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Well, here we go again, two weeks after the candle burning ritual and invocations that had caused me an abnormal headache which completely stopped the next day has begun again. It all started yesterday, subsided, and then returned more intense during the night as I was asleep. When Id turn over in bed or get [] read more »


Witchcraft causes abnormal headaches. As of right now as I speak I am in the midst of adversaries who are burning candles on me I have a headache from the malevolent procedure but that is just about it and nothing more. They are not getting the reactions from me or the results that they want [] read more »

La magia navideña de Jo Malone

Las navidades con Jo Malone son siempre mágicas. Este año sus preciosos regalos de edición limitada, perfectamente envueltos y con ese toque de distinción, atrapan a cualquiera. Velas, calendario de adviento, colonia, pack de baño y cuerpo, o una casita preciosa con iconos de la marca, son algunas de las propuestas navideñas para regalar a ese alguien especial. Disponible en los puntos de venta de El Corte Inglés y en las boutiques de Jo Malone London. Solo hasta enero.Read more... read more »

5 Ways To Relax Before The Holidays

Hello friends,  For some the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, yet for others it can be the most stressful time of the year.   The non-stop swirl of activities associated with getting together with family and friends; finding just the right gift for the In-laws or kids; and the dread of Continue reading The post 5 Ways To Relax Before The Holidays appeared first on Fashion and Fun after Fifty. read more »

Bath and Body works Summer Sips collection 2014...

Hello to all my candle lovers out there. Today I bring you one of the candles I decided to try from the Sips collection. Peach Cilantro Twist The description reads:Capture all the fun of a back yard bash with this fresh and fruity blend of early summer peach, fresh garden cilantro and a hint of juicy mango. What it smelled like to me:This smelled so much like Peach Bellini I think they are cousins! I couldn't smell cilantro at in this one. :-( Oh well. Scent Strength:Cold Sniff- this was a light ... read more »

Bath and Body Works Coastal Cool Candle Collect...

Hello to all my lovely fragrance lovers out there! I hope you all are doing fine on this Wednesday! Have any of you heard? Some of the new fall candles have come out! I decided to order some and Ill be showing you guys what I purchased in my next candle post. Whoop! Lets get excited! Eucalyptus Mint Waves The description reads: Enjoy the ride of a lifetime with this lend of water flowers, eucalyptus and surf. Read more » read more »

Bath and Body Works French Provence Candle Line...

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for taking time to check out my blog. Please take a moment to enter my giveaway here. All details can be found at the end of the post! Thank you and good luck to everyone who has already entered. With all that said let's get into the reason for this post! I'm sure most of you have heard of +Bath and Body Works candles. This past April they came out with this line based on scents found in France. I will be sharing three that I tried with you. The ... read more »

Bath and Body Works Hawaiian Scents | Candle Re...

Yeaaa! Its Humpday almost through the week. I have something for you to get excited about. At least I hope so. As you know I love candles, hence the reason for me doing candle reviews! I want to do something special for you guys. Heck yea! For the whole month of July Ill have a giveaway each week on Wednesdays!  What do you think of that candle lovers? So stay tuned to the end of the post for details. Now lets talk about some candles! Read more » read more »

The Eyes Have It – Saying What You Are Seeing

Dream 1242104 I walked in the jazz store. I expected to find lots of cool jazz CD’s, even old records, but what I found was a very trendy looking store with lots of cheap gifts. There were fake scrimshaw boats and such. Candles that looked like you could purchase them, but under closer scrutiny one [] read more »

Mechanisms Used Through The Use Of Black Magic/...

There are all types of people in the world. All have their own different kinds of personality, attitudes, and demeanor. As many people are unique and distinct within their own specific ways most people tend to be the same in the many of other ordinary ways when it comes down to socialization. From an early [...] read more »

Sassy 2 cents ;)

Hello my sassy peeps! Hope your all staying warm...(is it spring yet?) Being inside so much I have literally burned up most of the bath and body candles I bought at the Christmas Sale (I have an addiction to a cozy smelling house, don't judge me!) Which is why I was super excited to be sent a new candle type product to test out. My friend Jennifer Wheeler is an Independent Scentsy Consultant . If you are not already familiar with Scentsy, (I had heard of the company but didn't know what it was really) ... read more »

Feast of the Saints

Normal 0 false false false EN-SG X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 I left home at around seven in the morning, the 31st of October. I ate heavy breakfast as I planned to stay for several hours. The plot where my parents were laid to rest is just beside the pathway. It makes it easier to locate if anyone of our relatives wo... read more »


After the sumptuous lunch, we moved on to the Handicraft side of FAI SOR KAM! Just before and as we enter, we could already appreciate huge wooden carvings and unique pieces. I had the time of my life taking pictures of Northern Thai handicrafts, which they called the Lanna style home textiles, scented candles and fragrant products, which are usually seen in the Chiang Mai area. Handicrafts. Scented candles. Carvings. Home textiles. While I was busy shooting, our friend Rema also had the ti... read more »

A Day to Remember

Yesterday, Feb 5 is the 85th birthday of my late father. I went to the memorial park to bring flowers and candles. My parents were laid to rest in the same place. The memorial park is not close to my house. I do not visit my parents too often. Except if there is occasion. I am a bit guilty for not visiting them last Christmas as I used to do. Despite the difference of the place where they are now, we still belong to one family. I was amazed by the number of people at the memorial park. Cars were neatly... read more »

Christmas Mantels and Tabletops

{via} {via} {via} {via} {via} {via} {via} {via} {via} {via} {via} read more »

Pantone Cuties

In design, the color standard used for print is the Pantone system. The company has been rolling out various products with the most popular colors, but this is the first to attract my eye. These candles are only available in Europe right now, but I'm looking forward to having a Pantone candle or three in my home once I can!!! Hello There Cuties! xxxo read more »

A Festive Family Gathering

I visited my parents again Sunday the 7th, at the memorial park. I thought of seeing the caretaker of my parents plot for his allowance. The caretaker is on his early fifties who earn his living, taking care of the plots at the memorial park. I did not see him last 25th of Oct, the last time I visited. Being a Sunday and a week after All Souls Day, the memorial park was full of visitors taking time off from household chores to visit their loved ones. Or I guess like me they did not have time to visit las... read more »

Febreeze Home Collection – Walmart Gift Card Gi...

I was given the opportunity to review the new Febreeze Home Collection wooden wick candles. Febreeze was nice enough to send a wonderful gift pack that included three candles from the collection. Rosewood Plum, Orange Honeycomb and Cranberry Pear. There are six additional scents Pomagrante Mango, Greentree Citrus, Willow Blossom. There are three seasonal scents [...] read more »

Bustin’ June: All Decked Out

Were all a bit confused about the weather lately. Its been little short of divine, but the humidity and steamy temps (70s and 80s) have left us a bit confused about which holiday weekend it was we were celebrating last week.  After all, the lilacs which have perfumed our Memorial Day weekends past this year [...] read more »

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