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June Inspiration.

Літом хочеться поїхати кудись далеко, змінювати одне місто за одним, подорожувати. Побачити гори, озера, поля, полонини... Побачити нові обличчя, вібрати в себе аромати чужих міст, вулиць та будинків. Закарбувати в пам'яті всю красу, яка відкривається і постає під час подорожі. Хочеться свіжих емоцій, прохолодного вітру та очищення своїх думок. Мабуть саме тому мені хочеться бачити ніжно-рожеві та бірюзові тона в одязі та просторі. Блакитний, спокійний синій, мандариновий та лимонний. Вони діють на м... read more »

~ pantone: spring 2015 fashion color report ~

Spring 2015: En Plein Air This season, cooler and softer color choices with subtle warm tones follow a minimalistic en plein air theme, taking a cue from nature. PANTONE 14-4313 Aquamarine The lead color for women for the Spring/Summer 2015 season, PANTONE 14-4313 Aquamarine is an airy blue with a dreamy feel. Cool and calming, [] read more »

The Restoration Of The Spirit Of Fellowship And...

While taking one of my daily walk breaks at work I heard the Lord speak to me the following words. “I am going to restore the spirit of fellowship and relationship.” I knew it was a conversation. Honestly, as He spoke I was too tired, too fried from the week to be focused. Here I [] read more »

Lights Of Listening – Will You Hear?

Last night I had a series of dreams. A couple woke me up. Perhaps I will share on some of them in the coming days. But here is what is more important to me, that dreams are developing into two categories. One category is the those dreams that introduce people, places and situations and develop [] read more »

Let's Spice It Up!

It's been a fun day. Paint bought, fabric chosen, trim purchased....A new kitchen is starting to sizzle!Here's a peek at the colors that will be spicing up my kitchen soon. read more »

"SHH.." Zucchini Brownies! Dairy free and Whole...

Vegetables in brownies!? Am I crazy?! No.. Im not. These were so yummy. Better than the sweet potato brownie recipe. I found this recipe here. From the for Dark Chocolate Zucchini Brownies and was inspired. The ones I made are not dark chocolate and are not frosted and I turned it in to dairy free but they are SO delicious. If you look on her ingredients list, this is what I substituted for what: *Instead of yogurt, I just blended the zucchini with 1/4 cup melted Earth Balance and 1/4- ... read more »

Creative Time: Name Plates

So lately, I got into the habit of drawing again...and this time, it is name plates... And as you can see, I didn't finish my whole name... I was merely experimenting then. With sketch pens and color pencils.Then my friend and fellow blogger, Swarnali, asked me to make her one as well. When I asked her if she realized it was handmade, she replied in the affirmative. I was a bit worried people would think I was generating it from the computer. But I think the mismatched letters are a bit of a giveaway...... read more »

Shape Button Snake-- Great for Hand/Eye Cordina...

This a fun and very simple busy bag activity that I puttogether for my little one. A busy bag, is pretty much exactly like it sounds, an activity in a bag that will keep a child busy when need be. Some busy bags are educational, others are just fun. Think fun busy work in a bag! My kids have well over 100 busy bags, I keep most of them away, until we need them. I have a huge tote bag full of busy bags in my car for when we go out to eat or have a doctor's appointment. They really come in handy! I even ha... read more »

Pick Up the Worms-- A Fun and Easy To Make Busy...

This is a really simple busy bag to make and the kids love it! All you need is a clothespin, a small piece of green felt, and some pipe cleaners. The green felt is your grass, the pipe cleaners are your worms, and the clothespin is your bird. The kids use the bird to collect all of the worms. You can even use this to practice color recognition and simple counting by asking your child to pick up 2 blue worms and 1 red worm. read more »


Нарешті настала справжня весна. Та весна, на яку я чекаю кожного року. Яскравий зелений колір наповним наше місто, на гілках дерев почали розпускатися квіти, а голоса пташкок зливаються у співі! Сонце пестить нас своїм промінням, вийти погуляти можна навіть 12.00, чого в літку краще не робити. Саме в таку пору я відчуваю себе абсолютно щасливою! У мені прокидаються почуття, з'являються нові мрії. Зараз, мені хочеться подорожувати. І я сподіваюсь, що цим літом я зможу виконати ці маленькі забаганки :)) ... read more »

Characteristics of different colors wedding dre...

White: You can highlight your sense of pure, because you are not suitable for heavy make-up, only pure brilliant white wedding dress and a touch of makeup worthy of your temperament. Whether now or in the future you face is [...] read more »

My Pink Cracked Nail Polish

I went to my favorite beauty parlor a few days ago to let my pedicure done and as I was looking for a nice nail polish color, I chose my favorite pink color. I dont know that it has a cracked design until my manicurist told me. I was curious enough on how it looks [...] read more »


The word nougat comes from Occitan pan nogat, which means nutbread, and a Nougat color is a light brown that remember as the confectioneries made with sugar and honey. Chunky Scarf - Nougat - Handknitted in Blend Wool Poncho - Earth Brown - Handknitted in Merino Wool - Zippered Chunky Cowl - Earth Brown - Handknitted in Merino Wool - Zippered Scarf - Handknitted in Undyed Brown Llama Yarn Bag - Marled Brown - Handknitted in Blend Wool read more »


Phlox, also called psychedelic purple, the color halfway between electric purple and magenta. The name for this color phlox, comes as it is the color of the phlox flower. Scarf - Marl Purple and Bronze Chunky Scarf Chunky - Phlox Knit Fingerless Gloves - Phlox Purple Scarf - Purple Lace Scarf - Purple and Orange read more »

Bamboo in Branda

If anything characterizes branda is the multiplicity of colors that we work with: all! So this year we are very happy with the spectrum of colors that have become fashionable. With this post we start post a serie of articles related to items in colors in our store, guided with the Fall 2011 Pantone palette. Lace Scarf Fingerless Gloves - Yellow Bamboo Hat - Fishermans Style Fingerless Gloves - Lemon Yellow Cowl read more »

Fall 2011 Women's Colors

Pantone Fashion Color Report 2011 Sentible and spirited are the colors the New York Fashions Week have selected fot the next Fall. Here we have choosen from Etsy some items in order to get an idea of the proposals for next season. Bamboo Latticed by MQuin Handwoven Bamboo Scarf Yellow and Gray by skiingweaver Mustard Bow Pillow Cover by iviemade Vintage Jacqueline Designer Originals Stilettos Pumps by AntoinettesWhims Emberglow Ember-glow coral crochet lace cotton handmade summer scarf by Ayca W... read more »

Pantone Cuties

In design, the color standard used for print is the Pantone system. The company has been rolling out various products with the most popular colors, but this is the first to attract my eye. These candles are only available in Europe right now, but I'm looking forward to having a Pantone candle or three in my home once I can!!! Hello There Cuties! xxxo read more »

Paint Splash!

Dec. 10 2010 60 x 30 cm Oil on Canvas read more »

10 Common Beauty Rules to Break

Discover which oft-repeated prettifying principles are doing more harm than good By Petra Guglielmetti Posted November 19, 2010 from There are certain mantras that turned out to be valuable truths to live by—you know, things like “Never go to bed angry” and “You look so much nicer when you stand up straight.” But [...] read more »

New Blog Template

I hope I made you happy with the blog template you designed. read more »

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