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18 Dating Ideas with Breathtaking Scenery in th...

Are you looking for the perfect setting for a romantic date in the East of England? When you first meet... The post 18 Dating Ideas with Breathtaking Scenery in the East of England appeared first on Lifehack. read more »

Riding Madly Off In All Directions

Riding Madly Off In All Directions is the first time the entire Shah family Naseeruddin Shah, Ratna, Heeba, Imaad The post Riding Madly Off In All Directions appeared first on BUZZINGTALES . read more »

Les Ballets De France at DUCTAC, Dubai, Mall Of...

Les Ballets de France,  the internationally acclaimed dance ensemble and Frances premier private dance ballet company presents its grand gala The post Les Ballets De France at DUCTAC, Dubai, Mall Of Emirates appeared first on BUZZINGTALES in Dubai. read more »

Confessions of A Pharmacophobe: Why I'm Afraid ...

What is Pharmacophobia? As you may have guessed, pharmacophobia is the fear of drugs, but it actually extends much farther... The post Confessions of A Pharmacophobe: Why Im Afraid of Drugs appeared first on Lifehack. read more »

Pagpasundayag sa Sinaunang Baybayin Workshop at...

Are you interested in our Sinaunang Baybayin or the Ancient Filipino Writing? Are you wondering about it? This is your chance to know all about it on an upcoming project by our local artists here in Cagayan de Oro City. Please read more information after the jump. The National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), [] The post Pagpasundayag sa Sinaunang Baybayin Workshop at Rodelsa Hall, CDO appeared first on CDO Info. read more »


Come Independence Day and the morning begins with a ring, bell, drum and trumpet of patriotism. You get up to The post HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY appeared first on BUZZINGTALES in Dubai. read more »

DUCTAC – Ramadanization Exhibition

DUCTAC  announced the Ramadanization 2016 exhibition, which will open on Monday, June 13, with an opening reception at 9:30pm The post DUCTAC Ramadanization Exhibition appeared first on Buzzingtales. read more »

UCI Cinemas in Bicocca Offers O.V Films!

I’m so excited for this weekend! I’ll be watching the new Captain America film because I want to know why it’s called Civil War (no spoilers, please; rather, is the reason behind the title even included in the film?) I’ve never been this anxious for just watching a film, but trust me, this is really [] read more »


A musical cabaret, written and performed by Dubai based actor and singer Beth Burrows Date: Saturday, 14th May 2016 The post SIRENS OF THE SILVER SCREEN, At DUCTAC appeared first on Buzzingtales. read more »

SIKKA – Dubai Art Season sizzles again

The sixth edition of the SIKKA Art Fair continues to host an exciting line-up of music, dance, plays, poetry recitals, The post SIKKA Dubai Art Season sizzles again appeared first on Buzzingtales. read more »

WAFI Mall’s Matryoshka Festival brings Russia t...

Traditional Matryoshka dolls a centrepiece in a bonanza of fashion, arts, culture and Russian souks The sights, sounds, The post WAFI Malls Matryoshka Festival brings Russia this spring appeared first on Buzzingtales. read more »

Under the Sky – An Heart-wrenching Play in DUCTAC

DUCTAC, Dubai Community Theater Arts Center, has always enriched the cultural perspective of Dubai residents by bringing on to The post Under the Sky An Heart-wrenching Play in DUCTAC appeared first on Buzzingtales. read more »

Cambodia during the 9th to late 19th Century

Cambodia is the land of the Khmer, the dominant ethnos within the area stretching from the present deep into prehistoric culture. The Angkorian era Khmer Empire focused close to Siem Reap dominated the region from the 9th-13th century AD, at its peak the Empire stretched across most of mainland Southeast Asia. But by the fifteenth century the Empire was in a decline both politics and territories and under encounter from the rising Thai kingdom of Ayutthaya in today’s Kingdom of Thailand. By the fourteent... read more »

Science, or Ignorance?

