, you'll stop there. But who are we kidding? Let's continue.If that's what luck gives me, a setup from my friends will be even ... read more »

The 4 Best Things About Breaking Up

Breakups suck, I know.But like every sucky thing, there's a silver lining. Here's a short list of four of the best things about breaking up!1) No one expects you to go out and do anything the days immediately following your breakup, so you can take that weekend off from the world and do a whole lot of this:Because friends are great, but jamming to Taylor Swift in a bubble bath is pure joy.2) You get to watch tons of chick flicks and/or Disney movies from the comfy warmth of your bed, instead of having to... read more »

The 5 Best Things About Breaking Up

Breakups suck, I know.But like every sucky thing, there's a silver lining. Here's a short list of five of the best things about breaking up!1) No one expects you to go out and do anything the days immediately following your breakup, so you can take that weekend off from the world and do a whole lot of this:Because friends are great, but jamming to Taylor Swift in a bubble bath is pure joy.2)3) You get to watch tons of chick flicks and/or Disney movies from the comfy warmth of your bed, instead of having ... read more »

Why Do You Want Him Back When He Treats You Badly?

Has the guy you say you love behaved badly: cheated, yelled, belittled, put down, run off, or badmouthed you? So many times, women write to me and ask how to get back a guy who has behaved badly. The guy has moved on to greener pastures and unsuspecting victims, yet they lament to me that they really love him and want to know how to get him back. The post Why Do You Want Him Back When He Treats You Badly? appeared first on Relationship Help!. read more »

Losing Love and Gaining Myself

I was in the 99cent Store this morning around 9 am and I was brought to tears. No one noticed. I didn't break down or anything,but cried, I did. In the store. Continue reading read more »

The Right (and Wrong) Ways to Text for a First ...

The first thing you say to her could make or break you. Here's how to do it right Source: GaelicTech read more »

Events in London – Aug 2014

For your Aug 2014 calendar ,Duccio Zambrini is hosting an event on August 14th at Buddha Bar, Knightsbridge. Duccios events are known to be fun,  stylish and great venues for mixing and mingling! We think that the Aug 14th event will live to Duccio Zambrinis reputation as far as the partying scene is concerned! If The post Events in London Aug 2014 appeared first on Luxury LifeStyle Conversations | For Smart Chicks. read more »


If you're looking for someone, or just want help in general on your relationship, here are some good books to check out. read more »

Running Into Your Boyfriend's Ex When You're Ou...

We've all been there - that awkward moment when you're out with your boyfriend having a great time on a Saturday night and awkwardly bump into his ex-girlfriend at the same party you're at.In the grand scheme of things, it's not a big deal. We're all twenty-something college-educated young adults with good heads on our shoulders and bigger concerns than awkwardly bumping into our boyfriends' exes.Still, it can be a socially awkward situation on a Saturday night and since there's nothing we lik... read more »

I Set a Date and She Bails

I have been getting a lot of emails recently on this particular topic so here it is. What does it mean when you set a date and she bails on … Continue reading read more »

My Break Up Playlist

In response to Tuesday's post,a reader asked that I post my break up playlist. I have some pretty great suggestions to start (that's what you get for being over-prepared for everything - and German, so a little naturally grim). Here they are, separated into stages of break up grief! When the break up is super-fresh and you're a smoldering heap of angst: Simple Plan - Perfect The All American Rejects - It Ends Tonight Good Charlotte - I Don't Wanna Be In Love When it's two AM and you're crying in... read more »


I watched this episode of 7th Heaven once where Eric and Annie were quizzing Mary and Lucy about what they wanted in a husband. Mary's opinion was that he should be independent from his parents because she was not planning on being one of those girls who "leaves and cleaves". On the other hand, Lucy was all, "I should be close to his family because I'm definitely going to leave and cleave."I'm such a Lucy. One of my biggest prayers is that my future husband comes from a great family. Specifically I pray ... read more »

#LOL – @KappaCinco – How Guys React When a Girl...

LOL this guy is a trip, I first saw his Why Africans Dont Answer the Phone video and I just came across this one. The amazing moment when a girl wants to get freaky on the phone. This video shows how some guys react when a girl wants to make a conversation a little more(...) read more »

I can’t choose between 2 guys!

