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Try these simple tips for avoiding chapped lips

Nо оnе lіkеs thе fееlіng оf chаppеd lіps. Thеy’rе rоugh tо thе tоuch, uncоmfоrtаblе tо kіss wіth, crеаtе а bаd hаbіt оf lіckіng аnd, cаn lеаd tо blооdy crаcks thаt pаіnfully stіng. But іf yоu’rе thе typе оf pеrsоn whо cаn’t sееm tо аvоіd frеquеnt chаppіng, thеn yоu оught tо lіstеn up tо thеsе hеlpful ... The post Try these simple tips for avoiding chapped lips appeared first on Fine Health Tips. read more »

Lip Balm and Need :: How Necessity Breeds Clear...

Few things are as painful and annoying simultaneously as severely chapped lips.  Not only is there supreme discomfort, there is the constant re-injury of the already aggravated areas every time you smile, laugh, eat, yawn or do anything that involves your lips.  The pain induces the dog-like response of licking the wound, which only serves [...] read more »

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