Friends, As you know, I study Evolution and Creation.  Science fascinates me, always has.  And that was a main reason I became Agnostic for years.  But, then I READ what Scientists actually wrote, I began to realize, there was a Continue reading read more »

In a perfect world

We would each have $1 million, and a home, and a new car. But, would that buy US love, peace, and happiness? And isnt that what we would rather have?  Have you noticed how much happiness we sacrifice when we Continue reading read more »

Pray for me, pray for US

As yall know, I have been TIRED, and sick I need your prayers as I get ready to write some blogs. These topics have troubled me for awhile. And they revolve around the social dilemma, the moral breakdown, the Continue reading read more »

The truth about trophies

This may surprise you, but I really don’t have a problem with participation awards, especially for kids. It does no harm to recognize a kid for “just showing up.” However––that participation trophy shouldn’t be 3 feet high and it shouldn’t be the same as the champion’s. If you want to cultivate a certain behavior, reward [] read more »

The Siddhus Of Upper Juhu - Theatre Ductac, Mal...

It’s not every day that you run into the indomitable Satyanweshi, The “Truth seeker” from the hit Indian TV serial Detective Byomkesh Bakshi . The National award winning actor director - awarded for his scintillating portrayal of Mahatma Gandhi in the “Making of Mahatma”- Rajit Kapur, is here in Dubai to tickle your funny bones along with Shernaz Patel -another acting power house – though their hit play “The Siddhus Of Upper Juhu”. “The Siddhus Of Upper Juhu”, produced by Indian Theater group Rage an... read more »

How to wear Sariki, the Cretan headscarf

Today I want to tell you about traditional greek scarf.I prepared this article for almost a year, since last summer I bought this scarf on Crete, but I have not had the opportunity to show you how to wear it. Almost all the winter and spring, I think through the details and looks to capture the material on Corfu. Keep in touch to see 5 ways to wear traditional headscarf. Up to the early 20th century, the Cretans usually wore a pleated red fez with a long tassel or large scarf. The modern knitted black ... read more »

Culture Club – Time

Culture Club Time Born George Alan ODowd on June 14, 1961, in Eltham, London, to parents Gerry and Dinah ODowd. George grew up in a lively household with his four brothers and one sister. Despite being part of the Continue reading The post Culture Club Time appeared first on Our Awesome Blog. read more »

Even Taco Bell workers are over TAXED!

Friends, I just met a young man working at Taco Bell. When he told me his income tax with-holding was about 30%, I wanted to CRY for him. When my REAL tax with-holding rate was about 30% (on 100k per Continue reading read more »

‘Ek Mulaqaat’ (One Meeting)- with veterans Deep...

“Ek Mulaqaat”, is a conversation about love, life and literature and features the veteran actors Shekhar Suman and Deepti Naval. The play has been garnering rave reviews and running in theaters with sold out seats across India. Theatre fans in the UAE can now enjoy the production thanks to Sopritti, the flagship brand of Pritti Nanda – a stalwart of the UAE community, in collaboration with Vertical 101, the events arm of premier communications agency Blue Apple. The play will run on June 5th and 6th fr... read more »

Day of Museum.

Мій улюблений музей. На минулих вихідних відвідала його знову. Так цікаво кожного разу знаходити там щось нове. Ніби вже раніше це бачила, але завжди відкриваєш для себе щось по-особливому цікаве. Я можу годинами розглядати лише рами для картин, що вже говорити про самі полотна... Вони там живуть своїм життям і мають власну енергетику. Деталі одягу, ці стіни, які пам'ятають мільйони подій. Образи, жести, рухи. Це все вибудовує свою власну панораму, яка потім розгортається у твоїй душі. А яка лекція про... read more »

MovenPick- Rediscover The Art Of Brunch & Enjoy...

Buzzingtales was invited toMövenpickHotel Apartments Bur Dubai in Oud Mehta for Friday Brunch on 1stMay. What got our antennas all pricked up was that it was coupled with an invite for the art exhibition of Ashleigh Manley. This was the 4thart exhibition of its kind to be hosted by Movenpick from 1stuntil 24thMay. Obviously we were looking forward to this promise of tantalizing our senses. Conjuring up delectable, alluring delicacies is indeed a fine art and the buffet hall of MovenPick made that amp... read more »

Recollecting Christmas in Berlin

I always do all in time, so I suggest you to have a winter trip now. Why not? It is just spring now.I want to show you photos and tell you about interesting things that you can bring back from Berlin. Stay here to find out something special. No one store does work on Christmas time in Berlin.Onthe other hand fairs are the best entertainment on holidays. You can watch the show there, eat, and buy local crafts and products.I recommend you to look narrowly at hard cheese, drink mulled wine as much as it p... read more »

Fun, Food & Fashion Works Their Magic:Taste of ...

