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Eggless Tiramisu Mousse

A heavenly relish delish for all coffee lovers! Have a weak spot for some sweet indulgence? Lift this edible dessert bowl and not let go to throughly enjoy your luscious dessert - Eggless Tiramisu Mousse.One of the most popular Italian dessert Tiramisu, quite literally means, "pick me up", "cheer me up", or "lift me up". A blend of the two bold caffeinated flavors of expresso and cocoa, yet still fairly light dessert is irresistible and unforgettable, as it certainly fulfills the criteria for a pleasur... read more »

Simple and Delicious Dinner Recipe – Sweet Chee...

Hello my friends! Happy Sunday! If you are a bit familiar with my website you know that one of my favorite topics and passions is cooking and for this reason I have chosen to take the Food Blog Challenge with Foodaplenty Networkthis is a good opportunity for me to publish some recipes that I really like [] The post Simple and Delicious Dinner Recipe Sweet Cheese and Cinnamon Crepes appeared first on Sparkling Shoes Girl. read more »

Doce de Leite com Queijo Cremoso no Copinho - S...

Último dia do mês de abril, véspera de feriado...coisa boa né gente?!! Então, o que acham de curtir muito o feriadão fazendo esta receitinha bem simples, que não requer muito trabalho e nem muito tempo. Na verdade, é mais uma sugestão super prática do que propriamente uma receita, não só para os momentos em que surge aquele desejo por algo doce, mas também quando recebemos visitas e um docinho de preparo bem rapidinho é tudo que precisamos para resolver o problema da falta de tempo e fazer o maior sucess... read more »

Bolo de Limão Siciliano com Chia e Cobertura de...

Eu garanto que estou tentando muito postar com mais frequência, mas está complicado minha gente. A vida me chama para milhares de atividades ao mesmo tempo. Para mim, essa volta significa um recomeço, depois de mais de 3 anos morando no exterior, estou retomando diversas coisas e tentando encontrar um novo caminho profissional, enfim, vamos em frente que o tempo não para!! Hoje estou trazendo para vocês uma receita de bolo deliciosa, inspirada em uma receita que encontrei na revista inglesa "Delicious"... read more »

The Sweet Siren Song of Asiago Cheese

Being healthy is the worst. I should really clarify, I suppose. Behaving in a healthy manner is the worst. Having physical health is an okay thing, I suppose, though if behaving in a healthy manner is what it takes to achieve it, I fear it may be highly overrated. Recently, I decided to be a [] read more »

Butternut, Chicken & Tarragon Tart

A tart, quiche call it what you like, is seriously the easiest thing to whip up midweek for dinner. The additional bonus is ... you get to use fridge leftovers! Seriously, yes I am sorry to bring you ANOTHER quiche recipe, although I have labelled this one a tart - which is a red herring, hoping you wouldn't notice. Officially classified as a quiche, the 3 : 1 formula applies - that is 3 eggs to 1 cup dairy or in this case a little more dairy to make it luxe. I always use a store-bought roasted chic... read more »


昨晚占前餓得慌,但要打combat又不能吃太飽(不然會打到想嘔),於是去Burger King 吃了個迷你Whooper。平時的話,因為單點一個飽不太划算,我會幫襯麥記,但因為上海喜福黑心食材事件,很多東西也缺貨,而沒有菜的漢堡包也太膩(但今早聞到有人食豬柳蛋又好想食,雖然嚴格來說我不喜歡吃那種muffin),就到了耐唔耐會想吃的Burger King。 對我而言,Burger King 的味道,是Montreal的味道。當年去加拿大exchange,自己不太會煮食,銀彈又有限,吃得最多的應該就是Burger King了。當時去得不是時候,匯率竟然高過美金,學校附近商場地庫美食廣場那家Burger Continue reading?? read more »

Strawberry Yogurt Cheesecake Dessert

Ingredients for 4 servings: 200 g cream cheese400 grams of yogurt130 g strawberries, some blackberries, 1 kiwi or any fruit. 1-2 tsp natural strawberry flavour1-2 tablespoons powdered sugar5 g gelatine or agar agar (I had some of my halal gelatine which I brought from Malaysia)250 g strawberries for decoration Preparation : Dissolve gelatin in 2 tablespoonscold water. Add 1 tsp natural flavouring and heat in a water bath. Stir until dissolved. In a bowl mix cream cheese and yogurt. Add gelatin mixtu... read more »

Cream Cheese Pudding

Creamy Vanilla Cream Cheese pudding, dressed with strawberry and fresh mint leaf.🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰This is a cheat dessert. Have it creamy and sinful or have it diet friendly with low fat or fat free cream cheese and milk and instant vanilla pudding. 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓 Ingredients 🍰 8 oz cream cheese (fat free for the diet conscious) 🍰 2 cups milk of your choice 🍰 1 packet vanilla pudding (either regular or sugar and fat free) Method 🍰 mix together milk and pudding mix as stated on packet with hand mi... read more »

Scratch Gooey Butter Cake

Alright.  Butter may be Uncle Babys favorite food, but its definitely my favorite ingredient.  So when I saw this recipe, ButterYums Scratch Gooey Butter Cake, a scratch version of Paula Deens gooey butter cake, I had to try my own version. They arent kidding around with this name.  Its gooey.  Ooey gooey.  The middle is gooey, the crust is even a little gooey. Which is delicious, of course, but surprised me.  Um, I dont know why though, seeing as it says Gooey right there in the name. Its also VE... read more »

Layered Cake

So my new sister-in-law and I decided to make dessert one night we might have gotten a little carried away, but boy did it turn out great! We made a layered cake with white cake, red velvet cake, cream cheese icing, and strawberries. Our inspiration came from I Am Baker. Check out her cool stuff! [...] read more »

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