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Recent blog posts on Caring

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Greetings and welcome!♥It seems too many folks reach and understand the first half of this quote and then never bother to finish to understand and apply the second half, which is unfortunate since by applying the second half, we add value to our character, which adds to being considerate of ourselves. When we don't apply the second half, we subtract value from our character, making us less considerate of ourselves.♥ PNG url: read more »


Greetings and welcome!♥I've always felt a deep admiration for Princess Diana. I've watched a number of documentaries centered around her and her life. For a person to be looking for "true" Love and never really being able to truly know and feel it herself, still she gave with sincerity and heart as though she Loved based on experience, like she knew what it felt like. When she lost her life, the world suffered a tremendous loss. May she always RIP, knowing how Loved she truly was and still is.♥ PNG url:... read more »


Greetings everyone! ♥ For the better part of about the last two weeks I've been working on my blogs, giving them make-overs of sorts. It would be much better and less frustrating if the page/text editor actually co-operated. Numerous times the editor wouldn't work as it should and so, I had to try and figure things out through HTML and I am so not good with this! Anyhow, I still have more to do, especially with Creative Corner, but I'm pausing to post for a change. This poem can be sung, if one knows the... read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥"Why do people who help outsiders fail to help their own?Giving, caring, kindness, and all charity begins at home!"~ Artsieladie Quote♥"Charity Begins At Home" PNG link: people'll give to strangers, folks they've never met,While to and for their closest, they conveniently forget.Many people will give to ... read more »

Words Matter

Here is another excellent piece from the maven of kindness, Donna Cameron. Her entire blog is filled with such wonderful thoughts, expressed so well, that I cant say enough about it. Go! Read! “Kind words can be short and easy Continue reading read more »

What If We Really Cared ?

What if we took to heart theGreat Commandmentsand truly cared for other people, especially the widows, the orphans, the sick, and the prisoners? What would that look like? What if for-profit insurance had never been allowed for health care? Would Continue reading read more »

Who We Are

Congratulations to American voters on making Vladimir Putin the second most happy man in the world today. And they are owed a debt of gratitude by the British Government too: no longer is there a need to worry about how Continue reading read more »


Continuing my theme for this week of posts on mental health, Im turning my attention to the stigma that society attaches to mental illnesses and those who suffer from them. To illustrate this point,  I suffered this in a relatively Continue reading read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥ Hugs are magical because they're a way to express Love and caring. Hugs are comforting. When a hug takes place, positive vibes and energy are interchanged between the two hearts hugging. Thus, both hearts in a hug benefit from the intimate connection.Give a hug, the Magic feel,The warmth inside, so surreal.Give a hug born of LoveTwo hearts'll reap the benefit of.~ Artsieladie ♥ "Hugs Are Magical" Full Size PNG: read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥ "Colour their world, remove their hopelessness, their bleak,Protect the innocent animals, defend and for them speak." ~ Artsieladie Quote. Adopt, don't shop! Spay, don't litter! Save lives today, neuter and spay! Being active with animal/pet rescue for many years, I've witnessed first hand how deeply sad it is to know so many animals, through no fault of their own, are abandoned, abused, neglected, etc.. Anyone who thinks animals do not have feelings, it has t... read more »


Greetings everyone, from Artsieladie! ♥ We each an artist are with a canvas of our ownOn which we paint our life, work to be shown.The paint we choose to use with every brush strokeDetermines who we are and what kind of folk. ♥ "Paint With Love"Your world Paint With Love Using every colour and hue And your canvas of life Will make a happy you. Dip your brush in kindness And spread it generously. Paint with compassion And forgiveness vividly. Apply consideration When going for unique. This will add piz... read more »

Happy Blogoversary Fabulously Curvy - Year Three!

~Happy Blogoversary, Happy Blogoversary, Happy Blogoversary, Hhaaaaapppppy Blog-o-ver-sa-ry!~ Wow curvy divas, it is that time again, we commemorate the date Fabulously Curvy blog began.  We... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]] read more »

Stopped caring.

She questions what she sees, Believing it too. She believes what she questions, Trying not to. Shes a little stuck with her thoughts, Haywire yet sensible, and distraught. She looks up, then swivels her eyes, Disguising her opinion, hiding her Continue reading read more »

Random Acts of Kindness

With all of the negative news we hear these days including shootings, stabbings, robberies, car accidents, fraud, etc., its nice to read about some of the good things that are happening in life.  There really are kind people out there that go above and beyond to help someone else in their time of need. The [...] read more »

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