This summer is set to be even more sizzling with theTaste of WAFIwhipping up a magical ensemble of tastes and aroma. The festival kicks off atWafi Mallon SaturdayApril 18th2015 and ensures every Saturday till 18thJuneis a foodies fantasy land. Buzzingtales would like to make a special mention of Legendee Cafe from Vietnam by Trung Nguyen, which is a speciality organic coffee. To know more of about their unique form of coffee (which comes from weasel and has been presented to many famous people) watch th... read more »

Interview with Hesham Malik - Celebrating the "...

PAINTING WITH SPECIAL NEEDS HILDREN AT RASHID PEDIATRIC CENTER Buzzingtales caught up with the extremely grounded Hesham Malik (An Artist) who is soon to paint live with Bollywood actor Hritik Roshanfor a charity auction event at Sotheby’s Auction House, Dubai. Though this interview you get a glimpse of his iron will to overcome personal adversities, by battling it with hope the joy of giving. Read On!! Hi Mr Hesham Malik, Thanks for taking time to chat up with us. It was wonderful seeing you paint ... read more »

SPECIAL POST: “We also gave those who wished to...

Before the Baltimore riots reached their full crescendo on Monday afternoon, mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake made a critical leadership error––one that likely incited or at least exacerbated the mayhem. In the relative calm following the “purging” riots, she compounded that mistake. One of the most important strategies for effective leadership is clear and effective communication. From [] read more »

Be Infected- Invasion Of Street Culture @ Stree...

StreetCon invades Dubai yet again and transforms Al Ghurair into one of the hippest places in the city. Starting from 23rd April- May 2nd this 10 day event is all set to be the biggest street culture festival. It returns with a bang with graffiti, 3 D -visual art, spray paint tutorial, glow in the dark, open air music, food clothing, Jam Mash Up Sessions, 20 Local International Artists and the super incredible Luminarium, from Miracoco(the architects of air). Kobra, a star at global art scene will a... read more »

Culture Club – Miss Me Blind

Culture Club Miss Me Blind Born George Alan ODowd on June 14, 1961, in Eltham, London, to parents Gerry and Dinah ODowd. George grew up in a lively household with his four brothers and one sister. Despite being part Continue reading The post Culture Club Miss Me Blind appeared first on Our Awesome Blog. read more »

Legacy Is Light And Life

In a dream last night I met with this young person. He was perhaps 20-25 years old. As we talked, He unfolded His knowledge of things. His knowledge included things of God and the Bible. As we continued to talk and I asked questions, more and more his answers were, “I do not know” or Continue reading Legacy Is Light And Life read more »


I had to share this empowering message I received in my email. The power of choose! Weather it is a bar of soap or the situation in life – most times we have the power. Weather we should or should not - tolerate domestic abuse; submit to world perceptions of beauty; let a life event control our state of mind; humor a demon boss – is a question of choice. When we exercise it wisely we empower ourselves and build our own happiness. We submit control to others when we demean our position, underestimate the ... read more »

Union Of Glamour & Art For A Charitable Cause -

May 9th 2015 is all set to turn out into a confluence ofglamour, art, generous hearts, for Dubaidwellers, with Bollywood hot hunks, Hesham Malik, Rashid Pediatric Therapy Center and Sotheby’s Auction house teaming up for a worthy cause. Let’s roll out the red carpet!! HRITIK ROSHAN · Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan to do live painting for charity · Hesham Malik presents Esparito (Spirit), a visual representation of modern abstraction and art during his visit · Master of Ceremonies veteran Bollywoo... read more »

Al Ghurair Centre’s Dazzling Dub Fest-19th to 2...

What comes to your mind at the mention of Shopping Malls? Shopping obviously! It’s time to ditch those stereotypical thoughts. On 19th March, 2015 Buzzingtales was invited to the press preview of a 10 days of scintillating 'International streettheaterand comedy fair’ - Dub Fest- unfolding right at the heart of Al Ghurair Center. The world class acts and festiveambiencecoupled with the wonderful weather charmed andmesmerized the visitors. The Al Ghurair Centre’s Dub Fest International Street Theatre an... read more »

Too busy to say Thank You? Bull…

I was sitting down to write a few thank you messages when I realized that the folks I wanted to thank deserved public acknowledgement. I also thought that what these remarkable people do would serve as a great lesson for all of us. Too often these days, people forget about the small gestures that can [] read more »

Udderstanding – Get Off The Milk!