It sure has been a long while since we last spoke! Gosh Im very much embarrassed by this, but I hope youll understand why and forgive the long silence. Life has been. how do I put this. very interesting, most certainly on the dating side of things! My online dating profile went on fire once I had The post I cant choose between 2 guys! appeared first on Luxury LifeStyle Conversations | For Smart Chicks. read more »

Learning How to Flirt Again

We interrupt the Italy updates to talk about my favorite topic...LOVE!I'm still on my journey in finding love, my love, the love of my life. I've gotta say, it's getting harder the closer it feels. God speaks to me really clearly in this particular area, I think because I'm especially keen to listen :-) and I truly, wholeheartedly believe it's happening very soon, when this handsome young man finally walks into my life.So I came across this video on YouTube. It's really interesting. It talks about how o... read more »

Dating: Quailty of Relationships

What is the quality of relationship you are engaging in? What does your standards say about the way you allow yourself to be treated? You set the standards for how to you are treated.Don't let people in your life that rule over the way you feel you should be treated. If someone, doesn't treat you right, they don't need to be in your life. Setting personal barriers doesn't make you a bad person. Personal barrier are a way you set the standards for how you are treated. Personal barriers, protect people aga... read more »

Dating: A List of Things...

1. Not every relationship is meant to last.2. We learn and learn. The person you dated in high school might not be the person you fall in love with ten years later. 3. Don't give up on someone you love, because you might not get that chance again.4. No one is perfect, this isn't Disney.5. You can't change anyone they have to chance themselves. You can inspired change though.6. If a someone your dating hits you run for the hills, it's not healthy((it's not love)).7. Action are louder than words. This is s... read more »

[What's POP] The All New @AnAfricanCity #WebSer...

I mean as if Suakoko Bettys event at Belk, her clutch giveaway on the blog and just the fact that Culture Shock is coming up doesnt have me all missing my motherland enough; today I stumbled upon web series GOLD! A friend of mine (soon to be writer) shared a link with me. The(...) read more »

The turning point – how babysitting changed my ...

Yesterday, I had the chance to look after 4 beautiful kids and got very surprised by how I felt afterwards. I did  a pretty damn good job running after them in my flat, which is  set up for a single chick, in all honesty; but the whole experience opened up something in me that I The post The turning point how babysitting changed my view on relationships appeared first on Luxury LifeStyle Conversations | For Smart Chicks. read more »

Coming Soon!!

This page is being work on stay tuned! You are not going to want to miss out on all these great dating and relationship tips and advice!! read more »

Online Failure…

Powered by Max Banner Ads I have been talking to more and more of my male clients lately on the topic of Online dating and well it is more of an online failure. While online dating can be successful in its own special little way; nothing beats the real thing … Continue reading read more »

An Open Letter To My Daughter About Dating

Dear Daughter, You are getting older every year, and I can see you already, rolling your eyes at that statement. I don't mind because I know that you get that quality from me -- you learned from the best -- but I do have a point with that opening statement. My point is this: one day the boys are going to start noticing you, if they aren't already. And even though you are getting older, you are much too young for that, despite what society might say in argument. Soon enough, you will be sixteen, and that ... read more »

Don’t Date Married Or Separated People

Powered by Max Banner AdsToday I am going to discuss a question I have gotten from more than one viewer about relationships involving divorce. This is rarely a wanted situation but as life has it, it does happen. So what exactly do you do if you happen to become involved with a person going through [] read more »

Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last…

Powered by Max Banner AdsNice Guys do not finish last and that is a fact. Nice push over guys finish last and it is because they allow it to happen; hence the push over part. Being a nice guys does not mean allowing yourself to be walked on and essentially taken advantage of. Being a [] read more »

Was this a hint or am I overthinking it?

Powered by Max Banner AdsThis is an email from a viewer who asks if he is over thinking the situation or is she dropping hints? This is an area of dating and relationships that is often missed and when it is missed so is the opportunity. Lets look into how to not miss that opportunity. [] read more »

What Happens When There's No More Rhyme?