Many years ago my wife and I were traveling through Toronto. Toronto is a very large city. My wife had the map on her lap and I was driving. As the road turned into 8 lanes, I said “hurry up, I am not sure where we are”. This created instant panic and I had to Continue reading Udderstanding Get Off The Milk! read more »

Interstellar was just stellar

Friends, The movie Interstellar was just stellar. It did have one great line, A parent should not have to watch their child die. I wont spoil the movie, but as I quipped outside the theater, Hollywood really needs to write Continue reading read more »

This is Why We Do the Work

This is Why We Do the Work By: Mike Sliwa Many white liberal, socially justice minded people love to talk about doing the The post This is Why We Do the Work appeared first on The News Channel. read more »

Surrealism in fashion and life

Salvador Dali was a brilliant representative of surrealism. He has never missed an opportunity to collaborate with other extraordinary personalities to implement the wildest fantasies. Dali was directly linked with fashion. He was a friend of Coco Chanel, but worked more with her competitor, the designer from Italy, Elsa Schiaparelli, for which he created a lot of the most extravagant models.The most outstanding cooperation was the work of Salvador Dali and Elsa Schiaparelli - hat collection. Salvador in... read more »

3 things wrong in America.

Friends, I fall in a rather interesting place. Historically, my family is really American. I am a mix of several backgrounds and races. A small amount of Native American French with an equal mix of English and Scot. My Continue reading read more »

The problem with

Friends, I will address the problems with many things shortly. What led me to start this series was a book about Charles Darwin and Evolution. I was reading when suddenly, I thought, The problem with a genius is they argue Continue reading read more »

Tinelli and the culture award

M. Tinelli has been awarded with a prize for his commitment (?) to culture. His election has been discussed since the event. Tinelli has been on air for more than a decade. His programmes have a massive influence upon the people and, if you take part of it, it can boost your career or make it fall apart in one night. I don't fully understand what people see in his programme but it seems to work and pretty well. In fact, there are lots of ads in the programme itself and ratings are always good. You can... read more »

Budaya Cirebon : Posmo pada Masanya

KEBUDAYAAN lahir antara lain karena kreativitas manusia yang menghendaki adanya harmonisasi dalam pergaluan sosial. Namun kebudayaan bukan merupakan satu-satunya norma yang menjadi tolok ukur pergaulan sosial. Lantaran masyarakat Cirebon juga memiliki watak beragama yang relatif cukup taat, maka pesan-pesan agama pun kerap membingkai kebudayaan. Bahwa kebudayaan adalah puncak kreativitas manusia, sehingga dengannya tercipta interaksi dengan budaya (dan masyarakat) lain, fakta ini akan lebih memiliki nuan... read more »

Culture Club – Church Of The Poison Mind

Culture Club Church Of The Poison Mind Born George Alan ODowd on June 14, 1961, in Eltham, London, to parents Gerry and Dinah ODowd. George grew up in a lively household with his four brothers and one sister. Despite Continue reading The post Culture Club Church Of The Poison Mind appeared first on Our Awesome Blog. read more »

POP Style : Ankara Doll #ShopAnkaraDoll

I know Im new to the style blogger lifestyle but I kind of had the preference in the back of my head to never use camera phone pictures. I guess Im breaking my own rules with this post. I spent the weekend at a convention with my mom and homegirl J-Nice of The Great Photography(...) read more »

Great wedding advice

Friends, CNN thought you should not post this, it was in bad taste. But, I will point out: The American Hollywood driven Media is the ultimate in bad taste. Here is why you should not invite someone to your wedding. Continue reading read more »

Happy Place in Davao City

I am a Dabawenya and I am very proud to call my self a native from Davao City.Here in Davao City we have 182 Barangays arranged into 3 Legislative Districts and 11 administrative districts. SOURCE: Tax Mapping DivisionFor 38 years living here, I can say that I haven't known my City well.There are some places that I haven't visited like PAQUIBATO(2)and MARILOG(3) District.Yes! I belong to 1st District that is why places I've mentioned above are nowhere near me. I am curious to know what is happening in... read more »

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