And since it is almost heart day, I am getting all Love Thoughts here and trying to get your opinion and to learn something from you...A Relationship can start good or it can start bad. There are different ways to meet or find our partners and fall in love.I know some relationship that started like cats and dogs but eventually fall in love as well.And no matter how you TWO have started, it is how you keep the relationship burning that really counts.Relationship can go a long long way for so many years an... read more »

And That’s Life…

I dont know about you but as much as I would like to feel fluttered when a guy reinforces his interests in speaking to me, sometimes I do feel some of the advances go beyond rude! I mean, yes I appreciate that one would feel superbly drawn to my fabulousness but coming out too strong The post And Thats Life appeared first on Luxury LifeStyle Conversations | For Smart Chicks. read more »

Romance–Warts and All by Hannah Alexander

Remember your first date with a guy you really liked? If you were like me, you spent days trying to figure out how to shape your eyebrows properly, how to make your hair hang just right, how to match the right clothes, and even practiced how to hold a decent conversation. I even purchased books [] read more »

New Atlanta....Liars Everywhere! (Black Men Bew...

So, I recently ran across the ill-conceived, and totally unfortunate...especially for Black women, TV show, New Atlanta on Bravo. If you haven't killed brain cells trying to be entertained by the lackluster performances of the show that attempts, I think, to make the ATL look like a shallow and insipid New Orleans...then don't bother. It's a reality show that would be better served to actually give their characters scripts than to let them try to come up with crap to say, because in all reality, the Whit... read more »

Mimi's Dilemma

Mimi Sets The Record Straight With Bossip On Steve J’s Other KidsNow lets be honest with ourselves Oleurimi "Mimi" Faust. I know you said Stevie J had all his other kids before you 2 started dating, BUT what about the "what if" baby with Joseline? That little excuse of "Stevie J having kids before you" is now BS. Don't you think??? It still doesn't explain why he still got another woman (an ex-stripper at that) pregnant while he was with you.Come on!!You just played yourself with that one. Take a moment... read more »

Never A Wife

I came across a very interesting article title "3 Signs You'll Always Be A Baby's Momma And Never A Wife." 1. Stripped Many men love the allure of naked women booty clapping for dollar bills with no strings attached. Strip clubs are an escape for most men–a fantasy if you will. Strip clubs should not be date night options. If your baby’s father respects you as the mother of his children, he’d never bring you to as strip club to watch him waste his hard-earned money, which could be going to towards the ... read more »

Men Stop Holding Your Hand Out

I never understood why some men actually asked women for a (quote on quote) "LOAN" ( lol had to throw the emphasis on that). Where is your dignity? The confidence? The masculinity???It all DISAPPEARED the very first time you ask a woman you barely knew for money. I heard plenty, many, asked is I can loan them a little something something. lol Then in the same breath wonder and ask why I don't respect him.LOL !!! Are you seriously asking me that dumb question?!?!So not only does this guy lack dignity and... read more »

Schatten VIII – Sowas wie Freunde

Seltsamerweise waren die Wochen, in denen ich dich ignorierte, die, die uns zu so etwas wie Freunden machten. Weil ich mich abweisend verhielt und unsere Gespräche nicht in Küssen endeten, sondern ich mir direkt vor deiner Nase wen anders zum Küssen gesucht hatte, kamen wir uns durch Gespräche langsam auf einer anderen Ebene als vorher [...] read more »

Going movie at least once a month

I am thankful that I have been winning movie passes to watch with loved one. I choose to go with my dear because he knows the mall well. Yesterday we got lost in One Utama think movie in TGV but it is in GSC. Anyway we manage go collect the movie passes even time pass [...] read more »

Diary Entry 3- The Men In My Life

Well today was very interesting. Not as good as yesterday though. Kind of boring. The only good thing that happened was getting the perfect tan and the dresses I brought.B is cool sometimes, but hardly friendly. I don't know what happen, or why she changed for the worse. We were so close when we were younger.Now she acts kind of fake. Heck I think everyone down here acts a little fake, and hardly keeps it real like they do up North.They look like the type to smile in your face and talk crap about you beh... read more »

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